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Infiniti QX56



  • Does anyone know if Infinti offers money/rebates back to the dealers for cars that are classified as demos (up to 4k miles)as an incemtive to get rid of them?
  • I bought a 2005 QX56 yesterday with all the options except for ICC for $50,750.00. The car is AWESOME. Just AWESOME. My kids used the car seats in all the possible configuration. Sat on them to watch DVD, reconfigured the seats for a bed and they had their best mobile sleep. My wife was full of smiles on the way. The car is AWESOME.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I just got my first taste of traction control. After last nights 8" snowfall, I was on my way down a winding road when the backend began to slide out to the right on me. Before I could start compensating, the left front wheel went into full antilock and pulled the QX right back into shape. Neat stuff!!!
  • 3/36 or 4/50? Anything longer for powertrain?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Check out for details. Extended warranties are available. This is from the site:
    Our standard warranties:
    4-year/60,000-mile basic coverage under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty
    4-year/60,000-mile Federal Emission Defect Limited Warranty
    6-year/70,000-mile Limited Powertrain Coverage
    7-year/unlimited-mileage Corrosion Coverage
    10-year/unlimited-mileage Seat Belt Warranty
  • I too was in the market to buy an Armada(i love the front grill) When i was ready to buy i went to the dealer and he wasnt there yet they told me he is running late so i went out to buy coffee I drive up 1/4 mile and i see infinti dealer I go in for kicks to see the QX56 (i know i cant afford it). Once i step inside it was like the armada was a horse and buggy compared to the QX.
    I went to the dealer and he gave me a better deal then the armada. I leased the car in 25 minutes the salesman was in shock. I told him to call the other place because it was the same ownership and tel the salesman why he shouldnt be late to work again
    I love this car
  • md_usermd_user Posts: 10
    I am not impressed when I see people compare the QX56 with Armada. Though they may look alike physically, they are 2 diff cars. I test drive the Armada before the Qx56 and I never went back to Armada though there is was $10000 price differential. I bought a QX56 fully loaded this past weekend. My 6 and 7 year old kids love it. Always remember that the QX56 is the luxury edition of Armada. I never hear anyone compare Lexus GX470 with Toyota 4Runner.
  • i wasnt trying to compare them as 2 comprable SUVs, all i was saying is if you are in the market for luxery the QX is the one you want. Since you brought up the GX470 how do you compare it to the QX56?
    I didnt look at the lexus because my wife wanted the size of the infinity. She needs 8 passanger car for carpooling
  • md_usermd_user Posts: 10
    The 2005 Lexus GX470 drives very good, but lacks 2 things when compared with the QX56. It's small in size and the rear door only opens manually and oddly to the side too. Something as simple as opening the rear door should not be manual for the cost of the car. The GX470 third row sit is USELESS, will not sit anyone with legs.. One good feature which almost made me buy the GX470 is the Bluetooth technology because I love gadgets.
  • I think the only reason the rear door is auto on the QX is because you cant find anybody who can actualy close the door after it is opened.
    This car is HUGE and TALL.
    My wife is 5-1 and she will need a ladder to close it, LOL
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Yeah, but it's great for tailgating parties and camping. Really keeps the weather off ya!
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    I really want to get the QX, but I'm terrified of all the mechanical problems that i've been hearing. I think the QX is a great value for the money, I mean you can't beat 54 grand pric tag for a huge luxary sporte ute that's fully loaded with 4wd. Escalade, Denali, Range rover, Navigator, Land Crusier, and the LX470 are all well priced above this truck, well save for the Denali. The Sequioa based Lexus product that comes out next year sounds good, and i'm sure it'll be awesome, but i fear the price tag of this truck. We're probably looking at a 60 grand plus price tag, heck i'm a 100 percent sure this Lexus Sequioa will be high 60's to low 70's. Heck i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this puppy baloons up to 80 grand.
  • qx bluesqx blues Posts: 10
    stay scared!!!!!!!!! I am getting rid of my worries! After having the brake pads replaced and rotors resurfaced 3 different times, and the rotors finally replaced, I am still experiencing problems. After next week, that will be no more! Arbitration with Infiniti just indicates they choose to stick to the warranty!! That's a bad manufacturer! I'm the one losing in the long run, making a payment every month while I continue to drive their problem child!
  • We're trying to decide in the next 36 hours if Infiniti QX56 would be a good buy. Anybody else had problems with this car? It's so new and I haven't seen a lot of people out there driving this car that there may not be enough useful information about it, especially from people who've had it for a year or more.
