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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • impartialimpartial Posts: 19
    This is the best I've come up with. New Avalon Limited in Blizzard Pearl with VSC and mats. MSRP $35,149. My price is $31,949 plus $50 total dealer fee. Taxes and license extra. Is this a decent deal for the car, based on current market conditions? Any opinion or comment appreciated. Thanks. Impartial
  • rainh2orainh2o Posts: 19

    Based upon what I've been quoted and seen on these boards, that would be an awesome price in Phoenix!

  • charlesn1charlesn1 Posts: 15
    That sounds like a very good deal, especially since 'invoice' is @ $30,887 plus taxes and tags. Can you tell me what city you got the deal in? I have ordered the same car in Delaware for a higher price. Been waiting 7 weeks now and now my dealer is trying to tell me that he did not receive any 'Limited' allotment for the month of May. Don't know weather to believe him or not. He has been getting several on a regular basis until now. Getting to be a very 'trying' experience! If I wasn't next in line for a Limited, I am tempted to forget the whole thing.
  • prakramaprakrama Posts: 14
    I just now bought a AVALON XLS Silver Pine Mica ...

    for 32000/- Out of Door ( Incl 7% Tax )

    Optional Includes Spoiler + Trunk Mats + Mudgaurds ................

    What do you think of this deal ??????
  • jcu1963jcu1963 Posts: 22
    First, I want to thank all who provided information to me and my wife regarding our attempts to purchase a Limited in Southern Illinois. My attempts at negotiating with dealers in this part of the country met mostly with resistance on their part. For information purposes, my definition of Southern Illinois includes most of the area south of Interstate 64, St. Louis, Memphis, southeast Missouri (e.g., Cape Girardeau), and parts of western Kentucky (e.g., Paducah and Murray). In all but two cases, dealers were not discounting below MSRP on Limiteds, and in one instance, the dealer was marking up by $500.

    We continued our efforts to locate a dealer who would "work with us" and were successful in locating one in the Greater St. Louis area. Briefly, our vehicle is:

    Blue mirage metallic with ivory interior
    Navigation system
    Dynamic cruise control
    Vehicle traction/stability control
    Satellite radio, including relocating the antenna from the side to top of trunk
    Preferred accessory package Z1

    I think its MSRP by is about $38,142, including destination charge. We were able to negotiate to $35,900; invoice from is about $33,385. From reading posts here and on the Avalon 2005+ discussion board, I've found prices better and worse. However, for this part of the country, I don't think I could have done much better after dealing with between 10-15 dealers. We are hopeful for delivery in early July.

    Thanks to all for the valuable information.

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    I think you "done good". Based on my internet price quotes over the last two weeks, Avali of the four different trim levels seem to be selling for an average about $1,700 above invoice here in the Boston area. A greater percentage off for the Limited, and less of a percentage off MSRP for the XL (not as many options that have greater margins).

    My wife and I got our 2005 XL with moonroof, mats, and alarm system for $26,950 plus $254 doc & title fee.

    Only thing we did not do was agree to finance, then pay off within a month - which may have got us a better deal on the car. My wife and I are trying to simplify, not make our lives more involved - so we paid cash when we could have probably negotiated another couple of hundred $ off the car with a loan (Mmmaybe. Might not be liklely for the XL with a slimmer profit margin than the others).

    Looking forward to seeing our XL in Blue Mirage Metallic - hope our gray interior looks as nice as your ivory one (our intial choice)!

    - Paul
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    I don't think anyone should be paying anymore than 500.00 over invoice. Many have pointed out on this forum correctly that the dealer makes much more than the 500.00 over invoice w/ holdbacks and more incentives from TMC. If you live in an area with multiple dealers, bargain hard (some have done better than others) for the cars are "wanted" but not on back order. Smart Acura RL (50,000 car) have been paying approx. 45k, which is approx. 500.00 over invoice. The best time to get a deal is the end of the month. Every dealer wants to maximize the units sold. :)
  • fareastfareast Posts: 6
    got xls cassis pearl/ivory vsc, heated seats and floor mats Out the door for $30,500. Ordered it so wont get for up to 3 months.
  • gerry4gerry4 Posts: 2
    I just joined and saw your message today. Last week I too bought an Avalon XLS with the silver pine mica color.(My favorite was blue but we already have that color.)Anyway people have stopped me in parking lots saying how much they like it and that they want that color too.I live in the Atlanta area and only one dealer had that color-lots of black ,gold,white,silver.though. I guess your deal is good.The only option we got were floor mats. Our price was 31,300 including our sales tax of 7% and title.We had no trade-in and we also did no fiancing. Glad I found these forums-I am learning so much!!
  • wskga1wskga1 Posts: 5
    What dealer did you use in the Atlanta area.? I'm in the market very very soon. Who had the best inventory in Atlanta as you shopped? Did you find anyone with many Limited Models? what kind of dealer fees did you have to pay?

