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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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What sort of deals are you finding? Please share them here!


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  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    First off, I am driving a VIBE & not a Matrix. I tried but ugly Toyota "attitude" reared it's ugly head and I quickly headed to the VIBE store.

    Was considering both cars and I really leaned toward the Matrix because my wife preferred the looks of the Toyota over the VIBE.

    Stopped @ the Toyota place first knowing full well about the SET, Toyogard, pack the price till the customer screams polocy they are so fond of. Walked around a car on the demo floor for about 10 minutes before anyone even noticed I was there as the sales staff was on break (smoke AND coffee ugh)and I guess since it was,gee, almost 10AM on a Monday morn they probably had sold their entire quota for the whole month already and there was a whole mob of people breaking down the front door with fists full of money begging to buy a Camry or some such other over rated product they sell.

    Long story short: I told the sales rep I was considering both a VIBE and a Matrix. His eyes narrowed in a kind of menacing stare from across his desk. So help me here's waht he said. "go buy the VIBE, I can't compete with their rebates and discounts plus you look like you probably have a bunch of GM card points" with that he slammed his inventory book closed (big deal they only had three in stock LOL )got up and walked away !! So, I did just what he told me to do, I bought a VIBE. End of story.

    HUD :):)
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I used the internet to request a quote on a Matrix XRS. The quote I received was invoice pricing plus doc fee & TTL, but they didn't have the car I wanted. So for an additional $100, I got the car I wanted through a dealer trade. This was an 04 Matrix XRS, which may not be as much in demand because of the 6 speed manual. It came with the option package 1 which includes mats, rear bumper protector, 17" wheels, cargo mat, nets, and the weather package. With destination charge and ad fee, invoice was $18,406. I got it for $18,506 because of the dealer trade.

    My dealer was very pleasant to deal with. The internet person who provided the quote was nice and very up front with the pricing information. In contrast, another dealer from which I requested information never gave me an concrete info and failed to answer my questions about the vehicles they had in stock.

    At the dealership, price never came up. The floor salesman was nice. The only hitch in the whole process was the girl who looked upset because I turned down the mop and glo. The F&I guy was able to get me a better rate than the peoplefirst rate that I walked in with. Overall I was very pleased with the transaction.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    we don't have all that toyoguard crap, thank goodness.

    Bought mine back when they were still pretty new, and there were hardly ever any on the lots, at least around here. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was too cute not to have one, so I let them them talk me into $500 under sticker. At least they added an alarm for free.

    If I were buying today, I would insist on paying $1500 less than I paid back then...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • nippon:Don't know if you read my post awhile back about the arrogant sales weasel @ Toyota when I was looking to buy my wife a new set of wheels. She fell in love with the Trix, no problem, but just try to deal with the local dealer. Bad, bad scene. He basically threw me out of the place because I had the gall to suggest that he knock at least a little off MSRP especially since we DO have the Toyoguard crap to contend with here in Fla.

    Had they just gave in a little I would have gotten the Trix. But alas it was not to be. When I told him I was looking @ a Vibe he blew a gasket @ me AND GM ,stating those blankety blank so and sos discounting the hell out of their version and how he could not begin to compete with that level of gutter sales tactics. Imagine, "gutter sales tactics" coming from a Toy dealer when describing Pontiacs marketing stratagy. LOL !! Anyway, I literally drove across the street and they spotted me a new Vibe. I made a special trip back by the Toy dealer to return the sales rep's business card. I told him that it may help hold down his overhead.

    The GM got wind of the whole thing and called me later to apologize. What he didn't know was that not only did they lose the Trix sale but also close to 100K in new pickup trucks that I gave to Ford instead. Too bad too sad !!

    HUD :):)
  • derosaderosa Posts: 10
    Just bought 04 Solar Yellow Matrix XR; $18,000

    -all weather guard
    -anti-lock brakes
    -premium am/fm w/6 cd changer
    -extra value package #2 (wheels, tilt, moonroof, day and night inner mirror, cruise, fog lights, front and rear underbody spoiler)
    -floor mats
    -reat mats
    -rear bumper protector

    Nice ride!
  • just bought an '04 matrix xr, $18,500

    -abs(anti-lock brakes)
    -extra value package #2
    -premium stereo w/6 speaker-6disc changer
    -4wd(four wheel drive)
    -floor mats
    -cargo mat
    -rear bumper protector
    -cargo cover

    I think it was a good deal.
  • I am presently driving a 2002 toyo highlander. I am considering the Matrix XRS. I test drove one and I was highly impressed with the space and the 115 V. I plan to get one in the next few weeks.
  • "djumblebee", I also own a 2002 Highlander and am looking at a 2004 Matrix. Does your Highlander have AWD? And are you considering AWD in a Matrix? (Presumably not, since the XRS does not come in an AWD version....)