  • We will have had our QX56 a year next month, and as much as I love the vehicle I also hate it. In fact we are seriously considering trading it off in the next few weeks. We have driven it a lot, about 25000 miles already, and it has been "in the shop" about every two months. In fact it needs to go right now because we have an air bag light that will not go off. I just have had my fill of a $55000 truck that I have to continue to get little "Mickey Mouse" things repaired. It is a dream to drive, and I love all of its "gadgets", but we still have a lot of issues with the build quality of this thing. To make matters worse we have to drive almost 500 miles rouud trip and spend the night every time we get it worked on. It just isn't worth it. We traded in a Toyota Sequoia with about 50000 miles on it that was only in the shop once in two years for a very minor problem. I was hoping the 2005 models wouldn't have some of these issues and I could just trade it in for one of them, but I'm having second thoughts on that too. I may just by my first sedan in 18 years and drive it a year or two and wait for the new Sequoia based Lexus to come out. I can't speak for the 2005 models, but I would NOT buy another 2004 I promise you that.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I to will have my QX a year come next month. You can read all the positive stuff by looking up my screen name. I sometimes think that there were two assembly line in Canton putting these things together because I have put mine "through the mill" and it continue to give me the service I paid for. I would be sick if I have the problems that others have had because of the high price of this rig. I have had the thing towing my 6000# boat and trailer, it's been up to it's axles in sand and water. I use it for work everyday and love it. The kids think I'm a little fanatical about the washings and waxing right through the winter months but hey, I hope to have it for years to come. BTW - I live about two mile from the Infiniti dealer so when I drop it off for the routine maintenance, I get the G35i for the night. Can't beat it!
  • jodyr2jodyr2 Posts: 3
    I bought my qx 56 last april. and sometimes I wish I had waited. they had to replace the bose dvd player x3. then the car shook a couple months later when I was braking from 40mph on down. and they replaced those x 3. now for the past 5months the suv rattles up front on the drivers dash, somewhere. they have torn it apart and it still rattles. IT is driving me crazy. I have been wondereing if I should consider getting the 05 qx. I wonder what kind of trade I would get. I do like the suv alot. The service I get from them is wonderful and they give me a fx45 to drive. what would you recommend. I have 22000 miles on this suv.
  • wendybewendybe Posts: 1
    I have 7500 miles on my Qx56 and today is the third time it's been in the dealership for brakes alone. (I won't go into the rattles, hatchback issue and the replacement of the Nav system). The service manager finally told me today that the braking system is defective because the rotors are undersized for the vehicle. He says that Nissan/Infinity are well aware of the situation and working on a fix but he did not know when that "fix" would take place. So in the meantime I get to drive a car that requires new rotors every three months. That is not safe. Does anybody have any concrete evidence that this has been resolved in 2005 before I ask them to take back my unsafe 2004 and give me a new 2005. I love the car and don't want any other vehicle but it's not safe.
  • guyw1guyw1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 QX56. I just had the first set of rotors and brakes installed at 9K miles, but I have been putting up with the shaking steering wheel for a while trying to wait for the fix until I couldn't stand it anymore. I am sure this is not the fix though. I like the size and rear seat room, but the other problems make it like driving a much cheaper vehicle. I am going to wait for the new Lexus full size this coming year. I have owned a Lexus before, a much superior vehicle, but I am also afraid that no one is going to want a used QX56 without taking a beating. Good luck to you 04 guys, but I don't think the 05 is any better.
  • As I write this, the Manufacturer's Rep is test driving my QX56 for brake/rotor issues and all the rattles, etc. They put new rotor, pins, etc on yesterday, but I do not have faith. This was also done 5 - 6 months ago, but failed to solve problem. This is the 5th time in for brake issue since purchase in March 2004. I, too, feel this is unsafe and ludicrous that a luxury car dealer feels this is satisfactory service and the best way to resolve. Not in my book. This unit should be taken back, and a newer one issued. I've yet to hear that it is considered "normal" for a car to need new brake pads/rotors, etc every 3 to 4 months....NOT what I paid for....I was looking for luxury, quiet, and a smoooooooth relationship with my car, and the dealer....I am so disappointed.
  • I think the boards here regarding the brake problems should be a red flag for everyone. The problem we all face is that no vehicle in this class has an acceptable quality record. This month's Consumer Reports and JD Power ratings prove my point. Navigator is #1 in problems yet I love the inside, outside, features, and discounted price. Escalade or ESV is way to similar to a Tahoe or Sub especially the interior. QX56 has just what most of us want but has major issues (read this forum completely and search on Google). I test drove the 05 LX470 last Sunday and it's incredible yet not perfect. Very expensive (MSRP $68K w/o XM or rear DVD) and under powered. Any one else feel this way??
  • akersakers Posts: 3
    I took delivery of my "Q" 15 minutes before the dealer closed on the night of Friday 18 June 2004. By Sunday morning, 20 June the nightmare began. It has been one problem after another ever since. I have driven so many silver G35 loaners to work that the military guards at my installation thought I owned both a G35 and a QX56. When I showed up one morning in dark blue instead of silver they thought I had traded in the silver G35 for a dark blue G35.

