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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Longo is so big, maybe they have the car you want or can trade. That color (Cyprus Pearl) comes ONLY with the tan interior, so a factory order will do you no good if what you want is just another interior color (black). What kind of options do you want that they can't special order? If it's only a different interior color you want with that exterior, forget it. Check the brochure. It's listed there that Cyprus Pearl comes only with the tan interior. Many/most other exterior colors come with a choice of interiors (2, sometimes 3). My dealer here will give you the same story.
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    The GS march sales is not bad comparing with the BMW 5s.

    2005 2004 CHG 2005 2004 CHG
    GS 300 2,482 452 428.8 4,518 1,683 172.0
    GS 430 727 69 914.6 1,140 312 270.3

    Model March Year-to-Date March Year-to-Date
    525i sport wagon (E39) 0 0 0 19
    525i (E60) 1,500 4,239 1,337 3,738
    530i (E60) 1,617 4,582 1,749 4,586
    540i Sports Wagon (E39) 0 0 0 2
    545i (E60) 830 2,196 775 1,938
    M5 (E39) 0 2 12 45
    5 Series 3,947 11,019 3,873 10,328
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The M, GS, and STS are all doing well. Not surprising. The A6 and RL, not so good. Again, not surprising.
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    Yeah, no go on a black interior; I just got off the phone w/Longo guy, told him what I'd like to special order is a car w/nav system (no upgraded stereo), chrome wheels, moonroof, power rear sunshade and rear spoilet; he's to get back to me on time frame for that. He wasn't sure on the price of chrome wheels, do you know? He guessed about $1500.
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    I believe sales tax is only tax deductible if you don't itemize other things on tax return.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    The GS 300 AWD model I am looking at has a MSRP (sticker) price of $47,400, which includes the $650 destination charge. In looking to calculate the invoice price I have used information from Edmunds, Kelly and Consummer Reports to calculate the dealer invoice at about $41,600. In negotiations with 2 seperate Lexis dealers, both have told me the invoice on the car configured to the $47,400 sticker is $42,200. Anyone have an idea why this $600 difference between the invoice based on information collected off the web, and the invoice as quoted by 2 Lexus dealers?
    GS 300 AWD (no Nav or ML), run flat tires, sun roof, ventilated seats, RS wipers, rear spoiler, cargo mat/net/locks package.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Chrisg1: I don't see chrome wheels on the option sheet. Alloy wheels (G-Spider or machined tourmaline) sticker for $2,450, $1,800 invoice. Is that what you mean?

    Let me know if he will order the car for you optioned out the way you want it, how long it will take, and whether you were able to negotiate a decent (below sticker!) price.
  • alcohenalcohen Posts: 10
    I've got some experience with this since I had a 93 Lexus SC300 for 7 years that I put 140,000 miles on. Maintenance and service were great, the car never needed anything but the routine scheduled maintenance. I now have a 2000 Audi A6 4.2 that is a great car, all wheel drive, 300hp V-8 but the maintenance and service are terrible. I've needed multiple sets of brakes, new tie rods, the pollution control engine parts keep failing and the service in no way compares to the Lexus. Most of the time the car has to stay at the Audi dealer 2-3 days to be serviced. I will say the interior of the Audi is wearing much better than the Lexus. It looks almost brand new whereas the leather wrapped steering wheel and drivers seat of the Lexus wore very poorly. Trying to decide between the M35x and the GS300 AWD for my next vehicle. Tough choice. After test driving both the M is definitely more of the drivers car but my good experience with Lexus may steer me back in that direction.
  • alcohenalcohen Posts: 10
    I'm confused about the satellite radio situation with the GS. Is it part of the Mark Levinson package. Can you specify XM or Sirius?
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    Although chrome wheels aren't listed (I have the full brochure on the car), I just know they must be available and the Lexus guy indicated they could be obtained. I'll update you on time frame for special order when I hear from him. Price will not be nototiated on a special order til the car is actually in; since it will take probably at least 3 months, I anticipate negotiating a pretty good price. I'm not in a rush, fortunately, as I want to sell my Jag first anyway.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The satellite radio is not part of the ML package. It's dealer installed, several hundred dollars extra (not counting the monthly fee, of course). XM is the only choice, I believe. Also, you won't get a shark fin on your roof; you'll get a black box attached to your trunk (weird).
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    Jhamilton1: thanks for the advice, I will try dropping the "M" word. What kind of a deal did you end up getting vs. the sticker price? Im trying to get an idea on how far I can push them and what to consider a fair deal.
  • howardg1,

