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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • Gary,
    I too want a Blizzard pearl, but according to my dealer in Maryland, they ordered one to the specs I wanted (all the options) according to them they too were looking for one they had already made and switch it to their dealership. Is what you are saything they can't order, just like Honda. They can only request one. I have seen the make, model and options I want. But the dealer's wife snagged it, and I would of payed a lot, instead of the 1% over invoice. I also don't want the dealer badging on it. Did you put a deposit on the highlander? Also, According to my dealer, they could only order on Monday's. If this is all true, you should get yours before mine. KIT....
  • The only built-in compass on the Sport would be if you have nav. It is not anywhere in the small display.
  • If you have an axe to grind on RX300s, I believe they have a forum for that. :)

    Or, knock yourself out and buy something non-Toyota. I hear you can get great deals on Pontiac Azteks these days. :)
  • thanks.

    And one more question ... can a dealer install factory option on a vehicle which came without it ? I am thinking
    here of homelink .... It is an option on Sport. I am yet to see one with it.
  • Hi, first of all, thank you for responding. Yes, I am in total agreement of everyone being happy (consumer and supplier) long as it's done fairly. I'm planning on ordering one if possible so I can get it just how I want. I'm leaning toward the Limited. I don't mind waiting a few months...that's why I got started a little early so I'm not pressured and I can take time to make my decision. As long as I can do it before the snow flies.
    And, yes, I just went by what the TMV said on this site, so maybe I'm jumping the gun.
    So...any info you can give me on posible options...such as the bike you know if you can get two on top? Also, do you know much about the snow option?
    You seem very knowledgeable, so feel free to send me anything you have.
  • Thanks for responding...
    If you purchase from out of state, does your local dealer frown upon servicing you, or are they cool with helping?
  • I really do not care if they frown. They still get paid quite a bit by Toyota if the car is under warranty or even more if it is not (by you). I usually try to stay away from my dealer once the warranty is out. The 15/30/60K services are a joke and $200 brake is a rip off.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Sorry -- I don't bike and where I live, there's no snow :); I'm sure someone here can help you with those questions, though. If I remember correctly, there was quite a bit of discussion on bike rack options earlier in this thread (around June/July).

    Good luck on your search. You've got time on your side.
  • Yep, its all about the pass through, because I'm sure not taking that infant seat out every time to move the 2nd row seat forward. As for the pass through, its not a lot of fun for me to get back there, but it can happen. My sister in law, who is only 5'1" and like 100lbs wet gets back there no problem, as does my son. As for the booster seat, I usually give him the quick once over from the rear of the car instead of hiking back there myself, as the third row seat is nice and close to the back.
  • I don't believe that the auto dimming mirror w/compass is a dealer installed option, and I'm dead certain Homelink isn't.

    I only have one garage door opener to worry about, so for me, giving up Homelink (I had it on my '05 Camry) wasn't a deal breaker. I did have to use needle nose pliers to adjust the tension on the clip on the regular opener, however - Highlander visors are quite thick!

    Homelink seems to be showing up on Sports only with certain regional option packages. If you go to and select "Build and Price Your Highlander," then put in your local zip code, you can get to the available option package screens for your area. For instance, here in Colorado my Sport came with Option Package C, with the nav, cold weather package, and tow prep package (without the hitch receiver, the rat b****tards). If you enter 90210 for SoCal, you get Option Packages A through G - and every single one of them includes Homelink!
  • Thanks for that, we didn't get a chance to try the car seats at the dealer.
  • Thank for the info. Accoding to the website, none of the packages in my region includes homelink. I guess I am going to live without it.

    Few years back I had dealer install dimming/compass on my XL avalon. Maybe I can get them to do so on Sport ???
  • Unless you are desperate for a HL, you should wait for the 2009 model as HL will be widely available across the packages as Toyota has done with other similar needs and wants as teasers.
  • Please find it here, it is a 5.6mb pdf file.

    2008 Highlander & HiHy Brochure

  • thanks. This is an option. Seems like most dealers around here have 1-2 of each trim in colors I do not like anyway.
  • Has anyone seen a sport with the 3rd row seat deleted?

