Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dbeccariadbeccaria Member Posts: 5

    The deal comes with climate, premium and versatility package

    You can really slice these payments any way you want; money down vs monthly payment so it was a monthly budgetary thing that determined how we wanted to pay. Our tax rate is 7%. We get 12k per year. Last lease we had 10k. it didn't work outr very well.

    Good luck.
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    Wow - That is a great purchase price - we are heading over to Edison Volvo today. I will let you know how competitive they are on pricing.

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    Went today for the Costco deal of the day at Volvo in Fremont, CA.
    Got all the stuff- $500 under invoice, $500 additional Costco incentive, 4250 lease incentive.
    MSRP 42350
    (37,700 base, plus had metallic paint, climate, bluetooth, AWD, and he added 250 for fun) which totalled the 42350
    Invoice on all this was 40,042
    39% residual, 36 month lease, 12K miles/yr
    Money Factor: .00230
    Monthly payment including 9.75% CA tax= 604.17
    Drive off= 4885.22
    (2499. cap cost reduction, initial fees 976.75, annual fees (DMV) 470, tax 2267.42)

    Going in, I told them I wanted a payment around $500 and drive off 1K or less.
    What's wrong with this picture?!?!?!? I walked away and they couldn't have cared less.
    I really want this car. I have an ML350 that I hate, lease up in 3 months, and want a 3rd row seat. Any advice is appreciated!
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    See my post on the xc60 board in regards to lease numbers, it may not hit your target number but things are changing ine the world of Volvo dec1st :) I would get prices after that or dont be surprised if they contact you. Also what is it you hate about your Ml350 I have that on m y short list, ????
  • dbeccariadbeccaria Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone heard of any new lease incentives for December?
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Yes. See my post in the leasing forum.
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    Hi there,

    First post to this board- so thanks for any help you guys can offer!
    I am an Acura car owner (2 actually), but due to a new job, need cargo space. Looked at MDX, but the Acura board gives it horrible reviews for the transmission.
    I've decided on the XC90, and finally found one that isn't going to cost me a kidney.

    A local dealer has a base model 2009 XC90, and they want $29,900. Will not budge on price, and don't even want to take my trade (which isn't a big deal).
    Here's the stats:
    Leather seats - only upgrade on the whole car
    No sunroof or moonroof
    5 passenger only (no third row seat)
    1 disc CD

    I am fine with all of the above- using it for work, so the new 60K mile wear/tear warranty is really pushing me to go ahead. Hubby however, thinks there might be room, and is pressing for additional $$.
    I have been down this road with another dealer last week, who absolutely insisted that they don't have $2k to budge on the XC90's, which is when I walked away.

    So, do you think $29,900 is a decent price for an 09 XC90? They are selling it as new since it's never been titled, which is how I'm getting the warranty, but it has been in their loaner car program for a week. Salesman told me that's how they can offer it so cheap- that they got a $4500 rebate from Volvo for flipping it to a loaner. Hmmmm..... fact or fiction?

    Thanks so much- we really appreciate any help we can get!
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    I'm curious as to the sticker price on the car.
  • mmgoodkittymmgoodkitty Member Posts: 6
    Hi Hollywood,
    The reason Im not a big fan of my old ML350 and now my NEW one (Yep, got suckered back in)
    is that its a HUGE money sucker. The tires, brakes, service, all about 4x every other car. And I don't go to the dealer!
    Thats the real only reason,. I have to say, its all pimped out this year, and I love the ride and all the extras. (I got the P1). The rear camera is great- I havent hit a pole yet!
  • rocknroll389rocknroll389 Member Posts: 31
    Hi almondjoy,
    It's looks like you're trying to purchase a base model XC90 from the beginning of the model year. Midway through the year, the premium package (leather, moonroof, power passenger seat) and versatility (3rd row seat) became standard but the base price remained the same. For that reason, Volvo put more incentives on the earlier model. Currently, XC90s without a 3rd row seat have a $4000 rebate (the one you're looking at) vs. $1500 for those with 3rd rows. n

    However, it's interesting that you said it has leather but no moonroof because the premium package includes both of these items. Did the dealer install the leather, maybe you should get that clarified. Either way, I went over to (edmunds no longer has the option to build the early model year 09 XC90s) and assumed it DID have the premium package, and also metallic paint.
    MSRP: $39,345 / Invoice: $37,034

    With the $4000 rebate, $29,900 seems like a pretty decent deal especially with Safe and Sound.
  • almondjoyalmondjoy Member Posts: 2
    Thanks rocknroll389.

