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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pwein1pwein1 Posts: 21
    I have been offered $31,300 for Desert Brown Ltd. MSRP is $34,300. Sounds like a great deal to me. Any other opinions on this?
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    That sounds like a great price if its plus tax, license, registration, and other governmental fees applicable to your area. What part of the country do you reside in? I am looking for an Avalon XL in N. California, which I think I have to order. Unfortunately, they won't discount as much. Best price I got, was $1,250 off of the MSRP. I have sent at least five emails inquiring about the vehicle, and I only got one response back. (I did not mention anything about price in the email-just availability). Since I don't need a car anytime soon, I may wait until December of 2005 and purchase a 2006 model.
  • pwein1pwein1 Posts: 21
    I am in Texas. Does not include taxes, fees, etc. $100 or invoice is what they are quoting.
  • Hi ccrider

    I paid $800 above invoice. I was really looking to pay $200 above invoice, which was what I paid for my last 2 avalon xls's. But the dealer I baught from previously wouldn't budge. So after shopping this was the best I could do. If you are in the NYC area, the salesman said he would sell to anyone I sent in at that price.
  • Was that your out the door price? How much was tax? Thanks
  • The out the door price - with Tax, Lic, NY Tire, And Application Fees - Everything was $ 36,743.
  • vince11vince11 Posts: 11
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in NC, willing to deal. I'm looking for a Limited in white with VSC and navigation. Thanks
  • 332rick332rick Posts: 7
    Well I just got my best offer yet 33,500 OTD for XLS, w/NAV and Remote Start. Coming in 3 days.

    I dont think i did so bad for southern-Cali.

    Thanks everyone for the very usefull information. Keep it up.
    Will post pictures soon.
    Cya in AVALON heven :shades:
  • TRy emailing the Internet sales manager at Toyota of Elizabeth City NC
    Another individual pointed them out Let me know if that works out Where in NC are you? Good luck
  • vince11vince11 Posts: 11
    I'm near Sanford, in the Sandhills area. I have emailed the dealer you suggested, I'll wait to see what happens. Thanks for your response.
  • vince11
    Good luck I emailed Elizabeth City and they gave me a price better than anything I could get in Florida where I live. Here the market is crazy with dealers asking above MSRP I have family in Laurenburg NC but decided it was too far and not worth it to drive that far for a car
    I found a dealer in Tampa willing to deal and am picking my Av up next Saturday.
    I have to drive 4 hours to get there but hopefully it will be worth it!
    The Blizzard Pearl is pretty what color iinterior will you choose ? Have you driven the car yet and how are the prices near your home? :)
  • coop2coop2 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at the 05 Avalon Limited with the same option package you ordered. We haven't started any negotiations on the price - I'm not that close to purchasing - but the salesman we talked to said the cost would be $38,500. Looking at what you spent, it seems that they are already starting to gouge the price before we talk. Can you tell me where you purchased yours and how you got the price you did? :confuse: Coop2
  • vicmvicm Posts: 18
    Just started to get interested in the Avalon. What dealer in Tampa did you buy from? I live in Tampa.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Well, I haven't been able to get much lower on my deal. Currently at $750 above invoice and $500 less than what I think my trade-in is worth (actually $565 less according to kbb).
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Re: ""In need of some help. I am ready to purchase my first Avalon. The trim I am looking at is the Touring I have the invoice price (27,954.00) / MSRP (31,089.00).
    I finally went in and tried to work a deal.
    The best offer they could offer me was 32,000 out the door. Lic & tax + fees included. That was after pulling some teeth and 2 hours later. ""

    Not a good deal IMO. There are many posts with people getting 500.00 over invoice. I would walk.

    Mike V
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Wow. re:""I'm looking at the 05 Avalon Limited with the same option package you ordered. We haven't started any negotiations on the price - I'm not that close to purchasing - but the salesman we talked to said the cost would be $38,500"" That is gouging at it's worst and gives car sales reps a bad name. I would walk and when you get a GOOD deal, call the owner of the dealer who "gouged" and tell him how he is loosing business. There needs to be more "professionals" in the car sales, not slimey, swarmy type. They need to sell shoes:)
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    Toyota of Elizabeth City
  • cbatemancbateman Posts: 2
    I live in Burlington NC and bought my XLS with VSC & JBL sythesis radio from Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville. Very good experience; no haggling straight up deals, mine ws about 3400 below list and it had no add or other phony charges. Well worth the drive (about 3 hrs).
  • fallfall Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy my first Avalon. My nephew spoke to me of a program
    Toyota offers called "Friends & Relative " by which you can supposedly buy a car, and get a good price without a lot of hassle. I suspect this is just another way of saying "Fleet" price. Does anyone have experience with this program.