    And what is your reason for switching from Highlander to Matrix?

  • I just got mine last Friday 12/19/03. I got an xr in solar yellow for $17,250. Mine came with-
    Premium sound with 6cd changer
    all floor and cargo mats, pads, ties, etc.
    Extra value package #2
    all weather guard package
    and abs
    Think I did pretty good? I went through fleet and haggled them down a little from there. Brought with the edmunds true market value sheet. They didn't like that too much. =)
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    2004 XRS, Lunar mist, 6-speed, had to go to KC to find an XRS, 6cd, moonroof, 17's, weather thing??, MSRP was about $20,500.

    I paid $19,500 for it and got about $600 more for my trade than I could get elsewhere. Not a steal, but not too bad. I qualified for the 2.9% for 60 mos. financing even w/o a down payment.

    I made my purchase November 14th, 2003.
  • I bought my 2004 Cosmic Blue Matrix XR through an online website that connected me with Toyota dealers in the greater Sacramento, Ca. area and I purchased my car at Auburn Toyota. I did the whole deal over the phone. Paid $17,400.for the following:

    Extra value package #2
    ABS brake system
    Premium AM/FM w/ 6-CD changer
    All mats

    Got 2.9% financing w/ no money down and they paid off loan (2 years left) on my 2000 Ford Focus wagon. The experience was the easiest and most enjoyable car-buying experience I've ever had. Everyone I dealt with at the dealership was laid-back, no pressure, and very accomadating. I have had Toyotas before and am relieved to let go of my Ford....it was a disappointment. The Matrix is a solid, comfortable, good quality, fun-to-drive car
  • mpb4mpb4 Posts: 1
    The Toyota deal in my area is currently offering 1,000 below invoice. I just picked up my 2004 Matrix FWD XR for 15,818 plus taxes and freight. This included extra value package #1 (cruise control, front fog and driving lamps, front and rear underbody spoiler), ABS, all weather package, floor mats. They were also offering 2.9%/60 mo. financing with no money down.
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Lunar Mist XR/awd with Option package #2, premium sound, side airbags, and floor/cargo mats. MSRP was $20,443. My deal was $18,700. Took forever to find this option combo without having to pay for Toyoguard. Great car.
  • I am considering the '04 Matrix XR 5speed and was wondering if any Canadian Drivers can share their prices and expericances
  • Starting to look around at new cars and I am considering the Toyota Matrix. Could someone explain to me what Toyoguard is?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    never heard of it myself. Frankly, if I had it to do all over again, I would have never bought my XRS. It's just too sloppy at putting those 173 ponies to the pavement and the shifter / clutch is just plain awful. I don't now if it is the FWD or the crappy tires or both but I am very underwhelmed by my Matrix.

    It has also proved to be somewhat useless for my hauling needs as well. The best part is that it doesn't seem to share the "legendary" resale value of other Toyotas so I'll be buried in it for some time...I miss my RWD Miata / F150 combo. I thought that the Matrix was able to mix the attributes of both into one pachage...I was wrong. Man I hate being such a fool!
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I think toyoguard is one of the regional packaging things that some areas have. I have heard, for instance, that in Florida all cars come with it automatically and there is no option not to get it. I think it is a combination of the various mop and glo products: undercoating, fabric protection, paint sealant etc.


    Sorry you don't like your XRS. I'm enjoying mine. I like the shifter just fine and think the clutch is good too. The peakiness of the engine makes for some awkward moments in stop and go traffic but it fine otherwise.
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    I think my Miata has spoiled me for high-powered FWD manual shift cars.
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I was gonna say something about a big change in feel from your Miata. The car I was driving before I got the XRS was a Buick Regal. I was not driving it by choice, but necessity. My wife drives a Civic, so I have been used to FWD for a while now.