    Infiniti's customer "dis" service people are worthless as well. Silver tongued young ladies that express their regret to all the problems and then tell you there is nothing that they can do, take it back to the dealer. It might as well be a recording. Nissan should take the money they pay these people and use it to bring the 200 engineers back from Japan (again) to finally get these vehicles fixed.

    In the last 15 years my family has purchased 10 new vehicles, the "Q" was number 11. We have had everything from Nissan to Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Chevy, and Lexus. This wll be our last Nissan vehicle, that is a promise.
  • Please list the problems you are having so we can see how they compare to others here.
  • akersakers Posts: 3
    Brakes at 3500, 6657 (including rotors), 9500, and at 12,000 I am due again.

    Seat/steering wheel memory, I have started taking great care in NOT bumping the controls when I get in or out but the problem is still there.

    Rattles, squeaks, noises.

    Intermittent problem with the cruise control not working.

    False warnings from the backup sonar.

    Poor fit and finish for interior parts. The quality of materials is pretty poor as well.

    The overhead assembly fell down before I had owned the "Q" 36 hours. It was been replaced three times before they got it right.

    Flaws (grit, sand or ???) in the paint.

    Exterior body panels that do not line up properly.

    The front suspension has a REAL hard time holding the wheels on the ground on irregular surfaces between about 40 and 70. It can take the steering wheel out of your hand it you do not have a tight grip.

    The Continental tires leave a lot to be desired.

    I have over 30 digital photos of some of the more visible problems that made it all the way up to VP level at one of Nissan's major parts suppliers. I received several thank you's as they used them to help analyze what went wrong and defend themselves from Nissan's erroneous laying blame on them instead of the VERY poor workmanship (I use the word lightly) at the Canton plant.
  • smmillersmmiller Posts: 19
    We were recently in the market for a full size Luxury UTE. We evaluated the Navigator, the Escalade, the QX56, and the Yukon Denali.

    We really liked the QX56 -- but I have to be honest -- the horror stories on this board kept us away. We loved the space inside the vehicle -- 2nd row space is incredible. The fold down rear seats, the silky smooth power, great ride. There were a few things we did not like at all -- the door handles are the cheesiest things on the planet. They just didn't communicate "quality" in any sense. If a basic detail like that is so bad -- the things we read on this board are very easy to believe. the location of the digital clock & compass is bizarre. the clock is so cheezy it looks like a 1960's retro clock! The Nav system with the toggle was a real pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to use. Even with all of those little things we didn't like the rest of the vehicle is far ahead and this vehicle has promise if Infiniti can clean these up and deliver reliability. We will take a strong at these again next time we're in the market.