    No premium package; the dealer DID install the leather. Also, no metallic paint- it's Black stone. Still a good deal?

    I tried before the post to build it on,. and it came up N/A on all counts. I'll head back over to and see what I get.

    Sticker $ is $37,825, same as the newer base models (with premium pkg). We're serious, it's super basic and stripped down. So if the 5 passenger is discontinued, would resale down the road be an issue?

  • bitenmeinbitenmein Member Posts: 4
    Tony I am looking at the the same 4.4L can we talk? I am on the westside and need to get something in the next week. Called costco and have been to both SM and CC volvo. Didn't really care for either one of them much. Only person I spoke to was at the acura in SM, but too bad we're not looking at the MDX.
    Anyhow, Thanks in advace
  • rocknroll389rocknroll389 Member Posts: 31
    Ok, so invoice on that would be $35,605-$4000 rebate=$31,605
    So basically you're paying $1700 below invoice on the stripped 09. That's a tough call. I know Safe and Sound is a really attractive part of the deal but I think you can do slightly better since it is almost 2010 AND this model is discontinued. Also, since this has been a demo for a week, how many miles are on it? If its less than a couple hundred miles, I'd squeeze for maybe an extra thousand; if there's more miles, go lower.

    All in all, its not a horrible deal but I think you may be able to do a little better since I think you will take a hit on resale.
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    mmgoodkitty, would you mind sharing the ML deal? I have been reading about some awesome deals on this forum.

  • tonyg9tonyg9 Member Posts: 9
    Sure Nayan,

    Contact me @ [email protected]
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    I don't think I'm getting a good deal here, and I am a dealaholic. Any help would be great.

    Looking at the Courtesy Vehicle with 7300 miles. Sticker was $40,225.

    It has Climate Pkg, Metallic Paint, Wood Wheel. Also has cross bars but I think the dealer put that on.

    Anywho, the lowest they will go is $33,250. Seems like I can get a brand new one for just a couple thousand more, no? Why isn't there a bigger spread here btwn new and used?? Is this a good price? I want to pull the trigger if they get to $31,000ish. Thanks for any help.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    You have too many missing variables here, was this two or four wheel drive is it a 2010? when posting be more specific, Was this enrolled in the volvo loaner car program? Big question lot of dollars if it was ! I would price it out on tru car, Take invoice dont forget to add at least 250 for advertising depending on your area of the country, subtract at least $2000.00, that is the hold back from there subtract the current market support of 500, after that subtract 2000 in loaner car support, and if you have costco subtract another 500, this brings the deal down to dealer net net, which any dealer would accept for a car that he had in loaner service for a minimun of four months it is just a complete break even for him, but moves a car that he used to keep his customers happy, a car that deosnt need to generate a profit on, the car generated good will
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your help.

