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Suzuki Verona



  • jg15lzbjg15lzb Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new '04 Suzuki Verona a month ago and I absolutely love it. I just had to tell the world about it. It rides so unbelievably smooth, it even handles the bumps with ease. The 6-cylinder offers decent acceleration, nothing to hoot about, but it isn't exactly slow , either. I'm actually used to this kind of performance because before I purchased the Verona I had an '01 Elantra automatic (which is a little quicker, though). So its nothing new to me. So there's really nothing to complain about in the Verona, but I do have some annoyances. I would really like more bass from the stereo, and it would be nice if it had rear deck mounted speakers instead of on the rear door. I was considering on buying a Sonata GLS-V6, but I figured the Verona S was a better deal. You get more features, more room, and you pay less. I think I made the right decision, but time will tell if I made a mistake.
  • My verona is currently at the dealer and has been there for 2 weeks. Suzuki was nice enough to put me in a rental until the fix is completed. i am good friends with the service manager and I called him today and he told me they pinpointed the problem with the ECM. he says that Suzuki is trying to get approval from the EPA to install the upgrade since the emissions will go up. He also told me that the upgrade will possibly push the car up to around 200HP. he asid the ones over seas can push 300 HP because they don't have the strict tune down restrictions for emissions like the american cars do. Personally, if the stalling stops and i get 200HP, overall I would be happy, who wouldn't be if they got 45 more horsepower!
  • Another one that stalls! One thing I dont understand...with the old/current ECM software it seems only a small percentage of these cars stall out. I wonder why that is...seems maybe Suzuki does not know exactly what causes it to stall.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I agree, if it a software issue, one would think all cars would be affected. What causes the software to become "unstable" and "infected" in some cars and not in others? It is interesting; over the weekend I saw a full page Suzuki Dealer ad. Of the new cars, the Verona was not advertised at all. It makes one wonder....
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Just completed a ten day round trip to Denver from Bend, Oregon. My mileage for the whole trip was 29+ mpg. My freeway mileage generally ran 30 31 mpg. I am not a fast driver so my freeway speed averaged only about 70 mph. Had the air conditioning on about half the time. We have 13,500 miles on the EX and have had no problems except the ocassional minor roughness at start up. I just give it a little gas and it immediately smoothes out. Was a wonderful trip and I didn't end up with any bugs in my teeth like the guy riding the Honda Silver Wing that passed me in Wyoming. Geesh. Didn't know those scooters could go so fast. I took the Verona up to 100mph at one point and it was solid as a rock. Great car.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Does anyone know when the 2005 Veronas will hit the road?

    Also, will it have more horsepower? IF yes, how much more?

    I like everything about the Verona except the occassional roughness at start time that people are talking about.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Someone commented that Im not around as much as I used to be here on the Verona board. I am still enjoying all the postings from satisfied (and the occasional unsatisfied) owners, but since my contentions with the Verona remain (slow and thirsty for its class and engine output, lack of side airbagage, unattractive center stack on the S model, etc), I dont really have much to say. I think the Verona is a very good car for the money, but not the insane deal that some do. If GM Dawuki can make incremental improvements to the car, and come up with a convincing marketing campaign, I'll bet sales begin to ramp up. That said, Im not convinced the car is more appealing than a Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 for example, something not bound to improve when that model gets a full redesign in less than one calendar year.

  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Isn't the totally redesigned Hyundai Sonata due by the end of September 04 ( 7 weeks from now )?

    Spyshots of that car look great! Seems to have everything! Accord, Camry, Altima and the Mazda 6 may soon have to try very hard to catch up with the 05 Sonata. I won't be surprised if that happens.

    But I am digressing. Verona is a great car. All that I am asking is a little more horespower ( in the 210 - 230 HP range ) and side air bags.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    FWIW....I too had a stalling problem with a 2000 Dakota with teh 4.7 engine. It took three PCM updates to finally fix it. Part of the delay, as was mentioned with the Verona, is due to EPA regs that hold a very small window during startup for emissions. Once DOdge got the go ahead for the update and my PCM was flashed, the stalling went away.

