Infiniti QX56

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On the Infiniti website, they are showing a little sneak peak on their upcoming SUV:,,,00.html

IMO, the interior better be pretty good because it looks just like the Pathfinder Armada


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    The Qx56 from Infiniti won't really prove a lot especially since Nissan is getting so close to Infiniti, there isn't any need for this luxury brand. I knew Nissan for quality, not for creating great luxury vehicles. Wasn't that what Infiniti was for??

    Anyway, I went to to look at the preview of the QX56. I saw the not hard to see pictures they gave us and it looks just like the Pathfinder Armada. I would have no interest buying a Nissan truck or SUV, especially since seeing the pictures direct from the New York International Auto Show. The headlights seemed boring and I don't think nobody was anxious for it, only asking questions to a lady who didn't know anything.

    How will it strike it's competitors? says it will compete with big shots like the Cadillac Escalade&Lincoln Navigator which are the top luxury SUV's in it's position. Think I'm wrong? Look at 50 Cent's music videos (the rapper) and you'll see Hummer's or Cadillac's in the video. That is the only reason Cadillac has been trying to change it's old people image into the great Cadillac luxury brand, which I always supposed it was.

    Critics will 'wow' it for the first few months and get tired of the vehicle and start talking about how close it is to it's brother/sister, the Pathfinder Armada from Nissan. Hope Nissan didn't get into copying vehicles, just like how there doing it right now with the G35 Sedan/Maxima and G35 Coupe/350Z Coupe.
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    Wrong their, sorry. First off, isn't an Escalade a dressed up Suburban? Isn't the Navigator a dressed up Expedition? And 2nd, G35 and Maxima are totally different, the Max is way bigger and is FWD, the G35 is smaller and RWD. Z is a sports car, the G35 is a 2+2 sports coupe, all of those cars are totally different from each other, and if you want to talk about copying vehicles, just look at Ford and GM, Nissan doesn't do ANY copying of vehicles anymore.
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    carpeople is right, nissan has pulled itself away from simply rebadging its cars as infiniti's. carlos ghosn has indicated that from here on out, infiniti's new models will all be rear wheel or AWD. that doesnt promote a lot of platform sharing when nissan makes more FWD cars now does it? plus, other car companies are rebadging vehicles left and right...why doesnt anyone say anything about that?

    gosh, if only EVERYONE bought a car based on its headlights...

    instead of bashing a car or a company you dont seem to know much about, why dont you do some research and actually test drive and SEE the car before passing some judgements. i may be a nissan fan, but i dont go around bashing other vehicles just because i like nissan. if you dont like the car, thats your opinion, and thats fine...but be careful when spewing "facts"...make sure they are REAL and not something you THINK is real (see the G35/Maxima comment)

    happy motoring :-)

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    Could not have said that better myself!
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    i just get irked when people get all finicky because nissan is owned by renault and (dum dum dummmm!!!) they are french!

    keep your political views out of the way, and test drive the car before you decide to trash it. its only fair!

    the other thing that irks me is that nissan gets all kinds of crap for "rebadging" vehicles, when every other company does it too! and they also get knocked for the "boyish" tail lights on the altima...

    hello? lets look at the RX300 and RX330! especially the 330, whats with the completely clear lights? those went out fast in the mid 90's

    anyways, i dont want to get off topic here...sorry it turned into a rant of sorts (not angry of course!)

    i really liked the new nissan armada, and i am interested in seeing what stylistic and functional changes they make for the QX56!

    happy motoring

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    I think...even though Im an Infiniti guy that they could of done a better job designing it.. It looks to much like the Armada and the Honda Pilot wich is a bit bland. The front donsent look to bad considering the back. They will make some changes to it just like they did in the FX but still...Common It's an Infiniti!!!
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    check out this link for a sneak peek at the QX56 (if that is what infiniti is even calling it...) and some info.

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    With the headlight design, boxed off rear & overall shape it looks like a Volvo wagon. The flowing curve at the top of the rear doors looks nice, but seems completely disconnected from the straight roofline. I also would prefer to seem a common theme with the door handles, both on the door, or both on the window frame. Overall it is a nice concept but a little disappointing from the group that designed the FX.
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    MotorTrend Magazine reported that the 2004 Maxima was to close to the Infiniti G35. The Navigator and Escalade aren't 'dressed up' like you like to call it. There on the same platform. There is no way an Escalade can take of it's clothes and look like a Suburban. They use the same frame, but look nothing alike. Now... isn't that the TRUTH.