    How many miles you got on it now?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    I've got a bit over 3,000 miles. I am really displeased with the lack of grip of the Potenza RE 92's. They're just awful in the rain....just spinning and spinning. Spinning in the Miata was fun because you could fishtail a bit if you wanted to but in the FWD Matrix its just annoying.

    My wife also has a Civic with an automatic. I don't mind that car at all, I actually prefer it to my Matrix. I really hoped that the Matrix would be a good combo of my F150 (hauling stuff)and Miata (having fun)....instead, the Matrix lacks the fun factor and the hauling ability has already failed me several times.

    Stuff just slides all over the place in the back. I was hauling some MDF from Lowes a few weeks ago (cut into smaller pieces of course) and folded both passenger side seats down. Some of the pieces were over 6 feet long. Some idiot slammed to a stop in front of me and, of course, the MDF comes crashing forward into my dash and my right arm (I tried to "catch" it so it would totally destroy me dash). Everytime I look at the two large scratches on my passenger side air bag and the large scar on my right forearm I really wish I had my pickup.

    It then got even more annoying when I could not fit the finished product into the puny cargo area to get the project out of my shop. To be fair, it also could not fit into a Chevy Tahoe either (too long at about 75 inches), but I could've fit it into a pickup no problem.
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I've noticed a little slippage in the wet too. New tires could change that dramatically though.

    I got my trix because I simply could allow myself to get what I really wanted: the RSX type S. I needed more space so the XRS is my compromise car. My wife likes riding in it. She thinks it rides better than her Civic, but she admits that might be only because she can't see the speedo from the passenger seat.

    I'm getting ready to move to Miami. I plan putting the cargo space in the trix to good use for the 950 mile trip.

    Something like what you describe happened to me in my old pathfinder (RIP) when I carried some lawn furniture. Stuff slid around in the back of it too.

    Did you get the cargo mat?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    no cargo mat, but I'm considering getting one. I looked at tires for the Matrix just out of curiosity when I first bought it. At tirerack.com I found a few but they were pretty expensive.

    Wife and i agree, the Matrix does ride a lot better than the Civic on the long hiway trips. The Matrix does have comfy seats, but it is too quiet for me. Leg room also impreoved in the Matrix by a whole lot when I removed the foot rest.
  • I was at the Toyota Website and I selected their link for "Buy a Toyota". After I put in my zip code, the page asked me which trim, transmission I wanted. I chose XR FWD with Manual. I then went to a new page that showed one option package "Option Combination A". This consisted of 16" Wheels, All Weather Guard, Extra Value #1, and Premium AM/FM/Cassette/CD. So I either get those 4 Options, or nothing at all? It seems like Toyota is making only one set of options available in my area. When I went back and put in a different zip code, it gave me a different set of options. I understand that they try to package different options together, but that seems a little restrictive. If I chose an Auto, I have a lot more choices of available options. I mean, at least let me configure the vehicle the way I want and search the entire state to see if there is at least one of them. There are some Options I could either give or take, but others that I refuse to budge on. For example, I want a Manual with the ABS. The Toyota website does not even let me search in my state to see if one exists. Have other people found very restrictive options packages at dealerships? I stopped at a dealership and they had a total of 8 Matrixes, all of the Auto. Maybe I have to go to a dealer and have him search surrounding states for different option packages?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    they package their cars differently for different areas. I don't know why...there are few who do. but you're not doing anything wrong, its jsut Toyota being Toyota....
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    My understanding is that when Toyota was first developing its distribution in the US it arranged for distribution in the Southeastern U.S. with Southeastern Toyota and in the Texas - Louisiana area with Gulf States Toyota.

    Both are privately owned 'family' companies. Southeastern Toyota is owned by the JMFamily. see http://www.jmfamily.com/

    They are one of the largest privately owned companies in the US.

    JM controls what kinds of cars the dealers in their area gets from their 'port' in Jacksonville. This is where all of the useless Toyoguard 1970's fabric protector etc. get put on for $660. They also two-tone many cars.

    Gulf States is similar though not as dominating as SET is in their area. Fortunately in many areas like the Central Atlantic, New England and Midwest, it is much more competitive than the SET zone.
  • I paid $19,287.15 in cash for a 2004 Matrix XR with AWD, taxes, registration, new plates, the whole nine yards.

