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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    ...the new Highlander will be 'bigger' than the current 4Runner. It may not sit as high but I'm expecting it to be as wide but longer with more usable interior room.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The heaviest non-hybrid HL I can find on Toyota's website is 3935 lbs.

    I'm going to guess the gas version AWD is about 4325 fully loaded.

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    L 188.4 W 75.2 H 69.3 WB 109.8 GC 8.1 Nice dimensions. Just a little large 4 me. My best weight guess for 2WD is 4125.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    I guess it depends on where one get their numbers. I got the 4,035lbs on the Toyota V-6 Highlander for 07 from Consumer Reports.

    But I am going to guess that I would have a hard time distinguishing the difference with me not being able to lift either
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    Believe it or not. This website shows 4500lbs for the 2008 Highlander, as I suspected:
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    O.K. I choose not to believe it. :) That is obscene! Toyota has really caught themselves with these heavy vehicles at a bad time gasoline price wise. I bet they are firing all their market seers even as we speak.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    toyotagal stated: "Believe it or not. This website shows 4500lbs for the 2008 Highlander, as I suspected: "

    And you believe Wikipedia????? It is an open content web site. Hardly a reliable source for this information.

    "Welcome to Wikipedia,
    the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."

    "Wikipedia (IPA: /ˌwikiˈpiːdi.ə/ or /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdi.ə/) is a multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia project. Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. With rare exceptions, its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Internet, simply by clicking the edit this page link."

    about Wikipedia

    I believe we won't know the true weights of the different models until Toyota publishes them when the vehicles are released for sale.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Good grief, it sounds like I'm at the County fair listening to the huckster guessing weights for a kewpee doll. :lemon:
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Remember,I'm @ 4,125 for the 2WD!
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    Surely you don't believe Toyota do you? Aren't these the folks that tell us the V-6 Highlander gets 20/24 mpg for the V-6 non-hybrid?

    Besides for some reason Toyota refuses to release the weight of the 08 Highlander. While it releases all the the other numbers. Hmmmmmmmmm

    Could it be for folks that choose to believe that a taller, wider, longer rig still weighs around 4,000 pounds.

    Of course they could have replaced some metal with plastic and that would lower the weight............
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    On our 2004 Highlander 3.3L V6 4WD I get 23.+ mpg on every single tankful.

    While my Prius in being repaired I've been driving the Highlander on the daily 150 mi commute. It's like clockwork. 23.+ mpg or about 375 mi on 16.+ gal.

    Personal situation:
    Cool to warm temps. 63 mph on average. Few stoplights. 90 min trip in each direction. Light steady touch.

    When I drive the HH I get about 28 mpg for the same trip.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    toyotagal wrote: "Surely you don't believe Toyota do you? Aren't these the folks that tell us the V-6 Highlander gets 20/24 mpg for the V-6 non-hybrid? "

    NO! The EPA tells us what the mpg estimate is. Toyota and all manufacturers only tell us what the EPA estimates, it is NOT Toyota telling us what mileage their cars get. They are required BY LAW to report the EPA figures, which, by the way, are being revised downward between 15% and 25% for 2008 for all vehicles.

    Also, who cares how much a vehicle weighs? I mean really?
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I just find the slimmer ones more attractive.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    blufz1 wrote: "I just find the slimmer ones more attractive"

    I happen to agree with you, 100% (at least until I see the '08 in person)... but the current discussion, as I see it, is about the amount of weight gain that no one can seem to agree on. My point is what difference does it make how much it weighs? I bet 99% of people have no idea how much their vehicle weighs. And if they bought say a 99 Camry, then upgraded to a 2002...the newer one probably gained weight, but do they care? NO! It is quieter, smoother, more powerful, and most likely gets better mileage as well. Later they upgrade to a 2007 Camry, aagin, probably a weight gain, but, a better car again, more room, more power, better fuel mileage...etc.

    My 2 main points:

    1. we won't know how much the 08 Highlander weighs until we see Toyota's specs.

    2. 99% of the buyers have no idea what their vehicle weighs and don't care.

    With all this said, I really like the size of the 1st generation HL, I have owned 2 (currently an 05 Limited)...It appears that the 08 will be Pilot size, and for my needs, that is too big.....big....I am not talking weight....

    But, I am willing to (ahem) weight (sic) until they come out and drive one and re-evaluate my opinion.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Also, who cares how much a vehicle weighs? I mean really?

    Hmm. Just a thought, but ...

    (1) People concerned about gas mileage?

    (2) People who drive smaller vehicles that may be struck by a behemoth?