    I can buy the car through my credit union for fleet price, or use the "Friends & Relatives" approach.
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    Is it easier to get a better deal from ordering the avalon or buying it from the stock??
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    best online quote i could get for LIMITED loaded with ALL available :confuse: options here in central fla is thru Deluca Toyota in Ocala for $34,714 out the door, no added charges...

    Good deal or not?
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    How much above invoice is it?

    $750 above invoice is best I can do on a Touring model, and there's been several that say they've gotten better than that. But it's the best I can find in my area.

    Question - considering the XLS because it has the Vehicle Stability Program, but I hate the wood trim. Or I should say I hate the light wood trim. Would the Gray come with the darker wood trim in the XLS trim? And do people feel that it's worth the extra money to get the VSP. As far as I can tell, that is the biggest thing you get that the Touring doesn't have. That and heated seats.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi CCrider:
    The Touring was my 1st choice, but when I learned only XLS and Limiteds could have VSC, I was really upset. Reason? VSC is incredicble! I test drove BMW X3 on a closed track and was asked to try and skid out or flip the suv on its side by driving it as fast as I could through the track and sharp hairpin turns, but VSC doesn't allow that to happen by baking individual wheels and/or curtailing engine power upon detection of a skid or impending rollover.

    I tested a Touring and found it could not go through a turn/corner any faster than than the XLS I tested because the VSC massages the brakes/engine output to allow the XLS to drive as fast as the tires/suspension/road speed would allow, but the slightly better-handling Touring had no such protection and could not manage higher cornering speeds than the XLS without its tires breaking loose (but not as smoothly/predictably as a BMW). VSC makes a car far more safer, and furthermore, one can easily (for $1,000 to $2000) swap the Touring's springs and shocks/struts with the XLS's and make an "XLS Touring" because to the best of my knowledge, it's only the those suspension parts mentioned which differentiate the XLS and Touring suspensions (somebody please comment if they know otherwise). Be careful though, because if you do a forum search on Tourings, you'll find some of them have had problems with going straight ahead (not a pleasant problem), and the cause of such has not yet been determined or remedied. Hope I've helped.
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    I dont know how much invoice was, how do I find out? salesman wont tell me that...
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    ok, i did get an invoice price on the limited avalon with all available options factory installed of $34942. with the MSRP of $37,948...

    and I do have the internet quote in print which I will show anyone...of $34,714.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Yikes! That just made my decision that much tougher. I was about decided on the Touring, but I've read of some of those problems plus I kept thinking about not having the VSC. If I remember correctly, you have the Silver XLS, deanie? Looks like there's three interior colors for the XLS. Does anybody know the leather color and the color wood trim for the Phantom Gray in the XLS? I've just seen the XL and the Touring in person.
  • Copy the message details if you like

    If that is out the door you did great ...hard to believe No one is questionong you just want you to be sure of what you are getting Most quotes are a dollar amount plus dealer fees tax and tag
    If your price is truly 34,714 out the door that is amazing GREAT JOB

    Do you have to order it or do they have it in stock. Good luck to you no matter what you do
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi CCrider:
    Mine is a Phantom Gray Pearl XLS w/gray(?) interior and dark wood. Whether my interior color is gray or graphite (I forgot), I prefer the charcoal color of the Touring leather. My dark wood is more convincing than any other fake wood I've seen, moreso than the fake aluminum panels in the Touring appear to be real aluminum. I'm glad I made you think more about VSC. In a perfect world, If more people did, Toyota would have no choice but offer VSC on all Avalons that much sooner.

    Obviously the Touring slightly outhandles the XLS during regular and spirited but prudent driving, but VSC is unlikely to be invoked in the XLS unless you are driving at the limit of the car's performance envelope, such as in an emergency manouver, or in slippery/icy conditions, and as such, a Touring will give a slightly more enjoyable and satisfying (better handling) ride more than 99% of the time. But, in that rare instance when the VSC is truly needed, it may be the difference between getting into an accident and avoiding or decreasing the severity of one, the physical health consequenses of which are obvious. Hope I've helped.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Hey deanie, thanks again for your insightful posts. Is your gray interior the lighter gray or darker gray. I haven't seen the XLS in person, but I've seen some Limiteds with the light-colored wood and didn't like it. I might consider the darker wood. Do you find the XLS to be sluggish or much different than the Touring? A very noticeable difference? I love the charcoal leather as well and probably would like the Touring in most every respect except for not having VSC. Was that the only reason you chose to go with the XLS instead of Touring?
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi CCrider:
    After staring at my seats, and the leather colors shown in the Edmunds Avalon profile, I believe I have have the Graphite leather (darker), as the light gray appears almost white, though my leather isn't quite as dark as is the graphite sample in the profile (on-screen colors never seem to match reality).

