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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I received a quote for a 2006 XR 2WD Auto with ABS, Extra Value Package #1, All Weather Guard and Mats for $17,000 + 290 Dealer Fee + Tax. TMV was $17,652 and Cars Direct target price was $17,160. Any thoughts? :confuse: Thanks in advance.
  • I'd see about getting rid of that dealer fee. Or at least reducing it. Carsdirect price most often INCLUDES the dealer advertising allowance. So anything they're getting on top of that is extra.

    It's OK to pay title/tags/doc fee of $75-150 (depending on your area), but $290 is a little much.

    Tell them to do it for $17160+tax.
  • We are getting an XR 2006 2WD with Package 2 for 18241...Please let us know if you get it for any better price.
  • Me too one of the dealer offering me XR 2006 2WD with Package 2 for which is $100 above their invoice which is 18278 plus tax.tag. otd price would be 20000
    any better price.
  • mudlumpmudlump Posts: 11
    I just bought a 2006 Matrix XR with Extra Value Package 2 and Mats. MSRP was $18,202. I live in Corpus Christi and queried all of the dealers in Dallas/FtWorth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and of course Corpus. Almost all of the dealers would not budge off of MSRP. Only a few would even give $200 - $300 internet discount. Champion Toyota of Austin offered $16,973 price and I went with them.
    TTL put it up to $18,253... their document fee was $50. This was an awesome buying experience. They do a very high volume and the place was very crowded with people picking up their cars. I highly recommend them! Also, they did not require a deposit......

    After I had already made the deal with Champion in Austin and was waiting a couple of days to pick it up, Cavender Toyota in San Antonio offered me the exact same selling price. Don't know how they are about document fees.

    It's very funny that Champion Toyota of Corpus Christi were total jerks about the MSRP price since it's one big corporation. The guy there had the nerve to tell me that they HAD to stick with MSRP because they are selling every car before they get it and they just can't get enough cars.... yeah yeah yeah....

    Anyway, Go Champion, As long as you go to Austin!!!!
  • I live in Austin, so thanks for the information!
  • mudlumpmudlump Posts: 11
    You're welcome! I used CarsDirect to get my quotes so you get the "internet" price. It may be better than walking up to a salesperson.... I don't know.
    Good luck!! :D
  • Hi,

    I purchased a 2006 Toyota Matrix XR 2wd for 18,700 in July. Here are the options we added and it had to be factory built:
    -Extra Value package #2
    -Rear Spoiler
    -Cargo mats
    -Side Airbags
    -6CD w/6 speakers

    Unfortunately we still haven't received the car. I finally had to put in a call to the regional office about this. The person from the office was great. She told me the truth about why our dealer wouldn't give us a delivery date and said she would personally put in an order for a car if the dealership did not improve how they were handling my sale. I should have my car by the 2nd week of November. If you plan to purchase a car in the Triad area, stay on top of things. I've had horrible experiences with two dealerships already.
  • sco123sco123 Posts: 2
    :confuse: Hi,
    I just purchased Matrix 2006 Base 2wD with power doors and power windows for 16700. (out of the door price). Which is couple of hundred dollars less then invoice price. Am i getting a good deal?
  • Edmunds lists this car for 15700 invoice. Are there other options you have but didn't list?
  • sco123sco123 Posts: 2
    No, but 16700 includes tax tags title and all kind of fees.
  • Sounds like a nice deal to me
  • HI,
    Im getting a matrix front wheel drive xr with the following options:50 State Emissions
    AM/FM In-Dash 6 CD Changer with 6 Speakers
    Anti-Lock Brake System,
    Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Tire
    Pressure Monitor
    Extra Value Package #2
    Carpet Floor Mats (4pc)
    The dealer quted me 17,800. I live in Southern Calidfornia. Please let me know if this is a good price.

    Thank!!! :D
  • I put this entry someplace else here, and now see it's better placed here.

    In case anyone is thinking of buying one of these critters right now, here's the price and model I just got today.

    Base Matrix 2006 (Manual tranny) (2 wheel drive)

    (optional equipment as defined by window sticker)
    All weather guard....$250
    cruise control......$250
    Power windows & locks...$980
    carpet mats......$88

    Total price to me, delivered, including Oregon plates,

    Be aware, I only wanted the rear window wiper option. But was stuck with buying this other stuff cause there isn't a lot to choose from. ( I positively HATE power windows!) Got stuck with Silver color when I wanted Red or White, also.

    Went thru an Auto buyer in Portland, and got the rig inside a week.

