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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience

googlestarsgooglestars Posts: 3
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  • sandydee1sandydee1 Posts: 26
    The MSRP was $29,361. I paid $26,000. They showed me the invoice of $26,681 which included advertising fees. I had been looking for a long time and the fleet managers at various dealers had offered me from $100-400 over invoice including the advertising fees. The deal that I took beat all others from fleet managers by $800-$1100. I love my new Avalon. It replaces my 1996 Avalon with 36,000 miles that was hail damaged. I handed it down to my 16 year old.
  • travelerjbtravelerjb Posts: 46
    My Avalon XLS came with every available option on it and I added a $1400 ClearBra treatment to most of the car surfaces. They put Mobil One Fully Synthetic oil and ATF in and supplied a top tier car cover......... all for $32000.00 Not a steal but considering it's loaded and protected nicely I'm not sorry....
  • williamt5williamt5 Posts: 1
    Please tell us where you got your Avalon. I am sure that such a dealer would love for you to tell us. Also, you should want to reward him/her by throwing more business their way.

  • sandydee1sandydee1 Posts: 26
    I bought my toyota avalon at Sport City Toyota, Dallas, Texas.
  • dfurnierdfurnier Posts: 26
    I've read many posts in the past regarding "how much?" Many have paid below or near invoice, but not so easy in this area, it seems. Possibly because its rural and dealers are few. So, I'm jealous of those living in a big town - but only for that reason! Or, maybe I'm just not good at the negotiating game. Anyway, fought very hard and purchased an XL at MSRP $30.1k for about $400 over invoice (I think). And it was painful. Do like the car.
  • matthew525matthew525 Posts: 52
    base + FE, SR, GV, PC, DK Z1, WL = $29,286; TTL = $30,646. Took about 30 minutes of talking after we drove the car. Could have done a couple of hundred better, yet I didn't want to haggle this time around. They came close enough to what I had estimated for SE Virginia.
  • Had been looking for a 2001, 2002, or 2003 (demo) with low miles, primarily in South Florida. AutoTrader, Carsdirect and ebay were my main sources of available cars. was, of course, great for providing all the price details. Bought a 2002 Lunar Mist XL with 12,000. from a Lexus dealer on the west coast of Florida. Car was a private trade, not a rental. Leather interior, power seats, keyless entry, interior/trunk mats, cargo net. No sunroof. No alloys. $19,700. including the dealers doc/prep. fee. $19.7K plus TTT, out the door. Found the car in One word of caution: Don't assume a car has a clean past just because the Carfax report appears clean. I looked at a 2001 Avalon at a dealer in Ft. Lauderdale. Low miles, apparently clean Carfax report. Upon inspection, I noticed that the normal factory badges were missing from the left front fender and driver's door. The dealer then said, "oh yeah, it was involved in a minor accident". So, the moral is, a car can be fixed privately without reporting it to an insurance company and it will not be on the Carfax report. Don't assume, and inspect the vehicle carefully yourself.
  • Just purchased a 2003 Toyota Avalon for dealer invoice. The XL Lunar Mist with the LP, carpet and trunk mats, and moonroof $26,202. The dealer got me for $180 for paperwork fees, but I also get free tires for as long as I own the car. I have a 1996 Avalon XL with 120,000 miles. Except for routine maintenance, I have only replaced the starter and recharged the AC since I have owned the car. Sandydee1, I can't believe your 1996 only had 36,000 miles on it. Your daughter is very lucky to get that car.
  • mikem30mikem30 Posts: 20
    I am looking for an avalon identical to yours in color and equipment-could you tell me where you got it? Thanks!
  • mikem30mikem30 Posts: 20
    I read the above and noticed your other discussion about buying 16" wheels on E-bay. In the above post you state the 2002XL had leather seats. Since you are buying alloy wheels and since I have been looking on autotrader also-my question is: there does not appear to be a Toyota factory package for leather seats and no alloy wheels. I have contacted several dealers with cars that have leather seats and after many questions have found that it is an "after-market" leather package. This means that the steering wheel is not leather stiched and there is no power passenger seat. You seem to have gotten a good price-does your Avalon have the passenger power seat and the leather steering wheel? Thanks!
  • Mike, Definitely an interesting question. The car has both driver's and passenger's power seats. The leather interior includes the door panels and the seats. The gear shift lever and steering wheels are not stitched leather. Your point is well taken. I have looked at many other Avalons with gray leather interiors and it looks the same. I agree with your observation about the various option packages. Could it be an after market job ? (Rhetorical) I guess. If it is, it's a good one. The Lexus dealer I bought it from seemed reasonable straight. But, as you know, you never really know for sure. The steels 15 inch wheels and wheel covers appear to be stock. So, for me, I will soon have the new 16 inch 2003 Avalon alloy wheels on the car and it will, maybe, appear more "legit". Other than that, the car had 12,000 miles, fully documented, drives like a dream and is everything I expected. I am very happy with it. The price took a bit of grinding, they were asking $24K. None of my local dealers (East Coast Florida) were close. Thanks for your input, it sounds like I have a rather unique Avi. Bob
  • mikem 30. I purchased my 2003 at Tri-City Toyota in Bay City Michigan. Just to bring you up to date, I have been having a few problems with them. First on the tires for life deal. They neglected to tell me that I was required to have THEM rotate my tires and align my font end every 15,000 miles to qualify for the tires for life deal. Pretty slick on their part. Also have a few paint chips that have to be repaired. The salesman offered me a tube of touch-up paint. I told him I wanted it repaired not touch-up paint. I'll let you know what happens. Always read all the fine print before you buy. They caught me on the tire deal, but I did not get the paperwork on that until after the purchase.
  • In today's Dallas Morning News, there is an ad from Toyota Vandergriff in Arlington, Texas. It says it has a 2004 fully loaded Avalon available for $26,995. The fine print says that the MSRP is $30,285. That seems like a great price for the new model year.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    FE/NV/VD/GV/SR being sold at local dealer for 29796. Not sure if that includes freight or not. Even if not, that looks like a powerful deal to me. This is not a demo because I've been looking at this car as it continues to sit on the lot. If only I could get a decent price on my 02 Envoy.......
  • I'm no good at this negotiating. I know what I want and will probably have to order it because my wife wants bench seats in her XLS. What would be a fair price to pay with the following options: GU(Premium package), SR (sun roof), MG(mud guards), M5(5 piece mat set), WL(wheel locks), D(Door edge guards), TS(custom stripe).
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    I am not sure how much time you have in your life, but the accessories you mentioned in #16(except) the stripe and the package, can be put on in about 1 hour. They probably make 100% profit on the items. Just a suggestion but you could order the items over the web.

