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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mastromastro Posts: 39
    I've been narrowing a purchase decision and was considering a Camry V6 SE or XLE, along with an Avalon. I came across a number of posts on this site (not this forum) regarding a tranny and/or hesitation issue that impacts a number of Toyota and Lexus models with 5 speed automatics (see links below).

    Due to this, I've ruled out the Camry for now. Have any new Avalon owners experienced any of this hesitation issue? Thanks.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    This discussion only covers Prices Paid & Buying Experiences of the Avalon. If you want to talk about owners of the Avalon and issues they might be having, please ask in the Toyota Avalon Owners: Problems & Solutions and Toyota Avalon 2005+ discussions.

    Once in these discussions you can also use the 'Search this Discussion' box in the upper right above the messages. That will help you find other posts on the issue.
  • I have sent in offer over internet for Avalon xls only options I want is VSC and Floor mats. I am offering $30,000.00. We'll see what they say.
  • Just ordered the Limited fully loaded, nav, keyless start, traction control and mats. $34,600 plus tax. Should be about $1,000 over invoice but the other dealer in the area would not budge off of MSRP.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I purchased a '05' Limited Cassis Pearl from internet salesman at Toyota of Richardson (Texas)
    for 34,050.00. I wanted vehicle stability control, but traded in a 2000 Avalon that didn't have it, so maybe I won't miss it. I didn't know until I started to trade my 2000 off that it didn't have the vehicle stability control! All these years I thought I was so safe! My 98 avalon had it, so I just assumed it was standard. WRONG! Anyway, I hope I got a good deal. I didn't get the dynamic laser cruise or remote start, but it has everything else.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    That is a very good price. Does it include the TDA? I've ordered (preferenced, actually; I know the salesman and they're not requiring a deposit) a Limited with Nav/VSC/keyless start/laser cruise/mats/locking lugs for $35,800. This amounts to exactly $2000 over the invoice (which includes 2.1% TDA fee for Mid-Atlantic region). They're also knocking $300 off their dealer processing fee, so you could say I'm paying $1700 over invoice if you assume a regular processing fee of $399.
    Doing some quick figures, I calculated invoice price for your Limited (including the TDA) of $33,261 , so at $34,600 you're paying $1,339 over invoice. Assuming you're paying a $399 processing fee, we're pretty close overall. I also located a Toyota Extra Care Platinum 7 year/100K/$0 deductible warranty for $985.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Stability control was not offered on the 1998 Avalon, your Avalon most likely had TRAC, which is traction control, and an entirely different animal from Stability Control (VSC).

  • I negotiated that price including the fees which include a $299 doc fee. There was no mention of the the TDA. If there is an additional fee then I will be surprised as we were very specific about the doc fee. My question would be:
    Is the TDA typically part of the invoice price?
    Is there a TDA on the Left Coast?
  • dalcollidalcolli Posts: 23
    I have just ordered the 2005 Avalon Limited in Indigo Ink Pearl with Graphite/Dark Wood interior, Option Package C (Nav, laser cruise control, VSC), remote start and carpet mats. My total is $34,192, including everything except tax. The list is $37,928, so that would make it $3,736 below MSRP.

    It should arrive in about 45 days.
  • mol_sonmol_son Posts: 4
    I would like to buy Avalon 2005. Could anybody give me advice about dealer in New-York who have a good prices or can make a good discount. Thank you!
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I used to know the web site of a dealer in the LA area that had invoices of their cars, but can't recall it at the moment. That said, I'd be very surprised if their invoices didn't include TDA.
    Mackabee on the 2005+ Avalon forum among others has discussed the TDA. One poster said it's like a "franchise fee" from Toyota to dealers, and as such, it adds to the invoice price. It is different from the "local advertising" fee many dealers add to their separate "dealer packs" sticker. In the Mid-Atlantic region where I am, the TDA is 2.1% of the pre-TDA invoice price. It is no more negotiable than the shipping charge. What's negotiable is how much over invoice they need to go. Interestingly enough, my dealer matched an internet deal I had which included a $99 doc fee instead of their normal $399. To do this, he said they had to take $300 more off the price of the car, since all of their paperwork (as I've seen at another dealer) had the $399 figure pre-printed! This works for me, as it also saves me a few more dollars in sales tax. :-)
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    In WVa, where I reside, they don't charge a sales tax on vehicles but they do have a 5% "Luxury Tax" although they call it something else. You pay this 5% every time you register a new to you vehicle. A one time only payment. When we moved here in 98 from Calif., we had to pay the 5% on a '96 Avalon XL and a 80something Dakota. I believe they use NADA for current value.

    When I bought my 03 Sienna I bought it from a huge dealer in Va. I bought this w/o a trade-in so the whole purchase price was subject to the 5%.

    On 2/10/05 when I traded in the Sienna for my 05 Avalon the dealer I dealt with was in Md. They were able to deduct the 14,500 I was given for the Sienna trade. This took 14.5 off the tax bill, saving me a nice sum of money. The F&I guy said that if I lived in Md I would have had to pay Md. taxes on the whole purchase price.

    So any of you residing in a multi-state region should definetly look into the financing arrangemets before buying out of state. In neither purchase did I have to pay the dealers state taxes.

