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    My 07 XC90 lease is about to end. My wife and I are so happy with the car that we are thinking of buying a new one? Can someone explain how much we should be paying for a 2WD XC90 w/ Premium and Versatility (~old price was $42K+)? Also - I've seen some posting about overseas delivery. How does this work and how much would that scenario cost? Can we use loyalty with overseas delivery.
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    I am pretty sure $31500 + ttl is a very doable number. FWD 09 XC90 3.2

    $37000 MSRP Base model
    + $825 destination
    - $755 allowance
    - $2200 (invoice mark up)
    + 0 (premium package)
    + 0 (versatility package)

    $34850 <published dealer invoice - published allowance)
    -$1500 Volvo loyalty



    Most dealer will ask for $34000 ish. You should be able to get this car for $32000 with very little effort. I believe $31000 a doable number, just a matter of how much time you want to spend haggling with your sale guy.

    Best Regards,
  • stockwatchstockwatch Member Posts: 21

    Are you seeing dealers throwing in premium and versatility for 0.

    Trying to understand what pricing I should be expecting for a AWD 09 XC90 3.2 with Climate, Convenience, Versatility and Premium with the new pricing, plus lease cash, plush incentives.

  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14

    >>Are you seeing dealers throwing in premium and versatility for 0.
    Yes they are. Most dealers still try to quote the old MSRP because most cars on the lot still have the old stickers. Obviously, it makes their asking price a lot more attractive with higher MSRP... But they all acknowledge the new pricing published on Just have to remind them...

    For the car you are asking, MSRP should be $37000 + $825 Delivery + $5350 (metallic paint, climate, convenience, versatility, and premium, AWD) = $43175.

    I like to separate the car from packages, because addons have higher margin.

    The published invoice price for the base model ($37000) is $34800, that's $2200 markup. Volvo is also giving $755 allowance. This brings the price of the base model to $37000 + $825 delivery - $2200 mark up - $755 allowance = $34870.

    For the addon packages, I generally apply 0.75 factor. So $5350 * 0.75 =~ $4015 ish.

    This brings your total to $34870 + $4015 = $38885. This is what I consider the real invoice price.

    At the very minimal, you should get $2000 off the "real invoice price". So you should not pay more than $36885 for this car. $2000 below invoice sounds pretty aggressive. But keep in mind that volvo invoice price for the base model is 6% off msrp compare to 10% for most other makes. So if you think about it this way, $2000 off is really only $500 below invoice...

    I don't know what you mean by lease cash. But if you own or lease a volvo, you will get $1500 Volvo loyalty money. This is given to you by Volvo. Your dealer should give this full amount to you.

    So, with loyalty money, you should be able to get this car for at most $36885 - $1500 = $35385. Let's just round it up to $35400.

    Even at this price, I think there is still about $750 left on the table. I would offer $34500. This will leave you a few hundred dollar to meet your sale guy in the middle.

    In short $35000 + TTL is what you should expect for this car. $36500+TTL if you are not a Volvo owner. Anyone who have done better than this please post your figures. So others can benefit from your buying experience.

    Best Regards,
    mfw. (owner of 2 volvos.)
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    Thanks mfw

    Very helpful
  • stockwatchstockwatch Member Posts: 21
    Here is what I was quoted today from a dealer in D.C. area:

    Ice White/Sandstone
    Add on Park Assist Rear

    Base price 37000.00
    premium 00.00
    versatility 00.00
    climate 675.00
    all wheel drive 1850.00
    freight 825.00
    blind spot 695.00
    msrp 41045.00
    Sale price $32175.00 plus $825.00 park assist = $33000.00

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    It is a pretty good deal if this is a brand new 2009 with less than 50 miles, (not a demo in other words), and you don't have volvo loyalty.

    Even if this price includes volvo loyalty money, It is still not a bad price.
    The key here is to make sure it is a brand new 2009.