    I was trading-in a car. It's hard to know, therefore, what kind of deal I REALLY got relative to "sticker" but I CAN tell you this; Lexus traded for $2,500 less than the lowest any Infinity dealer in the greater Dallas area would go for a comparably equipped M. Liked the M . . . alot, but not THAT much! LOL :D
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    Flint Mica nowhere to be found...only 2 units out of 94 to the western US. It seems Lexus is stingy on production...and color choices. I was told that the next allocation will be in excess of 200 units...hopefully not all silver or black! Does any one know how the 430 is selling in comparison to the M45? Nissan is reporting 2200+ units in March. [All M's] For what it's worth, it seems like there's a new BMW5 around every corner, a saturday afternoon visit to their shop felt like a long line at the grocery store. Infiniti was very busy as well.
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    Longo Lexus has a flint mica, I believe. Have you checked w/them?
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    Called them, only have silver and champagne, thanks for the feedback.
  • lexusjoelexusjoe Posts: 6
    I just put down a deposit on a Flint Mica and Black today at South Bay Lexus - Gets into port tomorrow, Think he said they had another Flint coming but not sure - and not sure of equipment. Mine is the MSRP of $46,670. With a great discount.
  • lexusjoelexusjoe Posts: 6
    Ooops --- $45,670
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    I too am looking for GS 300 Flint Mica with black interior, no Nav, no ML. I'm in Nashville - where are you? Do Lexus dealers trade cars of equal value to get requested colors or must they come from dealer allocations off the boat?
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    Hey Lexusjoe!
    You left us hanging. What great discount did you get on your new ride from South Bay Lexus? Thank you in advance for the info. Could you have got the same discount if you did a special order?

  • lexusjoelexusjoe Posts: 6
    No special order, no trade, only from inventory - straight purchase $42K + tax and license. Had to fight and walk a couple of times though. Longo said I couldn't get that price for at lease 6 months. I'm in Redondo Beach - Los Angeles area. Friendly nice salesman. Dealers can trade cars but usually won't give as good a deal as on one in their inventory.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    I think it a choice between itemizing sales tax OR state income tax.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    GS sales for March were 3209 of which 727 were gs430's.
    M sales for March were 2253 but I don;t know the breakdown.">
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    Fully loaded, hard to get color, still on the boat GS 430 for $45,670???????
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    I would bet the M's were about 25/75% as well. The V8's are for those uf us who want to do more than just smell the coffee.

    Interesting facts, Thanks
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    About flint mica...I was just at Longo Lexus this morning, they have two flint micas...I think one may be the GS430 as it had the upgraded G-Spider 18" alloy wheels (but since you can get those on the GS 300, it may have been a 300, sorry, I didn't go around the back to look), that one had a black interior, the other flint mica had a grey interior and standard wheels and was a GS300 for sure. Neither car was sold yet.
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    Was at the Lexus dealer today...the standard wheels can be had in chrome, it's $900. Was also told I can't special order a car with only the nav system as all of them coming out have combo nav/ML sound but I'm going to keep trying. However, I can get one with all the other things I wanted, such as moonroof, power rear sunshade (which I was told today is basically "standard" on all of them right now), and the spoiler, so don't think getting one w/o nav too will be a problem.
  • lexusjoelexusjoe Posts: 6
    No, GS300 -- MSRP $45,670.
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    Congratulations. My sales guy is saying I am 2 to 3 weeks out for delivery but #1 in priority list for the color pkg. I'm with you Flint with black is sweet. Hope he is right.