  • mol_sonmol_son Posts: 4
    I would like to buy Avalon 2005. Could anybody give me advice about dealer in New-York who have a good prices or can make a good discount. Thank you!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Sorry to tell you this but your 98 didn't have vehicle stability control. It had traction control only and it was an option not standard. VSC became avaiable on the second generation Avalon, model year 2000.
    : )
  • dl_c32dl_c32 Posts: 16
    Just got a quote from local (Los Angeles) dealer on a 05 Limited with Option A (NV,CL,etc...) for $35,166+tax/Lic in Light sivler blue/Ivory for my uncle. Is this a good price to go?
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    The difficulty with your question is when you state the Avalon has "(NV,CL,etc...)". I'm assuming that the "etc..." means additional options. If so, what are those options? What is the invoice and what is the MSRP? Invoice cost, if you don't have it, can be found here on Edmunds. Good luck! Dan
  • dalcollidalcolli Posts: 23
    Just to avoid any confusion - according to the Toyota website, Nav is available in option package C only. C also includes Dynamic Laser Cruise Control(CL) and Vehicle stability control (VSC)/Traction control w/ Brake assist(VD). Not knowing if there were any other accessories included in your uncle’s quote, the MSRP for the Limited with option package C is $37,230 so I would say that it is a pretty good price at about 2k under MSRP (especially in LA).

    Question from this, though. I don’t think dealers can mix and match the options within packages, but do they group option packages with accessories and rename it? For example, would they take Toyota’s option package c, add floor mats and call it option package A at their dealership?
  • Area is Seattle/Tacoma. I drove a 2005 limited and it is equipped with every option offered by factory. Realistically, what do you think I can pay over invoice to buy the car?
    According to dealer, the Avalons are "flying out the door". "typical dealer speak". But, I like the way the car rides and is equipped. Is it likely that I can pay $200.00 over invoice and succeed? Thanks.
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    "Is it likely that I can pay $200.00 over invoice and succeed?"

    Perhaps by the end of the year!
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I think you may be wasting your time at $200 over invoice. Although many dealers are still getting MSRP, there is still room for negotiations. Perhaps a range of $1500 - $3000 over MSRP would be more realistic. If you do not have a compelling reason to buy, then wait several months and you may get a better deal. Good luck: Dan
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    "Perhaps a range of $1500 - $3000 over MSRP would be more realistic..."

    You mean "under" MSRP or "over" invoice.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Just FYI. The Internet people at Fitzgerald Toyota while I was corresponding with them told me that from the dealer standpoint, regardless of what was on the web site or in the Avalon e-brochure, there were no actual option "packages"; all options (Nav, VSC, laser cruise assist, etc.) were order individually (i.e., ala carte). So Nav is not available only in a given option package, at least in theory. You could get it by itself. The reality of what is being put out by the factory may be that Avalons are produced with certain options on them. These may or may not correspond to defined packages on the web site.
  • I would like to ask How much over Factory invoice people are paying for an 06 Avalon (Makes comparison easier)..

    Please include any items listed on the invoice like "regional advertising" that might have influenced the amount you paid.
  • dl_c32dl_c32 Posts: 16
    I haven't purchased it yet because I got a lower quote. Bacially the previous quote I got from the dealer is $2000 above the invoice. The Option A includes NV, VD, CL and CF. If you go to Toyota website, that how it list in the eBrochure and PDA as Option A for Limited.
    Now I am getting $1500 above invoice + tax&Lic. Will go pick the color since they have 4 sitting in the lot for me to choice. Cool!!
  • ron6ron6 Posts: 27
    I live in the Midwest and have no Toyota dealers within 60 miles. I travel some and have gotten e-mail quotes from dealers in Omaha, Minneapolis and Kansas City. Of the five quotes, four were at $1000 under MSRP. The fifth wouldn't budge from MSRP.

    One of the dealers told me that if I bring in another dealer's written quote at $1000 under MSRP, he will beat it.

    Has anyone gotten a better deal in the Midwest and, if so, can you tell me the name of the dealer?
  • Thanks for your reply. What is the best deal you've heard on this forum for an 05' limited avalon? I want to approach the dealer in about 30 days, so I need to gather some information. Who out there can share what you paid for an avalon limited 05 with nav, laser cruise, remote start?
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    My mistake. I meant $1500-$3000 over invoice, not over MSRP.
  • treynardtreynard Posts: 12
    I've looked over the new '05 Avalons, and I'm leaning towards the Limited. However, I have not been able to get discounts over $2,000 ... and my target is a minimum of $3,000 discount under sticker. That's about $1,400 over dealer invoice, as best I can determine. How long do you think it will take for prices to soften? What would be a reasonable low price offer for an Limited with an MSRP of $35,600? I'm prepared to wait if necessary. It seems that anytime you are among the first to buy a new model, you pay too much. Anyone have any upper midwest dealers to recommend for a good price? MN, WI, IA, ND, SD. T Reynard
  • dalcollidalcolli Posts: 23
    bigdogsailor and ron6, see my post #40. I'm in Indianapolis.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    It is not a bad target, but given the strong reviews the Avalon is receiving as well as the limited inventory, you may have to wait a while to negotiate a better deal on the Limited. Many dealerships in the Boston area seem to have very few or no Limited's in stock. Right now, the advantage seems to go to the dealerships because they seem to be able to sell the Limited's they have in stock and, in some cases, even future allocations. Good luck! Dan
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