    Nissan's Maxima I believe is too close to the g35. I don't know about you, but Infiniti/Nissan sucks, except for there Maxima and Z and G35. Nissan is turning into the GM of all Japanese vehicles. VW is doing it. BMW is doing it. They all have a lot of money, and still there doing it.

    It isn't my fault. I love Cadillac's new vehicles and even if there on a platform, they look nothing once so ever like there cousins. But Nissan and the G35 look farmiliar. There too close in relationship and I hate that. I don't agree with some of GM's vehicles like the

    2004 Canyon/Colorado
    2002 Sunfire/Cavalier

    They look too much the same. You can say they don't, but I think they do. You may think there wrong, but it is my opinion.
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    the funny thing is that the maxima is NOTHING like the G35. it WAS on the I35 platform, but not anymore. the G35 is infiniti's version of the altima, not the maxima.
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    Bowke: What?

    OK, first of all, if the G is like anything, than its like the G. It is REAR WHEEL DRIVE. Caddy Escalade shares everything with the Subruban except engine and wood on the inside. They share more than the platform, my friend.

    The '04 Maxima is FWD and the G is RWD. They have nothing in common but the engine, which share different outputs. The Max looks nothing like the G. I would like any proof of info where a real car site said a Max was like the G. The Max is the family sports car. The G is the Sports Sedan.

    "Nissan is turning into the GM of all Japanese vehicles."

    That kinda doesn't go with what you said in your first paragraph, dont you think?

    The G35 looks NOTHING like any car on the road, espescially Nissans. If I knew how to get pics up on the message board I would show you(any help?).

    How about this. Every GMC vehicle is a copycat of a Chevy. The H3 is based on the trailblazer. The Vue shares alot of its parts with the new Equinox, not just the platform. Just because they dont have the same headlights and taillights doesn't mean they aren't the same, they only trick the untrained eye ;).

    "You may think there wrong", they are. An Escalade IS a dressed up Suburban. And Escalade EXT IS a dressed up Avalanche. A Navigator IS a dressed up Expedition. An Aviator is pretty much dressed up Explorer, but does some things to differentiate itself, not like teh Mountaineer.
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    Found out how to do images.....

    Now I can post pics :).

    Navi and Expedition:


    The Escalade int. vs. Yukon interior.


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    It may be true that the Nissan took the Maxima to upscale and I agree the styling hasn't completely won me over. I guarantee that a Escalade has more parts in common with a tahoe/suburban than the maxima has with a G35. The Max is fwd & the g35 is rwd, about the only thing they share is the 3.5 v6 that is specifically tuned for each application (I'm sure they share some switch gear etc). And they look absolutely nothing a like. Since I do have a subscription to MotorTrend I believe what they were referring to is the Maxima is to close to the G35's target market and Nissan/Infinity may have some cannibalization of sales between the two.

    Go look at the specs between the max & g35 vs Escalade & tahoe and you tell me which is more alike.

    Here are the specs:

    WB g35 112.2 / Max 111.2
    width g35 69 / max 71.7
    Length g35 186.5 / max 193.5

    wb Escal 116 / Tahoe 116
    width Escal 78.9 / Tahoe 78.9
    Length Escal 198.9 / Tahoe 196.9

    The extra 2" in lenght is probably from the giant sized Cadilac emblem.

    I won't even go into interior dimensions the tahoe and escalade are identical except for cargo capacity. The g35 and Max do not have any interior dimensions that are the same.

    I think your paying to much attention to GM's marketing department that wants you to believe they are different when actuality a Escalade is a Tahoe with a few different parts and more content.
  • dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729

    your pics prove my point nicely...
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    First #1
     I have my opinions and I will keep them. Nobody is going to change my mind. I don't like how they do platforms. The Escalade doesn't look at all like the Suburban to me, at least. if you think it does, maybe it does to you. Nobody is going to change my mind.

    Second #2
    What does it matter if it has RWD and the Maxima has FWD????? Obviously one has RWD and the other one has FWD... but they can still be on the same platform. I will agree that the Escalade shares the same dashboard as the Suburban but no way agree that there styling is the same.

