Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chauncybrandchauncybrand Member Posts: 4
    I'm not too sure about the V8 since I didn't shop for one. . . but yesterday we bought a new 2009 XC90 3.2 with 7 passenger, premium and versatility packs for 34,940. If you buy a new 2009 in June there are a a couple of incentives as far as warrantee goes, as well. The dealer is in the Atlanta area. There were no BS dealer fees and we got a really good (compared to several other dealers) offer for our trade in. Unless you've got the need for a V8 going with the 3.2 will save big money.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    So, we talked to the dealer again and are offered the following:
    2008 Volvo XC90
    V8 Demo
    8000 miles
    no extra packages

    100.000 miles warranty

    Does this sound like a fair deal or should we stay away?
    Please help!

    Without knowing the exact equipment on the car, it's very much a guess, but that price seems about $4000 - $5000 high.

    You should get a list of exactly what is on the vehicle, and run it through Edmunds and other used car listings to get a sense of the price point.
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Keep trying to reply here, lets see if this shows up.
    We paid $27k for an 08 demo with 5000 miles (not a V8).
    So it sounds high to me.
  • lucamaylucamay Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for all your responses!
    We really want a V8 so we will either get this one or wait a while for a 2009.

    Isn't there about a $10.000 difference between a 3.2 and a V8 though (that's what I saw for the 2009)? Then $27 vs $37 shouldn't be too far off depending on the extras on your car?

    I checked edmunds and it looks like the personal sales price on this one should be $37500 and a dealer sales price should be $40000.

    Also, I talked to the dealer again and he said that the car has all the extras except for the convenience package. Now, I don't know if they offered the 2008 with the technology package but I do not recall that this car has that package. I know it has:
    -climate package
    -premium package and
    -versatility package (standard on v8)

    My husband thinks to remember that the original MSRP was somewhere at $51000 but I do not know.

    Still $4000-5000 too high?

    Thank you all so much!
  • bwubwu Member Posts: 6
    $37K seems ok for v8 and only bargan chip would be the 8K to see if dealer can go down even more. We bought 08 v3.2 (MSRP $45,470) for $33.5K in CA two months ago with only 51 miles...
  • flmom3flmom3 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. I think the issue was they don't have the car in stock and have to buy it from another dealer. I am now working with the internet sales rep at a dealer in a close by state who is giving me great service and invoice minus the %500 incentive pricing - basically 3 -4 K less.
  • darsondarson Member Posts: 1
    We have a '07 (bought Sept '06) XC90 3.2 base model (absolutely no extras, cloth seats, no 3rd row) with 40k miles.

    We need a 7 seater now so would like to get a '10 (when available - will probably buy in September) with leather and the third row.

    Now am I correct in thinking that now the XC90 only comes with leather and 3rd row as standard?
    If I trade in my '07, I expect to get $18-$20k so I have to add $15k to get the new one for $35 total. Is this a fair assessment?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Prob $18k tops on your current XC90. More like $17k.

    $35k on the 10 is unlikely unless there is a pretty good incentive. That isn't likely to start off the model year. Not with 09's still out there.
  • prh1976prh1976 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a 2009 XC90 3.2 WD R-Design 7 Passenger with Rear Seat DVD system, climate package, and Park Assist. The car is a demo unit with 5,300 miles and is coming with Vovlo's safe and sound maitenance package, etc. The dealer is asking $37,995. I haven't started to negotiate, but what would be an acceptable price? I'm not in need of the car for a few months, but the R-Designs seem to have somewhat limited availability. Would I do better waiting until October?

  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    Hi all!

    We are looking at a 2009 XC 90 R, FWD with 3.2 L engine and Technology package.

    We've been given an out the door price (tax and fees included) of $37600; that price includes the loyalty incentive, $1500 off. What do you all think? Good price?

  • chicagobuyer2chicagobuyer2 Member Posts: 2
    Not certain but interested in feedback on whether I am getting a resonable deal. Here is where my conversations stand, may be reference point for you...

    I am looking at the 2009 xc90 R AWD and have negotiated thus far to $36000, dealer says he wont go lower (this already includes my loyalty discount). It is the dealer car so selling it as "new" and gets the full 5 yr warranty, but it has 4,300 miles on it. It does not have navigation or entertainment (but does have climate package, premium package and versatility package-ie 3rd row).

