Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Should I expect 7k off MSRP, is that too much?

    Yup, on a purchase you are WAYYYYY off.

    I got an inital first offer quote for 41,300, only 3,900 0ff MSRP.

    Pretty aggressive quote. There is only a $2k incentive for purchase.
  • truffles1truffles1 Member Posts: 20
    I paid $40600 for a 2008 xc90 with an MSRP of $47500 in late 2007. That included the $3000 in marketing support, which may not still be in effect.
  • nyc55nyc55 Member Posts: 4
    NYC area - here's the lease deal quoted for the NYC area - need advise if this is a good deal ??

    Volvo XC 90 3.2 Premium Pkg/ Convenience Pkg/Climate Pkg/ Blind Spot infosyst
    Navigation Sys/Wood steering Wheel/ Elec control all wheel drive/ Metallic paint

    for a 24 month lease 10,500 miles a yr
    MSRP $47,470

    however since the dealer gave discount the lease is based on this price: $42,870

    not paying the taxes at signing but dividing that into 24 months
    at signing COD is $1,749.84 includes: 1 month lease 1 month tax banking fee etc.

    Buy back $29,906.10

    Monthly lease payment including tax $621.63

    Any comments? Good deal????
  • jim314jim314 Member Posts: 491
    We have a straight base model cloth int FWD 2007 XC90 3.2, which had 8 miles on the odometer at purchase, after a 2 mile test drive. This engine gives the 4400-lb XC90 all the acceleration we want, but it will not perform like a Porsche Cayenne, or a VW Toureg with one of the large high power engines. Acceleration is determined by the ratio of engine power to total vehicle mass, and by transmission gearing.

    But the XC90 3.2 can be had for a whole lot less than a Cayenne, a BMW X5, or a Toureg and gets higher mpg. This is my wife's car, and in April 2007 she went to only one dealer (Volvo of Richardson, Texas) and accepted their intial offer of $32,910 before TTL. Texas sales tax (6.25%) and dealer fees, etc. came to $2314. My contribution to the negotiations was to answer in the affirmative to her question to me, "Based on your online research, is this a fair deal?"

    I don't know if she could have gotten it cheaper with some shopping around, some hard bargaining, or insincere dramatics (crying, chaining herself to a fixed object in the dealership, whining that Volvo was taking advantage of her status as a retired person on a fixed income, claiming that she was an especially good person who cares about others, etc., etc., etc.).

    She declined any and all extended warranties and chip insurance. She was in and out in about an hour with our joint assets reduced by $35,223.55, by far the biggest single hit ever.

    This 3.2 L inline 6-cylinder engine is rated at a maximum about 235 hp at some high rpm value like 5500 rpm and at a maximum torque of about 236 lb*ft of torque at about 3200 rpm. For purposes of acceleration the torque value is really irrelevant to the operator. Only the max hp rating counts, if you don't care about pushing the rpms up to 5500 rpm. And if the engine designers have done their job right, then the engine can take this. And if the tranny and control systems designers have done theirs right, then the tranny will select the right gear for a good compromise between fuel economy and acceleration. In practice I have never pushed it above 5000 rpm and she probably never goes above 4000.

    The available V8 engine would give better acceleration, but only at the expense of lower mpg. The 2.4L 5-cyl TDI diesel (about 180 hp) would give much higher mpg (especially with the 6-speed manual tranny), but would give much lower acceleration, and it is not currently available in the US.

    My only worry about the new Volvo designed/Ford manufactured, 3.2L inline-6 (Volvo short inline six) is that it might prove to be more expensive to repair than a standard design inline-6 or a V6. Only time will tell on that. I personally am enjoying having a new design where all the ancillaries (alternator, water pump, PS, a/c) are driven off the back of the engine (over the transaxle). Google the Volvo short inline six (Volvo si6) and read about it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    The available V8 engine would give better acceleration, but only at the expense of lower mpg. The 2.4L 5-cyl TDI diesel (about 180 hp) would give much higher mpg (especially with the 6-speed manual tranny), but would give much lower acceleration, and it is not currently available in the US.

