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    I have to agree that I think Mazda will deliver the "5" to the US as they have said they would. I think a bigger player like Honda has not delivered the Stream/Latitude due in part to "cannibalization" because they are a big player and it may just take sales from the more profitable Odyssey when people realize the smaller van is all they need. Mazda on the other hand is a small player and I would think they are more likely to take sales from the big players then themselves. The neat thing is that if the Mazda5 is a big success, the other players will jump in with F-RX's and the like. THat's my take on it and BTW I am sold on the 5 and it will be my next car. So listen up Mazda, you better follow through on this!
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    Source from Japan said there will be new larger MPV in NA with 3.5L Duratec.

    That would make sense than, that the Mazda5 is replacement for both MPV and Premacy (but only in Europe). NA will get a bigger minivan + as they promise the 5 too.

    Few points to add from reading previous posts.

    LE Sienna truly doesn't look like good deal for the money it costs. I notticed too, that they have a lot of LEs on dealers lots.

    MPV doesn't have any star MPG, but the difference between competition if you add up the cost of gas is miniscule IMHO. Also if you check etc. Ody bopard, you will see that in the city a lot of Odys gets bad MPG as well.
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    available on Mazda's Japanese site.....the 5 will still be called the Premacy in Japan and made it's debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda has a Premacy site up & running....again, with some new photos and movie clips.
    Check it out!
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    I believe this site has been updated with some Mazda5 video taken at the Tokyo Motor Show.

    Click on yellow tab at the bottom of the right column.

    Then click on the bar underneath the Silver MZ5.
    The video lasts 2 minutes and plays fine on Windows media player.

    If you know Japanese, great. If not it is still fun to watch.

    I think this is fairly new - I believe the Tokyo show was early November, but I could be all wrong. Note they are still the same silver and dark blue MZ5's. The sliding door on one of the vans is powered.

    The previously mentioned site (wheelz4) implies the new MZ5 (Premacy) will be introduced around 1st week of January in the motherland.

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    From the National Post's Driver's Edge column, a few more details are emerging. story.html?id=8890cf02-9e94-409c-b737-e4c20207558d
    I wish hp & torque #'s were a bit higher, but at least they come on a a much lower rpm (3500).
    The price sounds bang on too....$20K to start, topping out @ $25K (That's Canadian $$$).
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    The mazda5 is on our training schedule for late spring 2005.
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    Let's hope we get it before the USD is worth less than the Canadian$ ;)
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    And direct link to the in flash video is here: but you will need the FLV player from here
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    1. 6 plus intelligent "+1 seat": irresistable!
       without "+1", i may think about "Toyota Matrix"
    2. Wise price: 20k
    3. Frugal gas consumption: better at 9.5L/7L range

    if Mazda5 has all these merits, i'll buy it once it hits the shore.

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    Eliminating the smart "+1 seat" is the only poor decision mazda've made on the wise Mazda5 for Canada.

    1. We are not as fat as Americans;
    2. we have consistantly increasing imigrants;
    3. large portion of Acian population;
    4. Majority are poorer than Americans
    (thanks to 3 level government tax, and staggering federal surplus);
    5. Gas consumption sensitive
    6. more importantly, more family oriented. average at least 2 children in a family, frequent visits to gradparents, ...., but we are poor, dont forget. For a family, they will basiclly use the first two rows, use the third row for occation cases

    Mazda is so sensitive to its "Zoom Zoom" slogan. But mazda5 is built for "Family",or "SpaceWagon Young Couples". It is the kind of vehicle that for a typical family in canada, which occupies the majority of working class Canadian population.

    All these require the intelligent "+1" as an attractive factor for buying a mazda, not a "Toyot matrix" or "Ford Focus Wagon"
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    I would also prefer the +1 seat. In fact my real preference would be a normal bench in the middle. With 3 kids it is nice to be able to have one always in the back.
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    Evidently we can't spell!
    (just kidding)

    I agree with Rornard -- the +1 would have been popular in Canada. It would make us feel 'safe' buying the smaller van since we rarely need the space but want it just in case. Even the old Nissan Axxess came with 2 optional jump seats in the back to give 7-seating.

