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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mdm309mdm309 Posts: 20
    I am looking to buy a new TL (6 speed with navigation) before the end of August (hopefully on the last day or 2 of the month). My best quote at this point is $30,950 (includes destination) from Open Road Acura in East Brunswick. When you ask them the "out-the-door" price, they say that I must pay an additional $354 for motor vehicle/registration fees, and $298 for documentation fees. Basically the out-the-door price is right at $31,600. I have heard rumors that they (open road and many other dealers) will tack on even more fees when I enter the finance office. Supposedly they charge "lending/finance fees" as well as "manufacturer's fees"? Has everyone else been paying these types of fees or is this a bunch of B.S. and I should avoid such dealers? I don't want to go in there next week and all of a sudden the $31,600 turns into $32,100 because there are $500 in additional fees that i was not told about.

    Also, as an aside, I have been geting quotes from MANY dealers all over the NJ/PA area. Has anyone here had any good/bad experiences with one of the following and would be willing to share? Montgomeryville, Davis, Montclair, Bridgewater, Ocean, Open Road, Springfield??? Thanks for your help!
  • kennyg8,
    I got quotes from a number of NJ dealers, DCH, Open Road in Wayne and Ramsey and all gave quotes below $32k before TTL. From what a NY dealer told me, NJ dealers are free to charge what they want for Motor Vehicle fees. Not sure how true this is but just in case, I have been asking dealers for an out the door price which includes all taxes (8.375% here in NY) and inclusive of all fees (dealer, motor vehicles). All the NJ dealers would be $34.7k or less out the door. Ramsey gave me the best quote so far but they have very limited colors.

    Curry didn't want to provide me with an email quote but said they would take care of me if I go to their dealership, implying they are willing to meet or match my best quotes.

    Visited Paragon recently as they were unwilling to provide a quote over the phone or via email. When I got there, I showed them my best out the door price so far and while they will haggle with you, I believe they would be willing to match the price. At first they gave me an out the door quote which was a $1,000 above what I showed them and said they could do no better unless I was willing to leave a $500 deposit that day. Although more hassle than dealing with internet managers, it was not unexpected.
    The salesman brought the "assistant sales manager" out to see me and he mentioned he had over 100-150 cars in inventory as they don't turn off their inventory allocation early like other dealers who typically may have 25-50 TL's in stock. The assistant sales manager also refused to give me a firm quote and instead gave me a wide range. Despite the shenanigans played at Paragon, I sensed they were willing to deal, so I may pay them a visit again.

    Valley Stream, like all other LI dealers seem to state that their dealer cost is $31,819 including the $1,000 incentive and are willing to to sell for a slight margin above that. Got them to give me a quote for a shade under $32k but only if I take possession of the car by the end of the month and only dealer stock.

    Apologies for the long post, hope you find the info useful. Post back if you have more news to report.
  • djpkdjpk Posts: 12

    Does this price is Out The Door price? I spoke to a guy from pohanko about a month ago. I got a quote way over 30,950.

  • mkahn21mkahn21 Posts: 11
    Just drove home our new black/ebony TL/auto/nav from Sussman in Jenkintown:

    Car: $31,300 (matched Internet quotes from other area dealers)
    Tags/docs: $123.50
    Minus trade (ended up with a fair deal after some back-and-forth last week), plus tax, out the door.

    The registration computer was down and they were backed up with manually processing customers, so the salesman gave my wife and me the keys to the new ride and a dealer plate, and told us to go to the Willow Grove Mall for lunch and come back in an hour. I left him all the trade-in document/insurance/registration info and our pre-filled-out checks (so they couldn't pull any shenanigans after the deal was negotiated).

    When we returned, all the paperwork was done and all we had to do was sign everything. He didn't even send us through F&I.

    I am an extremely happy camper. :shades: Would recommend the dealership and the salesperson to anyone.
  • mdm309mdm309 Posts: 20

    congrats. i am about to purchase mine tomorrow about 30 mins north of there (montgomerville) same exact deal!!! $31,300 plus about $150 in fees. afer emailing over 10 dealers in the area, i feel the most comfortable with them. plus they have the best price and my color choice in stock. $31,300 plus about $150 in fees. (6 speed with nav). this is the out-the-door price that i was quoted so hopefully that is what shows up on my final bill. some of the NJ dealers that i have been dealing with want over $500 in fees!!!! enjoy your new car.
  • Sounds like a great deal. My co-worker and I in Mass are looking to make a purchase by 8/31. Going forward, can people please specify if they took the $1000 from Acura or the financing.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    gonein60, thanks for the detailed update. Looks like most dealers in NYC and LI are willing to go no lower than 32k or a shade under. NJ and PA dealers appear to give greater discounts, which, to me, look a bit too good (to be true), unless they are willing to also give up a portion of their holdback.