    This was at Woburn Foreign Motors in Woburn, MA.

    I am absolutely crazy about this car. Wonderful.
  • This past Monday I got a base, standard transmission Matrix with the weather guard and power packages for $14,500 including freight. Only taxes and tags were extra. I thought that was pretty good, slightly below invoice. This was at Jerry's Toyota in Baltimore. They quoted it on the phone, and I expected to hear a whole different story when I got there, but it went very smoothly and exactly what they quoted. Just in time for the 1.9% financing. I'm real pleased with the car and with the dealer.

  • thelthel Posts: 767
    Toyota ads are saying they are offering 2.9% financing in addition to any rebates that are available. Additional proof that Toyota is in fact one of the new Big 3 LOL.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    I didn't know you could get the power package on the base model. Is this new?
  • I don't know how long the power package has been an option on the base model. I got the impression from the Toyota website that base models *with* the power package are more common.

  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    It's getting difficult to sell cars without power windows any more. Just checked the Toyota website, which is totally annoying in that it will only show you what is currently 'available in your area' (option-wise, based on dealers' current stock), not what one can really actually purchase. It shows automatic on the base model as not available (which has to be incorrect) and makes no mention of the power package. Grrr. The power pack is standard on the XR, but again, good luck finding one without a bunch of other stuff you don't wanna pay for, so they end up in the $18-20k range.
  • deg856deg856 Posts: 120
    It looks like getting invoice (+destination+tax+license) is no problem right now, but how much under invoice can you go? I'm thinking $500 under is pretty good. Someone wrote $1000 under invoice a while ago, but that seems too low to be true. Please help.
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    that would depend on whether or not there are any cash rebates out there. On the Matrix, I'm not aware of any (not around here anyway). The Matrix supply is pretty limited, and the XRS supply is almost nonexistant.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Just got our Matrix XR 4WD - it has DC (AM/FM/Cass/CD/6spkrs), CL (Cruise control), EF (Rear bumper protector) and C1 (Cargo mat). Paid $17050.00 (destination included - tax/title/tag transfer excluded). About $500 less than Edmunds listed as vendor's invoice.

    We just totalled the Corolla '04 LE that we had for six months.. Matrix vs Corolla - Matrix wins hand-down. Worry about safety a little bit because none of the airbag deployed when we had the accident.
  • celica115celica115 Posts: 169
    May I ask how much you pay for the insurance? Dose the Matrix XR 4WD has the same insurance rate as the Corolla LE? I hope the insurance companies won't count it as a SUV. What MPG do you get? Thank you for input?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    to insure my Matrix XRS than my wife's Civic. I would expect a Civic to have higher rates than a Corolla.

    Couple of points:

    1. Your credit score is a big factor in your rates so make sure that is in good shape.

    2. May sound weird, but why not call your insurance company and ask them how much your rate will be? It should take them about 2 minutes.
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    Yeah. I did that. That was one reason why I got the XRS. It was cheaper to insure than the protege5. I was surprised given the price difference and power difference. Turns out from what the agent could tell looking at the parts of the premium that the IIHS crash tests of the P5 were worse.
  • With the purchase of a brand new car there are various fees and I'm wondering if anyone can share with me what fees I HAVE to pay and what fees I need to be aware of or at if I can ask them to lower or remove fees that they throw in to push your price higher. For example, on the websites lots of dealers list the "del,proc.& handling" fee but then others list the Documentation Fee as well. Should I be paying this documentation fee of $499. I believe another fee is the dealer prep fee which from what I have read is a fee that that you can negotiate since they are basically charging for cleaning a car that should have been clean when it was shipped.

    Anyway, can you guys please list fees that are legitimate and approx. costs so I can know what to expect. I know most things can vary by dearler or manufacturer...but anything will help thanks.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You definitely want to look at our Smart Shopper forum. Look down the list of discussions and the ones that will help you are:

    Doc Fees
    Out The Door (OTD) Pricing
    Toyota Advertising Fees

    If you click on the Tips & Advice tab at the top of the page, you will also find our article "10 Steps to Buying a New Car." Many of the fees and "gotchas" are spelled out there.
  • Thanks so much
  • nattlenattle Posts: 2
    I am buying my very first car and want to make sure I am getting a good deal. The salesman gave me a copy of the invoice and said he would charge me 500 over the dealer invoice price. This sounds like a good deal to me, but I'm just not sure.