    Is this a good price?
  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    I guess we are somewhat in the same Does that $36K figure include taxes and fees?
  • chicagobuyer2chicagobuyer2 Member Posts: 2
    The 36000 I mentioned above did not include taxes and fees. Did your number?
  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    Yes, the $37600 includes taxes and fees. The price we were quoted without taxes and fees was $34500. They went down almost $500 from the original quote.
  • pingbradypingbrady Member Posts: 5
    2005 XC90 2.5T AWD heated seats, rain sensors, etc without Nav or DVD @ 38k miles for $19000

    Good deal?
  • sgt1sgt1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking at a silver 2009 AWD xc90 (3.2) with the following: climate pckg, versatility pckg (meaning 7 passenger) and premium pckg. When I plug the figures into Edmunds, it looks like these are going a good bit under dealer invoice. The only incentive I'm seeing is cash to dealer of $500.00 - but of course, the dealer may be getting some other $$ from the manufacturer.

    Any suggestions as to how much off dealer invoice is reasonable? I'm in SC.

  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    I have a question for those in the know... Why is the Volvo survey so important to dealerships?

    We purchased another XC 90 3 weeks ago from the same dealership that we purchased our first one. The first experience was simple and pleasant. Our latest experience was the total opposite of our first. The moment that I shook the salesman's hand, I knew it wouldn't be a good experience. The salesperson that took our trade-in vehicle begged (exact words, "I beg of you") my husband not to give them a negative review.

    Apparently, these surveys are random and sent out by Volvo. I was hoping we wouldn't get one this time, but we did. If we are honest about our experience, it will not be a positive survey for the dealership. I want to know why this survey is so important for the dealership.

    Anyone know? TIA
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Sorry to hear your experience wasn't as good,what happened?

    Survey used to mean more than it does today. Volvo used to pay dealers back end money based on your CSI score. Now, they don't.
    Basically, it's now for bragging rights or as part of the criteria for the President's Club.
    The survey is a good way for dealership management to see how their salespeople treat customers. If your salesperson fell short of your expectations, be honest in your answers. The survey doesn't really deal with the dealership as a whole,only with your salesperson. If someone else at the dealer did something wrong, don't punish your salesperson.
  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for explaining it. :)

    The problem was with two salespeople. We had negotiated the price with the internet manager and the sales manager online and over the phone. The only thing that we hadn't discussed was our trade-in. When we went to the dealership to pay for the vehicle and take ownership of it, we dealt with two new salespeople. We weren't happy with the amount that they offered us for our trade-in. Then, he and the other salesperson, a woman, teamed up to tell us all the things that were wrong with our trade-in. According to them, the brakes could go at any minute. Not true, as we had them replaced last year. The final straw was when they claimed that our vehicle had been in a wreck. NOT TRUE!!! I was livid at that point. We stood up and proceeded to walk out. The woman immediately called the sales manager on the phone. He approved the deal as we wanted it. At least that's what we were told. She could have been pretending to speak to the SM for all we know.

    When we were ready to sit down to sign all the paperwork, the woman asked to speak to me husband and that's when she begged him not to give them a negative review if we were chosen to complete Volvo's survey. My husband was so upset with the whole experience that he wanted to call the SM the next day to complain about the two salespeople.

    We'll have to be honest. Thanks!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Remember that the salespeople don't set purchase OR trade figures. Management does.
    Obviously, how a salesperson chooses to serve up the numbers can have a profound effect on your experience.
  • cv2006cv2006 Member Posts: 23
    Yes, the problem was in their approach and delivery.
  • dallaspatentdallaspatent Member Posts: 10
    I want to buy a new 2009 XC90 with 6 cylinder, Versatility Package (3rd row), Rear Entertainment Package, Premium Package, and BLIS. Don't want to pay for any other options. Invoice is $41,000 and MSRP is $43,565 as I calculate it with delivery. I don't want a 2010 model.

    I am going to send offers by fax to many dealerships offering them a one-time take-it-or-leave-it price. No trade-in. Will pay cash. I am willing to buy anywhere within about 500 miles of Dallas. I'll drive it home. I am not a current Volvo owner. I am not in any rush to buy the car.

    What price should I offer the dealers, excluding tax, title, license, misc. fees? I want to offer a price that is high enough to be able to buy a car from someone, but I don't want to leave too much money on the table. I'll be doing this in August/September 2009.

    Thanks in advance for any info about current pricing on this type of car.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Finding a car with that EXACT equipment is going to be virtually impossible at this point in the model year. Fortunately, the rear ent system has a dealer installed option. Cost is pretty similar to the factory unit. the hangup is probably going to be BLIs. Not too many cars came with BLIS, and if they did chances are they came with other options. so, I'd be as flexible as you can.
    As for pricing, there is a $500 incentive and thats it. So invoice minus $500 is a good price. Plus the local fees.
  • bca88bca88 Member Posts: 4
    5000 miles. Demo. Loaded, Rear Entertainment, Blis.