    Execution and pricing will ultimately determine success, but this should be a big hit in Canada.
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    So, who do we ask? is it already too late for MY2006?

    The center seat position is the best place to put a child car seat. Does that mean anything to the marketing forks at Mazda?
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    Unfortunately, being a Bimmer, it'll be at least double the price of the Mazda5. Still, it sounds pretty nice though, and will have four/all wheel drive as well (something that would make the "5" just about perfect in my books).
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    I'm still finding it hard to visualize the size/presence of the Mazda5 from photos, especially since it's shown in isolation, with no other vehicles present for comparison. The Japanese site's Mazda5 specs list it at 179.3" long, 68.7" wide, 63.6" tall with a wheelbase of 108.3". That makes it about an inch longer than a Focus wagon and 2" longer than the Volvo V50. It's an inch narrower than the Volvo but 2" wider than the Focus. Height-wise, it bests them both by about 6" and it's wheelbase is 5" longer than either the V50 or the Focus Wagon. In fact, the Mazda5 is about the same size in all dimensions as the Mitsubishi Outlander, althought the "5" has a 5" longer wheelbase than the Outlander as well. All in all, I think the 5 should be just about perfect for us. Still can't wait to see and sit in it in person though.
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    Mazda Canada Official Mazda5 forum:


    Please loud your voice there to let them bring the intelligent "+1" option, please.


    Your decibel really counts!


    At least I count it every day.



    to see mazda5 specification and comparation



    to see the interactive animation
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    I didn't realize Mazda Canada had updated their site. And they have a discussion forum for the Mazda5 as well. I think it's going to be a great vehicle for them. In relation to my previous post re: the 5's presence, Mazda Canada has a neat comparison showing the size of the 5 versus both a Mazda3 Sport and an MPV. It towers over the Mazda3 (and is longer too) and is only slightly less tall than the MPV, while being shorter in length as well. Anyway, it gives me a better idea of where it 'fits'.
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    That van looks so generic to me. It looks like a cross between a Sienna and a Quest, with a little Mazda3 in the back and maybe a Honda grill. It looks like they took a little bit from each of their main competitors and threw it together. I love Mazda, but this car looks hum drum.
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    I agree with you ghostbuster23, pictures of the Mazda5 did not inspire me to wait for this model to be available. I ended up trading my Protege5 for a Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback (station wagon), which I'm sure many will feel was for a vehicle equally challenged when it comes to exterior styling. But I like the looks, its roomy, engine is peppy and the price was right at 15K.
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    It looks great IMHO and I'm sure it will be a big hit internationally. My wish is that we get traction control.
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    Sorry if this was posted previously, but any definitive word on the available transmissions for the US market? I believe I saw a couple mentions of a 5 spd manual for North America, but have not seen for sure whether the manual includes the states.


    Thanks much.
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    the Mazda5 is coming to the USA. The link you posted if you check the date was written before Mazdas official press release that they will be introducing the Mazda 5 into the N.A market.
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    How about a mazdaspeed 5? The turbo 2.3l and a 6 speed would be enough to get me out of my hatchback. All that room, but a fast, good handling, not too big platform? The family truckster for gear heads with small families.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD, 2023 Maverick hybrid Lariat luxury package.

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    3200 lbs. That doesn't bode well for fuel economy, even with the 2.3L I4 engine.
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    Mazda3 s 5-door weighs <2900lbs. EPA estimates: MT 25/32 city/hwy AT 24/29 Mazda6 i sedan weighs <3100lbs. EPA estimates: MT 23/31 AT 23/28 Both vehicles have the MZR 2.3L I4. Figure Mazda5 mileage for the NA market will be somewhere in between these figures. I wouldn't mind seeing a Mazda5 Hybrid using the Escape Hybrid's powerplant, but am not hopeful that's in the cards.
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    Don't you mean nice NOT to have to consign one of the kids to the third row - Captain's Chairs force this with resultant luggage space loss and inter-sibling rivalry.