    It is a 2010. 2WD. Lets assume it was a loaner. How do I find out invoice? Will they just tell me (not used to dealing with dealers). Thanks!
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    On the front page of edmunds look for the tru car cost link and punch in the info all the options dont forget metallic paint and the adv fees then follow the deductions I gave you the cross bars are approx 150 but if you dont need them have the dealer remove them
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    I am looking to purchase a 2008 XC90 Green Metallic. It was a corporate lease vehicle and has 20,000 miles on it. V6 AWD w/ third row, leather climate package. The dealer is asking 33,977, I am planning to offer them 30,000 for it. I am trying to figure out what they probaly paid for it at auction to see how much they have in it. I wanna be fair but at 34k i could buy a brand new one for 6k more. The point of buying a used is get rid of some of that depreciation. Anybody have a similar experience or any thoughts?
  • rocknroll389rocknroll389 Member Posts: 31
    If you can find a new 09, or even a demo 09 you would have a much better deal IMO. The 09 comes with the 08's premium and versatility packages as standard and start at the same MSRP (sticker price on an 08 equipped the same way as an 09 was about $3500 higher). Right now, looking at the incentives ($1000 volvo allowance and $1500 loyalty) and subtracting from invoice, you can pick up a new 09 in the mid $30s. Best thing about the 09s is they include Safe and Sound which retails for $3000 and includes maintenance/warranty/etc which the 08s do not. BTW i no all this cause ive been shopping for a volvo xc90 or xc60 the past few month but we went with the '60.
  • keondgokeondgo Member Posts: 4
    Hard to find a 09, I guess more will be showing up after the first of the year off-lease but I have found some (3) identical xc90's 200 miles away listing for no haggle 30k so that leads me to believe that a dealer can and should be able to do this. 2 of them have the 6yr 100000 mile warranty as well
  • volvogirl2volvogirl2 Member Posts: 2
    Can someone please help!! I am coming off a lease of a 2008 XC90 AWD with 3rd row, climate, versatility and rear seat entertainment system. I have 17,000 miles on it and a buy back of $31,400. Is that a good buy back?

    I am trying to figure out what to do. Can someone please list all of the incentives on a new XC90 for us?

    I know the Costco program is offering $500 off of employee pricing + $500 Costco gift card
    Manufacturer to Dealer is $500
    Owner Loyalty is $1500

    Are there any other incentives out there for US bank or leasing through a 3rd party bank?

    How to I figure out the employee pricing starting point to see if I am getting a good deal? We are looking for an XC90 with AWD, 3rd row, climate and bluetooth.

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I really really appreciate it.

    volvogirl2 :D
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your help. I couldn't follow some of the lingo and come up with an invoice price either.

    I offered them $30.5k just now. We'll see if they bite. I'm not willing to go up much more, if anything at all. I think that is a fair price for a car that is stickered at $40k with 7k miles on it...and has been in loaner service since June.
  • keondgokeondgo Member Posts: 4
    Just got back from the dealership, Bought a 08 blue xc90 3rd row premium package climate package certified with 30,000 mi (6yr 100k warranty added 1500) fresh from the auction they hadn't even gone over it yet. paid 31000+ttl. Not sure it was a great deal but they wouldn't go any lower. original sticker was 45k. so basically i got a car with 30k miles that is not hurt for about 10k less than a new one , Dealer is gonna fix a couple of scratches, all new brakes, all new tires, and perform a complete service , we pick up Friday. I went to 3 different dealerships with money in hand in virginia and this was the best deal i could get on identical vehicles. they must be paying 26-28k or so at auction.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    give me the exact equiptment and I will price it out for you including if it is metallic paint
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    volvogirl, you may be very dissapointed with the new lease programs, when is current lease up? who is it leased thru? current payments, What equipment?
    I will give you some suggestions by the end of day along with current values? Your location? ( ex. Albany NY) this sometimes comes into play not looking for anything exact
  • volvogirl2volvogirl2 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks hollywood53!

    Lease is through VCF. I live on Long Island. Current payments on 2008 XC90 AWD, 3rd row, climate, versatility and rear seat entertainment system is $430 per month. Buy back is $31,400 + taxes. It currently has less than 18,000 miles on it. Lease is up by the end of the month, but I can extend it through VCF for 2 extra months.

    I am trying to figure out whether I should buy my 2008 back or lease/buy a new 2010 XC90 similarly equipped (minus rear seat entertainment system). MSRP of new vehicle would be $42,350. What would the invoice be? Then if I minus the current incentives of $2500 - where would I be? What would be a good deal on this car? And with the new leasing deals, residuals are very low (something like less that $16,000 buy back after 48 months) - does it make sense to lease and then buy after 48 months?

    Thank you for your help with this!!
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44

    I am assuming it is 6 cyl, I am retired GM from volvo,the programs are horrendous, I just turned in two cars and after 35 years this is the first time there will not be a Volvo in my driveway.