  • stockwatchstockwatch Member Posts: 21
    So they say, but you are right, I need to see the lease. Now, I need to see if I can get something competitive on a 36 month, 15k lease. The same dealer was $638 month (does not include tags/title), which seems awfully high for a lease.
  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14
    I don't really know why lease is cheaper, and by how much. So the price they quoted you is for leasing? Then I am not sure if it is a good deal anymore, Simply because I don't know anything about leasing.

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    I'm looking at buying and have no idea if the price is where it should be. Anyone who can comment please do.
    XC90 3.2 AWD
    Premium, Climate, Versatility
    Z-Plan Pricing 38,139, i think this is w/$755 off
    I still have taxes and fees and look to be at 40K.

    Any ideas on what a 2010 will go for?
  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14
    Those Z-plan, X-plan thing are just like GM's employee pricing. It is for those people who buy sticker price. For the car, you are looking at, you shouldn't pay more than 35k + ttl. Should try to do better if you can.

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    Was wondering whether I can do better? $33,850 plus ttl from my Volvo dealer for a 2009 XC90 AWD with metallic paint, premium package, versitility package, and climate package for Overseas Delivery which inlcudes free airfare for 2 to Sweden plus two night hotel in Gothenberg. Sounds like a good deal but I was wondering if I can do better and whether Overseas Delivery prices are negotiable (I had heard they were not)?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    OSD is not negotiable.
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Hi: We had owned a Jeep and Infiniti a few months back.
    You could find my problems with the Jeep all over the Jeep forum!
    We decided we didnt need two cars, so went to a VW 2006 Touareg. It started having numerous problems from the get go. Even our purchased warranty didnt give us a sense of confidence.
    It had the GPS, parking sensors, leather with heated seats, CD changer (in the trunk). Lots of bells and whistles, but also problems.
    So today we ditched it.
    Found a 2008 Volvo, with Blue Tooth, leather, 5000 miles demo never owned. I wish it had the blind spot sensors, but alas no I dont think it does.
    Got it for around $27k. We're hoping it was a wise decision.
    Just today the Touareg was diagnosed with a bad $300 headlight, Broken seat belt part ($169) and some other problems which no one found when we bought it in Feb.
    Hoping we made a better choice, a better vehicle with a few less sirens, bells and whistles to go bad.
    Any thoughts welcome on this..........
  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14

    >>Got it for around $27k.
    Not a bad price. What's important is that you like it.

    >> I wish it had the blind spot sensors,
    BLIS doesn't really work too well. If you change lanes counting on BLIS 100% without checking your side mirrors, you are guaranteed to get into an accident in a week. I think it is accurate about 50% of the times at best. So you didn't miss much here. It is a feature that could reduce your chance of accident, so it is not completely useless.

  • vgupta_98vgupta_98 Member Posts: 12
    Dear MFW - Thanks so much for your insight. This makes me wonder that if I should get the cost down to $31K and then go ahead and lease the car. I know that there is a ton of lease cash ($4 or $5K). So then in essense, I would be buying the car for $31K less $4K (or $5K) lease cash...

    I know this would be a serious pain to negotiate, but it would seem to be logical.... The cap cost would be around $27K (depending on negotiation and actual lease cash) and I would be paying for the interest and the difference b/w the cap cost and the residual. I could go ahead and buy the car any time during the lease for the remaining obligation.. (cap cost, less principle payments)... What do you think?
  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14

    I never leased a car before. So I don't really know what kinda price you get get for leasing. I always assumed that it is a wash at best. You'd think they will make the money one way or the other. I don't see why they would lease a car to you and make less money.

    But, if you can get the cost down to 31k less lease cash, then it seems to be a good deal. Maybe you can calculate the total cost of ownership for the duration you want to keep the car, and go with the cheaper choice. I know that if you buy the car, you get 4 scheduled maintenance for free, that's about $1k value.

    Also I think Volvo completed their 09 xc90 production at the end of March. All 09's should have reached dealership now. So whatever you see on their lot is what you are going to get, unless you want to wait a few months for 2010 models...

