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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Dealers wifes car/demo. Blizzard Pearl. 3700 miles. Optioned like the one above. List $37,700. Sell for $34,900 firm. Why, these suckers are just popping out of the woodwork everywhere. :-)
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Thanks dreasdad. Have placed an order for my new '06 XLS. Found that none of the line items were negotiable at this early stage of the launch of the new model. Simply went for the best discount off MSRP. Chose to deal with dealer near home......felt that was important.

  • andy1993andy1993 Posts: 26
    i have avalon xls, with leather, heated seatings, in an excellent condition, black with wide tires. It has 40k miles. How much I expect on trade in for lexus es330.

  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "a discount of $6,159"

    Just got back from the dealer. Boy, what a relief. The car was sold just before we got there. This time we looked at it as a buyer and my gauge read 8/32" left on the tires. My 03 has about 11/32, so it had been driven. It also had light hail dents all over it which hadn't been mentioned, but readily acknowledged when we pointed it out. Quite frankly, when I saw it, the styling left me cold, as did the Maxima. I do love the driving dynamics though. I guess that's why I feel relief. I'll bide my time for a year or so and wait for lease returns in the low 20's. Then it will look much better. Who knows, maybe an Infiniti M45 will show up before then. The tests rave about them. We'll see.
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    First, want to confirm that '06 models now offer color matched mud guards in lieu of black. Next, does the average guy buy the guards for appearance or utility purposes? Toyota, dealer or aftermarket installation. Comments, please. Thanks a lot.

  • garry4garry4 Posts: 11
    I just bought at 2006 XLS and the mudguards were color matched. I like mudguards because of the protection it provides and the appearance.
  • Last Thursday I bought a 2005 Avalon Limited with NAV, VSC, Laser Cruise Control, Remote Engine Start and Wheel Locks. The car is phantom gray with a gray interior, and it had just 19 miles on it when I picked it up on Friday.

    Thanks to the many suggestions in this forum, I feet good about the price negotiation process for the first time that I can remember when buying a car. Once I finished my research, including two test drives, and had gotten pre-approved, I contacted the Internet Sales departments at 5 dealerships asking about a Limited with NAV and VSC in a dark color. The first response I got was from Ira Toyota in the Boston area, offering 1000 over invoice. I wrote back to Ira asking for the invoice amount and was promptly replied with a figure of $33,674. I also got one other email response, and I phoned the dealership where I had taken the test drives. At one of these dealerships, the offer was for $34,000 for Limited with just NAV and VSC and at the other it was $35,500.

    I called the Ira salesperson, but it was her day off. Instead I spoke to her sales manager, and asked if they would sell me the car for $34,000. The salesman asked if he could call me back, and he did within 10 minutes, agreeing on the price. He told me who to speak to at the dealership in Tewksbury, MA where the vehicle was located.

    I drove to the dealership, and was transferred to a salesperson who gave me a test drive in the car. There was no haggling about the price, but there was on the trade-in. I was quite disappointed in the trade-in offer, as my research suggested my car was worth a good bit more. However, when I adjusted the low trade-in amount ($1500 when I had expected somewhere between $2600-3800) with the fact that I was paying almost $4000 under MSRP and just $326 over invoice, and that this car had more options that were attractive to me (although not really necessary) than an identically priced car without them, and that it was in stock, I decided to take the deal. (By the way, this dealership has one $!95 add-on fee and I spent $1700 for a 100,000 mile extended warranty-with all of the electrical equipment on this car, I thought that was essential.)

    I picked the car up on Friday, have put about 200 miles on it already in 2 days, and absolutely love it. The navigation system is phenomenal, and my wife and I are having a great time getting used to not fumbling for the keys! The ride is very smooth and quiet.

    So, did I do OK? :D
  • >>I spent $1700 for a 100,000 mile extended warranty-with all of the electrical equipment on this car, I thought that was essential

    Since you are in the Mass. area, you should try to contact the Toyota dealer in Greenfield, MA. I remember he was offering the 100K platinum warranty, under 1K. I believe you have 30 days after you buy your car to purchase the warranty so I believe you have time.

  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    Why purchase at a premium price a vehicle noted for its dependability and then pay extra for an extended warranty? Isn't that a waste of money and a lack of faith in the dependability of Toyota?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    You might as well looks at domestics like a 300C if you're planning to pay $1700 on a extra warranty.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "Why purchase at a premium price a vehicle noted for its dependability and then pay extra for an extended warranty? Isn't that a waste of money and a lack of faith in the dependability of Toyota?