    This is a great forum and has been very helpful in my buying decision. These are great cars
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    Hey, did you see my posting (#1931) re: two flint micas at Longo that aren't sold yet? Saw them today.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    FYI, 3 flint micas have been available for over 2 weeks at Tustin Lexus. 2 with black leather and 1 with ash. I dont think they are budging much from $1000 below MSRP though.
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but with an MSRP that's 6.5K over invoice (15%!!!!!) this is one of the most marked up vehicles on the market right now. The depreciation of these vehicles 2, 3 and 4 years from now is going to be ridiculous.

    If someone knows a dealer more interested in volume than ripping me off and has the numbers 39K and 40K in his vocabulary or more importantly < $500/mo lease (12K miles/yr, $3-4.5K total drive off) let me know. I'm fine with a black base model GS300. The only luxury I'd like is a moonroof.

    I'm in Los Angeles and have no problem flying whereever in the state (36 dealers) to get *THE BEST* deal.
  • Has anyone seen or heard if it's possible to get the '06 GS w/o a moonroof? I am tall with a long torso and my head brushes the roof when I have the seat adjusted to where I like it. I personally don't like/want/use moonroofs anyway. The Lexus dealer salesman said (of course) that what's available is what's available, and everything off the boat comes with a moonroof. Curious if others in the country have seen any variations.

    Also, has anyone heard if the ES's hesitation/surge transmission problem is present in the GS? (See ES330 forum for all the comments about this problem). I am one of those experiencing the jerky transmission in my '05 ES330, and want to make sure it doesn't exist in the GS if I end up trading. Feedback is much appreciated.
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    I called them and they are 300's. They said four weeks out on the 430...hope mine gets here sooner. Thanks for the tip. Bummer is they will treat this like a special order and not deal much if any on the car. I know they would sell me the in stock silver at a better price...alas the joys of buying/negotiating a new car. I'm working with fleet/internet Mngr to try and cut the bs.
  • turnbowmturnbowm Posts: 76
    Drove two new 2006 GS300s and there was NO hesitation and the tranny upshifts/downshifts were flawless. Was told that a totally new throttle control system was developed for the new GS and that the same system MAY be available in next year's ES.

  • adb3adb3 Posts: 112
    Glad to see the board returning to GS buying and ownership experiences. Ditto to turnbowm's comments. The GS tranny is the smoothest I've ever driven, no hesitations whatsoever, and not to beat a dead horse but this car is so well I made I'm beginning to place it in the LS category of quality and refinement.

    BTW, went by my dealership today and was surprised to learn they had no GS cars on the lot to sell. None on the lot or the showroom--no 300s or 430s, nada. The only thing it had left were demos. Maybe it's because I live in the high rent district of Northern VA, but no matter, a few somebodies are buying these things.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Sorry for the late reply. I wound up getting the GS300 w/black interior for about 42K plus taxes and lic from Glendale Lexus. Great salespeople there although I was strictly working with the Internet Sales Manager. They really wanted to beat Longo's price and gave me about 3500 off MSRP and threw in a cargo net and a rear spoiler (wife wanted it badly). They seemed to really want to stick it to Longo as I believe Glendale Lexus is #2 in the area. PM me if you want details.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Sorry I didnt notice if thery wre 430's or 300's. BTW. Glendale Lexus just got an allocation in. I did see about 3 in Flint Mica there as well but they were probably all 300's as well. They would probably be willing to deal a bit more than Tustin as they were even willing to trade for the car I wanted at a good discount.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Im hoping someone can help me with this. Above the center console there is a tiny 3rd light next to the two "door" lights. This light turns off when the door closes and the door lights go off and stays on all the time while i drive. Is this normal? I cant figure out how to turn it off and the dealer tells me it is always on while the engine is running. Is this the case with anyone?
  • adb3adb3 Posts: 112
    Yes, this is normal. Please refer to your manual.
  • I was told by a dealer in Chicago that the Mark Levinson System was not available on the GS300 AWD. When I try to configure a GS300 on the, it does NOT give me that option package for the Chicago area Zip Codes. But when I configure one using my old New Orleans zip code, it gives me the option of having ML on a GS300. :confuse: I am confused. Why is it not an option in the Chicago land area?