    (3) People who want the added "protection" from those in (2) above that can only be achieved with a heavy vehicle?

    (4) People who were looking for a certain tax break on heavy vehicles with a specific weight requirement but who didn't otherwise really need such a vehicle?

    (5) Children who may not be seen by the driver of a very large vehicle backing out of a driveway?

    Just maybe some people do care how much a vehicle weighs. :)

    BTW, I am sure toyotagal is aware of where those mileage figures come from.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    What tidestar said. :) Plus weight effects everything re a vehicle. Some people on this site are aficionados.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    "99% of buyers don't care about what their vehicle weighs"?

    You gotta be kidding.

    Weight effects gas mileage and the way a vehicle handles. As vehicle weight goes up it takes more gas to move. Also as weight goes up the effect on its agility comes into play.

    Also size is an important factor as well with my having a tight fit for my pending 07 Highlander in the garage and the 08 becoming a near impossibilty.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Sorry Toyotagal, I still say the verdict is out on the '08 non-hybrid Highlander's weight gain until we get the official specs, which shouldn't be too far away.

    The wording of the Press Release is very ambiguous, and I cannot tell if the 500lbs gain applies only to the Hybrid or also to the gasoline version.

    Either way, I'm not a big fan of the gain, but if Toyota managed to make the vehicle more powerful, roomier while maintaining or improving efficiency and agility, its not really a big deal. (Reference the award-winning RAV4 redesign).

    Also, don't forget, the '08 EPA figures will not be directly comparable with the current ones, so we're going to have to wait for Consumer Reports to do their testing - they present more realistic, IMO, city, highway, and overall figures than the EPA ever has. And, in many cases, their Overall is what I've been able to achieve (sometimes I achieve a bit better, even).

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Tgal,you should test drive the new CRV and see how that woks 4 U. Step in height is nice.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    Thanks for the suggestion but my significant other has clautrophobia. We test drove both the CRV and Highlander many times. While the CRV would be great for me unless I want to be single

    Besides we both took an oath to never, ever own a 4 cylinder vehicle again. But I have to admit they are nice when you stop for gas..............
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I agree. Significant other induced claustrophobia is death on any relationship. :)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    That's a bizarre oath, IMO. A good 4 cylinder provides the power, acceleration, and refinement of yesterday's sixes. Reference Nissan's revised 180 horse 2.5L in the Altima, as perhaps the best example.

    And, the CR-V's 166 horses and 5 speed auto do quite well, in the low 9s to 60. To each their own, certainly, but to write off 4s in a blanket statement... doesn't seem fair.

    Which 4 did you own that was so awful?

  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    I give up and must admit that I am irrationally prejudiced.

    But I love the V-6s when I enter the onramp to the freeways. Also I do like the sound of a V-6s deeper stronger sounding engine at my disposal. Vs. a noiser, higher pitched 4. And when passing as well.

    So as I said completely irrational.

    Perhaps I should go for a Yaris with the recent price of gas etc.....................Whatcha think rational guy?
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Come on,man! Cars are affairs of the heart! 'Sides I think my Accord V6 is less stressed pulling my small bass boat than was my I4.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Cars are affairs of the heart... to an extent, yes. But that was not my point.

    toyotagal - As long as you admit it ;)

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Any news yet on pricing for the 2008 Highlander other than the info from

    My only concern is the fuel economy - no significant change per Toyota. If the vehicle weighs more - there's a possibility that the economy is just the same or even worse. Very disappointing.

    I actually like the Pilot better than the current Highlander (unsure of the 2008 Highlander) - but the width of the Pilot is too much for my narrow garage in foggy SF.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Maybe a CRV will fit?
  • tomdtomd Posts: 87
    Be carefull about jumping to conclusions about mileage. All 2008 models are supposed to be using the new EPA rating methods so if Toyota says that the mileage is unchanged, they might mean that the advertised numbers are the same but if this is true, the 08 HL might actually get much better real world mileage than the 07. I saw an article stating that some 08 model cars could see a 20% or more decrease in the published numbers for the same car so if the 08 HL is going to have the same numbers it would seem that actual mileage should be better than the current generation HL.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    IMO if in fact the new Highlander were going to get better gas mileage with a bigger, heavier vehicle don't you think they would be touting that?
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388

    That would seem logical to me. I only cited what was in the press release about no substantial increase. (Just my opinion, the press release is not very clear about this matter and whether there really is a weight gain across all models.) However, if true, this seems a bit disappointing since gasoline prices are now over $3.00 here in N. Cali. One station had premium for over $4 today.

    Neither the CRV nor the Rav would work for me, and I really want to compare it the new Highlander.
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