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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Yeah, airlinephoto, you may be right about preferring the smaller engine. I may regret not getting it. A lot depends on how they configure the 3.5 for the GS. The 3.5 they put in the Avalon also gets great mileage. The more powerful 3.5 they put in the IS350, however, is a guzzler, and, at 305hp, really over powered.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "....larger engine, gas guzzler.."

    Maybe not.....

    Something seems to be going on with the RX400h with regards highway mileage.

    The new V6 engines are using DFI, fuel injected directly into the combustion chamber at the top of the compression stroke allowing a stratified charge, rich mixture near the spark plug, leaner overall.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    If you compare the GS300 RWD to other cars in its class, the fuel efficiency of the new 3.0 liter is superior. The mpg of the GS hybrid due out in 2006 will top out in the "high 20's" in combined driving. One has to ask, is the dollar premium for hybrid technology worth it? ... with an identical looking gasoline burning model offering 30 mpg in highway driving. With fuel prices hovering around $2.79 for premium unleaded, I consider the mileage factor an unexpected benefit of owning the GS. If anyone still feels the 3.0 liter is a bit underpowered, try shifting manually into S-mode, drop it down a notch or two and see what happens...
  • Just for the record, i've been putting 87 in my GS3, so far car is the same as was with 93 as is the gas mileage. My fried told me that its fine, that the computer adjusts for whatever gas is in there, that all you lose is like 5% horsepower and since I commute to the office I could care less about 5% less horsepower. Anyone thinks i'm making a mistake?
  • I'm interested in opinions on the durability of the Lexus black leather. I've seen some older cars that had black leather that really showed crease lines.

    Any thoughts on how the Lexus black leather seats hold up over time and wear?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Radiant HEATING.
  • You buy a 45-50,000 car and are worried about saving $4.00 a tank?
  • I don't know what business you are in but i'm a real estate investor and I like to make purchases that are the most cost effective given the same results- so for example, if I buy a condo for 75K, and another one in town with the same characteristics is going for 100K, then i've made a cost effective purchase. If 93 octane and 87 octane are essentially the same except for slightly, unnoticeable reduced horsepower but it's $4.00 less each time, then I go for it- if there is no damage being done to the car (i'm told there is none by several mechanics and car buff friends) then i'll stick with 87- I can afford 150 octane, that's not the issue here, it's simply doing a cost/benefit analysis and no damage but slightly less HP is ok with me.
    Comments welcome
  • dmarcus48dmarcus48 Posts: 139
    well, if that's the way you feel (although i don't understand it), from what i've read the car's computer should detune the engine to run on the fuel you've choosen to use with no damage to your engine, just as you said reduced power. I've seen similar post from people with g35's, s60r's, m35's. Whatever, if i was concerned about the cost effectiveness of my purchases, I'd buy a honda civic.

    Happy new year.
  • dmarcus48dmarcus48 Posts: 139
    I was just thinking of something and thought i'd mention it. I'm not trying to start a fight or ridicule you about your choice of fuel, that's your choice. You mentioned that you were a real estate investor. I do believe you analogy is incorrect. in my eyes what you're doing is buying a 100,000 property and furnishing it with cheap furniture. Can you sit on it the same as expensive furniture? Sure you can, will it feel the same? No, no it won't.

    Just my two cents, don't want to start a religious war.
  • "You mentioned that you were a real estate investor. I do believe you analogy is incorrect. in my eyes what you're doing is buying a 100,000 property and furnishing it with cheap furniture. Can you sit on it the same as expensive furniture?"

    Also not to start a war but what???? the reason i'm a successful investor who can afford this car or any other car for that matter (I dont make the payments on my GS, my tenants do, in fact they pay for the insurance, gas, oil changes, oh they pay for just about everything in my life) is because by buying at below market value (75K vs 100K) I can make more money by either reselling or renting it out. The analogy you make with the cheap furniture? I have no clue as to what you're trying to say but as a fellow car buff, I may suggest that you go read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and then you'll see exactly what i'm talking about and if you're currently using your own paycheck to pay for your GS, you really need to read this book.