    I have heard really great things about ML and would like to have it. My question - Is the base system sufficient? The Lexus website says it has only 134 watts compared to 300 watts in the Mk Lev system. It seems like a big difference to me! Can anyone with the base system comment on its performance?
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    For tall/long-waisted drivers: I'm afraid all GS's off the boat will have the sunroof. You would have to special-order one without it. If you're bumping your head, you'll have to either go for the M or hope Lexus addresses the cabin space issue in the 07 model year.

    For those looking at price: looks like several posters here including me found they could get the no-nav GS300 for under $42k. My car definitely has the rear sun shade, moonroof, rain-sensing wipers, mats, and cargo net.

    Re. driving experience, the car is smooth as silk and has plenty of power for real-world needs with the V6. It's fairly efficient, too: I'm getting a real-world 20mpg city, 27 highway. I prefer the quiet, luxurious ride of this car to the competitors.

    The car is great personal transport, but is somewhat impractical due to the space concerns. Let's hope the engineers are reading this and will do something about the headroom, rear seat, and trunk space issues. My suggestions:

    1. Raise the roof line 1/2 inch and lower the drivers seat 1/2 inch.
    2. Increase the wheelbase a bit more to make say 1-2 inches more legroom in back.
    3. Deepen the trunk by removing the spare and making run-flats standard. (Presumably the hybrid batteries would go under the rear seats.)
    4. Possibly lengthen the car a bit in the rear to improve the space and the trunk opening.
    5. Are fold-down rear seats out of the question? Is a lift-back out of the question? Either or both of those changes would eliminate most real-world cargo concerns.

    I think the hybrid version of the GS in 07 is gonna be killer. If only they could improve the utility of the car a bit more per my earlier suggestions, it would be an all-around winner. Did I forget to mention the car is gorgeous in Flint Mica?
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Thanks. Was going through the manual but couldnt find mention of it being on all the time. Then again, its a huge manual. Thanks for the quick reply.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    I wonder what Lexus was thinking when they designed the new GS? A lot of folks (myself included) are disappointed with the very small dimensions and high price. The LS430 answers with better dimensions/value (for about the same price after discounts) and all the same Lexus perks. Those that do not need or want the those extra dimensions or V8 are going to get the new sporty IS.

    Previously those that wanted the sporty car but need more size skipped the IS for the GS. Those that needed a good size sedan but needed more sport skipped the LS for the GS. The GS does not have the size advantage over the new IS and the performance/price of the GS430 is essentially nil over the LS.

    Enter in real competition from Infiniti, Audi and Acura...where will the GS be after this initial infatuation ends?
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    What was the MSRP of the car you bought? I assume that it already had the power rear sunshade but no nav system?
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    MSRP was $45,620. No Nav but included the power rear sunshade, heated seats, rain sensing wipers etc.
  • Has anyone got over $2000 discount off MSRP for a GS 300 loaded (except Pre-collision)?
  • Are there any dealers that offer discount to the GS 430? The dealers here keep emphasizing the limited quantity that they get which is one per month. The best they can do so far is $500 off MSRP?
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    That is also what I am being told here in Scottsdale for one on order. Have not tried to negotiate on an in stock 430 although they have tried to get me to switch colors and purchase each time I have been there.
  • Just picked a GS430 2006 model-what a dream-color is Flint Mica, so they are available. Local dealer gave me the kelly trade in value for my 2003 E320 and took $2000.00 of the MSRP. He discounted when I told him if he did not I would buy the 2006 version of the MB E-320
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