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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bettersafebettersafe Member Posts: 92
    Correction: As of two months ago, the St Louis dealer wanted invoice plus 6%, not invoice plus 3%.
  • jose7jose7 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the responses so far. So it sounds like ~$1000 over invoice is a pretty good deal?
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Fords have improve quality over the years, but they are not in Toyotas class, few auto makers are in terms of quality and reliability. The Avalon is not only a very attractive car, it's also very fast. Consumer Reports says that the Ford 500 has an under-powered engine.
  • bettersafebettersafe Member Posts: 92
    There is no question that the Avalon is better than the Ford 500. For example, my wife is strongly attracted to the heated and cooled seats in the Limited Avalon. However, for most people the cost of a vehicle has to be considered. Prior to the Ford rebates and family plans, the cost difference was a couple thousand, now it is many thousands between the 500 and the Avalon. I think it is an interesting psychological study, worthy of a PHD dissertation. At what point would we give up our desire for car "X" and shift to car "Y" if car "Y" price was lowered??? As I said in an earlier post, I am now tempted to buy or lease a Limited Explorer over a Limited Avalon since Ford is lowering the price by $8000. A three year lease on an Explorer maybe surprizingly cheap if they keep the same residual value.

    The bottom line is "money talks", and Toyota will need to be sensitive to the prices of the competition.
  • gene13gene13 Member Posts: 1
    rebates also effect the residual value of the vehicle, e.g. trade ins. If you lease the vehicle your only value would be to keep it until lease ends. If for any reason you decide thats not the car one year later you will be thousands upside down.
  • scumfrogscumfrog Member Posts: 9
    I think you can do better than that. We just bought an XLS for around 30k tax, title out the door. Where are you shopping? By the way, I am VERY HAPPY with the car!
  • auntsallyauntsally Member Posts: 6
    I am in Lancaster, PA and looking at an 05 Toyota Avalon Limited. Options are dynamic laser cruise control, voice activated DVD Navigation system, vehicle stability control and traction control, remote engine starter and preferred accessory package. It does not have satellite radio, and to install it they are quoting me $695.They are showing a MSRP of $39,107. They are quoting me $36,750. What does anyone think?
  • kribskribs Member Posts: 3
    I am shopping by the northside. Also anyone here familiar with the buy-down rate. As one dealer stated that there is 0.0 % apr avialable but he has to buy the rate down.
  • zorro16zorro16 Member Posts: 31
    aunt sally,

    i'm not an avalon owner yet. i've been thinking of buying one for christmas.

    my opinion was that they quoted you too much.the Preferred Accessory Package is nothing but the carpet mats. most of the times the dealers provide you for free of cost for any car (even if you dont negotiate or a little ). with out the Preferred Accessory Package the edmunds invoice comes around $33,000. start negotiating from there. i would say anthing between $34000-$34500 is a very good deal for a limited( since limited's are the hottest selling ones) .anything worth above is not worth the money for a toyota.

    with the money they quoted you for $36750, add a couple of more thousands dollars, you might get a Lexus RX330 SUV.

    they are couple of posts on this forum, where they paid $500 - $1500 over invoce.

    one more suggestion, as 2006 models will be arriving soon, you can even get a good deal on 2005's.

    please dont forget to post the final price that you paid here on ths board.
  • auntsallyauntsally Member Posts: 6

    Thank you for your comments. I thought that since several of the options on this car are options I would not have chosen (like the accessory package and remote engine start), I would offer 35,000. I would like to just say no to this and ask him to find me an avalon with satellite radio and without the remote engine start, accessory package and laser cruise control, but I am concerned that I will have difficulty finding what I want.

    Do you know when the 2006 models come out? This 2005 just came out in May.

  • zorro16zorro16 Member Posts: 31
    aunt sally,

    the new avalon came out in febraury itself, i guess 2006's will be coming out in a couple of more months.

    i checked out my local car dealers avalons here in the night time, when no one is around. i've noticed one common thing between two dealers. the avalon limited's they have in stock (on the lot) came in two flavours.