  • dmarcus48dmarcus48 Posts: 139
    Thanks airlinephoto I'll pick the book up. BTW, if you tenants are paying for the gas, why do you care if they pay $4.00 more per tankful and allow you to get the full potential out of your car.
  • It's not a money thing, its principle, as an investor you get the most for the least that you can, same with the car, if the cheap gas does it then that's more money in my pocket. When you own numerous properties you understand the power of saving 4 bucks here and 4 bucks there- its nothing to do with being cheap or else i'd drive a civic as some would say- it's a how do I keep the most money in my pocket mentality and I tell you, it works. Read the book, you'll thank me like all my other friends have- it will change the way you look at many things in your life- for the better.
  • BTW, if you tenants are paying for the gas, why do you care if they pay $4.00 more per tankful and allow you to get the full potential out of your car.


    Full potential? I've said it here before, I use my GS to go from home to the office otherwise it sits in the garage for the most part (we have an Odyssey for the family and an F150 for the RE business). Most of the GS driving is 75mph in cruise control, just enjoying the ride.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Well, I'll add my opinion. It is a question of subjective value. I feel I notice a slight difference in performance w/ 92 over 87 in my E-320 but not in the wife's RX330. No one wants to waste money. If it doesn't hurt the car and you don't notice a difference in performance - go for the cheaper gas no matter how much money you have.
  • Also just for the record, when I picked up my new GS the guy at Lexus said that the free tankful that is in there is regular. I'll bet 10 bucks that all Lexus loaners run on regular (ok RX's and ES's but still).
  • Are there any opinions on the quality / wear of the black leather. Any dark dark color will be hotter than a lighter color. However, a light crease line in light colored leather is much less noticeable that the same in crease in dark leather.

    Are black leather GS owners seeing crease line in their seats?

    Thanks for comments.
  • Hello GS430 owners,
    What is your experience on mpg on the GS430? I am only interested on the previous model only.

    Thanks in advance.
  • smodersmoder Posts: 13
    I have an 06 GS 300 and the dealer installed Sirius for free(has some deal with Sirius). They placed a very large(3X3 inchs) antenna on the window near the rear view mirror(inside the car). I have seen comments on this board about the XM antenna size/placement-which is what I went to have installed(until the free deal with Sirius). My question: is there anyone out there with Sirius in the 06 GS300 and do you have a similar installation. I called to complain to the dealer about the size of the antenna-have not heard back yet. Thanks
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    I have an 04 GS430 and get 16-17 around town, 24-25 mpg on the freeway. I enjoy the power and use it frequently.
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    That's where my SIRIUS antenna is too. The grass is always greener on the other side - the XM people are ticked that they have a little square box on the outside of their car....
  • smodersmoder Posts: 13
    Is your antenna as large as mine(at least the 3 X 3 inches-probably more). I am OK with the install location(not sure I had much choice) but the size of the antenna was the largest I have seen to date. I was just wondering If It had to do with the "free" installation..I would have been willing to pay for an upgrade since I was saving $700 by not going with XM. Thanks for the response.
  • Does anyone have any feedback with their GS-AWD in the snow? Also, has anyone installed snow tires on their gs300AWD.

    I find the car does well in the snow overall, but the high performance all seasons are at best iffy under these conditions - especially around turns at low speeds with packed snow or fresh snow, since the stability control does not work at low speeds (i think it kicks in around 15-17mph.) Any input would be great.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Anyone else get these (with the vehicle or in the mail)? Just received in the mail today from Lexus. Definitely takes a while to get them to fit on the key fob. Nice idea though, especially to protect the key module while in your pocket. Also provides quick starting / parking instructions for the parking lot attendant. Comments please...
  • I got mine two days ago....I agree the getting them on was a major pain. The leather is starting to stretch out and yes, the directions on the rear is helpful.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I was VERY unhappy with the stock Dunlops in the snow, so I bought a set of Dunlop Winter Sport M3s (non run-flat). I LOVE those tires - even more than the stock ones. The car feels completely different - much more 'planted' than before. They're great in the snow, and they're not much louder than the stock tires.

