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I hope the new MPV keeps its current features and adds AWD, more wood trim, power liftgate, and forward and backward moving second row seats. Oh, and more room than the new Sienna, Odyssey, and Grand Caravan/T&C. The MPV for 2004 is my second favorite minivan after the new Sienna. It has so many of the features I need, but the Sienna has them ALL. Every little one.


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    The thing that's at the mazda site? Is that what is going to be the new minivan? On one of the MPV boards someone said that the redesign won't be named MPV anymore.

    (Oh, and what's different for 2004 with the MPV? Thanks in advance--we may buy an older one if there's not that much difference)
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    Would you buy a 2003? Or are you looking at used ones? I think wood trim was only available 2000-2002 and that is necessary for me. I hope the replacement has wood trim and more than the 2000-2002s had. I better run over to Mazda to look at the Washu. It won't be called that in the U.S. It might have a different name than the MPV, I'm not sure. If you can afford an '04 Sienna, spring for that, but if you think the MPV has enough room and features for you, definitely grab one below sticker price. I reccomend the ES model with leather, wood trim, and the 6-disc cd changer. Please post about what you decide to do and i would LOVE to answer any furthur questions of yours and advise you furthur.
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    Looked at the Washu. It would look a LOT different in production and the new MPV will be a seven or eight seater not a six like the Washu. The styling inside and out is extravagant. It would have normal seats, styling, etc. But that could be the base for the next MPV.
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    I just spent the last couple of weeks looking at and driving '00-'02 MPV's and finally decided to go for an '03. There is a big difference between the 2.5L/4 speed a/t and the 3.0L/5 speed a/t. I bought a loaded LX at invoice with the $2000 rebate. Great deal I couldn't pass up. I thought about the ES but couldn't see spending $2500 more for leather, power seat, stereo and 17" wheels. Drives great and has a quiet ride. Looked at the '04 Sienna but to get it equipped like my MPV it would have been about $5k more. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Also the ES does not come with wood has carbon fibre (which I hate).
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    Also, a 2002.5 model has the 3.0V6.
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    And comparing it to, believe it or not, a used Toyota Avalon...gets better mileage, more luxury items, traction control/vsc (very useful up here in the PNW if you've only got FWD)...

    The only reason I can see now to go with an MPV is the vertical height, for taking big things every so often...which *would* help in taking things home from tag sales :) etc...

    Maybe I'll wait until the end of July and get an '03 MPV...I *don't* want the Sienna--seems too big. I was asking about the 04 MPV...if any changes are on the horizon. I can't find any.

    If you hear of any, please post!
    thanks again--
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    Mazda needs to bring wood trim back. Carbon fiber is NOT sporty and everyone I have met thinks it is darn ugly. The old wood trim wasn't that nice, so they could have nicer wood trim like the new Sienna's yummy trim or even the Daimler Chryslers or Kias which aren't bad.
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    I remember when the MPV came out for the 2000 model year in 99. I looked at it and I never saw a Mini-van look so good exterior wise. The only min-van that comes closest was the last generation Dodge Caravan but the 2000 MPV has the last generation Caravan beat on looks. My wishes for the new MPV: put more scare into competitors from Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler.
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    My one wish is that they don't make the MPV bigger. A few changes: Split tumble under third row seat; shorter shifter; move rear air controls to either the second row seats or place them in the ceiling next to the vents. That's it. :)

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    KEEP THE CURRENT SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, maybe move the climate controls to the second row seats. And make the fold n' tumble seats 60/40.
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    I'm actually in favour of Mazda growing the next gen MPV so it will be more competitive with the Odyssey, new Sienna and Quest etc. but only if they also bring us the Mazda4 (a Mazda3-based mini MPV.....will share a platform with the Focus CMAX). The current size is ok except for the fact that it's almost as pricey as the big boys and gets no better fact it's worse than the Sienna and Odyssey. That's why I'd rather see them grow it and then bring us the smaller, more efficient, more economical Mazda4 too.
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    The selling point (IMHO) is the current size and manuverability of the MPV. Making it "grow" is not in it's best interest.
    Two other points, price and mileage. My '00 Sienna MPG is about the same as my '01 MPV and selling price of the Ody & Sienna is well (choke) above the current MPV - at least where I live.
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    I'm being a bit selfish, for my main reason in wanting Mazda to grow the MPV is so that they'll have more incentive to bring us the Mazda4 (a vehicle I'd REALLY be interested in). I do agree, however, that out of the current crop of so-called "mini"vans, the current MPV is the most attractive to me as it's not TOO big. However, the current crop of "sport vans" all of which we don't or probably won't get here) including the upcoming Mazda4, the Mitsubishi Grandis, the Toyota Wish, the Honda Latitude/Stream, the VW Touran etc. etc. all suit my needs better, as I only occasionally need to carry six passenger and am interested in an economical (to buy and run) but practical vehicle that's not too "vanny"
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    I don't think so. The Sienna you probably have to pay close to invoice. The Odessy is definite MSRP out the door. The MPV you could probably get 2,000 off invoice figuring most Mazda's are discounted with the exception of the Mazda 6 with the sport package. The MPV is a great deal. I do not like the way Toyota went with the styling of the current Sienna. The interior is really beautiful but the exterior styling is a little cartoon-ish especially the front end.
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    I read through all the messages above and still am confused.