    1. loaded with Navigation System, Dynamic Laser Cruise Control ,Vehicle Stability Control

    2. just the basic limited --- no options

    none of the limited cars which i've seen have satellite radio in them.

    i dont understand what edmunds mean by Remote Start(it is supposed to meant as remote having engine start/stop button, which i dont think avalon has it).

    if they mean it as Smart Key system, it comes as a standard option on limited's.

    check out toyota's website, it doesnt say anywhere avalon has satellite radio & remote start in them. find out more from the dealer.

    every one says that it's easier to negotaite with the cars that they have in lot rather then speical order it.

    loaded with Navigation System, Dynamic Laser Cruise Control ,Vehicle Stability Control the invoice comes around $33000. do you really want to pay $2000 OVER INVOICE??
  • auntsallyauntsally Member Posts: 6

    The remote engine start allows you to start the vehicle without entering it - to warm it up in the winter for example.It is an option while the smart key is standard. The avalon does have the start/stop button and satellite radio.

    It does sound as if I would be better off to negotiate on the car on the lot.

  • jimmyjjimmyj Member Posts: 4
    Someone is giving you bad advice on the perferred accessory package. I own a 2005 avalon with the package it includes all interiol mats, trunk mat, glass breakage sensor, first aid kit and emergency road side kit.
  • grendel1grendel1 Member Posts: 1
    Option codes: NV(navigation),VD(stability),V4(remote start),Z1(Preferred accessory/mats),RF(Rear Spoiler), WL (Alloy wheel locks), Phantom Gray Pearl

    No laser cruise.

    List $38,000 : two dealer in central MA refused $35k and one said ,"you want a deal, buy an Acura". Outrageous that one dealer's arrogance.

    Called another and sales Rep accepted offer over phone and I had in writing faxed the same day. Tried document fee, etc. but finally agreed to $34,850, (plus tax/title) last day in May and took one month for me to get vehicle. Arrived last week and I picked up Tuesday.
    Will give rating in another week or two once more miles under belt.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    The 500 is not even in the same class as the Avalon , it compares to the Camry
    in size and demensions, also just uses the same old engine that was in the Tuarus
    in its last year. Standard big three tactic, that if it doesn't sell repackage and change the name.
  • deaniedeanie Member Posts: 172
    You didn't get the XLS out the door for $30K with VSC, did you? What options, if any did you get on your car?
  • cbj1cbj1 Member Posts: 2
    Just Bought a 2005 Toyota Avalon XLS with floor / trunk mats, vehicle stability control / heated seats, the JBL 6 CD changer, and automatic start, and rear spoiler. I paid $30,920 plus tax and title, MSRP is $34,117, Edmunds states that the average sale is $33,959. The thing that is confusing is that Toyota apparently charges dealers in the Columbus area a TDA fee for advertising, which does not show up on Edmunds or on the MSRP, but it shows up on the true invoice to the dealer from Toyota, I believe the TDA fee was around $400. I bought the vehicle in the Columbus, OH area from a Toyota dealership on the southeast side off of Brice Rd. The sales person is great, the managers are so so. This dealership does not like to deal very easily at all. I think it is very hard to get any better of a deal on an Avalon right now. I could have waited maybe 3-5 more months and may have gotten a little more off, but who knows.
  • auntsallyauntsally Member Posts: 6
    I was given a price of $36, 750 for an avalon with all the options including satellite radio which I requested to be added. I After input from the forum, the dealer agreed to a price of $35,550. I have purchased the vehicle. Thank you for the information to those who posted on this site.
  • mcsepitmcsepit Member Posts: 1
    I paid 36,500 for 05 LTD loaded - See the toyota dealer in Glen Mills, PA
  • rwb2rwb2 Member Posts: 85
    Your deal sounds very good especially since you got it at Germain. Germain's service dept. is very good but it only took one buying experience there to get me to drive down to Lancaster to River Valley Motors. What takes half a day at Germain can take 5 minutes in Lancaster as freinds and family have found. P.S.You'll love the car.
  • bogeygolferbogeygolfer Member Posts: 17
    Here's the skinny....

    Paid $34,050 (does not include taxes or title/doc. fee) for a 2005 Limited with the following options:

    NV Navigation System
    VD (Stability Control)
    CL Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    V4 Remote Start
    CF Floor Mats

    Ordered the car in mid May and received delivery this week from a dealer in the Boston, MA area. Waited a little longer but I believe the car is worth the wait!

    Just ordered the backup sensor from Hoping to get within the next 2 weeks.

