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Infiniti QX56



  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    My 2004 QX56 does not and I don't see it as an option in it or the Armada or the Titan.
  • Are there HID after market fog lights available for the QX56?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Yes, there are HID convertions for fog lights and headlights of most model vehicles. Start with JC Whitney and work your way up.
  • I just wanted to know if anyone can help with the dark wood trim around the dash of the QX I would like to add some around the guages,and the window buttons, I still love my 2005 QX , No problems yet. Thanks, Jack
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Nissan sold 1993 QX56's in December. Sales target initially was 1300 per month. Looks like the vehicle is selling pretty well.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Bainranch - Try
  • I am on the "puppy dog close" with a beautiful Onyx QX56. The test drive ended up in my driveway overnight!!! I love all of the features of the vehicle. I really like the spacious interior where my husband, who is 6'6" can actually sit without his knees touching the dash. However...I cannot get over the sheer size of this SUV. Can anyone tell me how long is the learning curve to park this SUPER SUV? Around here, I find that even my best effort to park leaves no more than about 5 inches inside of each parking line and not very much room to remove my 4 year old and soon to be delivered infant. I even went to my doctor's office building parking garage and attempted practicing the parking issue in 90 degree angle very narrow spots. Man...I barely had enough room to open the doors and exit the vehicle on a perfect park. Further, I don't want to get door dings on that beauty either!!! I am an excellent driver, but have NEVER had to make two or three attempts to park a vehicle or go around the block to find an adequate space!!! Any suggestions?

    Also- I need a ballpark on what to expect the dealer to reduce his price from MSRP. I know that LUXURY car dealers and Foreign car companies love to talk MSRP less a few hundred...but I would like some insight on wiggle room from MSRP to INVOICE!!!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Check the Infiniti QX56: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion too. And try to focus on your out the door price instead of going up or down from the dealer's number.


    Steve, Host
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Starshine, I learned patience with my '04 Onyx QX56. I now park in the outskirts of the "safe" parking lots. In central NJ where there are more cars then people (it would seem), I walk the extra distance not to worry about who is parking next to me. By the way, I've had mine since Apr. '04 and love climbing behind the wheel every day. Many time I come home for lunch and my wife asks me to take the "other car" back so she can shop. She also loves it. Hope to get a good number of years out of it. And as a bonus, you'll love the Infiniti Service pampering! Good Luck.
  • Last Aug. my wife and I purchased a 2004 Armada SE here in Miami. Approx. 1/2 mile after leaving the lot, our brand new $35K Armada began making a most "god-awful" squealing sound from the rear brakes. By the time we had U-turned and returned to the dealership, 3 calipers had seized.We decided to return the vehicle and wait until '05 or '06, when some of the first year bugs were worked out. Needless to say, we were very disappointed. Before we purchased the Armada, we thoroughly researched it. We visited the armada forum here and on other sites. We were aware of some of the issues with it ,but we decided that it was so much better than the competition that we had to have one.

    Last month, we began test driving the '05s. We decided to go up in class and look at the QX56, since I've owned a Q45 for the last 10 years without having one major problem. I personally talked to numerous '05 QX56 owners and none reported any problems.

    My wife and I purchased a silver 2005 QX56 4x2 two weeks ago.We love the look, performance and amenities. We've had no issues with it whatsoever and the Infiniti servicing is second to none. I'm hopeful that our QX56 stays issue-free.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Congratulations and best of luck!
  • We are seriously considering upgrading the size of my Lexus RX300 to the Infiniti QX56. Somehow, my daughter and I manage to fill our current SUV very well on our own and now we are expecting # 2 (we will have 2 under the age of 2.5 in car seats). I am curious if you test drove any other large sized SUV's, and would love to hear from other owners about the child friendliness of this car. I am a little worried about the strain of lifting the kids in and out of their car seats, and just the overall child friendliness of this very large ride. Also, my husband is suggesting the Armada and purchasing the extended warranty to save some dough...but I think the QX56 will be a much smoother ride (not so truck like); any comments would be appreciated!
  • I have a 2005 QX56 with approx 2,000 miles. The cold weather has created an issue that the dealer has been unable to remedy.


    The driver's door will not close properly. when closed it will just bounce back. I have been able to close the door by holding the door shut and then activating the lock from the inside. Then I can usually yank the door shut. I then cannot open the vehicle from the inside. Sometimes I can roll down the window and open using outside door handle. Sometimes this does not work and I have to climb over the console and get out from passenger side and yank the door open from the outside.