    Took her out and about today, and am proud to say; everything seems to be in order and working. So far, so good.
  • Thank you everyone for all your quotes and information. I went to dealer armed with the information, and I just got my Matrix last Saturday. So, this is my way of returning the favor. Here is my Matrix stats and price.

    Matrix XR 2 wheel drive
    FE 50 state emission
    AB Anti-Lock Break
    EV AM/FM In-dash 6 CD changer with 6 speakers
    AA 17" aluminum wheels
    SP extra value package #1
    SR Tilt/slide moonroof with day/night mirror
    CF Carpet floor mats (4pc)

    I paid $17,900 + tax and fee = $19,600

    Also, I got the anti-theft system that come with the car from the manufacturer for another $300.

    Total $19,900.
  • hey folks, Here is the fictures of the car i bought today
    2006 toyota matrix 2wd automatic transmition
    power doors and power windows with keyless entry
    anti_thift system(i guess this is an alarm system)(this came on it for free, so avoid paying extra for it :))
    i also bought matrix carpet mats
    here what i paid for all of these:
    The car+ the listed things :15100
    dealer serv.: 500
    taxes+tag title &fees: 1100
    All together i paid 16700.(out the door).
  • I am looking at the base matrix (i want the extra clearance) with vehicle traction control. I haven't driven one with it and i am wondering if anyone has it and likes it. I spend a lot of time in the car and the drop in gas mileage to have a 4wd makes it unattractive. I do however snowboard, hike and do other outdoor things so i would like the added traction of either VTC or 4wd. Also the traction control is about $1000 cheaper. What do you guys think?
  • Hi, I'm Northeast aread(NY) just got quote for '06 matrix XR AWD with vp2 side air bag, 6 spkrs, wheel. quote $19,990 + TT&L = under $21,000.. know if this is reasonable? also need tips of finding the best means to finance the baby. any leads with online financing?? Thanks in advance!
  • hmarhmar Posts: 15
    If you can join a credit union, they tend to have the best rates.
  • hmarhmar Posts: 15
    I got an XR, 5sp, FWD, EV#1 (fog lights, cruise control, All-Weather), 6-CD changer, floor mats, rear cargo mat) for $16,500 (the invoice price according to the dealer, but it includes the holdback) + the dealer fee of $375. With tax (a whopping 8.375% in NYC), title, license, etc, it adds up to $18.2. They don't market this package in NY, so I had to custom order it. I figured that because I wasn't taking anything from their existing stock, nor am I financing through them, that my negotiating position wasn't as strong as it could be. Any impressions on the quality of this deal?
  • vyadavvyadav Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 2006 Matrix, Auto, FWD with the following options EV#1 (fog lights, cruise control, All-Weather), 6-CD changer, floor mats, rear cargo mat). I am looking to get it for 16000 which shud include registration.
    Any comments or suggestions?
  • tnnguyen3tnnguyen3 Posts: 1
    Hello people,

    I am a rockie as buying car. This is the first time considering purchasing a brand new car. I would love to own the Matrix XR automatic package. I dont want any options to be add by it. Can someone tell me what is the fair price out of the door? I am very confused by the whole idea of dealing, haggling just to buy a car, but I know it is a must. I have hard time dealing with dealers. They kept on giving me so high price which I know I shouldnt take the deal. After doing research on Edmunds. The website suggested the Price should be 17,100 roughtly, however more confusion come to mind is that they didnt say anything about tax already included or not? Can some one help me here because i am desperately in hoping not getting play by those dealership.

    Thanks in advance T
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Hi tnnguyen3,
    Edmunds prices don't include tax, because there is such a difference depending on which ZIP code you live in. So, you will have to add tax to whatever price you are given.

    May I make a gentle suggestion? You write in English very well, but it seems like English is not your first language. You might want to take along a friend who does speak English as a native - someone might try to take advantage of you because of the language.

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  • hmarhmar Posts: 15

    First off, I suggest thoroughly reading the guide to dealing with dealers, located in the Top 10 lists on the Edmunds
    website. I found it very useful.

    Second, before you begin negotiating, make sure you have a firm idea of prices - the price you think you should pay, how much above that price you're willing to go, and almost as important, how much below your ideal buying price you want to begin with. You'd be surprised at how little dealers are willing to settle for, especially when it comes to new cars. Most of their money is made in service, financing, and used cars.

    If they don't have the model with the options you want, that is worth a price reduction to you. You are helping them by taking something that's already in their lot, rather than having to order a car or initiating a dealer swap, if it's something they don't have in stock.

    Third - go through the internet dealer, rather than walking into the dealership and dealing with a floor salesperson. Internet salespeople often are paid a flat rate per car they sell, rather than a commission that is a percentage of the sale price. It makes the internet dealer more likely to come down in price. Another alternative is a buying service, such as Autobytel, or Groovecar. They'll do all of the work for you. I've heard about people being very happy with them.