    One thing I hate about the GS is that 'beep-beep-beep' when you lose traction. I can tell when I'm slipping - I don't need my car to remind me!
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    I just took delivery of a GS300 RWD on January 2nd-how long did it take for you to receive the key gloves in the mail....sounds like a nice extra!
  • It took me 5 months, but I think this is something that was just started...I may be wrong though...
  • Great news to hear...I ordered them yesterday with rims from tire rack. I am going to use them strictly for the winter only. I am going to live with the TPMS light being on for 2-4 months but I can live with that since the TPMS sensors are $329.00ea

    As for the Beep Beep noise, the only thing missing is a computer voice saying "Eject" "Eject" "Eject"...Very annoying feature...or design flaw.
  • I waited 5 months for my red with blk interior 430 GS 06 and I love it. The black is a richer more luxurious look and I don't think that cracks etc will be a problem . Dont let it sit baking in strong sun ..MDT
  • My Sirius was purchased at Circuit City, aftermarket, and installed by them. Works fine. Antenna is outside, on the trunk deck near rear window. It's base is magnetic and it sits stable, never moving around. Size of antenna is about 1 inch square, black, hardly noticeable. Wire path is routed to the tuner and totally hidden. I wouldn't want the clutter you speak of on front windshield inside the car. Next week I'll be back to Circuit City to get a similar Sirius setup for my new Honda Civic 2006 Sedan, since Honda only supports XM.
  • ray21ray21 Posts: 4
    Has anyone heard of any changes for 2007, ie heated steering wheel and fold down rear seats? I am new to this so I apologize in advance if this has already come up or been covered.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The big change for '07 will be the GS350, bringing the GS engine in line with the new Toyota Camry (!), Avalon, and the Lexus IS and new ES350, due in April.
  • ray21ray21 Posts: 4
    thanks bartalk. Where did you find out about this? Because the dealers are convinced that it will not change for another 18 months.....
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The consensus on these boards is that the GS350 will debut in the fall (if not earlier). Salesmen tell you 18 months or more because they want to sell what they've got. An old story.

    Here's the reasoning. Lexus cannot keep the 3.0 V-6 in the GS for long while the cheaper IS and ES have the 350, as well as in the much cheaper Camry and the Avalon. They did not put the 350 in the GS originally because it was too close in power to the 430. So... when Lexus brings out the LS 460 this fall, they will use the same engine in the GS (along with the 450h hybrid, due to debut this spring, I believe), and then they will be free to bring out the GS350 which, I hope, will be the same power and fuel economy in the Camry and Avalon and not the gas guzzling version they're using in the IS350.
  • ray21ray21 Posts: 4
    thanks Bartalk. That is good info, I will wait for the new one (unless I can squeeze a good deal out of them for the 2006)!!
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    Yeah - the antenna is pretty large...I believe that's the standard SIRI antenna. I did not get "free installation" and that is what I got
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    I find the "gloves" kind of useless....I mean, who am I saving the KeyFobs for???
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Is there any way to find a list of the allowed voice commands? The manual says that there is a help screen in the car, but I haven't been able to find it.

    Trying out commands is getting a little old. So far I know "Set Temperature" and "Audio On". Trying "Hide Icons" led to "Now showing Thai restaurants", though, which was good for a chuckle.
  • billdavbilldav Posts: 18
    I have 2006 GS 300 AWD. When I back up & turn to leave my parking spot there is a bump as if I rolled over something and a bit of a pull in the steering.

    I've been told by Lexus service that a number of people have reported this and Lexus is saying it is normal?? I still want to have it checked, so I'm taking the car in on Monday,

    Anyone else had a different solution or comment from Lexus?