    Hope this helps....
  • impartialimpartial Member Posts: 19
    I have a new '05 Avalon Limited. I negotiated a $3,200 discount, which I was happy with at the time. Now I have a friend looking for a new Avalon, Camry or Ford 500. I'm trying to steer him to the Avalon, but he's put off by the higher price. Have prices softened any, since the '06 models are due out soon?

    He can get a very good price on the Ford 500. Contrary to an earlier post, the 500 is not comparable in size to the Camry. In fact, it is bigger than the Avalon in virtually every respect: 3.5" longer, 1.7" wider, 3" higher. The wheelbase is nearly 2 inches longer, and it weighs 171 pounds move than an Avalon. The biggest difference in comparing sizes is the trunk. The 500 trunk is a full 50% larger than that of the Avalon.

    I've been very happy with my Limited. No problems at all. 30.8 mpg on a road trip.
    My friend who's looking for a new car lives in Minneapolis.
  • sandie17sandie17 Member Posts: 1
    Looking at the Avalon with the same features as yours, in Blizzard Pearl. Do you mind telling me what your cost was before taxes, etc? Trying to get the best deal I can. Need an idea how much they are willing to give up.
  • jeffscoutjeffscout Member Posts: 8
    Just signed a deal in Houston for Phantom Gray 05 LTD w/ Nav, laser speed control, VSC, and Extra Mile package (I think the Extra Mile package is only available in the Gulf States Toyota region, Edmunds doesn't list it, KBB does). MSRP was just under $39k. Negotiated price was just under $36k. Final price was $2864 off of MSRP. I worked with several different dealers and finally found one that wanted to do business. Some would not budge, others were 8% above dealer invoice. In TX, there are additional charges that are not listed on KBB or Edmunds. There is about $1000 in fees to the Toyota Dealer Association and the advertising fees. I could not find a dealer that would budge on those . The dealer showed me the invoice printout to verify their cost.

    I'm happy with the deal and should get the car next week sometime. :shades:
  • deaniedeanie Member Posts: 172
    Re: Avalon vs Ford 500:
    Remind your friend that it's a Ford. If that's not enough, then perhaps he's not too knowledgeable about auto quality/reliability/resale value.

    Beyond that, there's the anemic engine & weak acceleration, poorer fuel economy, garbage resale value and the fact that it won't be as nice a driving experience (no refined engine sounds, no quality "feel" that is typical of better Japanese designed cars. The deep discounts offered by domestics save money up front, but that also hurts resale value down the line - the quality, reliabilty problems down the line will likely put the nail in the coffin on any cost advantage had up front.
  • amoxomaamoxoma Member Posts: 11
    Hello folks. I've decided to attempt the purchase of a 2005 Avalon XLS with vehicle stability control and perhaps the preferred options package. I've browsed this entire forum, and a number of folks have been able to achieve deals in the invoice to invoice+800 range. See cbj1, above, for a recent example - and s/he says the dealership "does not deal".

    I live in Pittsburgh (western PA); when I do the TMV calculation, it works out to essentially the sticker price. Don't really see how that can be used to help me negotiate a good deal - I sure won't be letting the dealer see my Edmunds printout!!

    Does anybody understand the reason for this TMV vs. deal-price discrepancy? This vehicle was newly redesigned this year, and made its entry in the spring, I believe. Does it just take awhile for the sales data to roll in so that Edmunds can update TMV? Is there a way to get the real, up-to-date TMV? Surely the average price being paid is not sticker - which would be an easy $3000 above the deals I'm reading about here.

    If the moderator sees this, your insight would be most appreciated.

  • jeffscoutjeffscout Member Posts: 8
    KBB was much more accurate in their data, including their new car blue book value. They also had the Gulf States Toyota "Extra Mile" option. I think Edmunds was only a few hundred below MSRP for selling price, which is not the case in TX.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Sometimes it does take awhile to get updated sales data, so I suspect that's why you're seeing MSRP at the moment.