    Fourth - when they're writing up the price, remember that the dealer's fee, which tends to be from $250-500, is completely negotiable. It's pure profit added onto the negotiated price. Make sure you factor that in. If you can make a deal with that amount removed, or even reduced, you're one step further to getting what you want.

    As far as the options are concerned, you may have some problems. Toyota markets Options Packages by sales region. There tend to be minimum options you have to take - so they're not truly options - it's not possible to opt out of them. If you want a truly bare-bones car, you will probably have to order it and be willing to wait 4-16 weeks to have it delivered. There are more or fewer minimum options, depending on location. To find out what's marketed to your region, you need to go to Toyota's website and enter your zip code, then build your Matrix. Living in NY, I discovered that the minimum options were far more than I wanted by about $1,000, but that nearby regions, including Boston and Phildelphia had exactly the options I was looking for (ultimately, I ordered the car to spec, buy that's another story).

    Finally, a couple of do's and don'ts:

    Do walk in with a plan, as well as printouts of what you want, and a list of all options and their cost, and a calculator, so that you can figure exactly what amounts you're dealing with. If you're prepared, you'll probably be done in a very short amount of time. The dealer has to explain less, and he knows that he can't mis-state facts about the car. I walked in knowing more about the car than my dealer and was done in under 2 hours.

    Do be willing to negotiate some, but remember - they want to make a deal - they should come down a lot further than you come up.

    If they promise you something, or you negotiate some condition, do get it in writing. When my car came in, it was eligible for a rebate from Toyota. The dealer tried to tell me that as it was an ordered car, that the dealership was entitled to all rebates and incentives. As nothing of the sort was on my copy of the buyer's order, I refused to agree to that. As a result, we tore up the order, started from scratch, and renegotiated a new deal for almost $400 less. He and I both walked away a little more satisfied.

    Do be patient. Don't let yourself be pressured.

    Don't be afraid to walk out if you feel you're not getting treated well or fairly. There are so many Toyota dealers out there, you can just go to the next one.

    Knowing what you want and showing it will help a lot.

    Good luck.
  • goosmangoosman Posts: 2
    I bought a base model, 5sp, power package, security, all weather pckge, cruise control about 2 weeks ago in Maryland for $14,670 + tax, tag, title. Very happy with the deal and the car.

  • xiexie Posts: 1
    I received a offer for an AUTO base model with PO. OTD is $17,400. Is this a good deal? I am in Bay Area, California. Thanks for the help.

  • awang1awang1 Posts: 1
    I am in the Sacramento (Northern California) region and would like recommendations on dealerships and/or brokers. I have been seriously searching for a Matrix XR, 2WD, EVP#2, ABS, in black with cloth seats. Here are some prices that I have gotten so far:
    from a broker in Auburn $19,896.10 (out the door)
    from Roseville and Auburn Toyota $20,393.00 MSRP
    From Hanlees in Davis $20,342.86 (out the door)
    Hanlees participates in the Costco Auto Buying program. The rep I met with did not seem particularly interested in my business.
    Also- anyone know anything about the 2007 Matrix? Or if Toyota plans on lowering the prices on the 2006?

    Thanks in advance.
  • kckckckc Posts: 1
    I live in LA, CA (tax 8.25%) and I just brought a Matrix. You probably don't want to drive down to buy a car, but here are my details for your reference.

    Matrix XR, 2WD, auto +
    AA (17" Alloy wheels) +
    SR (Sunroof) +
    AB (ABS) +
    SP (Extra Value Package #1) +
    EV (AM/FM In-Dash 6-CD Changer) +
    CF (Carpet Floor Mats) +

    I also got Sirius Satellite Radio for 9 months, cargo cover and cargo net (not sure if these are part of the car or added bonus).

    I think the different between what I got and what you are looking for is basically 17" instead of 16" wheels, 6 disc changer and the alarm. I got the car for 20000 out the door. I could have gotten the car without alarm for 300 less and 16" alloy wheels (instead of 17") for 600-700 less but they only have the color white for the 16".

    Hope this helps! Keep us posted on your purchase experience.
  • trigmantrigman Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 06 Vibe GT in the DC area and I got a price 200$ over the consumer reports dealer invoice price. I special ordered it since there weren't any GTs out there that didn't have a sun roof. One other dealership I looked at practically told me they wouldn't order one for me since so many people end up not liking it and they get stuck with it. Oh well, their loss. I love the car and the 6 speed transmission.
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