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    AJAC has selected the M5 as the best new Multipupose vehicle. It beat the Subaru Tribeca and Mercedes B class quite handily.
    See the results here.
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    Good for them, not sure about the "quite handily" part, though. B-class was very close, only the Torrent fell way behind.

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    If your family enjoyed the Corolla Wagon, then migrating to a Mazda5 is trancedental as you gained from a 2 row seatings to 3 row seatings, slide-recline-split-foldflat rear seats, roll-down window in wide 2 easy sliding rear doors ... all within the same external length. We would complement a new Mazda5 to our driveway now that it has incidentally won the 2006 Best Multi-Purpose Family Vehicle Canadian Award.
    p.s. FYI to the Mazda fans
    :cry: GT trim levels were MazdaSpeed version sold for an additional $1k prior to year 2000.
    I.E. Our 1990 Protege GT includes the upgraded supercharged 16v DOHC larger and robust engine with inter-cooler and suspension used in the sporty MIATA.
    Mazda also kept us educated by providing a 1000 page workshop manual detailing the 1990 Protege GT exotics, no extra charge.
    :P MazdaSpeed is zoom-ZOOM in its true drive feeling.
    Image hosted by
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    hey, are those fold down trays behind the driver and front passenger seats?
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    I hope Canada gets the 6speed diesel, if so that means the US market is right behind it.

    I am holding out for 2007 to find the light duty diesel car that I will sit on for a while. I really hope it will be the Mazda5, as it has all the right ingredients.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    They probably are, I know MPV owners import them from other markets.

  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    A 6-speed diesel would be enough to put the 5 at the top of my list for my next vehicle - even if Mazda does not offer seating for 3 in the middle. I still hope they come around on this issue though.

    I noticed CR just tested the 5 and liked it quite a bit. It is now their highest rated wagon.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Saw that, too.

    It's funny to see the HHR and the Mazda5 next to each other, the Mazda is soooooo much more space efficient. In about the same space they have 3 rows and a much bigger green house for visibility.

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    Couldn't find any reference to it in this discussion, but the Mazda5 (Premacy in Japan) received perfect scores on the Japanese test, 6 x 6 stars. If you search for NASVA you will be able to find it, but it's going to be tricky if you don't read Japanese.
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    Been looking for the past two months at getting a larger car. Keep coming back to the Mazda brand. Have a dealer offering me a new 2006 MPV LX-SV with a MSRP of 23,710 out the door for 17,500. The MPV has a few options like rear air, Cargo net and roof rack and floor mates but i would have to add privacy tint to the rear glass. Also have another Mazda Dealer offering me a 2007 Mazda 5 touring with a sticker of 20,695 on the road for 20,880. The 5 has a sunroof and automatic air, rear bumper guard and floor mates also. I cant decided which car will be the best one over the long haul. Should I save the money and go with the MPV and hope its a good van, but fear taking a loss on the resale value due to it being an older model, or should I pay more and get a newer style Mazda 5. Each car has its pros and cons just trying to figure out which one will be best for the next 5 or so years. I'm worry the MPV may not be as reliable due to having a ford engine but not sure if the 5 is any better with it being a new model. Any words of wisdom would greatly be apprecaited. Also please tell me your thought on the prices I have been offered. Thanks everyone for your help!
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    I replied over in the MPV board as well. The Ford Duratec is one of the best engines around. It is turning at less than 2,000 rpm at 60 mph and will last longer than the 5's 4 cylinder buzz box. Note, you get a 5 speed auto with that Duratec.

