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Suzuki Verona



  • Anyone having knocking problems with the Verona? when I get up at highway speeds of 80mph for a distance and then get off the highway, the lifters on the car are ticking away very loudly until I go about 2 miles at about 45 mph, and then it goes away. TSB is out to use 10W-40 in the car, and the dealer did, but it is still doing it. Turn down your radios and listen to see if you hear it. i am also getting that surging feel about 40 mph, but overall after the ecm upgrade, the car feels like it has more power. i have not noticed an increase in gas mileage either.let me know if any of you have had these problems. Thanks
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Hi Friends,
    I was too busy to contribute. I will detail my story later. Pciro I did not see the TSB for 10W40. What is Suzuki doing? Cant they decide the grade of oil? I thought that engine design had already decided that. I know they recommend a thicker Oil in Winter. But that is really for -20F type of temp.
    My ECM has been replaced as has been my trans sensor. The Car seems to have better power and pep after the ECM upgrade. The ECM is still adapting and hence there is a slight lag in the shifting of the trans.

    Have a nice day guys!!
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    I got my ECM update/replacement and my car is much more powerful, especially when the a/c is on. However, I have some issues that have arisen from it. The gas pedal now moves a little bit when I left off the gas sometimes, almost like a pumping sensation. Also, does anyone else think the engine is a little louder and the transmission seems not quite as smooth when pushing the gas pedal right after you left off it, ex: coming to a red light (slowing down) and it turns green before you stop, so u push the gas down. There seems to be more hesitation/jerkiness than before. I was in a parking garage right after the update and as I was going up an incline, I had to stop to let a car go on the level I was approaching, but when I pushed on the gas to start moving again, the car bucked a little and almost died.

    Anyone else experience these problems? Never had any problems before the ecm update except rough idling on a cold start (which is now gone completely).
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    pizard call your dealer about this. My dealer said they waited till they got new computers in because they had problems when the suzuki guys tried to update the old ones. Maybe you got a updated one thats not right?
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Have any of you Verona owners had many problems with this car that would make you not look at Suzuki again? There's a guy over at who thinks that because his Verona was a lemon, every Suzuki is a lemon - definitely not true. He's also a member here...if you know who I'm talking about. ;-)
  • I love my Suzuki Verona, it has turned out to be everything I desired and more, however I was just wondering if anyone has problems with the buttons on the steering column. Sometimes when I am trying to "seek" it goes to a different mode or it will completely turn itself off. Of course when I try to take it in to dealership it works properly. I also just had my ECM upgraded today I am really hoping that will help the gasoline mileage.
  • My Controls did not work when I first test drove the car. After I bought it the controls would work sometimes, and sometimes not. The dealer ordered a new part and replaced the steering wheel control with a new one, now it works perfectly. Some of the controls must be defective.
  • Thanks, do you happen to remember what the name of the part was? These guys are so nice but honestly I don't think they have a clue and they keep telling me that there isn't anything they can do about it unless it is doing it when I bring the car in. I have taken it twice already but the problem doesn't happen all the time, and it never happens when the mechanic is checking.
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    Thanks, I will do that. I have also gotten less gas mileage with the ECM update. I average only about 22mpg before the ECM, now it's looking about 21mpg average.
  • My dealer is closing out the 2004 Verona EX, I can get one for around 15,900. Sounds like a great price and I really like the car but am a little bit leery after reading this board. Just like everyone else I noticed it was down a bit on power, is anyone making any performance parts for this car to improve the get up and go a little bit?

    Thanks for your input
  • Just tell them to order the switch that is on the steering wheel. It is held on by 2 phillips head screws and plugs in with one wire. 5 minute job. If they refuse to order it call Suzuki and report them. My dealer ordered the one for mine the same day I bought the car and it took about 2 weeks to get the part in. Once you get the new one in you will be O.K.
  • Anybody doing anything with their Verona, either performance or in the styling department. Would love to know where you are finding aftermarket parts for this car. Cheers
  • To be honest, I would not buy another Suzuki mostly because of the dealings I had with the Suzuki Corporation when trying to get things straight with my first Verona. And while my new Verona has been doing fine since the updates, I still have some bad feelings. See my car was one of the first to have the problems which means I had to work harder to prove my case whereas people buying Veronas now, should not have to go through the drama because the problems were too numerous to ignore.

    Also, I have been getting terrible gas milage with my car since the update - it is either that or the gas prices ;-)
  • I really like the looks of the Verona, the interior is great on the EX, all the extra's added up to great value along with the warranty. I figured I could live with the low power and fuzzy transmission. I figured a person could work with the motor and get more HP out of. The price of $15,900 on the EX was unbeatable on the close out 04's. In a few years it would be a great car to pass on to the kids for college.