    Not to mention how much fixin $1700 will pay for IF it is required. If not, draw interest on it and it will reduce the hit on your next car.
  • I appreciate this feedback about the extended warranty. Due to some really bad (and very expensive) experiences in the past, the peace of mind the extended warranty provides is worth the cost, at least for me. Therefore, purchasing it was a given going in and I factored that into the total amount I planned to pay for the car. I would have purchased it with any vehicle. For me it's not a lack of faith in Toyota, although I must admit that this is the first Toyota I've purchased. In addition, my driving habits are to keep the car for the full 100,000 miles (or more), which increases the likelihood that I'll put it too use. I guess I look at it as a type of "mechanical health insurance"-I'd love to never have to use it, but it's really nice to have if something happens.
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    The other day I ordered a 06 limited, $2000 under MSRP. I think this is going to be the best deal I will get in MD. ANyway the salesman says he will put my order in this week and wait to see if Toyota accepts it. I ordered the Nav., Remote Start, VSC and preferred package(carpets), this was the same set up of a car I test drove at another dealer a day before.

    I think they are going to call me and say Toyota won't except that package for whatever reason. They will say if you add XYZ it will go through. That way they can squeeze more $$$ out of me. I understand Toyota builds cars with packages that sell well. But when you order it and put a down payment on it what else could it be but the dealer trying to get more cash.

    I told them if they don't except it I will e in for my deposit and then I'll head over to another dealer that will do a DX for the car I want. I bet get the same deal when they see the purchase order I had with dealer nnumber 1.

    So what do you think...I think scam.
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    I'm finally in the process of buying the car.I just got a quote for an 06 XL.I want to know if its a good deal or if I could do better.
    This is what I got/
    "The total "out the door" price for the 2006 Avalon
    XL in white with am/fm/cassette/6 disc in dash
    changer, power moonroof, floor/cargo mat set that is
    priced at $26,906 is $29,315.45."
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    I think if you are going in to this deal with this kind of attitude you will never be happy with any thing they tell you. If dealer 1 says you you have to get laser cruise in order to get the other options dealer 2 will tell you same thing. You will just end up getting the car 2 weeks later than if you had stayed with dealer 1.If I get people that don't trust me I always think it is better to let them buy some place else rather than sell a car to some one that I know will not be happy with anything.
    Think a little more positive and things will tun out alright. Good luck
  • chode96chode96 Posts: 8
    I am interested in purchasing a 05 or 06 XLS. Anyone get a good price in the North Texas, South Oklahoma area? If so where did you get it?
  • vkeslervkesler Posts: 2
    I just paid full sticker for my 06 LTD with traction control and laser cruise control as only options = $35,800. The Placerville, CA dealer does not have a dealer pack and there are no negotiations on the sticker price. Negotiated on the trade-in of my 2001 Buick Park Ave with 85K. I could have sold the Buick myself and maybe made $1500 more than the trade-in, but I've done that in the past and never felt like I did that well selling the older car myself...age 69 male.
    The car I wanted was enroute when I wanted to buy, so I waited about 4 days for deIivery.
    I love the air cooled seats, the laser cruise, the acceleration of this model, and the overall feel of the ride.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    That sounds like a good price. I am also interested in the 2006 Avalon XL in white with am/fm... and the alarm system, and the floor/cargo mat set. (I think the MSRP is around $27,900).

    Are you in CA?
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    So I guess that was a pretty good price.
    I live in Utah but the dealer that gave me that price was in CA.
  • andy1993andy1993 Posts: 26
    I am offered an avalon, LTD 2006 with navigation package, laser cruise control, xm radio, vsc with traction control for $1000 above the invoice. Dealer fee is 99 dollars.
    I live in ne alabama.

    Is this a good deal ?
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31
    andy1993 ,

    thats a very good deal. i would suggest you to take it right away.but, be carfeul with MSRP from the car's sticker and MSRP from edmunds. both of them differ. do your homework.

    please post the final price that you paid
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
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  • klimaklima Posts: 1
    Where did you get an 06 for $2000 under? Great price!
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    No sir, I don't think I have the wrong attitude at least I did not wish to portray that. I was just suspicious about the way he slid that in after I put a deposit down. It seemed as if he was backing out of the deal we had negociated. Still waiting for them to call back, hopefully today with a good news.
  • gspgsp Posts: 5
    Over the weekend I received two qoutes taking $3500 off the MSRP for a new 2005 Toyota Avalon Touring.
    The following options were included:

    Cargo Net

    Total MSRP 31,417
    Less discount -3,500
    Total Price $27,917 (before taxes, tags and other misc dealers fees)
    Choice of colors Blue or Silver....

