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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't know how long the power package has been an option on the base model. I got the impression from the Toyota website that base models *with* the power package are more common.

  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    It's getting difficult to sell cars without power windows any more. Just checked the Toyota website, which is totally annoying in that it will only show you what is currently 'available in your area' (option-wise, based on dealers' current stock), not what one can really actually purchase. It shows automatic on the base model as not available (which has to be incorrect) and makes no mention of the power package. Grrr. The power pack is standard on the XR, but again, good luck finding one without a bunch of other stuff you don't wanna pay for, so they end up in the $18-20k range.
  • deg856deg856 Posts: 120
    It looks like getting invoice (+destination+tax+license) is no problem right now, but how much under invoice can you go? I'm thinking $500 under is pretty good. Someone wrote $1000 under invoice a while ago, but that seems too low to be true. Please help.
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    that would depend on whether or not there are any cash rebates out there. On the Matrix, I'm not aware of any (not around here anyway). The Matrix supply is pretty limited, and the XRS supply is almost nonexistant.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Just got our Matrix XR 4WD - it has DC (AM/FM/Cass/CD/6spkrs), CL (Cruise control), EF (Rear bumper protector) and C1 (Cargo mat). Paid $17050.00 (destination included - tax/title/tag transfer excluded). About $500 less than Edmunds listed as vendor's invoice.

    We just totalled the Corolla '04 LE that we had for six months.. Matrix vs Corolla - Matrix wins hand-down. Worry about safety a little bit because none of the airbag deployed when we had the accident.
  • celica115celica115 Posts: 169
    May I ask how much you pay for the insurance? Dose the Matrix XR 4WD has the same insurance rate as the Corolla LE? I hope the insurance companies won't count it as a SUV. What MPG do you get? Thank you for input?
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    to insure my Matrix XRS than my wife's Civic. I would expect a Civic to have higher rates than a Corolla.

    Couple of points:

    1. Your credit score is a big factor in your rates so make sure that is in good shape.

    2. May sound weird, but why not call your insurance company and ask them how much your rate will be? It should take them about 2 minutes.
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    Yeah. I did that. That was one reason why I got the XRS. It was cheaper to insure than the protege5. I was surprised given the price difference and power difference. Turns out from what the agent could tell looking at the parts of the premium that the IIHS crash tests of the P5 were worse.
  • With the purchase of a brand new car there are various fees and I'm wondering if anyone can share with me what fees I HAVE to pay and what fees I need to be aware of or at if I can ask them to lower or remove fees that they throw in to push your price higher. For example, on the websites lots of dealers list the "del,proc.& handling" fee but then others list the Documentation Fee as well. Should I be paying this documentation fee of $499. I believe another fee is the dealer prep fee which from what I have read is a fee that that you can negotiate since they are basically charging for cleaning a car that should have been clean when it was shipped.

    Anyway, can you guys please list fees that are legitimate and approx. costs so I can know what to expect. I know most things can vary by dearler or manufacturer...but anything will help thanks.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You definitely want to look at our Smart Shopper forum. Look down the list of discussions and the ones that will help you are:

    Doc Fees
    Out The Door (OTD) Pricing
    Toyota Advertising Fees

    If you click on the Tips & Advice tab at the top of the page, you will also find our article "10 Steps to Buying a New Car." Many of the fees and "gotchas" are spelled out there.
  • nattlenattle Posts: 2
    I am buying my very first car and want to make sure I am getting a good deal. The salesman gave me a copy of the invoice and said he would charge me 500 over the dealer invoice price. This sounds like a good deal to me, but I'm just not sure.

    I'm buying the 05 XR, auto, extra value package # 2, 6 CD in dash, anti lock brakes, rear bumper protector.

    I am going to pay 18,116 plus license and doc.
  • 008008 Posts: 1
    I personally think that $300 over invoice is a fair profit for the dealer. However, if you really want the car $18,116 seems reasonable as long as there are no other fees. Make sure you get the price in writing. And don’t forget that YOU have to pay taxes in addition to license, registration, and document fees.
  • My parents went looking for a car and stopped by a Toyota dealership in MA. They noticed really high prices on the Matrix's and when they asked about them here is what they got.

    "The Matrix isn't being shipped anymore and is being discontinued so we inflated our prices"

    When they told me this I nearly fell off my seat from laughing so hard. That is a new one. And no they didn't buy anything fom there.
  • I really wanted a Vibe because Vibe's styling makes a lot more sense to me. But a comparably equipped Vibe costs about 2,500 - 3k more than a Matrix before any cash rebate. So I went to a Toyota dealership today.. Placed an order for an XR 5-spd, Package #2 plus side airbags and ABS for $110 over invoice. Then there's the $199 doc fee, $89 tag fee, and paid an optional $199 window etching fee (dealer said it would help with insurance, maybe a stupid move of mine) and 6% sales tax..
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    Not a stupid move on your part...but probably an unnecessary one. That $200 window etching actually costs less than $20 and I think they enroll you in some sort of anti-theft service. Not worth it in my opinion but the dealers like to throw them in and make them sound really important to pad the profit in the deal.

    "If you really want your new Matrix to last, we use a high-quality rust proof undercoating for only $350". Gee, you certainly don't want your new car to rust prematurely so you agree and the dealer sends Johnny Snotnose out with a $10 spray can to spray the underside of your car.