    Final and Last #3
    I will not bring this topic back up.... especially because this specific board is about the 2004 qx56.. not arguing about the resemblence of the G35/Maxima. I had my point and I will not change it....
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    Can the Japanese convince the rap stars that there brand new full size luxury SUV's are that popular enough to be featured in the music industry's videos? That is how the Escalade started out getting people to buy them. There sales are okay at this time. Finally, a way to get many elderly out of there crowd.

    What are your opinions? Please don't fight with me...
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    "What does it matter if it has RWD and the Maxima has FWD????? Obviously one has RWD and the other one has FWD... but they can still be on the same platform"

    But the FACT is that they don't share platfroms, G35 is on the FM RWD platform, the Maxima is on the FF-L platform.
    Since you had the last post about their resemblence and completely ignored the pics I posted up of the Expedition/Navi, Yukon/Escalade, I will post pics of Maxima and G35.


    G35 sedan:

    Now, to keep on topic, Yukon vs Escalade




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    you can have your opinion, but you have to realize that WE wont agree with you based on the FACTS, which have been stated nicely above by various other posters.

    opinions are just that, opinions. you may say the g35 and the max are almost alike, (based on maybe the headlights? i dont see anything else remotely in common) but the FACTS prove you wrong. you have the option of keeping your opinion as is (which then makes you ignorant to the truth) or you may change it based on the facts presented to you. it doesnt make you less of a person to change your opinion, ive done it many times.

    so while we have presented evidence proving that the max and the g35 are not identical, you have yet to prove your opinion on the escalade not being the same as any other GM product like the tahoe or the yukon. you just state your opinion that they look different.

    well, its hard to take someone seriously when they cant provide some truth behind their argument.

    its also funny that you call nissan/infiniti the GM of all japanese vehicles, yet you have this passion for cadillac. if nissan/infinit sucks, and therefore are the GM of japanese vehicles, wouldnt it hold true then that you think actual GM vehicles suck? therefore making your beloved escalade suck?

    large suv's are not only about rap stars, families dont DRIVE them only because they see 50 cent driving one in his videos...

    i think the qx56 will bring a rugged suv with luxurious interior to the market along with japanese quality that the american carmakers dont seem to have a grasp on yet. this is MY opinion.

    happy motoring!

  • carpeoplecarpeople Member Posts: 36
    A sketch of what the new QX56 might look like from

    Some spy pics of QX56 from
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    I told you, you think that. The Maxima/G35 may NOT be on the same platform, but they can use the same styling.
    I am not dumb. I did not ignore your pictures. You proved the dashboards of the Yukon/Escalade were the same. I understand that. but the styling does look that alike. I have looked at the facts. You say the Gm Marketing Development crew is tricking me. Well, look at that. Renault/Nissan is obviosuly tricking you. They use the same STYLING. They don't have to be on the same platform.
    Anyway, the picture of the Qx56 spy pictures that carpeople showed me shows a Pathfinder Armada, just with different headlights. The taillights are the same and so is the body of the vehicle, the roof.
    I do not want to fight with you, so you can feel that you can think that way, but I have my own opinions. Please stop quoting me. i don't want to fight with you, i was just bringing up my points for you to see some kind of resemblence. I saw the resemblence with the Yukon/Escalade and I admited it. If you don't have anything good to say at all to me... don't say anything at all... We can move on and talk about the Qx56.. now.
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    I don't recall anyone mentioning the QX56 & PF Armada are not basically the same vehicle. You are absolutely correct in that the QX56 looks just like a Pathfinder Armada. Almost every mfg does this with their SUV's.

    GM TrailBlazer/Envoy/Bravado
       Suburbon/Yukon XL

    Ford Explorer/Mountaineer/Aviator

    Toyota 4Runner/GX470

    I am interested in the PF Armada and probably won't consider the QX56 mainly because of price. I drive an 01 Pathfinder and bought it over a QX4 for the same reasons. This doesn't mean the QX4 and QX56 are bad vehicles in the same way the Escalade and Yukon are not bad vehicles merely because they are based on other platforms.

    As far as styling, every mfg has similar styling within their brands. An Expedition is styled like an Explorer. All of Cadillac's new vehicles have the same styling.