     Does anyone know when a 'new' redesigned MPV is coming out? is it 2006 estimate?
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    A year ago, my wife and I saw a black 2002 MPV, and, for the first time, got excited about a minivan. After a lot of research and debate about cargo capacity, my wife and I ordered a Sunlight Silver '03 MPV ES, back in February, pretty much fully loaded, including a moonroof, 6 disc/cassette stereo, DVD, luggage rack, all-weather package, and security package. We took delivery of it in April, just in time for my wife's birthday, and have been THRILLED ever since! We couldn't be happier with every aspect of the best darned minivan on the market. And to top it all off, we had the best experience with Vicki, the fleet manager at Showcase Mazda, in Phoenix. Getting dealer invoice, plus some extras thrown in, made this the "best bang for the buck," for sure!

    I saw the spy shots and auto show pics of the new Sienna just before we ordered the MPV, which clinched the deal. Once again, Toyota has "uglied-up" another one of their models (the 4Runner and Landcruiser being the trend-setters). I think the new Sienna is ugly and not at all aggressive-looking like the MPV or Town & Country/Caravan. Also, it's wheels and tires are too small, making it look goofy and out of proportion. Sure it has a lot of goodies, and is the first to copy Mazda by enabling the sliding door windows to go down, but for the price, it had better look cool too. It doesn't.

    I'm not quite sure of the age of most of you who post here, but I grew up with wood grain interiors, and I'm sick of them. They can be tastefully applied to luxury sedans, but in my opinion, wood grain is not at all sporty. Carbon Fiber is very sporty. What do you see adorning a lot of great sports cars today? Wood grain? No. My wife and I prefer the modern and sporty look of carbon fiber, and I'm glad Mazda got with the times.

    Now, for those of you who would prefer the old-fashioned wood look, I do sympathize, because I hate when manufacturers don't offer things as options or give more choices. I like to have my hard-earned $ buy exactly what I want, so I understand all of your frustrations. This is such a great van, though, that that shouldn't deter anyone from purchasing one. I hate to go down this road, but maybe anyone that can't live without wood trim should get an after-market kit to apply. There's a lot of them out there.

    Anyway, I'm anxious to see what the next generation MPV will bring, because if Mazda keeps heading in the same direction, and offering such great cars as the MPV, Mazda 6, and RX-8, when we're ready to trade our '03, you can bet it will be the next generation MPV!
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    I hope Mazda makes the next generation MPV in both short wheelbase and extended...that way, current non-MPV owners never have to settle again for competitor's vehicles : ). Also, while reading the threads of a different board, I noticed a while back a wish list was started on what we MPV owners would like Mazda to include, std or opt, on next model yr MPV..i'd like to get the ball rolling on that discussion again..maybe we can get a comprehensive list and submit it to Mazda somehow..anyway, here goes:

    pwr/remote liftgate
    keyless remote starter
    remote window feature (up/down w/ fob 4 hot days!)
    passenger-side door lock control
    more power (WASHU engine plz..would even settle
      for MAZDA6 engine 4 right now)
    rvw mirror w/ compass/temperature reading (sorry..
      used to it now since buying my camry)
    split-folding 3rd row (now standard 4 MV category)
    stability control (in absence/instead of AWD 4
    optional step bars (makes access easier for small
      children/elderly despite currently low step-in
    navigation (at least an option..dashboard sure is
      big enuff)
    REDESIGN THE FRIGGIN' SHIFTER NOW! (also make the shift detents firmer..currently too easy to shift out of gear)
    trip computer, mpg reading, tire pressure monitor
    panoramic-view interior mirror (a la Windstar/new C who is
      telling the truth about who hit whom 1st!)
    tracks on bottom of 3rd row seat (so that when its folded in the floor
      2nd row seats can be adjusted fore/aft as needed.
    power liftgate window (Toyota started it 1st by stealing roll down
      side windows..[non-permissible content removed] for tat..'sides, Mazda started with front/side
      windows..may as well finish the rest of the windows).
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    Here we go:
    Split Fold 3rd seat
    Fore/Aft adjustable 2nd row seats
    backseats that recline more. (My Odyssey reclines less than my neighbor's 94' Previa and my friend's 04 Sienna has less recline than my Odyssey)
    Power Liftgate
    Roll-Down windows-all rows!!!!
    Nav System (enough room for that)
    Good Fuel Economy
    I'm fine with the shifter
    Move the back climate controls to the second row. (They're in the 3rd row now)
    Keep the tailgate seat thing. I love it in my Odyssey.
    "Value Van" model for $20K with the basics. (No NAV, no Power Liftgate, just one power door and a CD player)
    All this for under $33K, Mazda. Don't go overboard like the Sienna. My friend payed $33K for his Sienna XLE FWD.
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    I have heard the 06 MPV will be based on the Mazda 6 platform. Is this true? If it's true does that mean because the 6 is built in Flat Rock, Michigan and the 6 platform is there too the MPV wil be built there or will the MPV still be built in Japan?

    I know Nissan did a similar thing since the 04 Maxima is based on the Altima platform Nissan decided to move Maxima production to America since the Altima is built in Tennesee. 85-03 Maxima's were built in Japan. So is Mazda pulling a Nissan(Maxima) with the MPV?
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    I was reading through the wish lists and came across forward/aft adjustable second row seats. The MPV does have that. Mine move forward and backward and side to side. Just curious, are we talking about the MPV?

    I like some of the options mentioned but worry about price and option packaging. One of the things I love about the MPV is that you have some pretty simple packages in which to choose from. When you start adding all of these "toys" it will be.....

    "Package A with numbers 1, 3 and 5 added in. Oh but wait if you want #1 you have to step up to Package B which will cost you more $$$. Oh and wait, #3 only comes with Package C. Now package C is our top of the line model but if you want #2 with Package C you can't have it. You can only get #2 with Package A"

    When I was thinking of buying a Chrysler van that is exactly what happened and before I new it, I was up to a Town and Country for $38k.

    Better gas mileage???? My MPV gets a steady 21 mpg around town and we have averaged 26 mpg on trips. Is that bad?

    Power???? The MPV has ample power. Unless of course you are comparing it to a Corvette. I mean come on. I find the MPV has more power then the larger Ody.

    Platform?? I think they need to keep the MPV on it's current platform. It's proven reliable and if they change it, then it becomes speculative.

    Keep the size as it is. It's a minivan and it's perfect for those of us with small families. I don't need or want a large van. I also feel making it larger will make it a look like the rest of the vans; A box on wheels!

    I would change;

    Shorter shifter. 10 feet it too long!
    Move the rear climate controls to the second row.
    More interior storage. i.e. compartments
    Split third row tumble under seat

    Other then that, leave it as is.

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    Yes I agree with your list of improvements. While I love our 03 MPV, a few things could make it better. The shift lever obscures the A/C on light. As for the shift sensivitity, the dealer adjusted that and now it is much better. Plus I would make the milage display panel bigger and back lit all the time. The trip meters need a little work so they are not so flaky to set and bigger letters on the shift indicator would be much better.
    I called Vicki, the fleet manager at Showcase Mazda she was out and never returned my phone call and thus she lost a sale... I bought from Larry Miller and got a good deal but Miller has sold the Mazda dealership to someone else.
    Hope Mazda don't change the MPV very much, overall it is about as good as you can get. The milage is great on my 03 25mpg highway. The "fuzzy logic" tranny takes getting use to but it works smooth as butter...
    I wanted to buy a mitsy eclipse to replace our old Expo but DW said NO WAY JOSE (Damn). So we are going to take a hard look at the 04 MPV. This time we will get a flushed out ES... (Maybe I can talk her into a Nissan pickup???)
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    you could probably talk her into a Nissan Quest 3.5S. Also, since I own an Odyssey, if I buy another van it will not be for space- it will be for low cost to own, good amount of features, and most important of all- A REASONABLE PRICE.
  • tomj5tomj5 Member Posts: 209
    I couldn't agree more with your post. I was getting such good milage on our trip home I thought that my calculator was bad. Yeah I saw 26mpg more than once.
    I would like larger numbers and letters on the display and back lit all the time. With sun glasses on you cannot read it. We got a lot of good comments about the coastal blue color on the MPV.

