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Chrysler Sebring Convertible



  • bailey1bailey1 Posts: 6
    I have driven them both - the SLE on a 20 minute test drive and the Limited on a two day rental to see if I really even liked the whole convertible thing with putting the kids in and taking the kids out...those darned kids again! :)

    Anyway, the test with the SLE wasn't that great. I had serious trouble reading the LED on the dash with the top down (I think it's my polarized script sunglasses), the back view was down-right frightening, and then when I went to accelerate onto Central Expressway, it seemed as if the car hesitated before doing the get-up-and-go thing. It wasn't the best impression, although it was a very comfortable ride and the safety record (at least as far as the coupe goes) is practically unbeatable. I would like to give it another run, but they are ten kinds of hard to find right now to test.

    I appreciate your time in answering and if you have anything to add re: the Sebring that might make me think twice, please don't hesitate to email me.

  • You might want to go to the Toyota Camry Solara site here at and check out the comments. There have apparently been a ton of problems that Toyota may or may not have fixed in the '05 model. We never could test drive the Toyota convertible but did the sedan and we weren't impressed with the sedan at all. We did notice some neat features on the Sebring not on the Toyota. It is so easy to get in the back seat of the Sebring because of the seat belt configuration and the track the front seat is on. It is a very quiet convertible and also extremely comfortable. We love our Sebring Limited a lot -- and buying the Limited does seem to make a big difference over the Touring. The only way to tell which one you want is to test drive both. We would not hesitate to take our grandchildren for a spin in our Sebring (whereas we never would take them in our Mustang convertible).
  • cynder7cynder7 Posts: 7
    I have had problems with my car since I bought it [although enjoying it in between going to the dealership]...oil was low initially, I was told [oil low from the factory] oil leak; transmission line leak. brake problems 3x-wrote to BBB. Now my engine has seized with 42,000miles. Of course the warranty is 36,000. The dealership does not want to repair it under Powertrain warranty as they claim consumer neglect with my last oil change 12/03 [adding oil in April]. any thoughts? I've written consumer Affairs, etc. BBB [again] Attorney General and FCT yesterday.
  • kenitzerkenitzer Posts: 19
    When I was looking at various vehicles I was strongly leaning toward the Solara Conv. Then I looked at and drove the Sebring Touring Conv. and found I really liked it. I preferred the Sebring styling and comfort. For me though the deciding factor was price. Both the Sebring and the Solara started with similar MSRP, but the Solara is so rare, forget about any significant discount, not to mention rebates. I was able to get over $5000 off MSRP with discount and rebates on my 2004 Sebring Touring. Granted, the Sebring depreciates much faster, especially during the first 3-4 years. I always keep my cars at least 5 years, so I am guessing the $5000 or more in savings on "out the door cost" will more than make up for the increased depreciation when it finally is time to sell or trade.

    I have had my Sebring since late June 2004 and have been very pleased thus far. I typically get 22-24 mpg with around town commuting and I have recorded 30.5 mpg with strictly Interstate travel. I have had no issues to date with a little over 4000 miles on the clock.

    I really wanted to get an Audi A4 3.0 Conv. or a Saab 93 Conv., but with a son entering college next year, I really couldn't justify the additional $13,000-$16,000. Maybe I can move upscale when I get rid of the Sebring, and when my son and daughter have finished school. BTW, my 6'1", 230lbs football player son fits in the back seat of the Sebring just fine, thank you. It's a tough package to beat for the $$$$$.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    8 months without an oil change, it may be tough to win that one.
  • kenitzerkenitzer Posts: 19
    How many miles since last oil change? I would continue to work for a solution. I can't understand why the dealer wouldn't go to bat for you. Did you purchase it from that dealer?
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    I have also read that is is very prone to sludging, so I don't go over 3,600 miles/3.5 months between oil changes, and I get a flush every other change.
  • cynder7cynder7 Posts: 7
    A consumer Advocasy group [whom I spoke to on Friday] updated their site on this topic:

    asking Chrysler to extend the Warranty and honor the one they have now. there are many problems with this engine
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    I had this problem - the solution is a proprietary glue, not solder

    they glued mine back on and it's been fine for over a year
  • I'm considering a an 03 or 04 sebring as primary transportation. There seem to be loads of rental return LXis and Tourings out there at great prices.

    Most of the cars I've seen have a vynyl top, they don't look nearly as nice as the canvas. How do they hold up? The black appears to fade fairly quickly. Any one with experience?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The vinyl top on my Miata lasted 11 years. Even then it was the plastic windows that cracked to force me to retire it.

    I don't necessarily think vinyl is any less durable.

  • My 98 Sebring convertible has been experiencing the common low idle stumble after warm up. I suspect a faulty EGR valve. I've been trying to find a Factory Service Manual for this vehicle but have had no luck.
    Does anyone have a schematic of the 2.5 L engine or FSM they would like to sell?
  • 2 local dealers have the same basic used Sebring Convertible LX. One has 15K miles and the other has 22k miles. Both are white with the gold top & tan cloth interior. They listed for the same new. The one with 22k mile is certified 8yr80kmiles and is $465.00 more than the one with less miles. The one that is certified isn't as clean on the inside or out but is very nice. Is the certified with more miles worth the extra $465? Thanks
  • How much are you talking about total price. I just helped my daughter purchase a 2004 Sebring GTC Convertible. It has 7,600 miles, 8/80K certified for $15,800+ tax/title
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Personally? I'd definitely pay the $465 extra. Don't you also get more warranty coverage?