    Dealers offering approx 45,000. What is a reasonable price to start negotiations?
  • tonyg9tonyg9 Member Posts: 9
    bca88, I would say to go for invoice minus incentives and about $500 in discount for mileage.

    Does anyone know the current residuals for the 09 V8 R design?
  • bruce888bruce888 Member Posts: 2
    I got a quote from a local dealer about a 2010 XC90 based model, ~$100 less than the invoice price? Is this a good deal? Any one has experience in buying a 2010 model? I am In central FL. Thanks
  • tonyg9tonyg9 Member Posts: 9

    I know Volvo has a few M2D incentives, so I would definitley ask to get those along with the loyalty cash if you currently own a Volvo. I would try invoice minus the incentives and use the loyalty cash as a down.

    Good Luck
  • outcastoutcast Member Posts: 5
    I'm going tomorrow looking at both the XC60 & the XC90 in South FLA. I get diplomatic pricing on the Volvo's, and from what I understand it's a fixed price and non-negotiable.

    The diplomatic pricing for the XC90 base is $32,985, the XC60 is $28,630...don't have definite figures down on my own negotiating but should have something this weekend.

    I qualify for the $1500 loyalty rebate, and they are offering $500 rebate over the phone, so I need to find out which pricing scheme is best for me.
  • bruce888bruce888 Member Posts: 2
    TonyQ9 and Outcast, thanks for the information.

    Outcast, what's the diplomic pricing mean? If I can get that price for a base XC90, I should have already jumped on.

    Please update us after your visit.

    BTW, I tested drive a XC90, the 3rd row seat seems useless. Now I am also looking at Acura MDX and Cady SRX 09 with a 3rd row. And Volve the worst internal quality among the three.
  • outcastoutcast Member Posts: 5
    So we made our way into the dealership today. I blame it on the cold I've got, but after I got home I don't think I have the complete story on my final price. Basically they took close to invoice and subtracted the $1500 loyalty(since I owned a Volvo up until last month) and the $500 M2D rebate and came back with $1750 below the invoice price; came out to just over $35k. It included the delivery but I neglected to find out about the OTD cost including any dealer fees if necessary. I was sidetracked anyways since I have some issues qualifying for the diplomatic price that won't be clarified until Monday.

    The diplomatic pricing is only available to the diplomatic/military community stationed abroad and not for US delivery. I misunderstood the requirements initially, and it doesn't look like I qualify since I'm assigned domestically and have not received travel orders for my next assignment as of yet.

    Does anyone else find the rear seat fold down somewhat cumbersome? Seen the Toyota's have a lever in the trunk you pull and they fold down, it's a 3 step process with the XC90 and in 2 different areas.

    I was also supposed to see the MDX today(the cold excuse again)...sometime Sunday I hope to get over there.
  • dallaspatentdallaspatent Member Posts: 10
    For what it is worth, I tried to buy a 2009 XC90 for about a month during August/September. The dealers have very few XC90's for sale and were refusing to go much below LIST price. I contacted ALL Volvo dealers in a 15 state area and most have no XC90 to sell. Those that do have an XC90 to sell are looking for list price and not negotiating at all. I've decided to wait and either buy a 2010 (if they go back to substantial discounts from List price) or go to another brand where pricing is more competitive. Volvo dealers are apparently not hurting in the least.

    Also, based on my questions to dealer sales reps, a lot of Volvo sales reps seem grossly misinformed about the features of their cars. One sales rep in Dallas actually told me that the BLIS is an after-market device that is bolted on by the dealer. Seriously. I would recommend that you check and double-check ANYTHING that they tell you because there's a good chance they are wrong. Very unprofessional and undertrained sales reps. I'm quite put off of Volvo - the poor mechanical quality, lack of knowledgeable people, and uncompetitive pricing. My major problem is that I have to have a third row and Volvo is one of only two cars that are not overly large and has a third row that a person can actually get into. If my wife was more flexible, I'd forget Volvo completely.
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Wow, maybe it depends where you live?
    Our dealer is very very good, very much in the know and paying $27k for a 2008 with 5000 demo miles, plus paying off our other vehicle--well,it doesnt get any better than that!
  • the_katchthe_katch Member Posts: 1
    2008 XC90 3.2 Titanium Gray, with Off Black Leather -- 16 miles, but come with the 6 yr, 100k warranty that started in March

    Climate Package, with active Bi - Xenon Headlamps.
    Convenience Package.
    Premium Package.
    Versatility Package.
    17" Neptune Wheels.