    Just remember that the salesman that sells you the car is only the first of many salesman that you may encounter at a dealership. There are other salesmen at some stores to sell rust-proofing, window etching, warrantys, and all sorts of things. As profit margins on new cars continue to shrink, the dealers are coming up with new ways to maintain profits.
  • thong24kthong24k Posts: 23
    So, how much is invoice and total that you willing to pay for? I'm currently looking to buy one,too. But I didn't like the way dealer handle the sale. They're too pushy and they wouldn't like to give you a quote via e-mail, not like Honda which they're seem very upfront. Which dealer did you contact with? I'm in NJ, too.
  • bwalshbwalsh Posts: 1
    I live in CT and put a deposit down on a 2005 XR. A paying 17,700 (before taxes and fees). Getting floor mats, option package 2, 5-speed manual, sunroof, 6 disc changer. Had to get special order from the factory because do not make 5-speed manuals with the sunroof for CT dealers! Seems the price is close to 1000 over invoice (but still well below MSRP). Haven't found a better price around here for the '05. Sound like a decent deal? Anyone find a better deal in CT?
  • yxj002yxj002 Posts: 6
    I am ready to buy amatrix. Went a dealer yeaterday and got an OTD of $17700 for a base auto car with power packages, basicallly invoice + tax+title.

    I would like to use those bidding services and pay a fee and get a lower price. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.
  • I just placed an order for a 5-speed Matrix XR. I had to order it because no cars were available in the Central Atlantic area with FWD, 5-speed, and side airbags. I also got ABS, Value Package #1 (cruise control, foglights, spoilers), All Weather Package, floor/cargo mats, and bumper protector.


    The MSRP for this was approximately $18,350 and the invoice price was $16,875. (Note: Edmunds pricing put the invoice at $16,565, but this didn't include regional advertising charge "T.D.A." of $310. I verified on the dealer's invoice that this was a charge they had to pay and was reflected on their bottom line.)


    Because of numerous Toyota dealers in the Washington D.C. area, including three dealers in Maryland who have no haggle prices (below invoice) posted on-line for in-stock vehicles, I was able to place an order for the exact car I wanted at $230 under invoice at Leesburg Toyota in Virginia.
  • shotoshoto Posts: 1
    I test drove several models at 2 dealer ships,and

    After waiting for the end of year deals and researching every car in my price range I decided on the 2005 Matrix base model 4 cyl, 5 speed, I wanted and got roll up windows, and the color I wanted also.

    Car,tax, tag everything out the door. $16,400 Plus -400 for my College. I was tired!!! and needed a car pretty bad, so $16,000.I hope I got a good deal???
  • saz_1saz_1 Posts: 30
    Hope that this info helps someone.




    2005 Matrix XR 2WD Automatic

    QP Package

    Floor Mats

    $17,200 + TTL

    $18,910 including TTL (Tax 9%)

    $185 Gap Insurance

    $19,095 Out the Door


    Financed through Toyota at 4.4% for 60 months.
  • kabejkabej Posts: 2
    In DC metro area, there are a number of dealers who list "internet" prices without you interacting with a salesman. One in MD is currently quoting prices at $1000 under invoice (including mfgr's $500 rebate for 3/05). I worked a deal at Ourisman Fairfax for this price, but had to pay their $250 processing fee (about $150 more than the processing fee at the MD dealership). Got them to throw in floor mats and wheel locks, so not much real difference there. Ourisman has free servicing for two years, including a loaner car. So it all ended up being about $2300 under list. I'm ok with that!
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    Is it true people are getting $1000 under invoice for Matrix. I got a quote from my local dealer (Long Island, close to NYC) for $500 above invoice for XR. And there is a $500 rebate? I think I should start get quote from other dealers.
  • John Elway Toyota
    2005 Toyota Matrix AWD Auto
    -power package
    -cruise control
    Paid $18,000 (tax included)

    Just let you guys know Matrix is a slow car but TRDUSA makes a supercharger (40+more HP) for about $1,000 (installation not included)
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    I got a deal from Millenum Toyota (Hempstead, Long Island) for 05 XR auto (6-disc, ABS, sunroof) for $18000, which is about $53 above invoice. The only problem is they don't have the dark blue (Ingilo ink) that we want, and they need to do dealer swap and still haven't got back to me. Hopefully they are not playing trick on me.
  • louie_jlouie_j Posts: 11
    That price makes me feel a little better. Just yesterday I picked up an '05 XR auto (6-disc, ABS, sunroof) for about the same price (a little higher)at Westbury Toyota. I originally wanted the Indigo Ink, but I went with the Phantom Gray.

    The Matrix is a cool little car. Made me reallize what a piece of crap my '02 Nissan was. I'm paying a little more a month than I really wanted to, but that's because I had to get out from under the loan I still had on the Nissan.

    After spending the afternoon at the dealership, we made a deal and I drove the car home. Don't know if I got the best price but at least I don't feel like I got screwed in the process.
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    Hi Louie,
    I went by Westbury Toyota last Sunday also, but they don't allow anyone to drive outside the lot since they are "out of dealer plate". Actually Millenum put 374 on top of the 18k, so it's more like 400+ above invoice. But I get an excellent price on my trade-in, and I am picking up my Indigo Ink this afternoon.
  • louie_jlouie_j Posts: 11
    I didn't have any problem going on a test drive at Westbury. Not only did I drive it around the side streets, but the salesman also let me take it on the parkway.
    Only thing I can think of is it was busy and all the dealer plates we out on other test-drives. Either way, that was a bad move by the dealer. They lost the sale.
  • dorybdoryb Posts: 2
    Lets stop quoting over invoice since it seems to vary by dealership. They don't include holdback, dealer incentives, etc.
    XR 2wd Auto
    I was quoted a drive off price of 17,671 (6 % tax included) but it's via email. The car has the value package 1 and 6cd changer. Nothing else.
    I'm in North Florida. When I show the dealers the consumer's reports wholesale price, the dealers in the SE states like to say they have an extra fee from the distributer and that they don't get there cars directly. All the toyota's land in my back yard! Our port is 30 miles from where I live! So invoice is still a mystery. I think I'm going to texas and drive one back.
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