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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Here's my Maxima offer:

    MSRP - $32,750
    Trade-in + discount off sticker - $5,700
    Additional Maxima discount - $1,000
    Total discount off sticker $6,700

    Avalon offer:

    MSRP - 31,089
    Trade-in + discount off sticker - $4,500
    Total discount off sticker - $4,500

    The Maxima offer seems to be at about invoice while the Avalon looks to be about 3% above invoice. Both these offers not including what the holdbacks each would be receiving.

    Any advice on which way to go?
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Cappy4103:
    Well bought! Think about the envious lot who've bought Accords or Camry's for as much or more than you paid for the superior Avalon! Enjoy!
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi CCrider:
    The difference between your two deals is only $539 if my math is correct, and the Avalon's higher resale value will "way more" than offset that amount, so from a financial perspective, the Avalon is the way to go. Sounds like Toyota's hammering you on your trade-in. Try to get Toyota to offer more for it, or sell it outright to Carmax for more if there's one in your area.

    Aside from my Avalon, I own a 96 Maxima SE. Consumer Reports rates Avalon and Maxima as having excellent reliability. Assuming we're comparing apples to apples, you're looking at a Maxima SE vs the Avalon Touring. I shopped both cars too. The Maxima handles a little better than Touring, and is slightly less comfortable, but I got the impression that the Avalon is slightly more structurally solid, better screwed-together, and has a nicer interior than the Max. Avalon is better on fuel, is more powerful, and I think better-looking, especially when looking at both cars from the rear three-quarter view (Nissan blew it on the C-pillar design!).

    Beyond the above points, it all boils down to personal preference. If you can get Toyota to pay you more for your trade-in, then the Avalon is a no-brainer decision. As it stands, I cannot think of any reason, other than for handling, to buy the Max over the Avalon, but there are a lot more reasons to buy the Avalon over the Max.

    If you plan on keeping this next car for 5yrs or less, resale value is crucial (Avalon wins). If charging on-ramps and enjoying twisty two-lane country roads is your thing, Maxima wins. Ultimately, both are great cars in their own right, and you're not going to lose with either choice.
    Hope this helps.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    I'm new at this...I have three digital pictures of the car but can't figure out how to post them or how to attach them to this reply, even after referring with the "Help" guide above. Arggh! I know how to attach them to an email if you'd like. My address is Sorry!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    You have to load the images to a server (like first. If you right-click on your photo, you can view the properties, which will show you the URL of your photo (the thing that starts with "http://") Then use the "img" button just below the post box to make your photo show up. Hit the "img" button below, then type in the full URL like "", then hit the "img" button again to finish it off.

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  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Okay, let me try this again...this is a link to three photos of my Avalon at which now appears to be a Kodak website">link title.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Cappy4103, that sounds like a great price. Are you in CA? I'm looking to purchase an XL in the SF- Bay Area, and they won't go below $1,100 off of the MSRP for the XL with the Blizzard Pearl. I'll just wait a bit more unfortunately!
  • dllfodllfo Posts: 1
    First, we love our Avalon and all the other Toyotas we have owned. The MSRP on mine
    was 36,927 and we paid 32,058 plus doc fees ($45); Sales tax, license fees, etc.
    Final cost was $34, 848.98. It is paid off now.

    My question for the group is your smog equipment. Around Jan 1, 2005 my check engine
    soon light came on. I called Folsom Lake Toyota (where I bought it - and our other Toyota) and they said bring it in. We took it in at 7pm on Jan 6th and got it back about
    a week later. They were still not sure exactly what was wrong, but they replaced a few
    parts and the light went off.

    On April 16th the light came on again. I had just completed the 30k maint. with the
    dealership, so they may have twisted the wrong thing, who knows??

    My question to the group is.....does anyone else have a smog problem??

    The reason I am asking is that I have a 1997 Chev K1500 pickup that had smog problems for about 4 years. Chev even put a new engine in it, but no luck. They put
    the "sensor machine" in it so that when the light came on I could punch the button and
    store the info. Now - - here comes the interesting part. General Motors sent me a
    letter stating they were have fuel injector problems on engines from ....uh...1995 thru
    2001 or something like that. I called the Calif. Air Resources Board to see if they had
    a copy of this letter and was told no. I faxed it over to them. They were delighted.

    Does Toyota have a problem we don't know about? Don't get me wrong, I have been
    a loyal Toyota owner since 1977. We have bought eight or nine Toyotas in that time,
    so I don't want anyone thinking I am bashing Toyota. Not at all. I am simply asking if
    anyone else has this problem, and if so, how did they cure it? My dealer is very nice,
    and the service dept is trying, but I don't want to spend the next 3 years taking my car