    I am not looking for the lowest price ... just something that doesn't make me look like I have been gouged. The dealers should make a reasonable, but not a big, profit. Based on the quotes, looks like something around 32k is reasonable around here, unless you are willing to wait when the new model year cars are out, but at that point, color choices will be limited.

    Good luck and let us know when you get your new ride.
  • boilboil Posts: 3
    Please anyone let me know your buying price before tax and your finance APR....

    I live in Southern California, so far I read on this forum the lowest is aroun 30,800... but noone said what APR do they got...

    The dealership is being ambigious regarding their APR and lowest price.. they were saying that I have to pay $1000 fee into their lowest-quoted price to get the 4.9% APR...

    My Credit is around 695 with good income... if I don't take the special APR.. what APR would I be getting ... I'll appreciate it if anyone can share their buying price and APR

    thanks.. you guys are great.. this forum is AWESOME
  • jms8090jms8090 Posts: 29
    Yeah, Open Road was kind enought to give me a low-ball offer from their internet mgr. only to stonewall me with no response when I asked for clarification on "fees". It seems that the "doc" fee of $298 is standard practice there. All in all, I guess that it's what you pay OTD, not what all the BS fees are. However, I have a problem with the low-ball quote that was given. They say $30,775 for TL NAV. I'm not sure that includes destination!
  • bqlibqli Posts: 7
    Hi, Congrats for your new car, i am planning to buy too, one question about your $31300, is this PRE-TAX? or after tax? I read some post saying they quote $30950 + tax +title etc.
    I am living 20 mile from there and 15 miles from Montgomery Acura.
  • chaz87chaz87 Posts: 11

    If you search this site you will find that most folks in Houston have received the best deal from Sterling McCall Acura, myself included. I would not even waste my time with Gillman because they seem the most reluctant to bargain. I purchased my Acura in mid July at $500 below invoice and 4.9% financing. The internet manager at Sterling McCall told me that the 07 TL would start showing up on their lot in September. I would push for another $500 reduction in price for two reasons. First, as of today, Sterling McCall still has 98 Acura TL's on their lot to move in the next 30 days. Second, once the 07 hits the lots, the 06 model you purchase has already lost a year of value.

    Sterling McCall gave me a very fair price on my trade-in. The other three dealers in Houston were not willing to touch Sterling McCall's offer. Even John Eagle (who claims they will beat anybodys price) would not match.

    Good luck and enjoy your TL.
  • mkahn21mkahn21 Posts: 11
    It's pretax. I saw the $30,950 posts too, but a little late. Still, I feel I did well. Edmunds TMV is ~$34,150, and I almost jumped at the first e-mail offer I received of $32,875. Glad I didn't.
  • The insta-quote on Open Road's website does not factor in destination, so you would add $615 to that. It says so in the fine print.
  • jms8090jms8090 Posts: 29
    Actually, I did not get an insta-quote. The reply came from the internet mgr. directly. I still have it. Here's what it looks like:

    Notice the fine print: there is no mention of Destination. There is only a vague mention of "fees", which I understand are at least $298 for docs. Not sure what else they are hiding in there.

    Here is the new pricing for the 2006 Acura TL's!! These prices are TOO GOOD TO REFUSE, and in fact these prices are the BEST they've ever been!!

    2006 Acura TL (automatic) - 28,995

    2006 Acura TL with Navigation (automatic) - 30,775

    2006 Acura TL (manual) - 28,995

    2006 Acura TL with Navigation (manual) - 30,775

    Please call or e-mail me ASAP to schedule an appointment to come in and take delivery of your new Acura, as these prices will ONLY last til the end of August!! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks and have a great day!

    Name omitted

    Internet Sales

    Open Road Acura of East Brunswick

    Phone omitted


    Unless otherwise stated, all pricing excludes accessories, tax, dmv, and fees. Pricing valid until date shown on in-stock or in-transit vehicles only. Extensions on date or to locate units at management discretion. Not responsible for typographical errors. Contact me for further information.

    Please do not remove your Customer Number[omitted] when you reply to this email.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    My understanding is that the last 5 digits of the VIN represents a sequential production number. This means the bigger the number, the latter the production date. Is that correct?

    I am going to buy a new 06 TL, and it has a VIN with the last 5 digits being 26xxx. Does this mean it is an ealier production? I notice some of the new owners have much higher numbers, like 54xxx. Should I care about a new car with an earlier production date? How many TLs have Acura sold/produced in 06?

    Does anyone have better info on this issue? Thanks.
  • moopymoopy Posts: 17
    The last 6 numbers of the vin are the sequential numbers. If you want to know what month the car was manufactured, open the drivers door and find the plaque on the door post. The plaque will have the month and year of manufacture in addition to the vin. Happy motoring.
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19
    As noted on a prior email by another would be extremely helpful if when quoting prices you guys could specify whether or not Acura financing was used or you applied the 1K credit to the price you are telling us about...Im assuming based on other posts the 30,775 TL/auto/nav is WITHOUT ACURA FINANCING & reflects the 1000 cash rebate in the price, TRUE?