  • gerry4gerry4 Posts: 2
    Not sure if we can say dealers names so I'll just say I used the one close to the Mall of Ga.and that was the only dealer that had the silver pine LXS-the other 9 dealers wanted us to order the car.I did test drive a Limited in the titanium metallic color(lots of avalons in that color) at that same dealership but I can"t remember how many Limiteds were on the lot.But over on the Marietta side on Cobb Pkwy I do recall seeing Limiteds. Most of the cars in this Atlanta area had this Toyoquard Plus Protection package for 700.00 on the window but it was not on mine-said it was on 95% of their cars in the south -not sure that is true. Also had some kind of 'DOC' fee for around 500.00. We just looked at the bottom line and said we will give you x amount and thats it-seemed to work . Hope this helps.
  • I am trying to get prices for a 2005 Toyota Avalon Limited from dealers out of my state of Alabama without any luck. All the quotation engines require my zip code such that only local dealers reply. I would like to open up competition, like I did by buying my motorcycle in New Mexico and saving $1800. Could anyone advise how to obtain independent interstate quotations? I would like to travel to collect my new car if the price was right. Any help appreciated.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    with all due respect and I really do not mean these statements to sound rude but it isn't that hard to buy an Avalon Limited in the Southeast. All dealers just got their allocations spread last night so there are plenty of cars and plenty of dealers to choose from. If you feel you need to go out of state, you can go to the Florida area and see how that works for you where the older demographics live and all they want is the White limited Avalon. You can always try over in the Atlanta market for a high demand low supply vehicle. If you go over to Mississippi it is a different distributor but it is still a private distributor so I don't think that will help you much, I really don't even know a dealer in Mississippi that I would start with. The truth is you really do not know how fortunate you are to be where you are to be in the market for this car. Good luck in your quest, but I am confident that the grass is not greener in this situation.
  • prakramaprakrama Posts: 14
    Yes ,the same dealer offered me a drive out price of 30500/- last month end .
    but i couldnt get . because someone else signed the contract when we took the car for test drive . Finally I ended up paying 32K with some options ., I desperately wanted VSC on my CAR . But couldnt get it :( .
    Nice to meet a XLS owner ( esp Silver Pine Mica )..if one is not intrested in this color .
    There are several dealers in Atlanta ready to offer @ 30,500.
    I got Mud Guards , rear spoiler and Mats as option .While I feel we both have
    payed the same price . tell me how is your experience so far .
    I am excited and eagerly waiting for weekend to pickup my car
  • I am going buy an Avalon Limited in the Seattle area. Any advice regarding the out the door price I should pay would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • kinzuakinzua Posts: 44
    Go to this website:
    This is in Central Florida. I got what I felt was a decent deal on a Limited to be delivered this coming week.
    Silver Pine Mica
    Vehicle Stability Control
    Dynamic Cruise Control
    XM Radio
    Sun roof wind deflector
    Color keyed mud flaps
    Floor and mud flaps
    MSRP $38565
    Deal $36313

    One other dealer quoted me MSRP and another was about $1000 higher than the deal I got.

    I just saw a post somewhere about how many Avalons were available. Don't believe it, at least as far as I can determing they are still pretty hard to find equiped as you would like. Of course if you want just any Avalon then you shouldn't have a lot of trouble.