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    I'd take the 5 over the MPV for fun, but the MPV is not a bad choice. 5's are starting to get discounted around my area. Weekly ad shows the base 5 speed at $15.5k. MPV is almost gone for good, so you should be able pick up a screamin deal.
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    Thanks for both of your replies. It's great to have a site that you can ask about these vans on. I want something that will be a reliable car for us for years to come. Do you feel $17,500 on the road for a MPV LX-vs is a good price. Its the last one left in our area. Was looking at ES models to have the power doors but they all got sold with in days of looking at them. I agree i like that the Mazda 5 for the looks and the price isn't bad $20,880 on the road but not sure if it makes sense to pay more for the newer model with less room. I also found a toyota sennia CE for $22,000 plus tax and tags but that's to me is allot of money for a van that has nothing at all on it. Only reason to pick it would be resale value. Does anyone feel that's the smarter way to go?

    Thanks for all the replies!
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    $17.5 k is a screaming deal.

    We paid $23k for our 2002 LX.

    $17.5 k is well below invoice, at least $4,000.

  • d5ad5a Member Posts: 63
    Do you like your Van? Any problems with it. How does the build quality seem and the reliability? Any in sites to owning one would be great. Thanks for your response.

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    see MPV thread. I like the 5, but waiting for the diesel/6spd MT package.

  • car_enthucar_enthu Member Posts: 17

    I'm in the process of finalizing a deal on an odyssey but the 5 appeals to me bcos of its look and certainly better handling.

    Just wanted to know how the 5 performs on highway, during merging, passing, etc. Does it struggle ? I know its a 4-cyl but is it really bad ? I'm not looking for sports car like performnace but something thats not too bad.

    appreciate any comments from owners.
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    The 5 and the Ody are really two different beasts. One is a large (non) minivan and the other is a smaller minivan (or people mover). Either you want the larger vehicle or smaller vehicle. Either you want the extra cargo area while using the 3rd row seats, or you don't. Personally, IMO the Ody is bloated and heavy but it suits those looking for the space and seating for 7. The 5 isn't a rocket, but it is a fairly peppy engine, especially when mated to the MT. MPG has been decent for the 5 as well, which seems to not be the case with the Ody. The 5 is going to be cheaper as well.

    Take an extended drive with both and try the highway merge etc. Us members here can only offer an opinion, you have to live with the decision you make! ;)

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    Sort of like comparing a Corolla to a Camry. Both will seat 5, but one is bigger and more expensive, but has more room, but both are good cars.
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    thanks for your responses ! I know it's not fair to compare odyssey to mazda5, but I'm caught in 2 minds here. We have just 1 kid so the 5 maybe OK for now even with the occasional grandparents visit.

    Just want to make sure the 5 doesn't huff & puff to get on the highway when we have 4 adults and a kid in there.

    Anyways, will be test driving it this evening

  • d5ad5a Member Posts: 63
    I drove a 5 and liked it. It seemed a little under power going up hills but it was fine. I had four people on board during the test drive. I have read that when fully loaded it does have a hard time going up hills.

    I looked at all the vans. Like the honda but it was to much and road hard. The toyota was nice but hated the transmission. It didn't shift smoothly. Like the 5 allot but worried about the room also. Not much room behind the 3rd row. Ended up getting one of the last MPV. So far so good. Can't say its the best van out there but for the price i went for it. IT was bigger inside then the 5 and had more power. Its not nearly as sporty as the 5 but price won out. So far i have to say the mazda really is nice for what it is.
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    The pickup is fine. Was able to get up to 85 for a quick pass yesterday with 4 ppl and the back fully loaded.

    We bought the 5 instead of the Ody/Sienna because it fits how we drive - 2 adults, 2 small kids, and the occasional grandparents visit. We had the same questions, and they have all been happily answered.

    Plus you can use the slapshifter to downshift if you really needed to. Will be interested to see what you get. Oh, and look around for a 2006 model. You should be able to get one far below invoice.
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    I believe they categorized the 5 as a small wagon, and it was the highest rated model they tested. It was in an issue a few months back, maybe about a year ago.

    It's smaller but a lot more fun to drive than the MPV. Probably a better city car, though the MPV would probably be better suited for trips and long distances, humming along at low revs with that V6.

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