    Thanks for your time......dllfo">
  • Cappy4103
    YOU did a great job posting the pic. Would you say the pics are true to color? The car looks a blue gray metallic
    I cannot believe how pretty it is! I wish I had seen one before I ordered the Titanium
    What part of the country are you in . You got a beautiful car and a great deal Best of luck and thanks for sharing the pics!
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
  • I live in MD. I accept no offers from any dealers. I would suggest you research all your options with MSRP and Invoice costs for each. Total the vehicle costs and make an offer that splits the difference between MSRP and Invoice. Then make this your offer to the dealer. You may want to negotiate an extended warranty option as part of your offer. I have been successful at this scheme during my vehcle purchasing history.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Thank you Angel! I live in upstate NY. In the daytime, the car looks like a tasteful light blue in color. At dusk or on a cloudy day, to me the color looks darker, more blue gray metallic. I guess the pictures really didn't do the color any justice, but I tried :) We are happy with the color...something different from the earth tone beiges, and our 2005 Sienna is Phanton Gray Pearl, which we like. But we wanted something different already having one gray colored car in the garage. You won't be disappointed with the Titanium!
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    ooooo she's pretty! What's her name? Is she single? Maybe she and my Touring can be playmates. :shades:
  • pwein1pwein1 Posts: 21
    Has anyone tried leasing the Avalon? If so, any advice.

  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    I'm going to do this within a couple weeks.

    You can use to get a rough idea.

    There are no special lease incentives at all, but that's no surprise.

    Go to the Lease Forum for more info...

  • I recently picked up my 05 Avalon Limited. this is my 3rd avalon. I passed my 99 and 02 down to my sons.

    I paid $ 33,631 at Lee's Toyota in Queens, NY. I got the all the options including the Navigation system, Mats Trunk curtain and a full tank of gas.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    How much above invoice?
  • 332rick332rick Posts: 7
    In need of some help. I am ready to purchase my first Avalon. The trim I am looking at is the Touring I have the invoice price (27,954.00) / MSRP (31,089.00).

    I finally went in and tried to work a deal.
    The best offer they could offer me was 32,000 out the door. Lic & tax + fees included. That was after pulling some teeth and 2 hours later.

    I live in southern Ca, so taxes are high to start.
    Normally using 9% to cover for 7.75% tax and Lic fees.

    Need opinions, good deal or not? Any other feed back will be very much welcome.

    Thanks and, Good luck to all.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    I can tell you more tomorrow. My current offer from dealer is also on MSRP of $31,089 (invoice of $28,160) although I was also going to get heated seats done at the shop for another $199 per seat. So that would be $31,487. Does $400 for heated seats sound reasonable? At $31,487, they came down to $29,487 but my trade-in amount was a little low. I'm going there tomorrow to see if we can get together on a deal.
  • baldzorobaldzoro Posts: 5
    To 332rick, So Cal Toyota dealers are not making "good deals" on Avalons right now, at least not by my definition. It's classic supply and demand. They're selling their limited supply pretty easily right now, and there's not a lot of inventory on any of the lots that I've visited (four) in O.C. I have only paid more than $500 over invoice for one car purchased in the last 15 years (an 02 Acura MDX), and that's because I had severe time pressure (shame on me). I heard the dealers will start getting more cars in May/June. If you can, you may want to wait til it get's closer to the end of the quarter and see if they have more inventory and more incentive to discount. Maybe by then, they will have picked all the low hanging fruit. Safe to say the selling prices won't go up in the next 60 days.

    Avalon's a good great car. Good luck.

  • pwein1pwein1 Posts: 21
    I have been offered $31,300 for Desert Brown Ltd. MSRP is $34,300. Sounds like a great deal to me. Any other opinions on this?
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    That sounds like a great price if its plus tax, license, registration, and other governmental fees applicable to your area. What part of the country do you reside in? I am looking for an Avalon XL in N. California, which I think I have to order. Unfortunately, they won't discount as much. Best price I got, was $1,250 off of the MSRP. I have sent at least five emails inquiring about the vehicle, and I only got one response back. (I did not mention anything about price in the email-just availability). Since I don't need a car anytime soon, I may wait until December of 2005 and purchase a 2006 model.
  • pwein1pwein1 Posts: 21
    I am in Texas. Does not include taxes, fees, etc. $100 or invoice is what they are quoting.
  • Hi ccrider

    I paid $800 above invoice. I was really looking to pay $200 above invoice, which was what I paid for my last 2 avalon xls's. But the dealer I baught from previously wouldn't budge. So after shopping this was the best I could do. If you are in the NYC area, the salesman said he would sell to anyone I sent in at that price.
  • Was that your out the door price? How much was tax? Thanks
  • The out the door price - with Tax, Lic, NY Tire, And Application Fees - Everything was $ 36,743.
  • vince11vince11 Posts: 11
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in NC, willing to deal. I'm looking for a Limited in white with VSC and navigation. Thanks
  • 332rick332rick Posts: 7
    Well I just got my best offer yet 33,500 OTD for XLS, w/NAV and Remote Start. Coming in 3 days.

    I dont think i did so bad for southern-Cali.

    Thanks everyone for the very usefull information. Keep it up.
    Will post pictures soon.
    Cya in AVALON heven :shades:
  • TRy emailing the Internet sales manager at Toyota of Elizabeth City NC
    Another individual pointed them out Let me know if that works out Where in NC are you? Good luck
  • vince11vince11 Posts: 11
    I'm near Sanford, in the Sandhills area. I have emailed the dealer you suggested, I'll wait to see what happens. Thanks for your response.
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