    I usually order my Toyota parts for Ask for Larry, he is very knowledgeable and pleasant.

  • In today's Dallas Morning News, there is an ad from Toyota Vandergriff in Arlington, Texas( suburb of Dallas). It says "save $4,000 off MSRP on '04 Avalons in stock. We've got 30 Avalons in stock." Unless it is a trick, it sounds like they have some good deals. This dealership was not open when I bought my 2003 Avalon in July for $ 3,361 off MSRP. (See my posting # 2 above)
  • Bought a 2003 Toyota Avalon XL with 10K in October, 2003. Has leather, moonroof, 16" alloys, JBL stereo system - Paid $22,750 - Car is virtually like new -
  • In negotiating for an Avalon XLS the dealer is indicating that the invoice price is $29946 which includes an ad fee of $429. Edmunds does show the invoice as $29517 ($429 less than the dealer's number. The offer on the table is for $100 over the dealer's number or $30046. Is the add-on for the ad fee a real dealer cost? Has anyone been able to reduce this fee or eliminate this fee from the deal?
  • geobuyer,

    That add on fee is an advertising cost that Toyota passes on to the dealer. It is known as TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising and it is legitimate. I have purchased three Toyota's in the last two years and have paid this fee each time.

    On the 4Runner forum there has been some discussion on this additional cost and the consensus is there is no way the dealer will cut this from the price.