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  • drfudrfu Member Posts: 9
    I understand that the satellite antenna looks like a little black mouse on the trunk. How come it is not more appealing like other fine cars? Even the Honda antenna is the same color as the body color of the car. Even a little nub at the top of the roof like the Acuras have would look better than the black mouse antenna. I am still going to get an Avalon, but this may impact my decision to get the satellite radio especially if I want a blizzard white Avalon.
    I also heard that the JBL radio is satellite compatible, and that any store that sells satellite radio equipment can hook it up and install the antenna. If this is true are there other antenna options out there??
  • buck11buck11 Member Posts: 30
    My dealer just got his first 2006 allocations yesterday. Ordered a Silver Pine Mica Limited w/Ivory and remote start, deep tinted windows and floor mats. $800 over invoice. Actual pricing not available yet. Delivery should happen sometime the middle of September 05.
  • laserpamlaserpam Member Posts: 8
    1) If you have a Sam's Club membership, you qualify to buy through their Auto Buying Program (, member benefits, auto buying program) they have dealers all over the country. Supposed to be $500 over invoice???
    2) Consumer Reports, purchase a new car price report for $12
    Report has all trim lines & lists all option costs
    The report isn't perfect, but it's close

    I went to my dealer with both, the buying program & the report: XLS- jbl, mats, wheel locks & mud guards - $28,078 + ttl! ;)
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    Wow! Kudos to you! I got my XLS for $28,300 + ttl with mats, stripe and Blizzard Pearl with ivory and I thought I did well. I'm in the South East so I also had to pay that mandatory South East Toyota add-on "fee". The Avalon is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I feel as if I am driving a $50K car.
    I didn't have a great dealership experience though. The Bridgestones are NOISY :lemon: and the dealer blew me off when I asked to swap them out for the Michelins. I have opened a case number with Toyota Customer Relations in CA. Buying a Toyota is about as fun as having a colonoscopy... :sick:
  • norman17130norman17130 Member Posts: 1
    Where are you in SE. I'm in Tampa FL and all the cars come with some $699 paint sealant/undercover that seems to be mandated by Toyota SE - Is that the "fee" you are referring to - or is that something else.

    They seem to be sticking close to MSRP here + frt + SE paint package + $399 dealer fee puts it close to (31,300 + 700 +400) = 32,400 - so you got a great deal at 28,300
    Let us know hoe it's done


  • jkosugejkosuge Member Posts: 21
    The option I only want is the moon room.
    Would it be easy for me to get the car for out the door $27000?
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    No, I didn't want the dealer-padded Toyogard for $699. There is a South East Toyota Admin fee of $585 in addition to destination charges which delaers will not budge on.

    Re $27,000 for an XL - I think you are paying too much. Unless tyhis is a very loaded XL with an MSRP of around $30K. My opinion is that you can get about $3,500 off the MSRP of an XL if you shop around.
  • jkosugejkosuge Member Posts: 21
    Thank you for the respond.
    I live in UT and the best offer I could get was $1500 off MSRP.
    So I think I will look around more before I get ripped off.
  • dandldandl Member Posts: 57
    Hello, This is my first post after months of reading the forums and doing research on the Avalon. Thanks to all the wonderful people who posted here, we were able to purchase our loaded Limited at a great price at Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas. For info on price, please see posts by "Kirkendoll" in the Toyota Avalon 2005 forum. I followed his lead and received his same deal. The salesman told us who "Kirkendoll" was and also told us of another Edmund's forum reader from Denver who bought from him and he was delighted to give us their price. Neat to have that confirmation that these forums are making a big difference for car buyers! We live in the Detroit, Michigan area and I could not buy the car here for much of a price break off MSRP. I even had a local salesman tell me not to "waste his time" asking him if he would discount the car from MSRP and hung up on me, Yikes! Anyway, LOVE the car. Ordered it in mid May, it was built on June 8th. We picked it up in Kansas on June 27. Broke it in gently on the 1000 mile trip home....That was hard, having every motorhome, farm tractor, and bicycle (kidding) pass us by as we took it easy.....
    So now our beautiful car is home, we saved over $4500.oo and have Edmunds to thank! If you are looking for a deal on these cars, search these forums, get your invoice pricing for the exact features you want and make some calls....I had found similar deals like mine and Kirkendolls in New York (I think it was Lee's Toyota) and Elizabeth City Toyota as posted by other forum readers....Hope this helps.
  • drb05drb05 Member Posts: 24
    Dear all,
    I thought of sharing my experiences with other surfers so that buyers can benefit. (as I sailed the same boat looking for information before I purchased).