    AS for the QX56 I really am just a spectator, I don't know much about it and am curious on what it will have over the PF Armada besides the Infinity name.
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    Let's veer off this line of conversation, since you're obviously not likely to agree. Also, please don't post pics from other sites -- you can post a link, but no pics. Other sites generally don't like that, and we don't either. Thanks.


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  • wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124
    In my first message post, I reported that the Qx56 looked almost the same to the Pathfinder Armada. The Trailblazer/Envoy don't have the same headlights just like the Armada/Qx56 don't. Specs are the same except the Qx56 will have more luxury to it. Pricing will probably be more expensive than the Armada, but they will look the same.
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    Did anyone know that the Armada does NOT use the same rear suspension as the Titan? It has independent double-wishbone unlike the Chevy, and Toyota that use the solid rear axle.

    "AS for the QX56 I really am just a spectator, I don't know much about it and am curious on what it will have over the PF Armada besides the Infinity name."

    The best thing to seperate them apart I would say is give them different power numbers. The Titan gets 305hp and 379 lb-ft torque. The Armada has 305hp and 385 lb-ft torque. If they could bump the torque number up by another 5, that would be remarkably amazingly best choice, considering they already have the top torque numbers in the truck(I think, I dont know) and fullsize SUV segment(sure of).
    For Endurance engine outputs, go to: tml
  • dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729
    Yeah, I did notice the Armada is using an independent rear suspension, which should really help on road ride and handling. It does look on paper that the Armada/QX56 will have the best powertrain going. I have another two years on my Pathfinder lease and I want a larger SUV. Currently I'm most interested in the Expedition and Armada. My biggest complaint of the Expedition is lack of power. I have a 4500lb boat to tow which taxes the Pathfinder and want more reserve power with my next vehicle.
  • dc661dc661 Member Posts: 71
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    i went to the QX56 mini-site on and it looks like the really improved on the Pathfinder Armada's cheap-feeling industrial look, especially with the Beige Leather interior!

    looks like this car will do much better that the Escalade with its sexier, yet funky, styling and advanced features including NEWTECH VVT on its new "T-SERIES" line of V8s.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    it appears to not have a split-fold 3rd-row seat, like the Armada; a big mistake.

    Frankly, I prefer the Armada. From what I can see it's little more than an Armada LE with all the options. Adding wood accents to the interior doesn't impress me, and I prefer the front end styling of the Armada. It sort of looks like the offspring from a one night stand between an Armada and a Dodge Ram from the front.

  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    i thought it had split-folding rear seats..u should probably try checking it out again on
  • twinbladesztwinbladesz Member Posts: 104
    Looking at the head on photo of it. It reminds me of the Land Cruiser/LX470 twins.

    I would rather have the Armada over the QX56 same exact truck just with some wood in the interior and a boost of 10 HP. The extra 10HP wont make that much of a difference in the long run when towing. All your paying for is that Infiniti name plate. I took an Armada for a test drive and it does ride a bit better then the GM full size trucks I drive for the NYCT.
  • wdogwdog Member Posts: 21
    Loaded 4x4 LE lists about $47,000 and a comparatively priced QX56 $56,000. Seems like the better leather, wood, interior worth a few grand tops. Then add some value (say $1,000) for a possible fourth year on the warranty.

    I'm going to ask a lot of questions on what I might be getting for what seems like $6,000 MSRP or more extra on top of those allowances. Perhaps I'll see one at the auto shows in January. On the other hand I chose a Navigator over an Expy 5 years ago and haven't regretted it.
  • daqmandaqman Member Posts: 27
    People where saying the same thing about the PF -v- QX4, and unless you've owned, driven both for any length of time you won't know the diff. The Infiniti was worth the xtra 3k, quieter, smoother, better warr., better service, looks of course are subjective.
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    If anyone is interested, you can view or download the owner's manual for the upcoming QX56 at
  • shark715shark715 Member Posts: 382
    I took a quick look through the Owner's Manual I mentioned in my post #36 above. Premium fuel is recommended for the QX56 versus regular fuel for the Armada. Premium fuel will allow the engine computer to advance the timing further before an engine knock is detected. Might this explain how the QX56 is rated at 10 horsepower more than the Armada even though it's basically the same engine? And/or perhaps the engine management computer is programmed a bit differently different to take advantage of the higher octane?
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    Rumoured to be at dealerships as earlier as the first week of February. Infiniti dealerships already have the brochure available.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I'll be test driving an Armada next week. First looks at the QX are disappinting though. Pretty ugly front end IMO.
  • gibogibo Member Posts: 22
    When we drove the Armada the engine was great but the interior materials were a big turn off. The plastic is so cheesy! It was definitely the worst of all the full size SUVs I saw. I'm hoping the QX56 is nothing like it.
    btw, the dealerships have the new literature now if you want some glossy photos and specs.
  • ofpisteofpiste Member Posts: 1
    There is in fact six items that the QX has that the Armada doesn't have, at least when you are looking for a luxury SUV.
    Adaptive cruise control
    Xenon headlights
    Much better sound insulation
    Rear view camera (need it on a rig this size)
    Ability to order the DVD and power sun roof together (maybe I just had an uninformed Nissan rep)
    LED taillights