    I would definetly extend the lease for the 2 months contact me, some things I just cant post in a public forum somethingnew53 yahoo

    here is a copy of what I posted in the Honda pilot forum

    No I do not charge a fee, sometimes you just have to give back and be thankful for what you have. I do this for local people that need some help or dont like the whole process, and in todays economic times if I can save people a couple of dollars a month it is reward enough. I am not looking to help those whos only interest is to beat a dealer over the head but to help those that need to be educated about there deal.

    I have helped numerous people on the volvo xc90 and xc 60 boards already as to availabilty and programs, have provided MF, residuals, rebates and incentives etc.

    Coming from an industry that sometimes doesnt have the best reputaion there are dealers that do business the right way and those that take advantage of people.

    If I see someone posting a deal that I feel is not equitable, I will let them know and try to help, keep in mind that like everything else in life it must be balanced. Deals can tilt both ways sometimes a little to the dealer sometimes a little to the consumer and that is OK but it should never be totally tilted in either direction, if they all tilted in the consumers benefit than someday that dealer may not be there to provide service.
  • nicholaspmomnicholaspmom Member Posts: 3
    We are looking at the Volvo XC90 2010 model with R package. We are using the Costco offer:
    I know the Costco program is offering $500 off of employee pricing + $500 Costco gift card
    Manufacturer to Dealer is $500
    Owner Loyalty is $1500

    I am not a current Volvo owner so we are not eligibile for this incentive.

    Finance rate is 4.34%

    I have a copy of the invoice
    Base 37130
    All Wheel Drive Traction 1880
    Climate package 752
    Metallic Paint 517

    Destination 850
    Advertising 250

    Total 41,379.00

    They would be offering 500.00 OFF the above invoice.

    Is there any room for negotiation on this or should we go ahead with the deal?
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    You can subtract the 500 costco,and the 500 market support, and you didnt list your location but if the car is in stock there is probably room for another 500 to 1000. Location is the key this varies tremendously by different areas of the country.

    For all posters please list your area with your questions, Sometimes what is happening in some major markets is not happening elsewhere. the incentives are usually the same, what varies is the advertising fees and the degree of dealer discounts.
  • nicholaspmomnicholaspmom Member Posts: 3
    I am located in Vermont. The advertising fee on the invoice was $250.00

    They agreed to the additional $500 mfg to vendor bringing my price to
    Invoice less $1000.

    Deal or no deal???

    Thank you very much
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Thank you very much for doing this:

    2010 2WD w/ 7k miles
    Wood Wheel
    3rd Row

    I think everything else is standard. Park Assist as well, but I think that is standard? Sticker was just over $40k (I think $40,225).

    They came down to $32,500. But it does not sound like they will budge another inch. Dealer broke down a new car with same equipment and it came to $35k and change (w/ loyalty, costco, $500 manufacturer). I would think that 7k miles would depreciate the car a little more than $2,500. Frustrating. I feel like they just want to get me into a new car if they can. That, or the incentives really don't allow a loaner car to make financial sense.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    Are you saying that it is invoice minus the costco 500 and the market support of 500 making it 1000 behind invoice? If so there is still a little room even in Vermont but dont expect anything more than 3-500, this is a tough call cause there are so few dealers there, and if not then your current pricing is excellent for your georaphical area

    Happy Holidays
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    here is the breakdown

    cost = 38113 including adv fee

    Minus 500 market support

    minus 500 costco

    minus 2000 holdback

    minus 2000 loaner car support

    minus 1500 loyalty if you qualify for all the above

    plus 300 park asst ( this is not standard but might have been dealer installed)

    total= 31913 this is what is called dealer net net cost

    I would ask for oil change and new front brake pads, at the 32500, that 7k was all local driving as a loaner car outside of that a good deal.

    Happy Holidays
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    Park Assist is standard on 2010s
  • nicholaspmomnicholaspmom Member Posts: 3
    Hello Hollywood53

    Yes invoice minus $1000. Plus you get a $500 costco card from Costco. You can't really count that in the deal but it is part of the incentive.

    Thanks for your help!
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    Scroll up and see post #1852, there is just a little room left for your area.

    Happy Holidays
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Me again. Now we are comparing buying new.