    I'm happy :)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Dave, let me give you some advice regarding internet sales. We are seeing an inordinate amount of out of state price quote requests for all Toyotas not just Avalons and we have decided not to reply to them or rather refer you to your local dealer. Reason being is most internet managers pay is based on number of leads and closing ratios among other things. So having a large number of out of area leads reduces our closing ratio and also our pay because we spend a lot of time with these request knowing darn well that you will just go to your local dealer and say "I can get this car for xxxxx at xys Toyota in Beantown Egypt" and most dealers will cave in and sell you the car for that price. So you win and I lose. I pay very close attention to area codes and zip codes now because it is affecting MY bottom line.
  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    Your participation in the Avalon discussions is a breath of fresh air. We all learn so much from your postings: vehicle colors, trim options, what a dealer can and can not do. . .
    Many Thanks,
    BetterSafe (than Sorry)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Thank you bettersafe! My advice is to go with your local dealers first since they provide jobs for your community and a lot of them are also regular contributors to charitable causes. There is a lot of things these business men do for their communities that gets lost in the translation. If you approach them right and treat them as you would want to be treated you will be amazed at the good things that will happen. Please remember the market determines what you will pay for your car. Here in my area Limiteds are still going for MSRP, there is an ample supply of XLS now so some good discounts are being given on those. The XL and Touring are also doing really well. As I told my GM one day, "these cars are not museum pieces, eventually we are going to have to discount the XLS or we are going to end up with a lot full of them" Good luck to all of you on your search for the best deal. Remember one thing though, the lowest price is not always the best deal!
  • khalifokhalifo Posts: 1
    Hi, is this out of door price or does not include some charges or taxes?
  • Just bought an '05 XL, Blizzard White, MoonRoof, Alarm, Mats @ $500 over invoice. Did my homework, read lots of postings on this forum and am grateful to everyone who shared thier buying experiences. I'm happy with the deal. Eastern Pennsylvania.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    Your information sounds good - from at least one other post I see others are getting that good a deal on the XL. My advice to all is that if you can find an Avalon for $500 over invoice, go for it! If you can negotiate that well, my hat's off to you!!

    I don't mind that we paid more however, as prices in New England (like real estate) seem to be higher. Also our sales person seems very honest, and she is taking extra special care that we receive a brand new XL from the factory, no miles on it, and never test driven by other customers. Being this type of a person, I would expect that she will also work extra hard to see that anything initially wrong with the car is repaired.

    I guess it's a matter of personal principal, but I don't have a problem with giving (yes, giving - maybe I should be buying a Lexus? Not!!) more money when I get value for that service, especially if the salesperson is sincere and honest. This is how it works in my business, and I can appreciate that when I am on the other side of the fence. But I feel just as strongly that when people try to get more money for giving me nothing, basically *stealing* from me, I am not happy and get very angry at myself, for allowing myself to be put in that position. Just my 2 cents.

    By the way, I am not in the car business and teach for a living. I did work at a dealership during a semester off from junior college 25 years ago, which was a real eye opener. Since training was the only thing I was good at, I didn't make it in the car industry and went back to school.

    Mackabee, you put it so well when you said: "If you approach them right and treat them as you would want to be treated you will be amazed at the good things that will happen. Please remember the market determines what you will pay for your car." This was the approach I took - within reason: of course I did negotiate the price with other local dealers as low as I could. I then went to the best, most honest person (in my opinion) that was within a certain range of the lowest quote. As you also said, "Remember one thing though, the lowest price is not always the best deal!" :blush:

    - Paul
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Good to hear you had a great experience Paul! There are lots of decent hard working folks in the car business. Sometimes you have to search long and hard to find one but when you do it's well worth the price of admission. I would bet your sales lady has plenty or repeat customers and referrals from her satisfied customers. That's how you make it in the car business. Another one of my mottos is "treat every customer like they are buying a Landcruiser" Congratulations on your new Avalon!
  • lucky6lucky6 Posts: 4
    Hi does that price include sales tax?
  • lucky6lucky6 Posts: 4
    I am interested in buying a 2005 avalon xls with vehicle stability control heated seats traction control with brake assist& carpeted floor mats. I have been quoted a price of $31100 plus 6% sales tax and license plate charge total $ 33066.00 is this price any good or can i do better? we are in the Freehold area in N.J. this is a great site glad that I found it also in no hurry for the car thanks
  • lucky6lucky6 Posts: 4
    Thanks for answering. That price does not include sales tax price with sales tax is $33066
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Lucky6:
    I replied to your post in the 2005 Avalon section, so check my response there (unless Pat relocates my response here).
  • mikem30mikem30 Posts: 20
    A follow up comment to the post about Toyoguard. The S.E. Toyota Distributor puts this on most of its vehicles. I was told that since this is added at the port, it can be avoided if you do internet ordering and select a vehicle before Toyoguard is added and the vehicle shipped. Using this information, I have ordered a 2003 and 2004 Avalon without it. This was in central Florida.