    If the dealer does agree to sell at the Edmunds or KBB listed invoice removing this TDA, there is a another motivation to do so. Most likely a Factory to Dealer incentive, something that you may never have the information on. Realize that you are still paying for this advertising, the dealer is now hiding this fee.

    And from what I have been advised, the amount of the TDA is a percentage based on the MSRP. My TDA cost for my 2004 4Runner Limited that I purchased two weeks ago was $560.00.

    After stating your dissatisfaction with this fee, the dealer may be willing to offer you other incentives like a great finance rate (if you qualify) or an accessory you were planning on purchasing. I'm not sure how well the 04 Avalon's are selling but the price of $30,046 does not sound bad for that car.

    My wife has a 2003 Avalon XLS and has not had one complaint or problem in the 17 month's of ownership. I am sold on Toyota durability and quality.

    Good luck on your decision.
  • Calif. Dec 26, 03.

    Popular option pac with leather, keyless, pwr seats, alloy wheels. Also floor/trunk mats. $23,200.

    Document fee was $45. Registration was just a small transfer fee but dealer did tag on a smog certifications fee of $58. OTD $25,004.

    Internet quote of $24,800 for a New 03 (with above options) attracted us to the dealership. The used one just worked out best for us.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Some of you might be interested in the discussion at this link: Toyota Advertising Fees
  • I have been looking in the Memphis area for an Avalon since he first of December. Even though we have three dealers I can't seem to find a car with the exterior color of Stratosphere Mica and the interior color of Ivory. I options I want are vehicle skid control, leather, and moonroof. The dealers here have not been getting Avalons shipped to them. Most of them don't have any allocated to the dealer in the next month. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  • Just bought an XLS last night. Got the Premium Luxury package (no heated seats), Sun Roof, Mats, And IW(Intermitent wipers).

    I paid $28,800.
    Dealer fees $495.00 + tax, tag ($225).

    Total out the door all included (Tax, tax etc...) was $31,000 and change.

    How did I do??
    Also I am curious what are dealer fees in other dealerships.

    David ([email protected])
  • epmusaepmusa Posts: 7
    Got XL model w/ Premium package last 06/07/04. MSRP $28,888 and dealer's invoice for $26,040. Negoitated price for $25,750 plus tx & lic.

    Out the door total cost $28,497.52
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    I've gotten a quote for $29,999 for an XLS which includes base price, destination charge, sunroof, premium package with heated seats, and the preferred accessory. Does this sound like a good price?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,356
    It seems you have a hard time trying to make up your mind between the XLS and the ES330. Both cars are bullet proof so it boils down to personal taste. On this thread most will probably convince you to buy the XLS.

    The $30,000 price quote seems high, in the Boston area you could do much better. Good luck with your purchase and welcome to the Avalon family.
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    The MSRP on the car is $33,863. The invoice is $29,745. There aren't any rebates currently underway with this car. You think two hundred over invoice is too much?
  • bubbaboybubbaboy Posts: 7
    Classic Toyota Tyler Texas, I purchased an Avalon XLS before it arrived a the dealer. I paid dealer invoice + $150. I could choose any Avalon on the lot, one on its way, or build one, my choice, $150 over dealer invoice. The port installed options often have MSRP much higher than dealer cost, while factory options are 10-20% higher than dealer cost. Therefore, options that don't cost the dealer a lot can run up the MSRP, giving the illusion of "big discounts" on the final deal. I like the deal when you can pay a set fee in relation to dealer invoice, and add any options at dealer invoice. The dealer makes extra profit through "holdbacks" and fees. Don't believe that they are only making a couple of hundred $$. If needed, bluff, walk out, etc. until you get a clear understanding of how they are going to price all the cars you are considering. Just have the stones to get the info you want, walk if you don't. My dealer in Tyler was great to work with, no pressure. They did let me walk out the door, wife in hand, when an offer I made was rejected. Had to sleep on the couch that night, but went back a few days later and made the deal, same salesman, different Avalon. Warning: Have an understanding with your wife when it comes to dealing, or drop her off at the mall, then make the deal.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    Are we all waiting for the new MY'06 Avalon bowing in early 2005? I'd think now that the word is out, the remaining '04s should be going for huge discounts, no?
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