    How about even a photo of it? There's nothing in the Chicago area.
  • Look at page 9 on my pdf it looks like that large picture may be showing without the third row, I may be wrong, but I thought the third row was split and in this picture it shows just a flat back with some type of latch on it. Highlander & HiHy.pdf">
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You beat me to it. I was going to mention the wood in the Infinity. A friend of mine has one and it's very close to the HL's. Even high gloss lacquer is distinguishable from the high gloss plastic wood.
  • Yes, I put up a $500 deposit, got an 8.50% discount off list,that is all they would go on this model since it is in limited supply. I think Toyota does this on purpose on a restyling year and stupid people like us pay the price, Ha! I am still not real sure they can place an order to Japan as my dealer said they could not. According to my experience with Toyota they come from Japan with certain packages on them and you pretty much have to take what you can get. This should get better though when they complete their new plant in Mississippi just to build highlanders. I could have to wait another month or so, just don't know. Gary
  • I went back to my dealership to ask more questions. I was told they can request a vehicle twice a month, and find out 2 1/2 weeks later if their request was accepted. Depending on what is on the current line being built. I shopped around and put a deposit also, but am paying 1% over invoice. I went to three dealers, 2 of which would do the 1% now, and the 3rd would do it near Christmas or beginning January (due to the limit, they were receiving). I was supposed to find out today or tomorrow if they had accepted the request. I'll let you know..
  • The page 9 brochure shows a small pic (on the bottom, the middle pic) with a two row-only configuration.

    The third row is NOT split; it's a solid bench.
  • I wanted to add body side moldings (code:BM) for the Toyota Highlander to reduce door dings, etc. My dealer tells me that Toyota has put an indefinite hold on installing body side moldings, either at port or at the dealerships.

    Any idea why? Has anyone been able to get body side moldings for their 2008 Highlander?
  • That's odd....I can only think that they are either (a) falling off prematurely or (b) damaging the paint prematurely. In either case I have seen two on a dealer lot in the midwest with the BM installed.
  • I have seen tem with OEM paint on Ebay
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I've seen a Highlander with the moldings. I don't know if it's just me, or if I was looking at it from the wrong angle, but they looked crooked.

    I'm torn now on whether I'd want them installed. They just don't look very good.
  • Moldings purely decorative accessories. They would only make sense if every single car on the road have exactly same height and door design. No way 1 inch wide moldings can protect a car from door dings.
  • My dealer told me this during week one of my ownership; when I returned during week three with a parts discount coupon to try to order them, the parts guy said "Indefinite hold? Hmmm...maybe on the Camrys, but my computer says I can order your moldings." So I did. We'll see when they arrive.

    We've had about 30% of the HLs in Denver with BM installed and I personally think it looks good and adds a line to the otherwise expansive, blank sheet metal of the doors.

    The supposedly OEM parts on eBay don't look correct - they seem to be missing the thinner beginning to the rear door BSM.
  • You can easily purchase body side moldings (code:BM)for the 2008 Highlander and earlier model years on the internet of the same quality as Toyota's but at half the price. Use a search engine like Google and type in "Toyota Highlander Parts". One of the best sources that will pop up is a link to a Texas Toyota dealership, where you can buy genuine Toyota products for your Highlander like oil/fuel/air filters, trim accessories, etc. And the shipping is free with no sales tax! :)
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Moldings purely decorative accessories.

    I disagree. They obviously won't catch every door (especially rear doors), but as long as the molding sticks out far enough, they'll catch some of the whacks from other people's doors.

    On the other hand, I've seen some people do two rows of moldings (not on an '08, though). That simply looks terrible.
  • 08fe08fe Posts: 9
    Been doing some research out here in the SF Bay Area and although the HL's are just coming in I hear Aug was a slow car sales month and dealers are well - dealing. This does depend on the dealer and even the salesman. I had a internet quote for a dealer that was 2K higher that when I went in and talked with a regular floor salesman directly.

    City Toyota ( in Daly City ) is offering a Limited 4x2 with Nav and just the usual other stuff for $600 over invoice. They did want to charge $ 562 for advertising and weren't willing to negotiate that. Total price was $ 3304 below MSRP or $ 1162 over invoice.

    I checked that price with another local dealer and they said they would match it but really couldn't go lower - said it was a good price.

    I've got a 92 4Runner that has 234K miles and still running fine so I'm thinking of waiting until Toyota starts offering rebates and maybe save 1K. Wondering when or if they'll do this - maybe after the hybrids start arriving?

    Consumer Reports says that the dealer holdback is $ 654 on the HL. Couldn't get the dealer to budge on this but they said they would throw in mudguards $99/60 but I'd have to install them myself!

    Still trying to decide on the 4x2 or 4x4. I only occasionally head to the mountains where I'd need the extra traction and wonder if the loss in gas mileage and added purchase price is worth it. Looks like the difference in MSRP between the 2 and 4 wheel drives is $ 1450. And if my math is correct the extra cost for fuel per year between 18/24 ( 4x2 ) or 17/23 ( 4x4 ) if driven 10K miles annually and gas price is $3. is only $ 98. Five year total cost difference $ 2K.
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