    I think I have DW talked into a Nissan Pickup(Q 3.5, thanks jchan2). Two MPVs is a bit much, although not a bad idea. But we have a grand daughter in college here and with a pickup I could help her move (that did the trick)...
    Love our PEE VEE
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    After reading edmunds info boards, I found that the Toyota and Nissan pickups are junk... At least the Ford F100s ride nice (When it runs).. So maybe two MPVs in the garage is a good idea....

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    The wish list is to have more backward adjustment from the default position. With some baby seats it's hard to fit them in the second row without sacrificing loose of space in the first row. We talking to be able to push the second row more backward than it is currently possible.
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    How about a Quest 3.5S? About the same cargo space as a Nissan Frontier with all the seats folded. Of course, you can always pick up one of those Odysseys on clearance or order one of those Sienna XLEs for a lotta money. Of course, another MPV would show brand loyalty. I have a friend who bought two Caravans because his first was sooo reliable. (he got lucky- it was one of those original 1984 Caravans that always died out) He now has a Saturn ION to replace that first Caravan.
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    Hmmm, you've got me there. Are you talking about the second row or back seats? The third row seating is stationary. The second row move forward and backward. My experience with car seats is with my niece. She has two different seats that we use when she is with me. Both front facing, both full size. Both seats fit well in the seat and with the tether strap are secure with no movement. There are no gaps in the base of the seat and the car seat itself. If you are refering to infant seats then I have no answer. My children are 11 and 8 and we are well out of the car seat/booster seat mode. Again, I only use a car seat when I have my niece.
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    I'm talking about the 2nd row. Check this link , this guy in Japan did a mod to his seat to be able to move it further back. I was looking in the car the other day and it is possible to do this only on the slide by side seat. If you were to do it on the other 2nd row seat, you could not move it further back anyway as there is the wheel well in the way.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    more features!!! lower price!!!! (than Sienna)
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    Ok, can someone please give me a link so I can see what the '06 MPV looks like. Everytime I go into a site, I see everything but the '06 MPV. Did they rename it?


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    photos just yet. still waiting- including all us Odyssey drivers. (me)
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    I wish you could get a MPV without the third row seat. The extra storage space would be nice. We don't have a herd of kids to carry around. (We hauled our herd in a Mercury station wagon and a 1969 E300 ford van (good van). Gas was 25 cents and didn't care about milage).

    In fact it would be really nice to get a MPV with only the two front seats, with a hard bed liner and use it like a pickup. To bad Mazda pickups don't have the Duratec engine. I would buy one in a heart beat...
    I like the Mazda service warrenty. The service depts I have delt with have been great... Ford is a joke, so is Dodge and Toyota. Nissan is not great. Honda makes good machines but are A-Holes to do business with. (From experiences over 40 years)
    The Toy vans are jokes... Gas tanks that leak and engines that seize up due to oil pump failure...
    I try to stay away from them for they might seize up or blow up.. (Snicker...)

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    There is no problem in using MPV like that, just keep the third row folded in all the time. It will be like the Euro model MPV with the third row seats removed except you will not have full spare tire, only the smaller one under the 2nd row. ;-)

    I gues you would like this one if they made it (photoshoped).
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    sounds like that upcoming Honda crossover. Minivan based with a truck bed. All the Honda dealers I've delt with are either Medium Sized and Friendly or Small and Friendly. I stay away from the large ones. (After finding out that one dealer thinks that I "had" to buy the $500 cassette player for the whole Odyssey to run)
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    WOWWWWW!!! That is a great design... I would buy that in a heart beat... Mazda take notice, THE URBAN PICKUP. Call it the URBANA...