    Different vehicle I realize, however the circumstances are nearly identical.
  • I bought my Suzuki Verona Jan 2004 and had problems from the first week. The radio would not work because they couldn't find the code so they had to take it out to reprogram, the car would not go forward when I hit the gas pedal, the transmission would jerk, then worst of all it would just cut off whether sitting still or in motion. In that six month period, I had to drive 6 loaner vehicles. People began to ask me if I owned a car lot because I was always in a different car! ;o)So I filed a lemon law claim and after 6 months I got a brand new Verona. But the story doesn't end there because after 1 month and a half of my new Verona replacement, it cut off on me while I was driving down the street. Same problem as my first Verona.

    The thing that got me during my first ordeal was the fact that Suzuki did not believe me which is why I had to go file a claim. But now, from what I have been told this time around, my car along with 3 other Veronas are now sitting in the shop waiting for Suzuki to come and fix them. So I am in loaner car number 7.

    Good Luck to you all who have not experience any problems. But if you do, don't let them fool you. I am a witness that this car has major problems.
  • "Spyshots of that car look great! Seems to have everything!"

    Yes it does seem to have everything. Styling cues from everything else on the market that is.
  • Don't get another Verona! I got a new Verona via lemon law claim b/c they could not fix my first one. And the second one is having the same problems. It took 6 months to get the 2nd Verona and I am curious to see how long it takes before this situation is resolved.
  • Here is something funny: In my first Verona, the CD player did start the songs over and it was annoying at first but I got used to it. Actually, it was the least of my problems because I was more concerned about the fact the car wouldn't run. Anyway, I got another one, Verona that is, and in this one, the CD allowed the songs to pick up where they left off. I thought that was strange.
  • I am happy for all of you who are enjoying your Verona. But this is no comfort to those of us experiencing problems. When I first began to experience so many problems I was told by my salesperson, that so far no other person with the 2004 Verona has had any problems. But when I am constantly having problems and making payments on a car that spends more time in the shop than with me, what good is that news to me?
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    I simply do not believe your postings. Member of Edmunds Town hall since 8/6/04. Somehow I think you are someone else making up a new alias. How about posting pictures of yourself with your Verona, parts of the paperwork when you bought the car, etc. To make your story believable.

    If you had really filed a lemon law claim and won, you would have been issued a cash settlement of all costs involved. Why did you take another Verona after problems with the first one?
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Its true that some Veronas stall and the problem is in the ECM program. This typically occurs after the Car is started and you try to run it without a small wait. This happens when you try to push the car when the car is cold. Some thing triggers the ECM to shut down and go cold. These appear to be occuring in the early batch of cars. As mentioned by one of the forum members, the fix is probably being initiated by Suzuki. Alpha I dont like the Sonata's 04 styling which I think pales to Verona's style. I have'nt seen the 05 Sonata. Easterbaby Can you provide the VIN numbers of both the Cars to know the details of what went wrong?.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, let's remember that we all should take things we read "on the internet" with a grain of salt. I don't think it is necessary to ask folks to post pictures, VINs, etc. to back up their posts. We're all free to make up our own minds about whether any given report is plausible.

    Let's move on.
  • I don't care if you don't believe me because I don't know you and you don't know me. If I wanted to I could provide alot of evidence to show I telling the truth but I don't have to because it doesn't matter to me if you or anyone on this forum believes me. I was just sharing my story in hopes to help someone out.

    I took another Verona b/c I like them and I assumed that the first one was a fluke, in other words I just got a bad one. But I had that option so I took it.
  • Like I replied to the other poster, my story is very true. What possible reason would I have to search out this forum and make up a story about filing a lemon law claim against Suzuki on my verona?

    I just don't have that kind of time on my hands to make up stories. Some other may have that kind of time but not me.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Easterbaby, that is what I was saying - it is not necesary for people to ask you to post documentation. I wasn't questioning you at all.

    You are going to be deluged with spam at that email address if you leave it posted. What you can do is make it public in your profile. That way people who are logged in members can see it, but the spam bots cannot. If you want me to delete that message, just email me. :)
  • Thanks for the heads up about the spammers.