    The darker wood looks like cherry-stained bird's eye maple or burled wood, but is fairly convincing, and that's coming from a fussy antique collector. I have a three yr old and a six week newbie, so a darker color (relatively) was neccessary. The Ivory interior easily shows scuff marks from shoes, etc.

    The acceleration of the Touring and XLS are obviously identical (same engine/tranny/wheels/tires), so I assume you're asking whether or not the XLS ride is sluggish. Hard to quantify, but there's a little more XLS body lean in turns than Touring, and marginally more front nose dive during braking. In sum, the XLS is a little softer (and more comfortable) than Touring, but not by much. The difference is small enough (for me) that,despite my preference for a firmer suspension, they're close enough so that I can wait a few years to get some use out of the paid-for suspension parts on the XLS before I eventually swap them for the Touring parts, or just go with a quality aftermarket brand.

    However, in my opinion the significance of VSC far outweighs the benefits of the slightly firmer Touring suspension because I can give the XLS a firmer suspension whenever I want, but the VSC can never be added to the Touring. Otherwise the interior/exterior differences between the two cars are just in color choices and the Touring's tiny spoiler.

    You gotta take them each on a 20-30 minute drive, back to back to see what's right for you. Avalon is a large car and cannot be made to handle like an Infinity G35 or BMW, etc unless you spend a serious amount of $$$ on upgraded parts, but the XLS can be made to handle like the Touring for far less.

    The only reason I went with the XLS was to have VSC. The added options on the XLS were just gravy. If you do go with the Touring, make sure you test drive the model you're gonna buy to be sure it's not one with a steering/drifting problem.
    P.S. I've gotta learn to go to sleep earlier!
  • vhovho Posts: 3
    Does it include VSC & Cruise?
    What other options does it have?
    Is $34,714 excludes all sales tax & title.
    What state are you in?
    This sound like a real deal!
  • sams1sams1 Posts: 1
    Any experience with prices on a 2005 Avalon in the Chicago area - particularly the Western suburbs? I've only been to one dealership, and they wanted sticker price. I got an internet price $1000 below sticker, but that still seems way too high.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628

    Refer to number 4 and number 5. Keep it clean and NO classifieds (use to post free classifieds, mkallmann).
  • coachbergicoachbergi Posts: 4
    I tried to get a xl in the south suburbs of Chicago. Salesman went to $1200 off. Told me he was giving up his comission on the deal to do that (I doubt it!). Looked at touring model but they only come with a moonroof in the midwest region. I brush my hair on the roof if I sit in a avalon with a moonroof. The Chicago area has a good url call It lists a lot of the new and used cars in the Chicago area. Good resource site
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Hello pmcb48,

    I am glad to read your e-mail. In Massachusetts, my wife and I just contracted for a 2005 Avalon XL in blue mirage metallic with moonroof, JBL stereo, security system, mats, and wheel locks at $27,000 plus somewhat bogus $254 prep/doc fee (tank of gas, state inspection, delivery to our home in NH, 10% off service and parts forever). We made the deal on the last day of April at the end of a rainy afternoon. I calculate we paid $1,724 over invoice, $1,576 below MSRP. We were quoted $175. less by a volume dealer 20 miles further away, but another afternoon's time and travel did not seem worth it.

    We're basically satisfied with the deal, but became apprehensive when we arrived home: when looking in the Avalon brochure and on the Toyota website, we saw the JBL stereo listed as not available in the XL model.

    The car is due to be transferred to our dealer this week or next, so we will find out for sure then. If it does not have the JBL option, then we will re-negotiate price accordingly.

    - Paul
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
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  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    ...and all Limited models are presold. They really didn't know when they were getting more in stock. Maybe 3 weeks.

    I was told perhaps there'd be an XLS to come by.

    I'm waiting another week anyway as my credit card company will report that I'm debt free and my FICO will go over 700.

    Not the most promosing contact made with the dealer.

  • rlejr66rlejr66 Posts: 44
    I started the buying process here in NC last Friday for my parents. Working with Toyota of Elizabeth City as suggested by another reader. Got a very quick response and I was quite satisfied (I will provide numbers when the deal is finalized). Although it seems like getting a Limited version of the vehicle is becoming increasingly difficult. It appears the dealers here in the southeast have to swap inventory if they don't have what you want on the lot. I am assuming they all have the same distributor. If that is true, I would think if you have a deal for a car, the car should be allocated to the dealer to complete the sale. Logical?
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    My wife and I are buying an XL here in New England and the dealer here also had to swap inventory to get it for us. Not sure if they all have the same distributor, but once the car is on a dealer's lot, it's a process to transfer it from one lot to another. We had to give a $500. refundable deposit so they would transfer it, that will be applied to the sales price. This doesn't seem to "cost" us anything extra, except we could probably have obtained a better deal if we could have gone directly to the dealer who had it originally.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Found out today that the 2005 Avalon XL we've contracted for *does not* have the JBL option, but has the 6-CD stereo instead as I suspected, thanks for your postings!!

