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    Thanks, guys, for all the advice here. There's really so much to think about since cars each have their own unique package of goodies.

    Tuning in to this forum has really helped me to get a fix on some of the issues that I didn't even realize existed. And I am beginning to understand my husband's thinking better, too. He'll owe you all for that.
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    I made an offer on a 430 to 2 dealers. I offered to pay invoice plus 50 percent of markup to msrp. This would roughly be 54k. All the dealer has to do is write the order and prep the car. I think someone will take me up on this if i contact enough dealers. What do you guys think and if there is anyone from a dealership reading this and you are interested let me know

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    They already make a faster GS, the 430. As jrock said, the 350 will most likely not handle any better than the current car.
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    LG: I gotta disagree with you and jrock about the GS350's handling. It is way too early to tell what Lexus will do with this upgrade for the NA market. It may not just be an engine upgrade, may include suspension and other stuff. Even in Japan where it's been released, we won't see it until late summer. Maybe someone can sneak a GS350 over the Pacific to the US this year for a test mule. Who knows, eh ?
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    Regarding a faster GS, I can't say that my 98 GS300 has ever disappointed me in terms of "stomp" when I need it. In fact, I have always felt that I have super-muscle in my car. With mostly in-town driving, and in Louisiana's flat geography, I hardly get the chance to push any vehicle to see what it can really do. Not that its my nature to do so, anyway. More likely my husband or my son.

    If I can zoom into fast traffic on a highway up ramp, and be strong and steady on the interstate beside big-truck traffic, then I think I'm going to be happy with the new GS also, even though the HP increase is not large, its gotta be worth something. Besides, I couldn't wait this out much longer than I already have, for the 350 for instance.

    When you say "handle better", do you mean fast corners and rough roads?
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    Interesting, as I've always found the GS300 to be slow to the point of being painful. The GS300 can have "super-muscle", it can be turned into a real firebreather with some Supra goodies. However, if you arent bothered by the stock car's 8 seconds+ sluggishness, the new GS300's roughly 7 flat should be plenty.

    When I say better handling I mean things like suspension tuning and power-steering boost levels. Oac may hold out hope that the 350 will be the "real" GS, but I dont. Its just not like Lexus to do something like that. On the other hand, this is supposed to be the start of the "new" Lexus, so I guess we'll just have to see.
  • Go to It works. Just signed-up and am taking delivery of my new GS300 this afternoon.
  • Am taking delivery of mine late today. Traded-in a 2003 GS (that I was never happy with). After driving the 2006 was convinced it is greatly improved. Will give it a few days and share my thoughts about whether I'm disappointed. Hasten to add that I drove and REALLY liked the new Infinity "M", but the 3 dealers in this area were just too "proud" of their product to offer a reasonable trade number. Lexus sharpened their pencils and ultimately beat Infinity's price by over $2.5K for a similarly equipped car! Just couldn't see THAT much more to like in the "M". Hope I did the right thing. More later.
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    Those of you that are considering the Infiniti M or the new GS (or talking about them), please lay off the doors of the M. The doors are made of magnesium to save weight. That is why they feel "tinny" as you're describing them, and don't have that "thunk" when you close them. Grab a brochure sometime.

    Carry on.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    C&Ds first look at the GS300 is now on their website. I agree with their thoughts, its traditional Lexus, in both the good and bad sense.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,076
    Good point on the M's doors, but I don't find them "tinny" at all.
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    C&Ds first look at the GS300 is now on their website. I agree with their thoughts, its traditional Lexus, in both the good and bad sense.

    Lexusguy - could you explain the "lexus, both good and bad sense"... I have never owned a lexus, but am considering the GS or new (2006) IS350 (U.S. intro happens Wed) for purchase in the fall.

    Thank you. Cheers
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    I think he means, Lexus always has quality, reliability, and a little style on their side, but they still lack passion and feel as usual in their products. If you want all those things combined, the Infiniti M fits the bill IMO.
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    Senneca01 is correct, the GS continues to set the bar in terms of precision build quality, ergonomics, fit and finish, etc. But I think Danny Clements made a mistake when he said "we're gunning for you, 5 series". The new GS is one of the best sedans they've ever done, but its still a Lexus GS, and all that goes along with that, a suspension tuned for more comfort than sport, a non-defeatable stability system, and steering a bit too numb for a sports sedan. Its not a 5 series. If you want buttery smooth, get a GS. If you want the REAL Japanese 5 series, get an M.
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    "Lexus sharpened their pencils and ultimately beat Infinity's price by over $2.5K for a similarly equipped car! Just couldn't see THAT much more to like in the "M". Hope I did the right thing."

    Can you share with us what type of deal you received from Lexus? How much over invoice? What options? Any information you could share would be appreciated!
  • Bill,

    Don't know where you live but at Park Place Lexus in Grapevine, TX (Dallas) I think they'd be REAL happy to accept your offer. As a matter of fact, I believe they're selling "at" Sticker and, perhaps, slightly below.