    My only worry about the new Volvo designed/Ford manufactured, 3.2L inline-6 (Volvo short inline six) is that it might prove to be more expensive to repair than a standard design inline-6 or a V6. Only time will tell on that. I personally am enjoying having a new design where all the ancillaries (alternator, water pump, PS, a/c) are driven off the back of the engine (over the transaxle). Google the Volvo short inline six (Volvo si6) and read about it.

    Good job on the XC90.
    The D5 will be available in the US in less than 2 yrs.

    As for the repair costs of the SI6, I can't think of any modern engine that is going to be cheap to fix. They all have expensive,hard to get at components.
    The SI6 has no timing belt,so maintenance costs will be less.
  • sigamysigamy Member Posts: 3
    I'm looking to purchase a pre-owned XC90. I am looking for a 2.5T with 35-45k miles.

    I found on the internet a 2005 2.5T good service record, 29k miles, loaded with heated seats, rear sensor, certified w/ warranty until 2011. Price was $27,900 and he came back with best price of $26,750.

    Is this a good deal? Can I get him down any lower on a certified 2005 with 29,000 miles?
  • fluid15fluid15 Member Posts: 60
    My lease ends this year and I'm considering buying a 2004 2.5T. Hopefully it gets better gas mileage than my 6cyl (17mpg). I started looking on the internet and have seen some with mileage < 45k for ~ $17-18k. I don't recall any having an extended warranty but if they're clean i'd prefer to buy a 2004 over a 2005 for $10k less money. It's also depreciated more so if i sell it in another 1-2 yrs I haven't lost as much. My buyout for my '07 lease is $32k, so your price of $27k for an '05 doesn't really sound like a great deal.
  • stmssstmss Member Posts: 206
    Is this 3.2 the same engine now in the 08 V70?
  • yfz12358yfz12358 Member Posts: 7

    I picked up my 05 V8 with climate and touring packages today. The CPO warranty will end in 2011. The price I paid is $29100+TTL which is $2900 below the initial asking price and $2k-3k below edmund TMV on the certified vehicles.

    I assume you already get the TMV from the edmunds for the cars you are looking at. If not do it first. You might want to bargain a little bit harder. Now is the end of this month. Dealer is normally willing to negotiate more.

    Best wishes.
  • rou1rou1 Member Posts: 7
    Looks like there is $3500 manufacturer to dealer cash incentive. Probably not just for Costco members but say it listed on
  • gibson55gibson55 Member Posts: 1
    Is this a good price for an AWD, '05 V8 with 32,000 miles? I'm also looking at 2006 models with more miles. Does anyone have an opinion or thoughts on differences between '05 and '06 models?
  • newmomnycnewmomnyc Member Posts: 1
    I got this quote from a Philly area dealership on Sat (1/23):
    $3k down
    36 months
    12,000 miles/ year
    disposition fee - $450
    $410/ mo +tax = $450 month (including Nav & DVDs)

    Is this a good deal? I didn't ask about "money factor" or "residual". Do I need to do more homework? Please advise as I'm new to the car leasing process. Thanks!
  • turner6turner6 Member Posts: 1
    I've been researching XC90 prices on line for sometime. Are the numbers on edmunds that close? Heres the deal: I can get an XC90 AWD 3.2, Prem Pack, Versatility Pack, 18" Camulus whls, Rear Seat DVD, Prem Sound, Elegance Pack, Conv Pack w/ BLIS...for $43,000. Thoughts?
  • itaddictitaddict Member Posts: 15
    Whats the dealer? sounds like an awsome deal. i'm in central jersey.
  • 5rings15rings1 Member Posts: 1
    05 Blck 2.5t FWD Vers,Prem,Climate, NAV.
    Certified. 25k miles.

    Paid $25,000.