    Is this a good price for a new 05 touring???

    Please advise
  • lazarouslazarous Posts: 28
    Anyone happens to know the price for a set of floor and trunck mats for Avalon?Thanks
  • fareastfareast Posts: 6
    What was total paid for your avalon and what options were on it. I am in Fayetteville area and looking to get an avalon. thank for info.
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40 has 4 pc factory sets in all 4 color choices for $92 and the trunk carpet (both one for cars with NAV & one for those without NAV for $57.75. These are shown as 2005 model but would be unchanged for 06. They also have them for prior year models. Even with shipping this is less than the $199 when ordered as an option with the car and they are the same factory mats. Likely are other places also but this is what I am familiar with. I ordered several items through this site & it was done very professionally. It is actually the online business of a Houston TX Toyota dealership.
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    Can I ask you what area you live in??
  • Hi.

    I got my toyota all-weather mats from

    I was very happy with the transaction and the product once it arrived.

    For the products you're looking for:

    Floor Mats, Carpet $91.54US
    Cargo Mat $58.19US

    As always, make sure you compare prices, "out the door". In this case, including shipping :)

    By the way if you are think of cargo mat, I would consider one from ... Here is the direct link to the Avalon version of their Cargo liner. They are a little more expensive. But I find that they keep the trunk a lot neater and is easier to clean.

  • gspgsp Posts: 5
    NJ/NY area. Is this a good deal???
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    I live in UT/NV area and the best I can find is $2000 off MSRP so I think that's a great price.
  • I just bought a 2006 Limited. The dealer started with MSRP but I told him I start from the bottom and asked how much over invoice. I ended up paying $1200 over invoice. Another dealer offered $800 over invoice, but they didn't have any '06's yet and nothing in the color I wanted. I'm in CA.
  • I would have to say its a good deal. I just purchased a 2006 Touring with Moon Roof the standard audio system the 5 piece carpets with cargo net heated seats and the vsc for $29,100 before taxes with a MSRP $31,814 wish I could have found a 2005 like the one I bought. I think I got a good deal for mine. My color was Phantom Gray.
  • No Discounts from MSRP please.
    What are sales going for ABOVE INVOICE at the moment..
    Regional info would be helpful. IE Boston=Invoice+$1000.
    If invoice includes some "interesting" charges, please include.
  • I paid $1200 over invoice in Roseville, CA (just north of Sacramento) for an '06 Limited. Had an offer in Modesto for $800 over invoice, but they couldn't get the color I wanted in an '06 (Indigo Ink Pearl with Graphite interior). It was worth the extra $400 to get exactly what I wanted. My Avy has navigation system, laser cruise control and vehicle stability. I love it!
  • But MSRP is the only constant from state to state. invoice mean different things to different people as some think holdback and TDA charges should not be included in the invoice but they are. Discount from MSRP is more of a true measure than how much over invoice
  • I agree the best information is how much over invoice. Invoice seems to be pretty standard. If you go down from MSRP it can depend on options if it very much of a discount, but up from invoice isn't affected by options. I consider invoice before holdback, just what is actually shown on the invoice.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,452
    Dealing from Invoice or MSRP makes no difference. The final transaction price is all that matters. Here is a "deal" from Boston area largest Toyota dealer for a 2005 Limited:

    My offer.....................$30,000
    Dealer counter offer....$32,332

    Sales manager called to say he can lower that price substantially but I was not willing to pay more than $30K for a 2005. Since I am in no hurry I will wait until I test drive the new Hyundai Azera, due out next month.
  • Hello, looking for opinions on what I should pay for a 2005 Limited/Nav/VSC which is in use at my local dealership as a Service Loaner. They call it a "Trac Car". I think it is on loan from Toyota and the dealer pays for it after a certain amount of time or mileage. It says "Toyota Fleet Vehicle" on the windsheild. I am told they are getting ready to sell it and I've looked it over and its pretty clean in/out. Not perfect, but pretty close. Didn't see the exact mileage but I'm told its under 5K. What I like about this car is the Light Grey interior vs only Graphite being available in the Northeast. The MSRP was approx 35,800 so what opinions out there on what its worth now that 2006's are available... Thanks.
  • gs3gs3 Posts: 11
    if you don't mine sharing the info.
    how much did they quote you the invoice price and the options included with the vehicle?
    thanks :)
  • I was quoted $33,623 invoice price which included navigation system, laser cruise control, vehicle stabilization, and floor mats (front, rear and truck mat). I paid $1,200 over invoice, so price was $34,823 plus tax and license.
  • Thanks to the forum, I believe I received a great deal on my 06 Limited with NAV, DLCC, VSC, Floor Mats, and Wheel Locks, and dealer installed remote start.