  • mikeny1mikeny1 Member Posts: 1
    In Westchester County, NY - have a quote for $36,600 (pre-tax) for the '09 AWD 6 cyl w/premium, versatility & convenience.

    How does that sound?

  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Thanks mfw.
    Btw, I noticed there are no used vehicles around here for sale.
    Do people like these so much that they hang on to them?
    If so, makes me feel better.
    So far, very nice drive, nice color (the white), nice dealership and pretty good terms for the 2008.
    Not overwhelming on the frills, but we had a Touareg for only two months and we never figured out half the bells and whistles on that thing. :)
  • andy1993andy1993 Member Posts: 26
    I am interested in buying volvoxc90 with premium, versatility package, blind spot information system, blue tooth. I am offered about 36k currently in atlanta area. Any suggestion if it is appropriate price. The dealer is lowering the price by about 1200 below invoice after giving all incentives and rebates, available to me. This is about 6500 dollars below the old mrsp.

    Also, would you tell me about tour deal at 33850$ for xc90 awd and where can I find this. Does it have warranty as volvo bought in usa.


  • andy1993andy1993 Member Posts: 26
    Can you give me the name of the dealer and the number and if anybody know any other offers in missisippii, georgia and alabama

    Looking for xc90/premium/versitility packages/blind spot/bluetooth


  • andy1993andy1993 Member Posts: 26
    Dear mfw



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    Andy, any dealer can provide the deal -- same everywhere to my knolwedge. It's $6500 off the OSD delivery price sheet (available on Volvo's website), which is subtantially lower than old MSRP. My local dealer told me no more were left for OSD. I did some digging and turned up what is appartently the last one left (at least with the options I wanted) that had been put on hold for someone else who backed out. Not sure what if any 2009 XC90's are still available for OSD. OSD program info is also on Volvo's site.
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    Aloha there...

    I am moving from Maui, Hawaii to Vail Colorado... I am looking to buy a safe car for the snow, according to all the research Volvo is one of the safest ones out there, I need help with what would be a reasonable price for a used car, and what kind of things should I look out for, I only have a budget of $15,000. to spend. Do you think I would be able to find something good out there or am I just dreaming...

    Thank you all for any help....
  • fluid15fluid15 Member Posts: 60
    Several XC90s can be found in the $15-20k range. Most likely an '04-05 model. Just check records and if it's been maintained with no funny stories i think you'll be alright. Just avoid the T6 model unless you really want the additional power; i've read several posts about transmission reliability issues.
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    Good day all,

    I've been looking for a couple weeks for a demo new 2008 but havent had the best of luck locating the right car yet. I've read that people are able to acquire new 2008's for under $30K. Is this correct and should I follow suit?

    I have tracked down a demo 2009 with 5,000 miles on it - the dealer lists it for $35,999. It is a 3.2 FWD, with versatility, convenience and premium pckgs.

    I made an offer of $30,999. Is that too much? Or a little unreasonable?

    Any help/ guidance is appreciated as I am trying to find deals like others on here and don't want to leave money on the table.

    michael in FL

    PS - also if anyone knows of good dealers in FL that cut nice reasonable deals, please let me know! Thanks!
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Here's the details on ours MIchael, in case this helps.
    Just bought it two weeks or so ago.
    2008, Demo,
    roughly 5800 miles (not looking at the paper).
    Cash price it says 27970 (before taxes).
    Sticker was 40,275.00
    Premium package, Moonroof, Leather.
    We feel we did pretty good, sounds like you may have found a deal too.
    I always check what you ought to be paying here on Edmunds.
    Best wishes.
    We like the vehicle very very much.
    It has just enough bells and whistles and the Bluetooth we needed, but not too many extra frills.
  • bwubwu Member Posts: 6
    It sounds a fair deal. We bought 2008 AWD xc90 in early April at $33,500 +TTL with premium, climate, verstality, blind spot, and only 51 miles on the car.