    I think i got a great deal.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    08' Volvo XC90 V8 with Sport Package
    (pkg is diff suspension, chrome inserts, 19" wheels, piping on seats, etc)
    The vehicle has Xenon headlamps
    Backup alarm pkg
    Pretty much loaded ($54,800 list)

    Lease for 2 years with total out of pocket including 1st month of $1,000
    15K miles/annually
    monthly payment of $688 plus tax
    with $1,500 total at start ( $659 month plus tax)

    Is this a good deal or not?
  • ferkyferky Member Posts: 20
    '08 XC90 3.2
    $46,525 MSRP
    $39,047 sale price (includes the $2,750 Volvo sales event and $750 Garmin credit)
    10,500 miles a year (63% residual)
    .00087 mf
    $1,600 due at signing which includes first month's payment AND a dealer-installed Sirius satellite radio
    -----$507/mo. for 24 months, which includes PA's 9% tax.

    I think I did pretty well considering I couldn't get any other dealer to offer me this deal on the car I wanted. Thoughts?
  • ccarrillccarrill Member Posts: 6
    Hi Jojod...

    Was the 36,284 Out-The -Door.. Or did you still have to pay taxes over that price. Also do you mind sharing the dealership where you pruchsed the Volvo from. Thanks.
  • jojodfb2001jojodfb2001 Member Posts: 3
    36284 was not out the door. I had to pay taxes and license on top of that. The dealer was San Diego Vovlo.
  • superdog2superdog2 Member Posts: 1
    I was quoted ~$38000 for a 2008 XC90 Special Edition FWD (before taxes, etc). Is this a decent deal? Think there's any wiggle room?
  • boardmasboardmas Member Posts: 1
    We've had ours for 2 years now.
    Horrible mileage, 13.6 over 2 years, mixed highway and local.
    about 10k per year.
    Multiple issues, noises, adjustments needed. We had it in for repairs about 6 times, 3 of them for more than 2 days.
    Dealer was very good to us, but that only goes so far.
    It needed tires after only 20k, no one would honor any type of warranty on them.
    My wife doesn't drive any different than her last 5 cars ???

    It has FORD all over it, can't wait until the lease is up and it goes back.
    We will never get another volvo or ford because of this.......
  • mfwmfw Member Posts: 14
    We are planning to buy a XC90. But now I have second thoughts. We had our S60 for 2 years now, and starting to hear some noises coming from the front of the car, took it to the dealer, but was not able to duplicate the noise at the dealer. The dealer was nice enough to inspected the car anyway, and did not find any problems. But I still hear the noise every now and then... The car only has 35000 miles on it. I wonder what's going to happen a few years down the road... I like the S60, it has decent mileage. 24 ~27mpg. But quality is a major concern for us when it comes to the decision of buying another volvo, in addition to gas price and rapid depreciation of the resale value.
  • fluid15fluid15 Member Posts: 60
    We've had ours for 19 months and it has made a few noises but not enough to take it in. I mentioned it once while it was in for service but they couldn't make it out. I've had it in for service about 3 times, each one minor and was given a loaner. My wife REALLY likes the security of it - we've been hit twice (once in front, once in back) and it was incredibly solid each time. I'm sure other cars are just as safe but she now has that in her mind, especially now that we have a 6 mo. old baby. I'm turning in our Lease in Oct. and the 4Runner was at the top of my list - practical and reliable but without the luxury price. I told her $25k was her budget and I'm a bit worried about Volvo reliability if I pick up one that's a few years old.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Get a 2.5T, make sure its Volvo Certified and you should be happy.
  • jim314jim314 Member Posts: 491
    My wife bought a 2007 XC90 3.2 FWD base model on 17 Apr 2007 and as of 18 Apr 2008 the odometer recorded 9266 miles. The vehicle has consumed 497.6 gal of gasoline (premium 91 octane AKI) giving an average of 18.6 mpg in combined driving, mostly city with a lot of short trips, but including one long mostly interstate trip of 1550 miles over which we averaged 23.2 mpg.