    Why not try and influence Mazda as the Canadians have done. Whilst there is no forum on the US Mazda website, you could email them to support availability of the "+1" second row option using the following link:

  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469


    Yes - I mean nice NOT to always have one in the back when you have three kids.


    I would be extremely interested in the vehicle if it had 3 accross in the middle (like my current 1996 Odyssey). I would not even take a look at it if I am forced to always have a child in the way back of such a small vehicle where his head will be less than a foot from the back window. I would prefer a standard sedan over the vehicle in that case. An Accord seats 3 kids very comfortably in the back.


    I love the fact that it is available with a manual transmission though - very close to hitting the mark for me.


    I also prefer regular doors on a vehicle this size, but that is not a deal breaker by any means.
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    Not much new except a Quick-time 360 exterior shot (actually a shot rotating from a spot on the floor, not a car-rotating shot) at the Paris Auto show and a 360 interior shot down by the Seine (actually I think the Seine shot was superimposed). Well, the pictures aren't that new then but they are new to me.
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    I'm with you 100%. My biggest regret in buying my '98 Odyssey was getting the mid-row buckets instead of the bench. The 2-3-2 seating configuration is far more convenient and versatile in a smaller vehicle than the 2-2-2 or the 2-2-3 in bigger minivans.


    We usually wind up taking our CR-V when we need to carry 5 people. If Mazda offered the +1 in Canada, it would be a slam-dunk decision for me, especially since Honda appears to have abandoned its original Honda Stream/Latitude ideas (the FR-V leaves me cold).


    Mazda has a real winner on its hands if they can let go of the fear that the +1 will sink the MPV. They are two very different market segments.
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    Yep, without seating for 3 in the middle row, I won't even give it a second look. Anyone with 3 kids and occasionally having to tote a grandparent or two knows what I am talking about. Flexible seating is what we need. I can see seating 2 kids in the 2nd row and another in the third row for peace and quiet, but when you really have to haul the cargo and the kids(holiday trips), 3 in the middle row is a must. Forget about the "+1" seat - make it a full-time one.


    Seriously considering the Ford Freestyle, but would like something less bulky with better fuel economy and less $$. Mazda6 wagon? No seating for 7. MPV? Same dilemma as Mazda5-no seating for 3 in the middle row.


    We still have some time to decide as long as I can keep our Windstar with a blown head gasket limping along. Believe it or not, our Protege5 is now our main family vehicle and is serving us well. SUV haters rejoice!


    A Mazda5 with a manual transmission, seating for 7, nice MPG, and priced around $20k. Mazda - are you listening?
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    The Los Angeles Auto Show, I heard has the Mazda 5 on display. If they do, I hope they have one you can actually sit in. I got an 04 Honda Pilot, but just got a 05 Focus ZX4 which I find much more fun and convenient. I hope to replace the Pilot in a year with a Mazda 5 so I can have a fun and convenient 3 seat row vehicle, I need exactly 6 seats. It has been raining almost daily for two weeks here in LA, Maybe I will go to the auto tomorow , and I'll post my observations on the Mazda 5.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    any information on trim lines or specifications or pricing?
  • barry42barry42 Member Posts: 64
    The best place I've been able to find anything on the 5 is at !! There are two new postings dated Jan 9 2005 !!
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    They are now rolling off the line.

  • bigworld2000bigworld2000 Member Posts: 11
    My reply from Mazda North America asking for a possible sale date for the 5 / Flexa...


    In regard to your inquiry, the Mazda MX Flexa is a concept vehicle, and Mazda has no plans on producing it for the United States market at this




  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    One of those articles mentioned is the most detailed info yet on NA offerings. Seems there is no doubt whatsoever now that we will get it.



    The MZ5 will be available in Sport and Touring models and the major differences are described.