    Quick question, I just noticed that USAA has discounted prices...looks like $1000 below invoice. Can I stack with Costco, or is it either one or the other?

    This is the math I'm getting for one with $37,411 ($39,425 MSRP) - FWD, Metallic, Wood Wheel

    -$1,000 - USAA
    -$500 - Manufacturer Support
    -$500 - Costco
    -$1,500 - Loyalty

    TOTAL: $33,911 (or $34,411 if I have to add back Costco)

    Is this correct, or do I need to add back the $500 due to offers not being able to combine? Obviously I use USAA program if not. Also, I am in Atlanta. Can the dealer offer any discounts? Thanks for all your help!
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Update to previous post (would have just edited it, but no option). Dealer said $1000 USAA (ZAG) negates the $500 Manufacturer Support. So, USAA is net $500 more off on top of current offers. New math on unit I quickly looked at today:

    $37,807 Invoice ($39,900 MSRP)
    -$1500 Loyalty
    -$1000 USAA
    -$500 Costco
    TOTAL: $34,807

    Final question. There is $250 in advertising included in the invoice pricing. Is it possible to get any more $$ off from the dealer? Thanks again for all your help!
  • dbh518dbh518 Member Posts: 4
    Hi. I am in the final stages with two dealers on purchasing 2010 xc90 under costco program at invoice less $2,500 ($500 volvo; $500 manufacturer-to-dealer; $1,500 loyalty). Both dealers have the cars in their inventory. I am wondering if anyone has been successful at negotiating a price below invoice less $2,500 rebates. I have read of comments about $2,000 holdback - has anyone been able to confirm this? I am willing to take $750 in accessories rather than lower selling price. Would appreciate anyones thoughts/experience. Thank you very much.
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    can you be a little more specific as to location? Are the accesories factory items ? or are they things like tint wood pinstriping etc? Yes there is holdback and depending on your dealer some will and some wont go into it
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    Hollywood - Can you pretty please help with post 1858? I'm not following on what a 'holdback' is exactly. I'm in Atlanta. Any more room for negotiation? Thanks! Your help is invaluable!
  • mr42810mr42810 Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a 2008 XC90 AWD. I'm located in the Boston area and shopping at Boston Volvo and 128 Volvo. Both dealerships have a decent inventory to choose from and most vehicles are just off lease. I'm wondering how much negotiating room there is from the dealer's listed selling price? Also, I'm looking to make a purchase in the next few weeks. Is it worth it for me to get done by the end of the year? Will the dealer be looking to move inventory before year end which in turn may get me a better deal? Any similar experiences or advice? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    atl golpher I will get you answers tommorrow, my guy is off today let me get a clarification on the usaa program
  • hollywood53hollywood53 Member Posts: 44
    Forget the USAA take the costco, loyalty and market support, who are you dealing with in ATL or where do you want to get it? I did not check your invoice price but if metalic make sure you add it
  • atl_golferatl_golfer Member Posts: 9
    The USAA and Costco stack, I can use both. Dealer says I just don't get M2D $500, so net, the $1000 USAA is really $500.

    I get all of the incentives. Question is, can the dealer come down beyond invoice minus the $3k in incentives (Loyalty, USAA, Costco). Thanks!
  • tredvr6tredvr6 Member Posts: 10

    My wife and I are also looking at used 2008 XC90 AWDs at Boston Volvo and 128 Volvo. Have you visited either dealership? We have spoken with Jerry at 128 who is one of the internet salesmen. He indicated that it is roughly $2k more to make their used XC90's certified used Volvo's with the 7/100k warranty. I have not contacted Boston Volvo, but I assume it is the same case there.

    I'd be interested to know how much lower either dealer is willing to go on the price. Based on the online inventories, it seems like 128 has better initial prices.

    If I get a chance to visit either dealership, I'll post any other information I obtain.

    Good luck!
  • skvolvoskvolvo Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if there is a way around the Costco programme"s requirement of being a member at Oct. 31st? I am looking to buy a 2010 XC90 I6 and the extra $1k is too good to miss. Unfortunately I did not know about the COSTCO programme before hand and hence did not get the membership. Any advice would be appreciated.

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