    Of course dealre cannot diagnose and lubricated and adjusted parts. They are ordering what they described an electronic door actuator which is on indefinite backorder.


    My concern is that if the weather gets warmer, it may not be an issue when it comes in and I will not know if the issue is resolved until next winter.


    Any ideas?
  • My '04 QX just turned 11k miles and I've gone through two door actuator replacements. The symptoms were different for me, though. The first time, my doors wouldn't lock from the remote and the other time the actuator was replaced was when the back doors wouldn't unlock.


    For kids, there are pros and cons. My 4-year-old isn't tall enough to reach the rear door handles so he can no longer open his door by himself. (I had a BMW X5 before this and he could get in without help.) Once the door is open, the climb up is easy for him. The doors open wide so it's easy to put a rear facing baby seat in. And there's actually enough room to put the carrying handle down without hitting the back of the front seat.


    We opted for second row captain chairs and removed the center console so it's more van-like inside. That way my 7-year-old can get to the third row by going between the second row seats.


    Hope this helps!
  • I have an '04 QX56, and am on my 2nd set of brakes since October. Now after being out of shop 2 weeks, it vibrates during driving (like a tire out of balance, except a little worse). And I hear the catalytic converter constantly popping, while running and off. The dealership said it's normal, but I just started hearing it about 3 weeks ago, and I don't hear anyone else's making those noises. I am very DISAPPOINTED...traded on '03 Escalade for the QX. CRAZY! Does anyone else have the "popping" noise problem?
  • My QX56 doesn't ride so smoothe! I feel like I have monster truck tires. I have owned an Expedition, Navigator and Escalade. While the Escalade can't compare with room, even the floatier ride is GREAT compared to the QX56. I'd shop around the Navigator arena for size and comfort!
  • Glad to hear most new owners (2005) are seemingly happy with the QX56....those of us that bought right out of the box (2004) had to work out kinks. My issues are still unresolved and even the dealer encouraged me to contact lemon law/manufacture's rep. My 2004 model has recurring issues with noise/rattles (NOT what one expects with a luxury car) and brake/brake pad/rotor issues. The car has been in the shop every month since April '04. Even though the service manager and crew treat me like a relative now, it is still disconcerting. I jump in my husband's Lexus and NEVER have noise or ride issues. This was my first Infiniti purchase, and though I am considering a 2005 model if the lemon law works, I wonder....can you tell me if it will be worth it? Are all of your rides rattle free and safe on the brakes???