    Also, I am sorry if I came off so defensive. But I guess I was caught totally off guard by those who think I have time to make up a Suzuki Verona horror story. I actually read all the other posts prior to posting my comments, and I don't recall anybody recieving such a response. Everyone's replies seemed so informative and supportive which is why I felt comfortable sharing my situation.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    My post was not intended to offend anyone. I did not doubt the events undergone by easterbaby. My apologies to EB if you are offended. My post was of purely a technical intent. I do hope that the acrimony undergone by EB and others are resolved without much pain.
  • No problem. Too be honest, they really couldn't tell me what was wrong with my first Verona because they said I was the first person in my area to have such a problem. They had replaced a computer chip in it 3 times and it did not help. In fact they told me it was getting worse. Had I known this problem was afflicting other Veronas, I would have no doubt taken the cash out instead. But since they said no other Veronas had this stalling issues (at least that is what they told me) I figured I must have just have bought a defective car so I felt since I did like the Verona I would try another one.

    I was in total disbelief when this second Verona cut off. When I called the dealership (whom I have come to know very well) and dropped off my current Verona, I was informed they had 3 other Veronas with the same issue as mine. My car has been with them since Aug. 1 and I was told the "fix" could only be corrected by the Suzuki technician who would not be available until this week and it had to be government approved. He (the service manager) did not get anymore technical than that - maybe b/c I am a woman, who knows! ;o)

    I can say that coming to this forum (despite the attack on my credibility) has been quite informative. At least I can put some kind of terminology to the problem.
  • Also, I did buy the Popular MEchanics to see the "new" Verona. In my opinion, this aricle is in error. I say this because I have seen this car all over China for the last few years, sold as the Zhonghua. If you do a search online, Google, and search for photos, you will see the car in the picture in PM. My neighbor in my apartment in Shanghai has one. I read a month ago on that a US company, China Motors, will begin importing cars from 3 different Chinese manufactuers. If the picture was taken stateside, that may be one of the cars.

    I believe easterbaby...I was offered a trade our by Suzuki, for anything but antother Verona, and the servicing dealer tells me they have traded 2 others out of their Verona for other models...

    The car stalling has nothing to do with cold starts. I live in Ohio, bought mine in Alabama, and the first stall was driving home, after getting gas in Tennessee, and accelereating on a highway entrance ramp.

    According to Suzuki distict rep, the 05 will be here in October. And I still like the car, and plan to buy an 05 when I get back from my next trip to Asia...
  • Here are pics of the unlikely new Verona/MAgnus...
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    I missmyverona's info was interesting. I dont think the design of the new verona will be different than the current one. I think zuki engineers would probably spend time in ironing out the quirks and problems in the current 2004. And also hopefully improve Power and gas mileage and maybe provide side curtains option. A re-look into the rear portion including the taillight design and maybe an additon of a spoiler could give the Car a nicer look.
    I do hope they sort out the stalling problems also.
  • I picked up my car yesterday. What Suzuki had to do was a "reflash of the KC PCM" Yeah...which means "reprogram the computer". My dealership was telling me what a nightmare this ordeal has been working with Suzuki. It seems that since I had my problems with my first Verona, other owners have slowly been bringing their cars in for the stalling problem. The lady at the service center said they had 6 Veronas in at one time.

    She said people were without their cars and wanted Suzuki to make their car payments. And I was like, oh really. I was without my car for long periods of time and no one offered to make my car payment. This generosity hasn't happened yet though. I did tell her I thought I deserved a free vacation or something for my trouble :o).

    I asked her why doesn't Suzuki have a recall and she says they won't because they don't want to admit there is a major problem. So you all need to be aware of what is going on with your Veronas because Suzuki is not going to come out and tell you.

    One gentleman filed a lemon law claim and got the XL-7 instead. If I can get this car to run a year without major problems, I will probably trade out then. Unless of course I have to file another claim.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    How is the Car doing after the reflash?. Any sign of hesitation? Or has it got more smooth?.Does it have more power?. Please give us your opinion.
  • To be honest, it does drive different. The engine is still quiet but not as smooth as before and my steering wheel seems tighter. I will say however, that the little hesitation I used to get when I would first crank the car has not happened as of yet. So maybe that is my sign that things are fixed.

    Sorry, there is no more power but I've learned how to make it go, b/c of my "lead foot" disease ;o)
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