  • Got ALL options available with the exception of 4-wheel-drive. Car "stickered" at $50,350. Traded a 2003 GS with NO options (but REALLY clean and with low mileage). The "spread" for the trade was $20K. Infinity wanted over $22.5K to trade. So . . . went with the GS 300. Only complaint so far is not really a complaint for me but if I were over 6' tall (I'm 6'0") I'd be in trouble headoom-wise. Anyone who's 6' tall and is at all long-waisted would have an issue . . . front or rear. And I've got the seat positioned as low as it will go. Re some other's concerns about the "tinny" sound of the doors . . . I don't detect any of that for any of the 4 doors. The sound of their closing is VERY solid. And, for what it's worth, my other car is a Mercedes so I know what those doors sound like.
  • I am in Scottsdale, Arizona..after minor negotiationg, dealer offered me new 2006 for $5000 off MSRP..they have cars and are getting more..then called my east coast dealer who had offered me $2500 discount ...and he countered withl $1200 over cost..which actually is about $5300 if your dealer wants more,,just shop around
  • Re: over 6' got a problem... Indeed.. My son is 6'4" and when he 'tried' to sit in the front seat, his head protruded out the sunroof opening, significantly. Rather like that James Bond movie where the fellow was driving the car completely over the top of the windshield. If a person is tall and long bodied, the GS is only to be driven on sunny, dry days with the moonroof open and wearing racing goggles... And not smiling......
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    Just wondering if you could provide the name of the dealership in Scottsdale. The best offer so far in so cal is 1000 off MSRP. I sure wouldn't mind the flight to scottsdale and a drive back to so cal. The car is for my wife, who loves the looks and the ride. I am just not willing to pay MSRP with the 3.5 coming out next year. Thanks colbob
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    Received this e-mail from the internet department of Lexus of Westminster

    2006 LEXUS GS300
    MSRP: $45,679
    YOUR PRICE: NOW $44179*!!!!(price does not include tax, license or doc. fee & is good thru 3/30/05(in stock vehicles only)--11 available - call for color selection

    36 MONTHS
    PAYMENT- $626+TAX
    (Lease quote is subject to change and credit approval)

    Contact them direct. They have been very helpful in the past.
  • I don't know what "Power of a 4.5 V8 engine" means, but "High 20's" economy and, I guess 350HP (approx.) means it's not just about performance, as previously stated.

    Maybe the LS will get over 30MPG combined, if not so performance tuned.

    This is good news.

    Not IS news!

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    Press conference at the NY Auto Show, Lexus announced the GS450H to be introduced as early as next spring, featuring the 3.5 V-6 combined with an electric motor making in excess of 300hp. Does that mean they will at the same time replace the 3.0 in the GS300 with the 3.5? If so, looks like a very short life span for the GS300. Makes buying the GS300 very risky.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Well it definitely means that the GS430 is dead as well. I think both engines will be.
  • rodrod Posts: 2
    I drove the M35, BMW 5 series and the GS300. I leased the 06 GS300 about 3 weeks. This is truly a wonderful car. The new 3.0 liter V6 is very powerful. You will not be disappointed with the performance. You are almost unaware of the shifts in the new 6 speed transmission. The ride and drive are pure Lexus. I am getting about 28 to 30 MPG on the highway, but only 17 or 18 in the city. The keyless ignition, color touch-screen display and BlueTooth are my favorite features. The only negatives identified thus far are: 1. interior space is limited. 2. the new "direct injection" engine makes a 'ticking' sound at idle. Lexus dealer said this sound is normal.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    I am seriously considering the purchase of a new GS 300. Was your dealer willing to come off MSRP much? Or did he play games with your trade-in value? I plan on offering $2000 over invoice.
  • jfd1jfd1 Posts: 3
    Just got the GS 300 AWD this week. Even the "fully loaded" model didn't include parking assist. But I am otherwise enjoying it. One small complaint...the owner's manual is so fat that it doesn't fit in the intended slot in the glove compartment. Go figure.....
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    "the new "direct injection" engine makes a 'ticking' sound at idle."

    Others have reported this as well. I forgot what the cause was though.

    Check if your headlights has condensation that won't go away after rain.

    Congrats on your purchase. It's a very smooth car.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Rod: Is your new GS300 all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive? How's the handling, esp. body roll on turns? Do you get much tire thump on broken pavement or tire thrum at speed?

  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836

    So with "high 20's" combined mpg, I am guessing low to mid 20's in the city and low to mid 30's on the highway. Plus 300+ Hp. Nice
  • rodrod Posts: 2
    My 06 GS300 is RWD. Since I am somewhat of a conservative driver, I probably don't take curves at speeds that would produce significant body roll. I haven't noticed any tire thump and there is no tire noise at highway speed. I leased my GS - list 45,650, $399 up front, under $700 monthly for 36 month, 15k lease. I'm sure you can beat that if you shop around and/or wait a couple of months. Thanks for 'heads-up' on the condensation in the headlights. On the engine 'ticking', the dealer explained that the direct injection system operates at about 1800 PSI, and the high pressure distribution system makes the 'tick'. I accepted their explanation. You can not hear the tick inside the car.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The 3.5 is slated to be dropped in the GS, and replace the 3.0, in the fall of 2006 for the 2007 model year. That is also when the GS 430 will most likely become the GS 460.
  • gsmangsman Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a new 2006 GS300 fully loaded. Can anybody share the best prices being offered by dealers and the best money factor for a 36 month lease?
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    But C&D says the '07 GS450h will be top of the GS line and have around 350 or so hp. A GS460 in the same year conflicts with that info.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    "But C&D says the '07 GS450h will be top of the GS line and have around 350 or so hp. A GS460 in the same year conflicts with that info."