  • I had the issue, and was told it was normal also. They told me it was due to the all wheel drive system. I also asked about the whining noise especially when the car is cold....again they told me that was nornmal due to the "high pressure" fuel system/pump. I have one question for you....does your center console have a plastic creeking noise? I am actually bringing the car in the next week to have them replace it...for a $50k car that should not be happening...
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    >"does your center console have a plastic creeking noise"

    I used to, until I had them fix it. :)

    I had a whole bunch of different noises (creaks, pops, rattles). Lucky for me they could duplicate and fix all of them. A couple have come back once or twice, but I'm no longer driving a $50K maraca. ;)
  • Thanks for the info- I will wait until the 350 comes out because there is no way on earth that I am going to be driving the AWD version with the 3.0 enginge- too slow.

    I am hoping that Lexus will preview it at this years NY Auto show.

    Also, if Acura adds SH-AWD drive to their TL and a few cosmetic changes, I think I will have to re consider not getting the GS.
  • I read so many posts that read about guys waiting for the GS350, don't get the GS300, etc etc. I guess i'm the only one who actually wants the GS300 due to my long commute and savings in gas mileage plus less trips to the pump.
    Please don't give me the "you can afford a 50K car so whats gas money to you" schpiel, that is rediculous.

    Sure i'd love more HP given the same fuel economy (yeah right) but the GS300 is adequate and I use it to commute at 75mph cruise control for 95% of the time the car is moving.

  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Based on the great gas mileage that the 3.5L Avalon is getting, it's possible that the GS350 will get the same or similar gas mileage to the current GS300.

    Just a thought.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    By stratifying the A/F mixture within the combustion chamber via the use of SFI and DFI combined it may very well be that the GS350 will have better fuel economy than the GS300.

    Take a look at the highway fuel economy of the 3.3L V6 in the RX400h as an example. Tows the heavy and bulky SUV along at highway cruise speeds on level terrain and still gets ~30MPG.
  • I have something to prove.:)
  • sqlbsqlb Posts: 2
    Finally someone who makes sense. I completely agree with you. I've had my GS300 for almost a year now and love it's fuel economy. Power wise it's more than adequate.
  • I live and work in Kuwait and I've been monitoring this forum for a few weeks in order to help me make my mind up on whether or not to get a GS300 - I love the look, and love the idea of a quiet competent car with looks & good service...and thanks to many of your comments, a couple of test drives and a huge row with the wife, I decided to go for one…mine arrives in 2 days with DVD Navigation, M/L Stereo, leather…etc.

    I borrowed an owner’s manual from the dealer and discovered a few discrepancies:

    The engine model here is 3GR-FE (not 3GR-FSE as in the US) rated at 231 hp (owners manual) or 228 hp (dealer’s brochure). When I initially asked about this they said “oh they measure gross hp in the US” (yeah right). So the US version has 245 HP SAE Net and we get 231. We also get 221 lb ft at 4400 rpm Vs 230 at 3600 – the difference of 800 RPM will definitely make a difference in how the engine feels. I’m beginning to wonder if they put last year’s engine in the middle-east Mk III GS 300 (do any Mk II GS 300 owners know the model number of their engine?). If it turns out to be last year’s engine then I’m cancelling – even if I have to lose $1500.

    The dealer insists that the car must be brought in for servicing every 3000 miles (even though the owner’s manual says 6000) or I’ll lose my warranty. I have not received any explanation as to why this is necessary.

    Another really annoying ‘feature’ for the middle east – the Mark Levinson sound system has no DVD or DTS symbols on the front – and of course it can’t play DVD’s. I thought that was the whole point of the damn thing – DTS 5.1 surround sound and DVD Audios…

    And the final dagger – the best price I could get after serious haggling was $50,750 – for that money I could get a GS430 in US – the MSRP here is $56,000 for the GS300.

    So you guys in the US should feel pretty good about what you get; it’s really good value…
  • Update:
    - The 3GR-FE engine is NOT the Mk-II engine - it is actually the 2003 Toyota Crown engine and is only used for Asia-Pacific Lexus GS 300's.
    - The 3GR-FSE engine available in the US is the same engine as the '03 Crown unit, but with direct injection added. It is also used on the 2005 Toyota Crown Royal and Toyota Mark X in Japan.

    For more details:
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