    If you wait for delivery to a dealer, I would guess that more than 95% will have Toyoguard!
  • garry4garry4 Posts: 11
    I have found the Invoice Price for the 05 Avalon XLS on Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book, but my local dealer claims that the "real" Invoice price is approximately $1,000 more. The dealer claims that the additional $1,000 is a Gulf States charge for distribution to the various dealers in the southwestern states.

    Is this a real charge or not?

  • dmorcosdmorcos Posts: 22
    I have purchased the XLS here in Arkansas for $500 over invoice.
    I have also traded my other vehicle for the same price I had advertised in the paper, which was the trade in value in a few reference books.
    I have tried all around my town for a deal that approached $500 over invoice with no luck.
    I called Landers Toyota out of Fayettville, Arkansas and talked to a salesperson (be glad to give the name if you email me) that was a pleasure to deal with. We agreed on the out the door price and on what they would pay for my vehicle. What I wanted they had to order so I was asked to pay a $300 refundable deposit over the phone which they actually never charged to my account. And I know because I monitor my bank and card accounts online.
    Now I live 4 hrs from that dealership and I was concerned that they would look over my trade in and find dings and little things just so they wont pay what we agreed on over the phone, but to make a long story short, once I got there, my new car was ready, all paper work was filled prior to my arrival and only the signatures required.

    And for all of you around Fayettville, Arkansas which is in the upper most north west part of the state you can go to their web site, build your Toyota Avy limited with any color including the Pearl that seems to be so much in demand, and yes, they either will have it in stock, or available within 2 days.

    Sorry about the long post, my hope is to be able to contribute and help the ones that are having a problem finding their specific avy.
  • leo7leo7 Posts: 3
    Could you please give me the name of the salesperson.
  • rick8rick8 Posts: 4
    I ordered a 2005 Avalon Limited from a Toyota dealer on 5-11-05 in the color blizzard pearl. The salesman just called me today to tell me that blizzard pearl is a discontinued color and that I would have to choose a different color. He said that they had a Limited in stock in blizzard pearl but that it had a lot more equipment than I ordered and that I would have to pay a lot more for the car than the original order.He said that since Toyota doesn't make the car in blizzard pearl that I have no choice but to take a different color or the more expensively equipped car on the lot. Does any one know if the dealer is telling me the truth about blizzard pearl being a discontinued color.Is there a number I can call for Wisconsin to verify the validity of the dealer's statement?
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Please do not ask for or provide the names of sales people as this is prohibited in our forums, and any posts containing such information will be deleted.

    Thank you.
  • viking644viking644 Posts: 23

    I just ordered my limited in blizzard pearl. It is on my dealer's alotment sheet to be manufactured on June 6th and delivered to CA around June 15-20th. While it is true that it is "loaded" with everything except the remote starter, I can assure you that the color is still available. I cannot believe this would be a regional decision by Toyota either as they are being manufactured in KY. I'd call bull #$%& on the dealer and ask for someone up the food chain from them. the sticker on my order is in the $37800 range and I due to solid contacts I will be paying $33500+ tax/license. Since the limited trim models cannot even sit on the lot in my area without being already pre-sold, I'm pretty happy. Good Luck. :)
  • kraigkraig Posts: 2
    So , I decided for a Toyota Avalon XL , I live in Florida , I found a dealer @ Headquarters Toyota in Miami and we did a the buyer sale contract , with an estimated waiting time of 2-3 weeks , after 3 weeks I received just the VIN # for my car , I wait another week and call the dealer to find out where my car is ? he told me at the Toyota Southeast distributor in Jacksonville , as of today I waited for 5 weeks in total , I become anxious and do not know what to do to get the car ? Please Help ?
    I mention that I have already put a down payment on that car 5 weeks ago , I need your advice ?

    Thank you ! :confuse:
  • tigger8tigger8 Posts: 1
    Ok, this is what you do, dress well, a tie and all, show up at dealership with your contract, ask to see the top manager/owner and demand your money back or the car, when they start giving you the run around call toyota in front of the manager and report them, call Univision, and the cops, tell them you have a contract for 3 weeks and is 5 weeks and no car, when they don't honor a contract and they have your money that's call robbery!, stand you ground, keep us posted please...
  • kraigkraig Posts: 2
    I called the Customer relations manager , explain the situation , she call me back with a delivery date , next week on Tuesday-Wednesday . I am optimistic and hope to get the car on Wednesday .
    Thank you tigger ! :blush:
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39
    I live in West Central Florida, and recently took delivery on my 05 Cassis Pearl Limited. I bought it from the Sales Manager at Wilson Toyota in Ames, Iowa for $1,000 over the true Toyota factory invoice**, plus $300 for shipping to 10 miles from my home. **There were no port add-ons, dealer add-ons, or any other "smoke and mirrors" add-ons that many dealers try. My final price was $34,278 for a Limited with NAV, Laser Cruise, Vehicle Stability Control (VCS, TRAC, & BA), and CarpetFloor Mats/Trunk Mat. Plus $300 for shipping. I paid the required Florida Sales Tax and Registration Fees directly to DMV.