    But that is what is happening. The GS450h will come out in Spring 2006, and the GS460 will come out in Fall 2006, from what I hear.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Ok... but why have two different cars with roughly the same power and price that will probably be at least close?
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Dunno. My guess is that the performance between the 450h and the 460 will be pretty similar, but the 450h will have better gas mileage. No doubt, the 450h will be more expensive.
  • lexusladlexuslad Posts: 1
    Picked uo my awd yesterday. Love it except if you leave parking assist on, and the car behind gets too close at a light, you'll go nuts till the light changes. Does any one know how to program the phone book when the phone is compatible but will not "send " phone book? LexusLad 3-26
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    According to the New York Times, the 450h will be priced $10,000 higher than the GS430!!

    What are they thinking?
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I seriously wouldnt believe any pricing information yet. The car is full year away
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The Times isn't just picking that figure out of the air; they got it from Lexus. Even if it's just a ball park figure, the GS450h could sticker between $60,000-$70,000.
  • I also drove the 5 Series and ultimately settled upon the '06 GS300. This was by far the best vehicle. It came equipped very nicely. The interior is amazing! It blows the 5 Series away. Even the touch screen works better than the iDrive system. I realize BMW is usually about performance, but I think Lexus nailed this one. The new GS is perfect! I think from the perspective of interior space, it isn't any worse than the cars it is intended to compete with. The only thing I thought was a little funky was the size of the trunk opening. I realize with the new design it changes the trunk configuration. The trunk has plenty of room, but the opening is kind of small.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    njlexusfan: Do you have AWD or RWD? How's the handling, esp. body roll on turns? Do you have run-flat tires? Do you get tire thump over rough pavement or tire thrum at speed? Does it seem underpowered, sluggish? What color? Did you pay sticker?

  • turnbowmturnbowm Posts: 76

    Very interesting.... I test drove the 2005 530i and the 2006 GS300 several times and went the other way.

    Totally agree with you on the interior. The GS is very luxurious and the 5-series is POOR (leather, cupholders, etc.) at best.

    There are several things in the GS, however, that were a deal-breaker for me. First, the trunk is too small.... 12.7 cu.ft. small! The rear wheel well intrusions also limit the useable space.

    Second, interior space in the driver compartment feels cramped. There is MORE room in my wife's ES300!

    Last, but not least, the GS steering was too light and over-boosted. I have always preferred the tighter, heavier Euro feel that BMW best exemplifies.

    As for Lexus "nailing it" in the GS, why would they introduce a new 3-liter V6 that has 10 lb-ft less torque than the entry-level ES330? IMHO, Lexus blew it when they didn't use the new 3.5-liter, 280hp V6 that's in the 2006 Avalon.

    Having said all that, I'm sure that the 2006 GS300 will prove to be a big winner for Lexus. For me, however, it didn't provide the "driving experience" that I was looking for.

  • Got the same problem with the fat manual. Forced it into the "designated space" and tore-off the snap tab when trying to remove it. Even my sales person can't tell me where to put it. (No jokes re where to "shove-it" please). Other than that, and being a little tight on interior space in general, after the first week with mine I really like it. MUCH improved over the 2003 I traded-in. Quite, solid, stiff, and the DVD back-up & distance visuals are great!

    More later.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Do you have AWD or RWD?

    Can you elaborate a little on the differences between the '03 GS that you traded and the '06 and how the '06 is improved? Handling better, less body roll?
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  • It's RWD (Not much need for AWD in the Dallas area. i.e. Flat land, wide highways, no snow and a limited number of curves).

    Besides the great looks both exterior and interior-wise(BIG improvements over the '03) it rides much better, is much more "solid", is quieter and handles better (very flat when turning corners; not much roll in light of how well it rides). Can't say that there's any significant difference in how it performs in the 0 to 60 category, etc. It does seem marginally quicker, however. And in any event, always felt the '03 was an adequate performer power-wise.

    As I said earlier, the "in-person" appearance is quantum leaps ahead of the '03. It is unfortunate it is not particularly photogenic since face-to-face I think it's a knockout. It looks like what I suspect Chris Bangle of BMW was trying for but failed so miserably with his new designs.

    Any other info I can provide, let me know.
  • txagy1txagy1 Posts: 4
    it's like pulling teeth to get these dealers to come off the MSRP at all. What kind of deals are you guys seeing on the new GS's?
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