    The Deal
    After going to all the major Toyota dealers in Northern VA., I was quoted $500 over invoice for a 05 with the right color (Indigo Ink Pearl) but not the right interior (ivory instead of my wife’s preferred grey). MSRP $37,488, Invoice $33,447, Price offered $33,947. I thought this was a great deal, but my wife was holding out for a 06, thinking resale value down the line would be much greater. I do have to say if they had offered me $15K for my gas guzzler 03 Trailblazer ENT. I would have made the deal and incurred the wrath of my wife. But they would only go $13,500, starting at $12,500. (I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t give me more for a SUV that averaged 12mpg around town, when the price of gas is so reasonable). My problem was who was going to offer me $500 over invoice for a 06 when they had 05s on the lot. After going to CarMax where they offered $14K for the gas guzzler, I called the first dealer and asked if he would match the $500 over invoice for 05 for 06. He couldn’t say YES fast enough! Of course he didn’t have the Indigo Ink Pearl w/ grey interior but after one week of waiting our car arrived.

    The Scam
    I wanted the 100K/7 yr/$0 deductible extended warranty and let it be known from the beginning. I was dealing with the Sales Manger and he said he would make sure I got a good deal on that also. Well when the finance guy was going over everything the price of the “good” deal he quoted was $1695. Thanks to the information on this forum, I knew I could get this for considerably less and told him so. After checking with the manager he came back and apologized and gave me the warranty for $985, his cost. If I hadn’t read this forum, I would have thought this must be a good deal and signed up for the first price he offered. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

    Final deal: MSRP=$37,763, Invoice + $500 =$34,195, Extnd Warranty=$985, Dealer installed remote start=$495, Final price with $199 dealer processing= $35,874.

    Some dealers would only come down $500 off list for 06 and $1500 for 05. The lesson learned here is do your research, be patient, and shop around; you will not be disappointed.

    Immediately went on a 1,200 trip over the holidays and averaged 29.8mpg during the “break-in” period. This is the best car I have ever driven in my 38 years behind the wheel! I am a very happy camper!!
  • Wondering if anyone knows what the following accessory codes are = (2006 Limited Avalon codes) = DK Also has anyone gotten any pin stripes put on a Blizzard Pearl ? What colors look best?

    Will post more after picking up Vehicle on Saturday Sept. 10


  • I see the Touring has a moon roof option. In most Touring Avalons in SE, VA all have this option which I do not want. Has anyone seen it without the moon roof for about $28,000.
    It appears to be much better than the 2004.
  • You got a great deal!!! I had to pay $1,200 over invoice for my 2006 Indigo Ink Pearl Limited with Graphite interior. Mine has Navigation, Laser Cruise Control, Vehicle Stabilization, and floor/trunk mats. I've had it for 10 days now. Dealers around here (central California) wanted the same amount over invoice for an 05 or and 06. One dealer found an 05 in my color preferences for $800 over invoice, but I decided I'd rather pay approximately $700 more for an 06 ($400 additional over invoice plus about $275 increase from 05 to 06). I also felt the resale value on an 06 would be better. Is your extended warranty the actual Toyota Extended Warranty, or a third party?
  • It is Toyota's Platinum Plan 100,000 mile 7 year, $0 deductable. I understand $985 is the dealer cost, although I'm sure they're making profit on it. I would stay away from a third party plan, many of those you can find on the internet have gone belly up during the coverage period. BTW you can buy the Toyota plan from any dealer, so it doesn't hurt to shop around.
  • White XLS with JBL synthesis sound system, VSC with heated seats, Extra Mile Value package C, and tinted windows. MSRP=35,403. Purchase price 32,529 plus TTL.

    I couldn't get more then 600 off a similar car at another dealer.

    This was in the DFW area.
  • Hey [gsp],

    Did you pick up your Avalon Limited yet? Can you pls provide the Dealer's name and salesperson contact info?

    I am looking to see if I can get a good deal on an Avalon...

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