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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Car was in stock but you can order it if they don't have what you want. IIRC you have to place your order with the dealer before December 31st.

    Costco first no exceptions.

    Costco had build prices at the website, but dealer adds Tax Title License.

    Leased to get extra cash but will convert to purchase.

    This is for real go to costco then go to the dealer they refer you too.

    Ours: Ken Garff Volvo South Town Mitch Cameron
    He's located in Draper Utah

    500 cash card comes from costco after you complete purchase and then fill out survey.

    Good luck everybody!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    The DVD player is not a freebie.
    NOTHING in the car biz is a freebie.
    If you are buying you get the A plan price, plus the cost of the DVD palyer minus the $3100 DVD incentive, minus the $1000 Costco incentive.
    Costco mails you the $500 card.

    The $400 APR bonus is available if you finance thru VFNA.
    However, VFNA's rates are about 2 points above a good banks, so that $400 doesn't do you a whole lot of good.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    For sure, when we are paying, and someone else is selling, ther is no such thing as a freebie.

    With The Costco plan, I understand the invoice pricing, the $3K dealer cash back, the $1K Costco cash back, and the $500 survey rebate card.

    Are you also saying that we can either get the DVD option (dealer installed I believe), or the invoice value for it, as a further discount on the deal???

    This would be great news, indeed. I spoke with the Costco (really Affinity Auto Program) rep yesterday, and plan on sitting down with the dealer this evening. The rep wasn't sure about the DVD incentive, especially with a 5 seat XC90.

    Can you confirm, one way or the other? Thanks, in advance.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    You will be charged the cost of installing the DVD system, which cost the dealer @ $1800 to install.
    The regular incentive on an XC90 is $2500
    the DVD incentive is $3100.
    So, the DVD costs you @ $1800 minus the $3100.
    The $1000 Costco incentive is deducted either way.

    If you buy a 5 seat XC90, your price is invoice minus $2500 minus $1000
    If you buy a 5 seat XC90 w/ a dealer installed DVD, your price is invoice,plus the cost of the dvd install minus $3100 minus $1000
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211

    That's basically exactly what my dealer told me several hours ago.

    Invoice, less $2,500 from Volvo; less $1,000 from Costco; less a $500 gift card from Costco for answering a survey; plus only $600 to have the dealer install the DVD entertainment system.

    Still much better than X-Plan pricing. Thanks everyone, including Edmunds!
  • I just got quoted white XC90 AWD, climate, xenon headlights, premium, versatility, road side assistance, $39961 plus taxes, fees, footprint fee(?) etc, total $43185. I told the salesman about this forum and that I feel people were getting a better deal than this and he said that this was all he could offer me and there wasn't any room for negotiation. He said that different regions had different incentives. Is this true? He was getting really frustated with me because I was hoping for a better deal. Can I do better? The car was on the lot. They also only offered me $7000 for my trade in.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    As you have described, that is a $45,200 MSRP car.
    So, getting it for $39,961 is a very good deal.
    Since you are essentially invoice minus the incentive I'd be frustrated with you too.
  • where are you located?

    basically what i did was that i did extensive research on my own and with the help of i had about 3 different dealerships get me quotes for exactly what i wanted -- nothing more, nothing less.
    this migh help you -- and then compare the 3 -- see what each will do -- if they will match the 'lowest' offer, etc.
    this is what i did -- and this is the first time that i have ever bought a car on my own.
    to make a long story short -- i'm not sure what what the versatility package runs you, or if you have the 3rd row of seats --

    the 3rd row alone adds about 2K to the car.

    i bought:

    XC90 - 5 passenger
    black / beige leather interior
    sirius satelite radio
    premium package
    wood steering wheel..

    i ended up paying 35,900 (+ TTL -- which the total came out to about 38,500 i believe. they also gave me 4K for my trade -in -- only because i had gotten this quote from another dealership -- they only were going to give me 2,500)

    i think the trick it to just compare among several dealerships offering the same product - there are deals to be made.

    for example -- my local volvo dealership wanted to sell me the car for $8K more! i'm talking the identical vehicle that i bought at another dealership!