    The better condition alone justifies the cost, never mind the lower miles.

  • The lower mile better condition one has no warranty for $465 less. It would be $10,600 with 15K miles.

    The other one would come with 3 month/3k mile bumper to bumper. Then 8yr/80k miles on drive train items.

  • If the lower mile one is at a Chrysler dealer see if it can be certified. I believe there is a fee of $265 or so to get a car certified. If it can't be certified it may have been in an accident as one of the requirements for certification is passing a history check through that online service, is it Carfax?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's a bit odd. A carfax is probably a good idea.

  • there may be other things that drive the price up as well. I don't recall the exact specs, but brakes and tires have very strict limits - if they are worn on this vehicle they would have to be replaced (big $$ cost at a dealer). Maybe the way to go to try to keep costs down is to get a carfax (generally a good idea) and to ask them to run it back through the shop as if they were certifying it - using that recon. checklist. Look at it. Maybe the extra cost will be just the cert fee, maybe brakes, tires, etc. I'd recommend weighing weighing the total cost (fee+parts and labor) against the cost of an 8/80 powertrain warr. Whatever you do, consider all possibilities - it may be that you can get an extra warr. for the same as the total cost of the cretification.
  • Hi, I am brand new here and I am shopping for a Sebring convertible. My question is what is the differnce between LXI, LX, Touring etc. I also have a question regarding purchasing a 2004 rental versus new with the current $3000 rebate. There seems to be some pretty good deals on previously rented 2004's going for about 15-16 thousand range, with miles between 12-25000. Is it wiser to purchase slightly used or brand showroom new with the rebates? If the rentals are the better deal, I would definately get an inspection done before purchase, as I am not auto savvy by any means. Thanks to anyone who will reply.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,357
    Hi ladreamer:

    You don't have to link anywhere else to get good information. Edmunds has the best site available for checking on models, pricing, cost to own, etc.

    You can start right here: ebox..1.*

    And then come back to us in this forum for any further questions.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • Can anyone tell me how this engine has performed for them? I am looking at a 2003 with the 4 cylinder. Thanks
  • I recently purchased an 04 LXI Convertible that was a Florida rental car.

    First, get the 6 cylinder. Even with the 6, this car isn't fast. The 4 will be lethargic and fell like its working hard all the time. Look for a GTC, it's got the 6 with cloth/vynyl interior and is only a nominal price premium.

    Basically, the LXi=Touring

    Here are my thoughts. A new 04 Touring will cost an aggressive negotiator $22,000 to $23,000 net of all the rebates. A rental return with 15k to 20k miles will run the same buyer $16k to $18k. That's a pretty compelling savings.

    The interiors looked nearly new in 20 or so rental returns I looked at. As dealer resales, the exteriors are in good shape though there are a few nicks and dings as you would expect.

    One knock on the Rentals is that they all seem to come with the Vynyl roof which, IMO isn't nearly as nice as cloth.
  • I have a 96 convertible with a turn signal problem. The rear turn signals work intermitantly (sp?). I have replaced the bulbs but still have problem. I like to try simple repairs myself although am not that skilled at electrical issues. I also like to have an idea what the problem is before I take it to repair shop to avoid random replacement of whole units. Any ideas will be appreciated.

    General background, I bought the car used at 64,000 mi. Drove it until 95,000 mi. Replaced timing belt, water pump and shop found several correded parts that needed to be replaced at additional cost. Teenage daughter now drives the car and loves it, but of course I want to fix the turn signals.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Try replacing the turn signal relay. A cheap and easy thing to replace. Other possibilities are a bad switch or poor ground. But the relay is the most likely culprit when an intermitent failure is occuring.
  • Has anyone notice/wondered why the bumper looks 2 different colors on most if not all of the 01-04 Sebring Convertibles. There is a dividing line and each half appears to have a a different color. The different colors revers if you move from side to side, or straight from the back. Doesn't make sense that they allow the lighting addect the look. Am I crazy?
  • ausjamausjam Posts: 1
    Yeah, I bought a 2004 Touring model that was a rental in Florida too. The car had 13,332 miles when I purchased in September, and I paid $18,200 for it. So far, I am enjoying the car, but I've noticed that sometimes, not always, when the car idles at a stop light, it sounds like it wants to stall. Has this ever happened to you?
  • Is it a good idea to treat the canvas top with a sprayable water repllent such as Scotch Gard? This being my first convertible, I am not sure whether any additional care is required for the top.
  • I'm negotiating with a dealer for a Sebring. I just love the's the gray blue with a black cloth top. The exterior seems to be in excellent condition. I haven't really seen the interior yet. The asking price is $13,994 and I am offering them $13,000 and asking them to pay the balance of my loan on my 2002 Mustang GT at $17,800. My car has 29,000 miles on it and the Sebring has 38,000. The dealer only wants to give me $14,500 for my car which is highway robbery. Any negotiation suggestions? I live in Colorado and winter's coming so a convertible will be harder to sell. I'm meeting with the salesman on Thursday. Thanks.
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