  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    B-Series EXT.
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    Not sure if THIS is the right thread for the new MPV...NOT the 2006 model...but I saw the front/side pic in the latest Consumer Digest of 2004 cars. The new MPV has a plastic color keyed grill cover and the headlights are narrower and slanted like the 6. The side is a little more sculptured on the back fender and the rear tail lights are bulging on the sides in a several round lights. Otherwise, the size is the same and the window line up looks the same.
    I really don't like the front end as much as the 03's, but I do like the rear lights more....look even more sportier than before.
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    I understand your confusion - no redesign has officially been announced for the MPV in 2006. This discussion is basically where people are speculating and hoping :)


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    we're hoping for a 2006 redesign. It would be the end of the typical japenese 5-year redesign a car cycle.
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    It'll be interesting to see where they go with a redesign. The '04 model has just been freshened, but it's mainly a few cosmetic tweaks. With the '06, or whenever the next generation appears, they can either keep it the same, size-wise, or match the new standard set by the Odyssey, Sienna and Quest etc. (although the name "mini" should really be taken out of "minivan"). If they do opt to "supersize" it, I'm hoping it opens the door for the Mazda4, the upcoming replacement for the Premacy.......should appeal to those of us who want occassional 6-7 passenger capacity in a smaller, more "mini" van package or who are happy with the current MPV's size and wouldn't consider a larger van.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    Here's a glimpse of the '04 re-style:

    There's a GS, GX, and GT version in Canada. The Mazdausa site is down, probably for re-vamping.
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    I agree that the MPV is a nice size for many people. But, to compete, big is in. So, take a page from the parent company, and replace it with 2 models, 1 bigger (but smaller than Honda/TOyota) and 1 smaller, like some of the neat European van/wagon thingees.

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  • lazyfoxlazyfox Member Posts: 90
    The small thingy is called Premacy ;-)
    Well the Premacy is going to be replaced by Mazda4
    Spy shots of new Mazda4 are here
    So only thing they need to do after MPV 2006 redesign, is to bring the Mzada4 on US market and you'll have exactly what you said.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    I think the exterior design has to be watered down. It just doesn't look very proportionate to me.
  • nematodenematode Member Posts: 448
    But thats probably not popular. The two size idea would also work. I would make the bigger one 6in wider and 12in longer. 3.5L engine and bigger seats. Make HID, AWD, and a variety of other goodies available as options (packages) for about $1-2k less than the Toyota.

    Base stripper: $22.5k
    LX: $23.5-26.5k
    ES: $26.5-29.5k
    ESX: $33k+$1.5k for some kind of DVD/stereo bundle. Would come with AWD, HID, leather, moon roof, dual power memory seats, and lots of other fancy goodies.

    The ONLY reason we are not getting an MPV that its too small. It has the best driving dynamics in its class. If they could preserve that and make it bigger I would be really happy. I really dont want to sell my 01 Protege ES but I'm going to have to get something bigger.
  • lazyfoxlazyfox Member Posts: 90
    Me not. I was thinking that with recent trend in minivans making them bigger, if the MPV keeps it's size, it might have unique market segment. We have only two kids, but the other day I had a third one in the MPV as well. All kids in their car seats. I see the MPV a perfect vehicle for families with 3 kids. Any large sedan would not fit three kids in their car seats comfortable. MPV is small and the driving dynamics is great. The concept of making the MPV larger and then introduce second smaller (than current MPV) model, would leave a hole in the size I think. The small one would be to small and the big one would be to big.
  • bigdadibigdadi Member Posts: 72
    Actually this car is what you are waiting for ... one year old Toyota Sienna. Fit your budget and what you need.
  • nematodenematode Member Posts: 448
    I have been driving the various flavors this week. Not that I'm getting the minivan to make a statement about style but I REALLY dont like the looks of the last generation Sienna. I have just been looking at the current generation (04). Typical of Toyota the package combinations are annoying, some are extremely rare, and all are expensive. I still like the MVP best but the current generation Sienna is very good. I also drove the Quest but the guage cluster and bulbus looks inside and out are not for me. However, while it also drove pretty well it was less refined and not the "drivers car" than I expected (louder, body flex, soft suspension). The Honda look OK but feels a generation behind (which it is) yet dealers ask for current generation prices. I just want a bigger MPV but I know most people get the MPV because it small and drives well. I want it because it drives well but I want it bigger.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    Bigger, with the Duratec 3.5 in there.
    Then, bring over the Mazda 4 and price the MPV $3K under Sienna and with everything the Sienna has, plus more. loaded. Sales hit right here!!
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