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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lsonglsong Posts: 5
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I purchased this car for $31,700 OTD (includes Tax, Tag, and Title). The price before all that was 29,500. They even gave me the special 2.9%/4.9% financing. I had to call a bunch of places that would give both deals, since they all claimed Acura corp had their hands tied. One said that a Halloween special was coming up that would allow them to do the deal. They post dated the contract and I got my car an hour later. Best experience ever!
  • Hello everyone. I live in AZ and I just bought a 2006 Acura TL with Navigation. The price was $32,300 + TTL. I had to drive 1.5 hours to the dealer so I asked them if they would throw in the small spoiler for free. They did but they charged me $118 in labor costs. I put 0 down and no trade in. Do you think $32.3k was a good deal? I'm very happy with the car. It's anthracite/ebony. Good luck all.
  • Know any of the specifics of the upcoming Halloween special?

    I wonder if it's like last year's end of October 3.9% on '05 and '06 models. Hopefully it will be an incentive applied to both '06 and '07 models.

  • lsonglsong Posts: 5
    Sorry, don't really know any of the specifics. I was just mainly concerned about getting my price with the special financing. I'm not sure if the promotion impacts the '07 models. They salesguy said it starts Oct 25th, so I would maybe call a dealership up on Wed.
  • Based on recent deals on the '06 TL/Navi, you could have done better, but if you're happy with the vehicle, it's all good. We're very close ourselves to pulling the trigger on a '07 TL Base w/navi. We'll be trying for a little under $34.5.
  • SF Bay area here. Just bought 2006 TL with Navi. Black/Quartz with the protection package for 30453 +tax + lic. (That's out the door of 33,311.98. Faxed 16 Nor-cal dealers. Received 8 quotes between 30453 and 31515.

    The lots are loaded with them. Sacramento alone had 105 TLs on their lot last Monday.

    I bought at Marin Acura. Great experience.
  • In AZ- did you get a written quote for $34.5 for the 07 w/navi?
  • hey i just wanna get an idea weather i am getting the right deal or not...i am trading off my 05 scion tc with 06 black TL/navi for 31000 it a good deal?..there 13050 payoff on my TC..the delear was ready to give me a silver with back interior for 30,600 it a good deal...he is demanding $400 extra for it a good deal i am making..can you guys help me....
  • hey i just wanna get an idea weather i am getting the right deal or not...i am trading off my 05 scion tc with 06 black TL/navi for 31000 it a good deal?..there 13050 payoff on my TC..the delear was ready to give me a silver with back interior for 30,600 it a good deal...he is demanding $400 extra for it a good deal i am making..can you guys help me....
  • jack01jack01 Posts: 14
    Don't know where you are, but it doesn't seem to be a good deal. In NJ the lowest price I got for a 06 TL/Navi is 30,695 (including destination charge) plus TTL for any color combination. If that NJ dealer doesn’t have the exact car on the lot he will usually find one for you without additional charge. So out of door price is a little bit over 33K. Based on that price your 05 Scion TC only get a little bit over 2K on trade in, unless your dealer payoff the 13,050 for your TC, then it could be a very good deal. By the way, charging $400 extra for black doesn’t sound right.
  • Thanks for the reply..i am in DC area..the reason what he said for charging that $400 extra is to get the car shipped from other dealer since he dosen't have any black's left how much do you think i can get the deal for? how much should i get for my tc? is 30650 OTD for TL is ok or should i ask him for less then that..please advice
  • jack01jack01 Posts: 14
    If dealer needs to get a car from somewhere out of your area probably he don’t want to waive that $400, but it is hard to believe that they can’t find a black TL nearby.

    I am not familiar with DC surcharge like tax, doc fee, DMV fee, etc. But in general you shouldn’t pay much more than 33K OTD for any TL/Navi in your area without trade-in. I don’t know how to calculate your trade-in neither, but usually people negotiates a good price first on the TL (it seems that Maryland dealers offer better price than VA dealers), then try to get the best value on the trade-in (maybe 0.5K-2K less than blue book trade-in value, depends on which car). Hopefully that can help you to figure out.
  • Jack - I'm ready to pull the trigger on a 06 TL with Navi. I'm in Central NJ. Where can I get that $30,698 (incl dest)deal in NJ? Two weeks ago the best quote I had was $31,200 (incl dest, plus Ipod link) before TTL. LMK - thanks
  • jack01jack01 Posts: 14
    Hi, speedwgn1

    Try Open Road Acura of Wayne. The price doesn't include Ipod link. If you want a decent ipod player for the TLs, try the harmon kardon drive and play. Good Luck!
  • Buying cars in recent years, I've had more luck getting dealer quotes in writing than I seem to be having now- do others have this problem? I realize the dealers would like to avoid being pitted against one another but hey, they gave us this stupid car-buying system where we have to engage in this exhausting dance with them.
  • Hi EH,

    I bought an 06 TL 6MT with Nav for $32,000 +TTL in Peoria, AZ on 7/31/06. I also had a hard time getting a dealer in AZ to match the offers I was seeing on this board. I did get better offers from a dealership in CA and one in TX but the hastle of going so far made me just buy it here. Based on the 07's being out now, you may have gotten a better deal, but I think it's still good and I would just enjoy the car. I have over 5k on mine already and have enjoyed every one immensely. :shades:
  • header1,

    I too am thinking about getting a 2006 Acura in Washington State. I was thinking Hinshaw would be a good location to negotiate rather than the busier cities like the Bellevue or Tukwila dealers. But after your experience I'm starting to think maybe the prices in the NW region just won't budge.

    I am not a costco member but I'd be interested to find out if its cheaper that way.
  • No. I didn't get any quotes on the 07's.
  • bs0bs0 Posts: 27
    well, it's 10/25 - have not seen/heard of any great October deals - anyone seen anything?
  • One dealer in NJ offered $500 off the list price on an 07 TL w/nav. I'm holding off til next spring when the ice melts on these frozen 07 TL prices.
  • The ice will probably melt before then. When '06 inventory is gone/almost gone and '07 inventory builds up (don't forget about the new G35 as well), things will heat up at your local dealer. *

    *if you live in an competitive area
  • header1, what was the name of the guy you dealt with, so I can be sure to steer clear of him? I'm looking to eventually buy an '07 base w/NAV but I'm afraid with the lack of dealers up here we may get screwed. :(
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Sorry! New to the forums... I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just received a quote for an Acura TL with Navigation for $33,700 OTD (Texas). Is this a good price at this time of the year? I was thinking about haggling down to $33k, but is that a low ball offer?

    Thanks for your help.
  • that an 06 or 07 model?
  • Thanks for the reply....

    It is a New 2006 model, 6-speed MT.

    Price includes TTL.
  • do you know what the price is before TTL? its hard to say whether its good or not, because I do not know what taxes there are in texas (i live in california). So we could have differences there. But as you can see in earlier posts, people are getting 06 with Nav for below 30,500....check post #6979 and 6985...I usually add about 2500 to prepare for TTL, so that'd be 33,000 approxiametly. I'd say try to get the guy to go down as close to 30,500 as possible before TTL then that should bring you to 33,000 or below :)
  • First off I'd like to thank posters on this board for all the great info. I put a deposit down for an 06 w/NAV last night in the baltimore area for 30,500 +TTL. Might have been able to do a little better but I didn't feel like going twelve rounds over a couple hundred bucks. I think its a steal as is. Don't want to jump the gun yet as I have not yet driven the car off the lot but so far I have had a very good experience. Can't wait to pick it up!
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