    I knew it was to good to be true!! Last weekend we ran done to look at the Verona's still left at our local dealer. The same 6 he had 2 weeks earlier. The red Verona my wife had decided on was one of the 6 sitting on the lot. We noticed a slight crease on the drivers door just behind the side mirror. After looking a bit more we noticed that there were some other small creases on the car. I remembered a board member saying he wished the metal on the hood was a bit thicker as he had dented the hood while waxing his car. Of course being curious I pushed on the side of the car a couple of times and the metal gave really easy. I could not believe that everywhere I had touched showed a crease. There were small creases on every Verona there. I went back and pushed on my 96 Camry and metal was firm. My kids play soccer and if a ball hit this car it would really dent it. I believe a light hail storm could do major body damage. Heck even some of the bigger bugs we have around here could leave dents at higher speeds.

    There's no way I could buy one after that. I'm really disappointed and now have to start looking again for a replacement vehicle.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    That's cool I understand why since 04 Verona owners have been having problems with the initial-launch vehicles. For 05, Suzuki themselves have told me all those issues are resolved and quality control has been bumped up a couple of notches.

    I'm just asking that question, not relating to you, but someone else who keeps bothering people on other forums by saying "Suzuki sucks" rather than helping. ;)
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Hello again friends. Well after a tumultous 2 months on the Verona things have settled. I had a series of engine check lights especialy during an out of town visit. This happened after they did the ECM "update" on the old computer. I barely made it to the destination with a lot of tension as the engine check light was on during the travels. The next day the Car did not run. I must say the Suzuki Road side assistance came in fast and took the car to the nearest dealer. They replaced the ECM and put in the latest program. I had to make a special trip to get the car back. Since it was the holiday period Suzuki authorized me to hire a car. They paid me upto $30 a day. They also refunded a months installment for the trouble. I still have to claim some money. My trans sensor was also replaced to match the new computer. Now the Car runs superbly. No hesitation and very good accelaration. I have had minor problems- cosmetic. Suzuki really needs to improve quality on their wheel cover paint ( For S- models). Its not even a Year and the paint came off like water and rust is setting in. I had to paint it to prevent further problems. There are little niggling things that every new car undergoes. Like the pulsation on the steering felt during braking. My dealer is really great and has always been helpful. They replaced my rotors which they said were warped and not perfectly round. I hope Suzuki steps up the QC on its vendors. I dont know if other new cars also have such problems. Thank GOD for the warantee!!. Mileage is not as per expectations- 18 MPG in stop and Go city driving.
    The Car rides very smooth and really zooms like the Mazda--almost. The confusion in the trans is not visible now.
    I dont like the wipers and the window sprayer. The rubber appears cheap and the washer spray looks feeble.

    Other than that things have settled now hopefully.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Glad to hear things are finally settling down! :D
  • I purchased my 2004 Verona EX just over a month ago. I have nearly 3000 miles on it already. The first week I had it, I noticed the hesitation at start up. My husband was not too thrilled; however, when we went back to the dealership for a dealer related issue, they informed us of the upgrade, installed it while we were there, and all has been well since. Last weekend I took it on a trip, around 450 miles round trip, and all was well. It was a very smooth and comfortable ride.

    This was my first new car purchase and to this point, I’m very pleased and feel I made a good choice.
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    I found out the ECM was flashed instead of putting in a new one.

    They say they found none of the issues that I described to them (and in an earlier post on here). I am so mad because my car ran great before the recall and now it runs like crap. Of course the guy in Service said it was one of the best running ones he has ever driven, bull! :)

    I called Corporate Offices and no help there. THe only thing I can do is see the District Manager when he is in again and try to get them to put in a new ECM.

    Anyone else have lots of jerking issues or issues with the gas pedal moving under the foot since the recall was done?
  • rasup-

    Peeling paint on the wheel covers has been an issue with Daewoos since the Pontiac LeMans days. The problem is that the covers are made of nylon, which is very flexible, and they do not prepare the surface properly before painting. What you need to do to solve the problem permanently is go to Pep Boys and buy the following supplies:

    -DupliColor gray primer/sealer
    -Krylon Dull Aluminum spray
    -Krylon Crystal Clear spray
    -Ultra-fine 3M automotive sandpaper, the finest grade they sell

    Step 1: Remove your wheel covers, take them to a car wash where they have a high-pressure hose you can use. The paint will come right off the covers if you blast them with enough pressure. This saves you the trouble of sanding it all off.

    Step 2: Use the sandpaper to rough-up the surface of the plastic. If you bought the right grade of paper, it should just put a barely perceptible roughness in the surface. If it leaves deep scratches that you can feel, you bought paper that is too coarse.

    Step 3: 2 coats of primer

    Step 4: 2 coats of Dull Aluminum

    Step 5: 2 coats of Crystal Clear

    Step 6: Reinstall wheel covers, after the paint has dried overnight.

    This should solve the problem permanently. I am in the hubcap business and I've done this hundreds of times. All Korean brands seem to have this problem, along with Volkswagen, Mitsu and Japan-built Toyotas, but Daewoo is by far the worst. Someone in paint formulation is not doing their job.

    -Andrew L
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Everyone has their own experiences with cars, some good and some bad. I think forums like this one are wonderful things but I think it is sometimes difficult to get a true idea about a car based on such a small sampling. A few people with bad experiences can affect a car's reputation more than a thousand people who have had no problems. Most of the people who are happy with their Verona probably don't post but this is one happy person who will take a few minutes to share my experience.