    I'm buying the 05 XR, auto, extra value package # 2, 6 CD in dash, anti lock brakes, rear bumper protector.

    I am going to pay 18,116 plus license and doc.
  • 008008 Posts: 1
    I personally think that $300 over invoice is a fair profit for the dealer. However, if you really want the car $18,116 seems reasonable as long as there are no other fees. Make sure you get the price in writing. And don’t forget that YOU have to pay taxes in addition to license, registration, and document fees.
  • My parents went looking for a car and stopped by a Toyota dealership in MA. They noticed really high prices on the Matrix's and when they asked about them here is what they got.

    "The Matrix isn't being shipped anymore and is being discontinued so we inflated our prices"

    When they told me this I nearly fell off my seat from laughing so hard. That is a new one. And no they didn't buy anything fom there.
  • I really wanted a Vibe because Vibe's styling makes a lot more sense to me. But a comparably equipped Vibe costs about 2,500 - 3k more than a Matrix before any cash rebate. So I went to a Toyota dealership today.. Placed an order for an XR 5-spd, Package #2 plus side airbags and ABS for $110 over invoice. Then there's the $199 doc fee, $89 tag fee, and paid an optional $199 window etching fee (dealer said it would help with insurance, maybe a stupid move of mine) and 6% sales tax..
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    Not a stupid move on your part...but probably an unnecessary one. That $200 window etching actually costs less than $20 and I think they enroll you in some sort of anti-theft service. Not worth it in my opinion but the dealers like to throw them in and make them sound really important to pad the profit in the deal.

    "If you really want your new Matrix to last, we use a high-quality rust proof undercoating for only $350". Gee, you certainly don't want your new car to rust prematurely so you agree and the dealer sends Johnny Snotnose out with a $10 spray can to spray the underside of your car.

    Just remember that the salesman that sells you the car is only the first of many salesman that you may encounter at a dealership. There are other salesmen at some stores to sell rust-proofing, window etching, warrantys, and all sorts of things. As profit margins on new cars continue to shrink, the dealers are coming up with new ways to maintain profits.
  • thong24kthong24k Posts: 23
    So, how much is invoice and total that you willing to pay for? I'm currently looking to buy one,too. But I didn't like the way dealer handle the sale. They're too pushy and they wouldn't like to give you a quote via e-mail, not like Honda which they're seem very upfront. Which dealer did you contact with? I'm in NJ, too.
  • bwalshbwalsh Posts: 1
    I live in CT and put a deposit down on a 2005 XR. A paying 17,700 (before taxes and fees). Getting floor mats, option package 2, 5-speed manual, sunroof, 6 disc changer. Had to get special order from the factory because do not make 5-speed manuals with the sunroof for CT dealers! Seems the price is close to 1000 over invoice (but still well below MSRP). Haven't found a better price around here for the '05. Sound like a decent deal? Anyone find a better deal in CT?
  • yxj002yxj002 Posts: 6
    I am ready to buy amatrix. Went a dealer yeaterday and got an OTD of $17700 for a base auto car with power packages, basicallly invoice + tax+title.

    I would like to use those bidding services and pay a fee and get a lower price. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.
  • I just placed an order for a 5-speed Matrix XR. I had to order it because no cars were available in the Central Atlantic area with FWD, 5-speed, and side airbags. I also got ABS, Value Package #1 (cruise control, foglights, spoilers), All Weather Package, floor/cargo mats, and bumper protector.


    The MSRP for this was approximately $18,350 and the invoice price was $16,875. (Note: Edmunds pricing put the invoice at $16,565, but this didn't include regional advertising charge "T.D.A." of $310. I verified on the dealer's invoice that this was a charge they had to pay and was reflected on their bottom line.)


    Because of numerous Toyota dealers in the Washington D.C. area, including three dealers in Maryland who have no haggle prices (below invoice) posted on-line for in-stock vehicles, I was able to place an order for the exact car I wanted at $230 under invoice at Leesburg Toyota in Virginia.
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