    Original list price = $ 47,032

    Dealer wants $ 38,400
  • tonyg9tonyg9 Member Posts: 9
    With the current incentives available, you should be able to get a great deal on an equally equipped left over 2009 or perhaps even a 2010. I paid $36,500 + TTL for a 2009 V8 R-Design with an MSRP of $55,656 this past August. So I am sure you can get a better deal on what you are looking for. If you are near Los Angeles, I will be more than happy to help you find a great deal. :D
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    That is a heck of a deal ! I should start shopping around now that my lease is up.

    What were the options on that R-Design?
  • cxsfcxsf Member Posts: 1
    I'll take you up on your offer to help -- dealership? strategy?
  • tonyg9tonyg9 Member Posts: 9
    The options on the R-Design are Blis, Climate and Tech.

    I shopped several dealerships here in the L.A. & Orange County area. This deal was offered from Culver City Volvo. Although, Southbay Volvo is and was my dealer of choice, but they did not have a V8 R-Design in stock and Culver City was unwilling to trade.
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    This morning I got an email from Costco offering:

    Purchase a new Volvo XC60, XC70 or XC90 between November 3, 2009, and
    January 4, 2010, to receive:

    * Volvo employee pricing for the XC60
    * $500 off Volvo employee pricing for the XC70 and XC90
    * PLUS all available rebates and incentives
    * PLUS a $500 Costco Cash Card

    How do I figure out what "employee pricing" is for the XC90?

  • kokos7kokos7 Member Posts: 32
    Apparently employee pricing is dealer invoice.
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Thanks. That being the case, I've already seen a price below invoice on Overstock, so I'm wondering if I should try for the Overstock price plus the Costco incentives.
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    Anyone with a price after all incentives including Costco that can share? Need to have a ballpark

  • mcmjr77mcmjr77 Member Posts: 5
    I went to Danbury, CT dealership today. Here is what I got:

    MSRP: 41,350
    Invoice: 39,070
    -$500 for Volvo allowance on XC-90 7 passengers. I saw the chart and each car is different.
    -1,500 for Volvo Loyalty
    -500 for Costco
    -500 for "Flex" which was some other deal
    Sale Price - $36,070
    Then you got another $500 Costco gift card after a survey.
  • godfather9godfather9 Member Posts: 31
    So I just purchased my Volvo XC90 after I leased the same car for 2 years. After some bargaining on price and interest rate we finalized the deal and signed what we thought was ALL the paperwork.

    1 hour later we received a call stating that we need to come back tomorrow for one more "electronic signature" that is necessary since it was a lease buyout. Anyone heard of that? I think they are just trying to get me back in to try and sell me the extended warranty one last time.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    You don't sound like someone that can be sold something you don't want. Relax--get a free cup of coffee and complete the transaction.
  • dbeccariadbeccaria Member Posts: 5
    So here's the deal I'm working with at Bridgewater Volvo in New Jersey:

    2010 xc90 lease, 42 months

    Selling price 32086.38
    Don't know invoice price yet
    Money factor .00210
    Residual .37

    $516 /mo
    $2369 down (first month, aquisition 695, doc 190, motor vehicle 525.85, tax)

    Is this a good end-of-month deal?
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Curious as to the msrp. The $516/mo includes tax? Thanks.
  • dbeccariadbeccaria Member Posts: 5
    We're paying the tax up front as far as I know.

    Waiting for the MSRP.
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Re the tax, overlooked that in your original post, sorry. Will appreciate knowing the sticker price and how the car is equipped. Sounds like a better deal than I was quoted but I've only checked one dealer to this point.
  • dbeccariadbeccaria Member Posts: 5
    msrp = 41,800
    invoice = 39425
    they're selling it for 32,086.38
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Thanks! Here's what I was offered which info I posted in the "lease" thread, but I'll repost here:

    XC 90 AWD, climate, blis, silver

    msrp 43375
    price 35200

    no money down lease, 36 mos, 10k per year, incl NYS tax 749.86

    first month's payment and dmv fees due at signing

    mf .00270
    residual 38%
    buy out price 16482

    Is you tax rate 7%? We are 8.625% here in Suffolk on LI. Your money factor is better. I was told that I was getting the Costco offer but who really knows? Also my monthly payment includes tax, yours has tax up front. I haven't worked the numbers, but given that I got a 36 mo quote and yours is for 42 months the deals look roughly comparable.

    I wonder about paying the tax up front. If something happens to the car before lease end (stolen, for example) you would probably have "gap" insurance, but would you be out the tax because you prepaid it? I'm not sure. Just a thought.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make. I'm not sure when I'll get out to look again but when I do I'll post any new info.
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