    Could those of you who have priced or purchased Avalons recently please comment on this proposal:

    2005 Avalon XL, Blue Mirage Metallic with ivory cloth interior
    Options are:
    - Moonroof
    - AM/FM/CD/Casette Stereo with 6-CD changer
    - Security system
    - Floor/trunk mats
    - Wheel locks

    MSRP is $28,478.00, our price out the door is $27,254.00, including $254 doc/prep fee. Dealer invoice calculates to be $24,796.00.

    Is this a decent deal for the Boston area, or should we re-negotiate? :confuse:
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Doesn't sound bad to me. How much does your tax and title run? How much above the invoice are they doing on the car before taxes, title, etc?
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 182
    This sounds a little high to me. I bought my Limited for $1500 over invoice and there have been other postings that stated even better deals than mine. There are a number of dealerships in MA so why not spend an hour or so and send e-mails or make phone calls? Whatever method you use, make certain that they know you are a serious buyer and you want to get a "plus invoice" price from them. This way numbers don't get confusing. Also, I would not disclose the details of your current offer. Good luck and keep us posted. The Avalon is a great car. I have almost 3K miles and, so far, the car has performed flawlessly. Also, the MPG is phenomenal. On a recent 200 highway trip at an average speed of 75, I got an amazing 30 MPG. Don't now who Toyota did it, but I'm still smiling!

    Regards: Dan
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    These prices are before tax and title. There's no sales tax because we live in New Hampshire (we pay more in property tax), and title is around $50. or so. So the deal is $2,500 above invoice.

    - Paul
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Dan, you wrote: "There are a number of dealerships in MA so why not spend an hour or so and send e-mails or make phone calls?"

    Thanks for your advice - shopping the solid offer sounds like a good idea to me. We have not signed a purchase and sale agreement yet, but have given the dealer a (supposedly refundable) credit card deposit.

    - Paul
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Then strike what I said. I was thinking you might have $500 above invoice with approximately $2,000 more in taxes, licence, etc.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    I'm getting frustraterd here in Central FL which is within the SE Distributorship.

    I just moved from NY to FL and expected to not get exactly what I wanted, but not having no limited available at all.

    The only 2 options I truly require are DVD Nav and VSC. My colors in order of preference are as follows:

    Phantom Gray
    Blue Mirage Metallic
    Desert Sand Mica
    Indigo Ink Pearl

    States just outside of the SE Distributorship may have better inventories...

    I'm willing to fly where I need to go (free with air miles I've had for a while) and drive it back down here.

    Or...having it shipped to FL..

    Any opinions on this?

    Thanks in advance...

  • greenbeltgreenbelt Posts: 55

    If you go to a SET dealership like Savannah Toyota and do a search on new inventory, they show both the inventory in Savannah (1) and in ALL of SET (603).

    Their system currently shows 177 Limiteds with a least the VSC scattered around the South East, so I guess you just got to find them.

    Of course, if you buy from SET dealerships, you will frequently get to pay for a lot of 1970's style options you don't need including like Fabric protection. The one in Savannah has $700 worth of Fabric protection in an Avalon with a leather interior. ROTFL.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Hello All,

    Well, my wife and I made a solid deal on a 2005 Avalon XL in the Boston area. Blue Mirage Metallic with gray cloth interior. Optioned with sunroof, security system, and floor/trunk mats. Out the door price of $27,195 including doc fees. We did not opt for the Lojack or extended warranty at this time.

    We waffled on getting the Limited, as we loved the idea of the SmartKey and other options, but a $5,000 difference in price helped us make up our minds to stick with the XL. Our needs are basic transporation, reliability, and durability. If the Cressida were still being made, we would have bought one of those!

    We're having the vehicle transferred from another dealer and it should be here within a week or two. We had an outstanding experience with the dealer, but I don't think I can say wihch one, due forum posting rules. I guess what I really want to say is that there are some truly fair and honest sales people out there. Of course, we had also done our homework/research in advance.

    If you are considering an Avalon, best of luck to you in your buying experience. Oh what a feeling! Btw, our '93 Toyota truck turned 210,000 miles on the way back from the dealership.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    Thanks. I'll contact them as I have the dealer site up now.

    I learned that online inventory has nothing to do with real life. I think especially with a hot car dealers are swapping out with each ohter what they need, when they need it...

    Or what they are getting in is pre-sold.

    But, I'll still inquire. Thx.

  • lakedoglakedog Posts: 15
    I guess I'm lucky to live in an area with several Toyota dealers within a 10 mile radius. They all seem to have the new Avalons, but the Limited seems to be the most popular. If you're having trouble finding one, check out the northern Virginia area.
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