    Bob in CA
  • ftjmackeyftjmackey Member Posts: 6
    Well, the dealer blasted me and said that we were WAY off in terms of our offer for the 2009 demo. I mean, it is still a USED car. Anyways, I'm still plugging away but it seems like the half dozen dealers that I have talked to here in FL are not giving away too much on the demo 2008 and 2009. Stingy, stingy.

    I need to keep looking. Ideal would be what the last two have described - a new 2008 xc90 for around 30K or less.

    Is that too much to ask for???

    If anyone can help steer me in the right direction in FL, then please let me know.

  • bwubwu Member Posts: 6
    In general, you can get around $12K off the 2008 leftover and the one we bought ($33,500) was list MSRP of $45,470. I pretty much took the advice from previous review at this blog and knock down the price. You can review those too in early this year...whether you can get extramely low miles on 2008 leftove one is your luck!

    You also can neg $5 to 6K off 2009 one and I won't suggest any above $30K for the 2009 demo car, especially it has 5 or 6K miles on the belt.
  • andy1993andy1993 Member Posts: 26
    Hey Bob

    Can you give me the name to the dealership from where you bought your volvo.
    My email is [email protected]

  • mac2000mac2000 Member Posts: 1
    Does the $4,000 marketing support to the dealer listed on the XC90 incentive page only apply to 5 passenger vehicles?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
  • radoncgsradoncgs Member Posts: 60
    Hi, does the $4000 also apply to the 3.2 R-Design? Any thought if the Incentives will go higher or low for June? Thanks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    no, the $4000 doesn't apply to ANY of the 7 passenger XC90's.
    I seriously doubt that the incentives will improve.
    Volvo doesn't have that many XC90's hanging out there.
  • carsearch17carsearch17 Member Posts: 1
    Went to the dealer today and was told that I would not find an XC90 for under $34k. Is this legitimate? It seems like many others have paid lower for the standard 3.2 FWD. Please post back if you have specifics of a lower purchase price. Thanks!
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    $27900.00 for our 08 demo, with about 5000 miles on it.
  • pjmnpjmn Member Posts: 3
    $33,880 for 2009 XC90 AWD with metallic paint, premium, versilitility and climate. Though I went through the Overseas Delivery program.
  • sam191sam191 Member Posts: 1
    My family has narrowed down the field to these vehicles. Pros and cons to all, but price is a major factor. CX-9 is best by 3-4K. I really like the XC90 and would love to purchase. What can we realistically expect for a new 2009 XC90, I6, AWD, 3rd row, moonroof vs a 2008 (same package) w/8-15K mi and are the finance rates that much different (from volvo)?

    We could probably get the CX-9 (touring) down to 28-29K and the Pilot EX-L down to 30K here in Mass.

    Any advice would be useful. Also, should we buy before End of month or wait til June? BTW, we have an XC70 so would get loyalty bonus (is tha given on used as well).

  • squishles10squishles10 Member Posts: 45
    Long story short, we've been trying to buy a Murano LE for 2 months now but they just aren't available. Have decided that the XC90 is a viable alternative, as the XC60 is trending more expensive than the XC90 in Dallas. We would like the price paid to stay around $36,000, which is what we were going to pay for the Murano, with navigation, all-wheel drive, and a dual moonroof. We don't need a V8 but will take it if required for a package. I believe a fully loaded base model will be sufficient (or R- Design, what exactly is this?), can someone verify that I am correct? What is the price we are looking at paying for this guy? The MSRP I calculated is $46,970. I don't exactly follow the invoice of Volvos, my apologies, and thanks for your assistance. Also, am I correct that Bluetooth isn't standard? Is the smartkey not even an option? (Sorry this was so long!)
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    I dont know my bluetooth stuff well, but we have it (there's a device stuck on the panel). It works very well, except it picks up cell phones if you are just standing by the vehicle.
    We really are happy with this purchase.
  • andy1993andy1993 Member Posts: 26
    tell me if $31000 with metallic paint, premiun and versatility package(msrp 42675). is good price with free 6yr/100,000 miles warranty and i pay 600 dollars to transport from fl to alabama
  • bethy135bethy135 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have spent months researching and trying to identify the right midsized SUV for our family. I learned sooooo much on this forum about my long time favorite model - the XC90. Despite all the rather worrisome reviews and comments on the internet about reliabilty we still decided to go for it yesterday:

    07 V8 with NAV
    30k miles, one local owner who bought and maintained at same large local dealership.

    Touring (I think this was a seperate package in 07? Wood Steering wheel and gear shift, chrome 18 inch wheels, nicer sound system)
    Cargo Mat, new brakes and rotors

    Titanium gray, black interior


    It's pretty much my dream car with the exception of the slightly higher mileage than I was aiming for. But I only drive about 10k-12k miles per year. We added on the 2 extra years to the CPO warranty to mitigate the lower reliabilty rating. Plus it had a later inservice date. Purchase experience was outstanding, low key and professional. We were open to the 3.2 engine going in but really thought it was too underpowered for the type of driving we do: no towing but lots of steep hills, mountains and freeway merging. Plus I read that the AWD is tweaked to better accomodate the V8 and thus performs better in snow.

    Thank you for all the insight posted here and Cheers!
  • beccaboo6782beccaboo6782 Member Posts: 1
    My husband is in the military overseas right now and has asked me to start looking for a nice used car. So today I found a volvo xc90 (fully loaded) 2003. I was told it was the larger v-6 engine. (whatever that may be?) It is a private seller asking 13,900. It has 83,000 miles on it. I have been reading many mixed reviews about this car and it has done nothing but confuse me. So does anyone think this is a good deal? I have also heard the gas mileage isn't as good as they say it is, is that true?
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    1. The T6 you are referring to has MANY issues with the transmission. If you are looking for an 03 ~ 06, it is best to get a 2.5 T instead (5 cylinder). It is a much more reliable.
    2. The Price for an 03 is way up high. You can get 06s for under 20K
    3. Gas Mileage is bad with ANY XC90, even with the 2.5T. Expect less than 18 MPG on city.
    4. Get a Certified Pre-Owned XC90 instead.
  • lucamaylucamay Member Posts: 3
    We are thinking about buying the following Volvo XC90:
    2008 V8 Demo
    8000 miles
    7 seats
    no extras

    Not sure what the sticker price was but they are offering it right now for 39000. I read that some of you are talking about getting a demo for 30000 or less. Is that for the V8 or for the 3.2? What do you think should this one sell for?

    Any help is appreciated!

  • flmom3flmom3 Member Posts: 3
    We are have decided on this car and will be negotiating with the dealer this week to take advantage of the June "safe and secure" promotion. Current MSRP is 39,850 and we are considering having the dealer add bluetooth and the entertainment system.

    This would be our first volvo, so no loyalty $$.

    Any advice on what a fair market value price for this car would be?

  • flmom3flmom3 Member Posts: 3
    Please help! Have talked to 3 dealers this week and they are all giving me MSRP on a XC90 AWD. What is going on?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Are they giving you MSRP PLUS the adds you want or MSRP including the adds you want?
    If 3 dealers are giving you the same price then A) that is the going rate in your area or B) they aren't convinced you are a serious buyer.
    More than likely you are being quoted MSRP including your adds. there is a $500 incentive for purchase.Thats it. The ent system runs about $2000 and Bluetooth is about $500. There is @ $2200 markup plus the $500, so $2700 total. you want $2500 worth of stuff. $300 over plus your stuff gets you back to MSRP.
  • lucamaylucamay Member Posts: 3
    So, we talked to the dealer again and are offered the following:
    2008 Volvo XC90
    V8 Demo
    8000 miles
    no extra packages

    100.000 miles warranty

    Does this sound like a fair deal or should we stay away?
    Please help!
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