    I currently own a Hummer H2 and will be trading it in on a QX as soon as it hits the dealers March 1 (deposit is in). Not wanting to upset anyone, but the other so called large luxury SUV's (Escalade, Denali, Nav) are based on dated platforms and the ride/handling shows. I opted for the Hummer due to its solid feel and offroad capabilities, along with differentiating itself from the pack. However it is still a GM product and has the "little" issues of quality and sucks gas like you wouldn't believe.

    The Armada handles like a much smaller vehicle and has gobs of power in relation to its size...anyway just a short note on the key differences of the Armada vs QX debate...
  • wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124
    If I was to rate the QX56's styling I'd give it a 0. It looks almost as ugly as the Azteck. We know that isn't a compliment...
    As I said, it is the ugliest car...
    Pathfinder Armada, you're not so far behind...

    All of Infiniti's cars excluding the G35 are ugly, and truly most people think it's a fact....
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    "most people think it's a fact.... "

    If people think it, it is an opinion. If people know it, it is a fact. Seeing as the reaction of anyone to the asthetics of a vehicle is purely subjective, then what you are talking about is an opinion, not a fact.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    wibble, you're entirely correct - perceptions, regardless of how many people hold them, are still subjective. Apart from that, simply slamming the vehicle because you don't like it doesn't add anything to the conversation here.


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  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    Precisely which is why I won't be taking part in any more discussion on the looks of the vehicle. Everyone, just wait until your ocal Infiniti dealer has it in stock and then go and look at it close-up and drive it.
  • ssminissmini Member Posts: 1
    If you all are going to always just say that the Armada is the same vehicle with just an extended warranty, why would anyone by a Lexus? Every Lexus car and SUV shares a Toyota platform. Just some food for thought.
  • peter_in_atlpeter_in_atl Member Posts: 42
    The QX also has heated second row seats. Even though there are differences, are they worth $11K?
  • bobbio56bobbio56 Member Posts: 37
    we have a '97 qx4 with 80k (love it) and love our infiniti dealer...better than benz and bimmer (from long term experiences). I have driven the armada and the interior is one big hunk of plastic, but boy that truck flies! I understand with the QX56 the carpet is a much better grade, better leather, more sound insulation, std. Nav., way better looking interior, back up camera. My numbers show @ $9k (42 vs 51) difference (philly area) So... a better look (IMO), real service, free loaners, car cleaned every visit and bigger warranty...IMO it's worth the price quandry is i drove the lx470 and loved it! I await the QX...thanks
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    When configured like for like, the difference is closer to $5K. Considering the uprated interior, more noise insulation, metallic paint, heated second row seats, 10 more HP, 1 year/24000 mile lnger warrenty, loaner cars, etc. then a lot of people are probably going to consider it worthwhile.
  • peter_in_atlpeter_in_atl Member Posts: 42
    They keep changing the price on their website. The last time I logged in, it was $58K+ maxed out. I just went back in and it's down to $53.8K. At only ~$5K difference, I wouldn't hesitate to get the QX. The 11K I saw the other day would certainly give me pause.
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    Good point. Apparently they change the price all the time as a merketing guide to see at what price level people loose interest. I've seen the 2WD QX56 priced anywhere between $46555 and $52555 on there. Try different ZIP codes and you'll see it changes too!
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