    This is my 4th car in 4 yrs. Like to change. Switched from honda to toyota after test driving avalon. Classic car for a great price. Only problem is feels quite heavy to go from stop. and also there is a lag between pushing the pedal and car taking off. VEry noticeable. Just bought it today, need to use more to comment on it.

    I started looking for avalon prices at CT, US for 2 days. Called around 12 dealers in and around state and even NY. Some of the dealers clearly ripped me off with prices over MSRP, and some around MSRP. Rarely close to invoice. My suggestions to potential buyers (as a matter of fact for any car):

    1. Call different dealers for quote. Personal visit might be necessary for some. THis is the main homework.
    2. Surf net for prices that was paid in forums and other stuff.
    3. Finally once you get the lowest quote, call them back to see if they can lower it down and also call the next highest bidder to reduce. One of them should work.
    4. Always try for "volume dealers" they will offer cheaper than others.

    Remember to negotiate more and more as long as the dealer is willing to. NEver show your desparation or your plans/budgets. Once again, it is us who has to decide to call it quits for negotiation at some point, so as to close the deal. Too much negotiation might also spoil the lowest quote. That experience comes as soon as one gets a collective idea on pricing and what others paid.

    My prices are for touring with option 1 package (speaker, anti-theft etc) was 28,000. This is base invoice price plus option's cost.
    Similar deal i got for XLS, but it was too much for my budget.

  • jkosugejkosuge Member Posts: 21
    Thank you for the great posting drb05.
    was the $28000 the out the door price including all tax and fees?
  • drb05drb05 Member Posts: 24
    That price was exclusive of taxes and fees. I had to make a downpayment to setup the lease. But only this dealer was lowest one i got. All other quotes were atleast 1500$ above this for the same packages and leasing payments were 100$ more than his quote and more importantly they failed to budge.

  • drfudrfu Member Posts: 9
    Costco has a program that is probably similar to Sam's. The cost over invoice varies per car. For the Avalon, it was $2000 over invoice. A Camry for instance was only $300 over invoice.
  • jkosugejkosuge Member Posts: 21
    Thank you for all the information.
    My budget is $27000 out the door so I think I'll have to get an XL.
    I hope you enjoy your Touring!
    I wish I could of gotton the Touring....
  • scumfrogscumfrog Member Posts: 9
    Hi Deanie. I hope this info is not too late to be useful. I did indeed get an XLS with VSC, JBL and mats. I went to Toyota on Western in Chicago.
    Hope this helps!
  • drb05drb05 Member Posts: 24
    hi jkosuge:
    I think if you wait for a month or so, you will have better chances of getting touring at that price. as Toyota is going to release 06 models pretty soon (hope i am correct-maybe double check on that). if that is the case, you can make the deal for 05 model.

    worth all the money to drive that car. So luxurious and comfortable. I can't believe I was driving pilot (like a tractor) all these years. Ofcourse one cannot compare SUV with a car for smoother riding etc. just saying it is better. pilot is great in other aspects too.

    good luck.

  • jkosugejkosuge Member Posts: 21
    hi brb05:
    Thank you for the great advice.
    If that is the case, I would totally wait until the 06 models and get a great deal on the 05 Touring. I dont really care if its a 05 or a 06 if its brand new. Hopefully the 06 will come out around mid September because that is when I want the car.

    Thank you .

  • grayavalon05grayavalon05 Member Posts: 1
    I'm in L.A area. I got mine thru internet sales in Puente Hills Toyota.It's Gray XLS with graphite interior, Wheel locks and mud guard for $31,620,31. out the door.
  • cb101cb101 Member Posts: 1
    That's intresting. Are there any differences from 05 models. I'm particularly wondering about Bluetooth compatibility.
  • zoom2xtnzoom2xtn Member Posts: 8
    Limited with Nav, laser cruise, XM radio, mudguards, VSC, mats

    Toyota of Roswell (GA)

    $32.500 out the door plus TN tax when I register it my home state of TN

    good to deal with

    It was the best price I could find for a Limited with NAV -- short supply, big demand

    Anyone do better?

    Lee Davis
  • zorro16zorro16 Member Posts: 31

    you got a very good deal. good job!!!

    how hard was it to negotiate for that price? did you happened to deal with the internet people or the sales person.
  • buck11buck11 Member Posts: 30
    To the best of my knowledge there are no changes for 06. Bluetooth would be cool. Mackabee may be able to give us a better idea of any changes.
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