SUV Conundrum

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We currently have a 2003 7.3L diesel Excursion.  It's huge, great on the rocky deer lease and loves the highway.  I did a high quality suspension job on the truck to improve ride and stability.
The problem is the truck is becoming unreliable for cross-country travels.  With 3 teens I need something reliable on road trips.
id love another diesel SUV but they are all too small.
wife would like to downsize one step to a Tahoe or Sequoia.I also need to haul a flatbed at times.
I'm turned off by the poor gas mileage of the Armada & Sequoia.
Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    How much weight would you be towing with that flatbed? The new Tahoe is a pretty nice vehicle. Drives like a dream---I rented one recently.

    I would suggest, that if your need for heavy towing is only 5% of the time, then I'd pick something that works for 95% of the time and rent a truck for that 5%.
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    Mr. Shiftright, I actually said flatbed to give an idea of the weight.  We have a 5x12 utility trailer with high sides that I load with firewood a couple times a year.  The wood comes out to about 3/4 of a cord.  I've never weighed the trailer full of wood but I'm guessing 3-4 thousand pounds when fully loaded.  I need 4x4 for the deer lease and the wood is located off road.  
    Mae also pull two cross country trips a year in the mountains.
    a heavy duty suspension and 4x4 is a must.
    Thanks for your reply!
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