    The Michelin 4x4 Synchrone tires (never been rotated), size 235/65-17, have no unusual wear, but appear to have about 5 mm of tread left in front and 7 mm in rear. (I just used a mm ruler.) I inflate them to 40 psi cold (tire sidewall states 51 psi max infl pressure). We may have them swapped front-to-rear, same-side, because we don't get them rotated frequently enough to prevent a set due to long term unchanging rotation direction.

    We get about 15 mpg straight city and maximum of 24-25 mpg highway when driven carefully for fuel economy on level interstate highway at 65-75 mph, hand calculated from pump volumes and trip odometer readings. Repeated comparisons of the computer results show that the computer gives an mpg which is 4.0 % higher than that calculated from the fuel pump volume readings.

    The new EPA estimates for the XC90 3.2 fuel use are about the same as the Acura MDX, BMW X5, and other similiar vehicles. We find the XC90 very comfortable on trips with our 3 dogs.

    The only deficiency was that the CD player didn't work and the dealer replaced it, I think upgrading to the multi disc player at no charge to us because the first new (single disc) player also didn't work for them in the shop. We never use the CD player.

    So far in 2008 we have travelled 2118 mi on 118.8 gal giving 17.8 mpg with no long highway trips. Every couple of weeks we take a local highway trip of about 150 miles.
  • jim314jim314 Member Posts: 491
    We get about 15 mpg straight city . . .

    This may be a little low. Our straight city mileage may be 16 to 17 mpg. Naturally, this depends on the amount of short trips, which are mpg destroyers.
  • vdrvervdrver Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any experience with dealer service loaners? I made an offer on an 08 XC90 3.2, AWD w/ versatility, premium & climate packages that included the remainder of the Factory Warranty (about 40 months) and 3 years factory scheduled maintenance. It has 6700 miles on it. I offered $31,000 - they were asking $32,900 (down from 36,900 two weeks ago). They are getting back to me tomorrow, but I want to be certain no one has run into any problems with service loaners.

    Oh, I offered on one that was gray/off black. They have two more in willow green/sandstone (both have about 7000 miles). Does the sandstone hold up to a little dirt pretty well? I kind of prefer a beige interior - it doesn't seem to soak up the summer heat as much.
  • rocknroll389rocknroll389 Member Posts: 31
    I emailed several dealers in my area (central jersey) for a 08 XC90 w/ premium, versatility, and climate packages (MSRP of $45,200) and got the best 1st quote from Bridgewater Volvo and Volvo of Edison. They gave me a price of 35,000 which included the volvo loyalty and manufactor rebates. How much more do you think I can shave off from this price? I know the 2009's are coming in very soon so i think i can take off a bit more. I plan to buy by the end of this month. Thanks

    Btw, does anyone know about any changes the 09's are going to have in terms of pricing and equipment?
  • doug09doug09 Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone know when 09 will be available? I'd like to wait to get a better deal if wait time is about a month.
  • willx45xwillx45x Member Posts: 7
    Can someone comment on this deal? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    2005 XC90, V8 AWD, Nav, DVD, 36k miles, $28,127 (not including $300 tax). I talked them down from 32,900 which was clearly inflated. Wondering if I can get them down a little more. Any thoughts?


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,149
    Hi willx45x..

    Check out this discussion: Real-World Trade-In Values

    There is a Volvo salesperson there, who will give you a value on a used vehicle..

    Good luck!
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  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Chances are, it will be longer.
  • carragcarrag Member Posts: 1
    2008 XC90 3.2
    (MSRP 47,935)
    15k / yr
    36 month
    $679 out of pocket (inc. 1st mo + title + registration + doc fee)
    $540.68 per month (Includes PA Tax)

    Is this a good deal. Must commit by 7/31
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    You might be able to shave another 10 bucks when signing on the 31st. But, it looks good to me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,149
    I don't know all the lease numbers for the Volvo.... But considering that PA tax is 9%-10% on the payment... you are getting a $48K MSRP vehicle for under $500/mo, pre-tax...