    We also looked at the Navigator. The 2005 is a fine vehicle. The only thing I really disliked was the stupid door that opens and closes over the Nav system/radio. What's up with that? I also found the ride to be too soft for me. I want to feel some contact with the road under me and there just wasn't any with the Navigator. The power rear seats and lift gate were sort of cool -- but completely useless for me because we'll never use the 3rd row seats and I'm tall enough that raising/lowering the lift gate is not an issue. Pricing on the Navigator is extremely soft! Dealers were all offering $10-$12k off MSRP in their newspaper ads! Resale value down the road was a real concern.

    We never expected to give the Yukon and the Escalade much of a look. We decided we would give them a shot. The base Yukon wasn't interesting at all. The Denali was clearly a big step up. The biggest downside for us is that the 3rd row seats don't fold down -- so we would have to take them out and store them somewhere. These are not moving either and the dealer was frank in telling us that we would get a great deal. A Chevy dealer down the street was advertising brand new Tahoes at 25% off MSRP!

    We then went and drove the Escalade. We were quite surprised. It had the most comfortable front seats of all! With enough adjustment settings that it was easy to find just the perfect settings for me. When you're over 6 feet-- that can be a challenge in a lot of vehicles. The ride was clearly superior to the Denali and the Escalade was noticeably quieter than the Denali and somewhat quieter than the Infiniti. We had been driving a Trailblazer and found the similarities comforting. We were used to how the controls worked and they were located where we expected them to be. The touch screen Nav system is easy to use too.

    In our final rankings of the Vehicles we ended up with (this is highly personal and subjective) the following:

    Cadillac Escalade
    Infinity QX56
    Lincoln Navigator
    GMC Yukon Denali

    We also looked at Consumer Reports. The Cadillac isn't covered but it's based on the same platform as the Yukon/Tahoe which is a CR best buy and recent model years are scoring very very well. We felt very comfortable with the quality of the Cadillac. The extra year or 14k of Warranty is also a nice extra over the Denali.

    The Infiniti's quality reputation was a deal killer for us. If we hadn't read this board we probably never would have test driven the Escalade or Navigator. Our initial impression was that high!

    In the end we (as you probably guessed) moved up from the Trailblazer to the Escalade. We absolutely love it. We got ours with the big 20" wheels & tires -- which look great and makes the vehicle ride higher. The downside of the big tires is extra road noise when we drive on some of the heavily rutted freeways. Moving over and driving in the passing lane generally cures that problem.

    Our recommendation is to drive all 4 of these vehicles -- none is far superior to any of the others. Your choice will likely come down to subjective personal criteria and quality reputation. If you're sensitive to price the Denali is a great value right now. Otherwise I think it's a race between the Escalade and the Navigator until Infiniti cleans up its act. The QX56 has a lot of promise.
  • qx bluesqx blues Posts: 10
    I, too had the brakes from hell. After 4 months, I had the brake pads replaced, then 2 more times by mid February. After the 3rd replacement, I almost wrecked due to the rotors needing replacement. After arbitration decided they wanted to "stick to the warranty", I got rid of that vehicle. Won't have to worry about their poor customer service anymore! Good luck!
  • kenrkenr Posts: 9
    We've had the QX56 since late October. Almost five full months, just over 5000 miles. Absolutely no problems. Just got the first oil change. We really love the vehicle. It was built in September, so I wonder if some of the quality issues described above were ironed out.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I'm with ya kenr! Mine was built in Feb. 04 and has had minimal problems. I had the overhead console stiffener intalled for the monitor vibration. Outside of that, it has been a pleasure driving everyday for the last year. 10k on mine with some 6ooo lb. boat towing.
  • peteydogpeteydog Posts: 6
    my qx was also build in 9/04. 7k miles and not a lick of problems. Not sure why the tremendous amount of lemons? I drive it hard and just love the darn vehicle. Think it's the best value and I love the room, automatic tailgate, nav system, power, torque...bla bla bla. I love this thing, sorry to all those having probs, mine has been flawless!
  • debbiesdebbies Posts: 1
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