    I was told he would make the same deal on any 05 Avalon to anyone in the contiguous '48

    Love The Car and The Color,

  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    When you get a chance, please post some photos of your Cassis Avalon. This color seems to appear very different depending on the lighting. I have seen several pictures taken in overcast conditions, and the color seems to be a dark burgundy moreso than red. Does it appear to be red in full daylight ? I have yet to see one of this color in the flesh.
    {Sounds like you got a good deal ! } What did you mean by the "true factory invoice"? Is there more than one "factory invoice"?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Sure! Didn't you know that? There's like twenty different invoices around. The trick is knowing which one to believe.
  • garry4garry4 Posts: 11

    Is the invoice price found on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds (which are the same) a good price to use for negotiation purposes. If not, how do you know what is correct?

  • benkaybenkay Posts: 8
    05 Avalon Touring with Moonroof, JBL and floor mats
    MSRP: $31,089
    What I paid: 26,720 plus taxes and fees :D
    Deal: Affiliation Discount ;)
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    Could you explain what an affiliation discount is????? That is a new one on me
  • rlejr66rlejr66 Posts: 44
    Must be something like the Nissan VPP or the Ford X-Plan. These are discounts offered to those who have a relationship with the car company. Whether they are consultants working for them, etc. Based on my own experience, I can say that you can get some great deals on vehicles (cost plus 2%) if the dealers are willing to give up the vehicle at the pre-negotiating prices. Not all dealers accept the special pricing - cuts their profit margin!
  • benkaybenkay Posts: 8
    As mentioned, it's a deal offered to Toyota employees, their families or those of component suppliers. I have a family member who works for Toyota. I work for a plant who supplies seats to Toyota. Toyota supplier discount is supposed to be 2% over invoice. Toyota employees discount is a few hundred BELOW invoice. Obviously, I went with the employee discount.
  • putter5putter5 Posts: 12
    Take delivery next week . Paid $ 29066 plus dealer doc fee of $598 Includes Mats ( floor & Trunk ), Mudguards and Toyoguard Plus ( ripoff). Started price exercise thru warehouse buying service, they sent me to a dealer around 30 miles from my home in FL ( treasure coast) where I got the price I eventually paid. Took the deal to local dealer and they matched it.They had orginally quoted $ 31390 out the door. Titanium/ light grey leather
  • viking644viking644 Posts: 23
    My salesman said that Kelly is on target, but Edmunds can be wrong. When I showed him the breakdown of both sites runs on my Limited 37,649 retail 32,992 wholesale, he changed his tune and admitted that both were accurate. :D
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    I have been quoted "The sticker
    price on the 2005 Avalon is $30,669.00 and your price would be
    $29,697.00. The options included are: 50 state emissions, Touring
    package, Deluxe stereo, anti-theft system, power moonroof, and carpet
    floor mats. The out-the-door price would be $32,381.45."
    I don't think this is an good price.
    I live in Vegas. Does anyone know where I could get a better deal?
    Thank you.
  • lil2lil2 Posts: 4
    I'm ready to buy an 05 Av XL in Titanium (with an anti-theft alarm system). Has anyone gotten a good deal in the Montgomery County area ex. rockville, gaithersburg,bethesda etc area. I truly hate this part of the new car process!
  • viking644viking644 Posts: 23
    My Limited Avalon with CF(floor mats), NV (navagation), CL (Speed Control, VD (Stability Control) and the Blizzard Pearl paint has a MSRP in California of $37,649. My negotiated price is $33,454. KBB shows the Wholesale at $32,992 so I paid $462 over their "invoice price." The dealership showed me "an" invoice which listed their cost as $33,354. They could not explain the difference to me, but I let it drop since the price they gave me is $4,295 off MSRP.

    The delivery date is between now and this coming Monday (June 20th) :)
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