    Thank you so much......close to purchasing on Long Island....suprised I have not seen mention of Hillside Acura in Bayshore they seem willing to negotiate as well

    Thanks again
  • jms8090jms8090 Posts: 29
    I am out for a lease rather than a purchase. I am assuming that the 1k is included in these numbers. I do not know if the special financing is available as again, I am after a lease. My guess: No, it wouldn't be. If you're close to buying on LI, please let us know the deal you got, as I live out here too. I am waiting for the Sept. 5th incentives as I would guess that Acura may sweeten the pot to get rid of the large inventory of cars on lots. Perhaps they will give some sort of better money factor through AHFC or more factory to dealer incentive. Good Luck.
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19
    Im looking to buy w the Acura financing so I will probably wait till 9/5 as well I see a ton of '06 TL out there so I am thinking the pot will get sweeter too. A little bit of a gamble but i think it will pay off.

    It seems BUYERS the best # out there for auto w NAV is $31,800( including dest)+TTL ( if you tak the financing).....IF anyone has done better taking the audi financing please let us know.....

    I will keep you updated on my progress & experct to make a purchase before the end of SEPTEMBER
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19
    I meant ACURA financing not AUDI :P :blush:
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19 that 31,300 with Acura financing? seems the best # I have seen out there is 31,800 taking the financing or 30,800 finding your own financing.

    Thanks for clairfying
  • mkahn21mkahn21 Posts: 11
    That's without Acura financing -- I went through my credit union. I didn't know about the $1K at the time, was just looking for a good bottom-line price.

    Ultimately I received quotes of $31,300, $31,400, $31,800, and $32,875 on a TL w/navi, all in the Philly suburbs, all with my own financing, all including destination.
  • Where are you finding the 31,800 plus TTL price? I'm negotiating right now with several dealers in NJ and PA. I've been able to get to $31,966 using the financing (not taking the 1K). What dealer is offering the $31,800? I assume that price is using the fiancing also or would be $30,800 if you took the 1K?
  • Can anyone who has purchased in NJ give us an idea of what they paid over the actual car price? What were the breakdwons for TTL? I'm concerned that the good prices we are getting on the car itself will be somehow whittled down once the TTL costs are added. Any experience here would be most helpful.

    Also, I'm being told the the 1K vs. special APR will all disappear Sept. 1. Do you guys think we'll be able to get same/better deals in September?
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19

    if you make your way through this thread thats the best # I noticed, I personally have not gotten that # but hope to use it as a negotiating point
  • Hi guys, I'm new to this thread. I just agreed to a price with my local dealer for an '06 TL 6-speed w/NAV and rear lip-spoiler for about $33,300 +TTL. AM I PAYING WAY TOO MUCH??? I am only 23 and a first time car buyer, and I think they are trying to take advantage of me.

    Is there any information out there that could help me negotiate a lower price? I have been reading about a $1,000 cash back offer. Is this offer only for specific areas of the U.S. or all over? I am in the Houston area.

    I am going tomorrow afternoon to finalize the deal, and I would like something I can use to lower my price even more. Any advice will help! Thanks all.
  • ae9ae9 Posts: 19

    read through this thread in its entirty it seems you should be around 32K if you take the acura financing( 2.9 or 4.9) & 31K if you do not ( thus the 1K incentive).

    Im not sure about the spoiler costs, that will add a few busck, but from what I have read seems you can do better & I specifically recall reading a few posts from guys in the houston area w specifics dealerships noted.

    hope that helps
  • What do you guys think of $33,200 OTD in NJ? NJ has 7% sales tax, so about $2,200 of this price is tax alone. Figure about $400 for title and registration...that leavesa price of $30,600 for the car (including destination). This would not include the protection package. Do you think I could get lower? I have not receied this offer from a dealer yet, but I have one that I think might go for it.
  • mdm309mdm309 Posts: 20
    Hi Mscott,

    That would be apprx. $31,025 for the car with all fees included. I don't know how realistic this is but I do hope it's possible. I have been researching for quite a while now in the NJ and PA area and the best price I came up with was $31,496 (aka $471 higher than your goal). If you are able to pull this off, please let me know because I am about to pay $31,500 on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I am looking at the 6 speeds (which are in shorter supply) so it somewhat limits my negotiating power. I am guessing that I can get this price down a little more considering that I plan on buying on the last day of the month :) Anyone have any suggestions of how much I should offer when I walk into the dealership at 8 pm on August 31???? How much do you think they will budge? I honestly have no clue. $250??? Is that a fair guess???
  • mdm309mdm309 Posts: 20
    What dealership are you looking at? I have been in contact with basically every single one in NJ. Maybe we can help each other out.
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