    Durability05: Did you get to the LA show? They do indeed have a MZ5 showing from what I have read. I would have gone myself if it wasn't such a long drive (400 miles!)
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Seems like they left out the +1, so if you don't want to crawl into the back, or put your kids with their heads 1 foot from the rear window (right about the height of an Excursion hood), then it is essentially a 4 seater.


    Honda is talking about one of these, maybe they will offer seats for 3 in the middle. I am not too hopefull though, as this seems to be an unfortunate trend.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Unlike the larger MPV and other minivans, I don't think that most Mazda5 owners would really plan to use the rear row very often -- but it would be very important to have the extra capacity for those few occassions in which we need it in a pinch. The family of 4 or 5 that occassionally wants to take Grandma out to dinner or one of the kids' friends to the movies would fall into this camp. A regular minivan is too big for their day-to-day needs so a smaller one with extra seats for the trip down the block fits the bill perfectly.


    Without 6/7 seats, you may as well buy a Mazda6 wagon/hatch, Mazda Tribute (for those who like to sit high) or a Toyota Matrix or something like that.
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    Not all of us have three children, guys.


    I've just started reading this discussion, as my yearnings for a Mazda3 are starting to get a little competition from this model.


    I currently drive a 2000 Protege ES with 87,300 trouble-free miles on the odometer. It's my third Protege since 1991. My wife drives a 2002 Protege5. So you can say we're a Mazda family.


    We have one son, 3-1/2 years old. I'm into several hobbies and other activities that require me to carry cargo once in a while. The fact that this vehicle is a smidge bigger than the Protege5 and 3 wagon, yet is still based on the 3 and MADE IN JAPAN, makes it VERY APPEALING to me.


    Anyone heard any inklings on price? I figure they'd better keep this vehicle a coupla thou under the MPV or they won't sell any. I'm guessing around $18K stripped/$20K "nicely equipped"/$23K loaded to the gills? Am I close?


  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    I don't have any solid prices from mazda...but from what I have heard, you numbers are in the ballpark.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    ... but I have a great source for Mazda photos. Here's enough Mazda5 photos to keep y'all happy for a while:





    P.S. Be prepared, when you click on the little camera icon beside each photo, to wait ... and to be impressed. BIG, high-resolution photos!
  • johnr1johnr1 Member Posts: 9
    This thing gets no respect. It is at the NAIAS, and of all the reports and photo lists I have seen from that show, it is only mentioned in passing once. I know pics were out awhile ago, but still....


    Toronto Star did a big show review in their auto section - no mention - even though, since Canadians tend to buy smaller cars, this will probably sell well in Canada.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I think it'd work for a lot of families. At least those with 2 kids and the occasional need to transport two extra people.
  • kenshinkenshin Member Posts: 2
    does anyone know if the windows on the sliding doors can be rolled down ala current sienna/odyssey? thanks
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Every year Detroit News assembles a panel of regular consumers to wander through the show and offer their views of the new vehicles/concepts. Usually their opinions are ill-educated and uninformed, making them a lot like the great masses out there.


    In short, they don't "get" the Mazda5, thinking it is an SUV/minivan cross. Here's what they said...


    The panel was only slightly more curious about the Mazda5, kind of a cross between an SUV and a micro minivan with rear sliding doors and seating for six.


    "It takes the worst of both," Leneschmidt said.

    "It doesn't know if it wants to be an SUV or a minivan," Samuels said.

    "It's going through puberty," Tassi said.

    "It's confused," Samuels added.

  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    The comments from the pane show that they see it as a "shrunken" minivan, not a large small car. Mazda needs to walk a very careful tightrope on that one. The vehicle will bomb if the market is allowed to think it is a minivan("why would I want a tiny minivan when I could get a Caravan for only $X more???"). Instead, they need to somehow present it as tall-bodied compact sport wagon.


    Going with sliding side doors is going to make this a tough challenge -- sliders (along with pointy nose) mean "minivan" to most people. Swing out doors would have suggested more sportiness (like the Matrix/Vibe).
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