    For a 36mo./45K lease... that's cheap.. (don't tell my wife..)

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  • ccarrillccarrill Member Posts: 6

    I am in a similar situattion. I am being offered an
    (MSRP 45,735)
    12k / yr
    36 month
    OTC $4000(it includes no additional pymt)
    Monthly $405.00
    State: NJ
  • doug09doug09 Member Posts: 9
    What's your Residues and MF? From which bank?
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    i don't think that's a deal at all!!! plus, you're already nearly out of warranty.

    you can get a 2008 3.2 for about $31k!!!
  • jim314jim314 Member Posts: 491
    You can get a 2008 3.2 for about $31k!!!

    Do you mean you can get a new or a used 2008 XC90 3.2 for $31K?
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50
    Could somebody relate all of the current incentives on the 2008 3.2 XC90? Thanks.
  • jsmythe2jsmythe2 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Carag,
    Can you tell me what dealership offered you this deal? I live in PA and the best offer I can get is $3000 down with payments of $600 per month on the exact same vehicle.
  • jsmythe2jsmythe2 Member Posts: 2
    Looking for opinions on this lease deal:

    2008 Volvo xc90 3.2

    $47,727 MSRP, $44,045 invoice
    $500 Rebate and $4250 Dealer Marketing Cash

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi jonnyboy7. Volvo is currently offering 0% financing for up to 3 years, 1.9% for 4years, 2.9% for 5 years, or 3.9% for 6 years OR a special lease program OR $4,250 dealer cash on the 2008 XC90.

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  • marinitemarinite Member Posts: 44
    Love to know what you decided...

    plus, what was the cap cost, money factor and residual??

    That would really help my case as I do think your numbers look good. I'm in CA tho, not sure the PA prices will translate. They should since our gas is more expensive ;-)

  • rekhrekh Member Posts: 47
    I am going to buy xc90 with all the packages available and Navigation in NY or NJ area, anybody is there to help me regarding the best price OTD? is there any incentive? any other suggestion or tips to get the best price? can you please itemized it?
  • bcd79bcd79 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I got the below price from a local dealer in MA - I am actually giving them business for myself & my sister both getting the same vehicle - purchasing 2 XC90's w/below options - I may also get navigation just wanted some guidance to see if it was a good deal. Price does not include tax, title, registration.

    2008 XC90 3.2 AWD
    MSRP: $45,200
    Sale Price: $37,850
  • gpk1gpk1 Member Posts: 2
    I am shopping for a xc90 with 3rd row seat and parking sensors and climate package. New york city or New Jersey.
    Car man, can you please tell me what the current incentives are.
    Has anybody purchased a 2009 model recently??
  • samibsamib Member Posts: 2
    Need your advice before I purchase a certified pre-owned 2006 Volvo XC90 with 20,000 miles.

    It has leather interior, sun roof, power passenger side, premium package, and 3rd row. It does not have navigation or DVD headrests. It is certified and was bought at auction for $21,000 (we researched this, they didn't tell us!).

    Is $25,000 way too high? The original price was $26,500 and we negotiated down to $25,000. They explained the $4K difference in cost as the fee to certify as pre-owned and the cost of the auction, etc. Is this BS? Should we get it for $21K?

    At first $25K seemed good, but the more I read, the more I think it might still be too high. At this point, if it is too high, what are the magic words to get them to come down to a more realistic and competitive price? If is IS a good deal, tell me so I can jump on it. Thanks!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    No, you shouldn't get it for $21k.

    Avg certification costs for an XC90 is @$2500

    So, they are trying to make $1500, which is fair.
  • gpk1gpk1 Member Posts: 2
    2009 xc 90 3.2, AWD
    versatality package
    premium package
    climate package
    blue tooth
    rear parking sensor
    $40753 plus taxes
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