    I have been buying new cars since 1965. Chevrolets, VWs, Toyotas and Mazdas. I can't really complain about any of them except for my last Passat which about put me in the poor house trying to keep all the electrical problems resolved. It had a VR6 engine and was a real blast to drive but it had more than its share of electrical problems. I bought one of the original 2004 Verona EXs last October and now have 15,500 miles on it. Except for an occasional and minor (lasts 5 or 6 seconds) hiccup on starting, it has performed flawlessly. I have not had the ECM flashed or replaced and am a bit reluctant to do so fearing it might mess up a good thing. It has all the power I need for the mountains in Oregon and I average about 23-24 mpg driving around here(Bend) and have gotten close to 30 mpg on trips although 28 mpg would probably be my average freeway driving. I have never received so many comments about how smoothe and quiet it is from people who have ridden with me. For the money, I don't think you can beat it. In fact you won't get as much "smoothe and quiet" in a lot of cars that cost 2 or 3 times as much. From the experiences of some of my friends, if you want problems buy a Mercedes or BMW. Those are nice cars if you don't mind getting a motel room next to the dealer. For my money, I will buy another Verona when this one wears out, if I live that long.

    I have been
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    I found out the ECM was flashed instead of putting in a new one.

    They say they found none of the issues that I described to them (and in an earlier post on here). I am so mad because my car ran great before the recall and now it runs like crap. Of course the guy in Service said it was one of the best running ones he has ever driven, bull! :)

    I called Corporate Offices and no help there. THe only thing I can do is see the District Manager when he is in again and try to get them to put in a new ECM.

    Anyone else have lots of jerking issues or issues with the gas pedal moving under the foot since the recall was done?
  • lil302000lil302000 Posts: 149
    and all is well. The cold start to me is not an issue. I lived with my Chevy truck for ten years letting it run for a couple of minutes before taking off. That was one of the best running vehicles I have ever had the body rusted away but you couldn't kill the I-6.
  • Personally, I drove a Daewoo leganza for almost 5 yrs. I wrecked it and it flipped upside down, that is why I bought the Verona. My mother also has a 1999 Leganza and we have had NO paint coming off our wheels or wheel covers. We also do not go to the high pressure car washes either, we always wash by hand. A friend of mine runs his Leganza through the car wash and his wheel covers have peeled. Just a thought
  • Hey guys,

        Has anyone experienced lifter knocking when going high speeds, anywhere between 60-80 mph. if I drive about 15 min. and then i get off the highway, my car sounds like a diesel engine, and is loud. if I drive for about 3 or 4 miles, the knocking goes away. I do have a appointment at my dealer to fix what seems like a vacuum leak, but I don't know if that could be causing this and the surging at 40mph. I think it would because all of this is connected to the computer, but does anyone have any thoughts? I only have 8,100 miles on it, the engine sounds louder than a car that is 15 years old. I have also been through the car wash at my dealer numerous times (because they wash it for free), and I have not had any paint peeling off of my wheel covers thank god! If they get this problem fixed, I would probably get the power that you guys were saying you got after the upgrade, but I am sure not going to get it with a leaking vacuum hose. Any help would be nice, Thanks! :)
  • I stopped at a Suzuki dealer yesterday with my father and we test drove a Verona. Both of us were very impressed with the vehicle. The Verona we drove was an 2004 EX and it looked like it had been sitting there for a while. We drove it for about 30 minutes and the car performed very well. I liked how it handled and thought the acceleration was fine. there must be a lot of "speed" demons in the market today. Anyway, it's on my list for consideration and it did make a very good first impression.
  • taqxtaqx Posts: 4
    I have about 4750 miles on my Verona. I checked the oil at about 2500 miles and it was 1/2 a quart down.
    I topped it off. I rechecked the oil at 4700 miles and it was another 1/2 quart down. There are no leaks. It is unusual to use a quart of oil every 4700 miles? Has anyone else had any problems?
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    It depends on your driving and the time it takes to fully seat the piston rings.

    I had a 2K dakota with the new v-8 that used about .5 quart between changes until about 8K.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    I asked my mechanic and he said all cars are diffrant in oil consumption. He does advise a 3000 mile oil change. The suzuki now has 11000 miles and its running great after the computer change. Hope yours is to.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    The weak spot of the Verona is the transmission. In an effort to save money and make the car more profitable GM stuck one of its own transmissions in there. I do not believe that they actually spent the engineering and time to match the transmission to the engine. Traditionally Daewoo used GM transmissions on their cheaper models like the Lanos and Nubira. Their top of the line flagship models always got either a Japanese Aisin/Warner (Toyota) transmission or a ZF. And you can immediately tell the difference if you drive a Nubira and compare it to a Leganza. The GM tranny greatly affects the performance and driveability of the vehicle in a very negative way.
    The Daewoo Leganza remains the best. It beats the Verona in every mechanical measure with a smaller 4 cyl engine. Why? it has got a way better tranny that is a pleasure to drive.
    FYI, The original Verona which was launched by Daewoo in Korea and Europe in the year 2000(Daewoo Magnus) did not use a GM transmission. It was only cheapened when GM put their dirty claws in.
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