    Help me decide, as it really was the size/look/and feel I wanted from an SUV. But I am just SICK of the noise and brake problems. If someone could give me great odds that this is resolved, it would ease my mind. Thanks.
  • I have an Armada that has been in the shop for the past 2 weeks for various issues. Brakes, highway speed shimmy, rattles, etc. I am supposed to pick it up today with the brand new brake TSB parts- larger rotors, new calipers, etc. and according to my service guy they've replaced all the weatherstripping (my rattles aren't coming from the panels but the doors themselves). He says "everything" is fixed. We'll see. I sure hope so, because the design intention of these vehicles is outstanding- just poor execution on the early builds.
  • Well, picked up my QX56 today (3rd time to have brake pads replaced/rotors resurfaced), had the truck back 20 minutes and had to take it back to the shop. This time I almost wrecked. The steering wheel jerked so back when hitting the brakes (at 40-60 mph) that everything in my passenger sent flew to the floor. I already have a file # with Infiniti and that is pretty much worthless. They are the reason I took the vehicle back this week. The representative did tell me the brake pads that are being installed now are NOT the fix, another set will be coming the end of this month, or next month. Forget the lemon law, I had an Expedition that was nothing but a problem a few year ago. Wrote the Attorney General and everything. Met with Ford, and they did offer to give me a lesser model for even (wasn't that nice of them!!!!!) It takes too much time and effort only to still be used in the end! I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER INFINITI AUTOMOBILE AGAIN!
  • Hey everyone. I am in the market for a new car. My choices are Nissan Armada, Inifiniti QX56, and BMW 545i. All cars loaded. I am leaning towards the Armada and QX. I got one dealer to get the price of the 2005 QX down to $50997 (LOADED). I test drove the 545i yesterday, and it was beautiful. I did not want to get out of the car. Problem is, the 545i is very expensive to purchase (more than $60,000, not including taxes, tags,...etc). Lease is not an option for me, only purchase. I am not basing the car on gas prices, or family. Just looks, comfort, ride, quality and hapinness. This will be my first, new car. and i want it to be perfect. i have a lumina 1990=hate it, KIA Sportage 1997=hate it, and Nissan Sentra=like it but not mine, family member's. I want to purchase the car in less than a month. But reading all these problems about the Armada and QX is depressing me, and pulling me out of the market for purchasing any car. I didn't see much complaints on the BMW, but it is VERY PRICEY. Help me out my people. what should i do? the Infiniti dealer sold me the car and the price (but i didn't buy it yet), while the Armada dealer sold me the price, but not the car. The BMW dealer said: "we don't have much discounts and rebates to give". I think it is ridiculous, even for a high class car like this. I was going after a Benz, but stopped that desicion as i will need to sell everything to get that. Ok, PLEASE HELP. Are the 2005 Armada and QX56 better than the 2004? and Should i go with these cars now, or wait till the brake problem is fixed in March (if that is the correct month when the solution will come out)? If i end up waiting, and june comes along, than i will wait till January 2006 to buy a car since new year models come out in September.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I own a '04 QX56 and have had little trouble with it. I understand that many '04 owners are disappointed with their purchase because of numerous problems which have been addressed in the '05 copy. I purchased mine based on the fact that I have a family of five plus a Golden. I use it vacationing in Corolla, NC (beach access only to house) and I pull a 24', 6000#, boat and trailer to which it handles perfectly. You need to remember that both the Armada and the QX56 are based on the Titan pickup and rides like it. The suspension on the QX is a little softer if for nothing else, it weighs in at 5,700 pounds. If I didn't need the utility and room of this monster, I may have chose a little more luxury. Good luck with your decision. I am very happy with mine, and hope to have it a good long time.
  • I purchased my 05 Q56 in Dec I bought the max options, And am glad I did. I Love it, It handles excellent. Gets 15 M P G, And I have not had any noises or problems yet, I drive a lot , And it is very comfy inside, Lot of room for luggage. Am very happy about the size. Makes family feel safe. Highly recommend Vehicle. Jack
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    This is just a thought here, but since I had a similar incident on a 1988 car a number of years ago, I would check the inside cavity of the door to see if there is any ice. Sometimes, water drips down through the corner of the door and builds up near the bottom. It freezes and puts a lot of pressure on the door as it expands. Hence it is all too willing to open up when you unlock the door, but, go ahead and try to shut it again and you get a door that bounces back. That may or may not help you, but it is worth checking out. If you have this problem, there is a simple fix. The rubber trip around the door needs to be beefed up at the point of entry for the water and the trip near the bottom needs to be able to breathe better. That is about it!
  • Per the last post, I am interested in a 2005 Armada LE w/ Tech Pkg and Entertainment. Local Dealers have 04' Infiniti QX56 that they will sell at or below invoice, but will still be ~$7K More then the Armada.

    Did anyone else face this decision and choose the Armada? The QX56 may have a better value long term, but then again, it's already technically 1 year old and cost a good $7K More. I plan to get an extended warranty anyway, so the Infiniti Warranty is not a selling point.

    I am looking to get the Black Onyx,which with the Chrome Front and Year Bumpers on the Armada, looks pretty striking.

    I have 2 Small Boys and a 3rd on the way, so maybe the harder leather in the Armada may be better.

  • gelo7gelo7 Posts: 3
    We purchased our 05' QX56 in January and we have zero problems with it. I must admit that I love the fact that I've only seen 7 QX56's on the road since they came out last year. Oh, my question, I'm on my 9th fill up, and I've never been able to squeeze more than 25 gallons of gas in the tank. The specs say that it has a 28 gallon tank. Is there a 3 gallon reserve after the needle is on empty?

  • I really like this truck but there are way too many problems. I'm going to wait for the new Sequoia based LX from Lexus. I'd rather pay $10K more and have the doors shut properly. Some of these postings are way too understanding. I'd be really upset if I spent $50K for a lemon. JD Power should have info next year on the QX. Shouldn't be pretty.
  • Fuel capacity does not always mean the size of the tank. Some car makers include the fuel that is in the fuel line and the engine. That is why they don't say the fuel tank holds 28 gallons, they say the fuel capacity is 28 gallons.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I usually run my cars out of gas one time in it's life, but I'm not getting caught filling this one from the bright red container in this town! I have run it down beyond the empty mark and taken on 26 gals. The following is taken from the owners manual -
    "The light comes on when the fuel level in the fuel tank is getting low. Refuel as soon as it is convenient, preferably before the fuel gauge reaches E (Empty). There will be a small reserve of fuel in the tank when the fuel gauge needle
    reaches E (Empty)."
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