    hope this helps..:)
  • Ok I understand it is a good deal, but I was comparing it to "Volvo r" who got the xc90 with all the packages plus free DVD for $36094. And guess what? He got his car from the same dealership (Ken Garff) that I'm getting my quote from, just a different location in Salt Lake. So I think I can do better!
  • I'm in Salt Lake City. And interestingly enough I just found out that the quote I was comparing mine against from "Volvo R" is at the same dealership, just a different location. So I think I'll give the guy that he recommended a call. I think I'll also try and get another quote for my trade in. Thanks.
  • Do you know what the price of the vehicle would have been if you were doing a straight purchase? Also, would you mind sharing with me you lease terms. I too am looking for an XC90 at Ken Garff, but have not been quoted anything near what you're getting. It really does depend on who you talk to, contrary to what the salesman told me. It may have been that I didn't contact Costco first and just went to my local dealership in Salt Lake. Maybe that's why I didn't get as good a deal as you. Anyway any advice greatly appreciated.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Generally, I am very skeptical of what people say they bought cars for.
    Maybe volvo r bought a service loaner,which has additiional money on it.
    Maybe he did a 4 yr lease,which has different money on it.
    If you are delaing w/ the same dealership, then the numbers are gonna be the same.
    Location doesn't matter.
    Good Luck.
  • Brand new 12 miles on the ODO
    5.5 year lease converting to Purchase nxt month
    Location doesn't matter but an honest sales person & negotiation skills are the key
  • Downtown lost all my business to Southtown when downtown was being stingy with the R incentives last year. Mitch Cameron at Southtown is the go to guy for the deals!
  • Can yo please let me know if this is a good deal.

    2008 Volvo XC 90 - 3.2 V6
    Black with Black Leather Interior
    Convenience Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Entertainment System
    Navigational System

    24 months
    15,000 miles
    Sign and Drive, nothing out of pocket, (Tax, Title, all payments, included in monthly Payment.)

    $680 a month

    Also, I am considering getting this without Nav, what is the feedback regarding the Nav system.

    Thank you,

  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Can you please explain the advantage of doing an initial lease for 5.5 years, then converting to a purchase a month later?

    BTW, both Costco and my dealer say the Volvo to dealer cash back on a purchase is $3,100. If it's a new 2007, the Volvo to dealer cash back is $4,000.

    Thanks volvo_r, for all your information, which has been spot on.

    Remember guys, the dealer does't have to give you any of the Volvo to dealer incentive, unless you are in the Costco Plan or the Ford X-Plan. Oh, and salesman sometimes aren't well informed, and some of them will fib.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    That explains it then.
    There is a bigger incentive for doing a bank lease.
    It appears that the bank lease money works with the DVD money.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    the only advantage is to be able to use the additional lease incentive for bank leases.
    However, most leasing co's have penalty clauses built in if you terminate the lease early.
    So, you may end up giving back alot of that intial savings.
  • This is a great thread- I have some help to request- southern california

    I have a 2005 xc90 t6awd- 48000miles- my plan is to sell it or dealer trade for a new xc90 under the costco plan-

    I am going to do a 24month single payment lease-

    what is the best way to do this- what price should the car be capped at?
  • I am also in Socal and in the same situation - 2006 2.5 with 17500 miles on it. I am considering trading in or selling on the side as I have a buyer looking sat. Only way I swap is if I get what i owe (car is worth more than I owe luckily do to invoice pricing on the car purchase) and my payments stay the same. The way I see it, I get a better deal on a new version and get the free dvd system - let me elaborate on that.

    I spoke to Costco and my local dealer and they both stated the Dual DVD system is FREE this month as a promo. Im not sure if the installation is free though. I was also told that on top of the 1000 and 500 from costco, the 3000 marketing support is being pushed by costco onto the dealer to honor the full amount to all costco customers.

    I also have 875 cash rebate on volvos from their safari game from this past spring/summer.

    So to me - walking away with a 2008 with the same packages i had plus a dvd system for the same cost per month is a no brainer.

    On my 2006, i only paid TTL which was 3k. This time around, I may be able to roll the cost into the payment and walk away with zero down.

    Id be interested to know what the lease payment would be on a 36K sales price - 24 months with 15k miles on 2008s.
  • if you get a price tell me- once i get one i will post it. they are being a little stingy on the trade in values because they are not selling well right now- autotrader has mine for around $25k(low to 29K.
  • Ok the clown i spoke with clarified with carman stated.

    If you elect to get the Rear ent package, they give you the following deal:

    - A plan pricing plus 1600 bucks
    - Minus 3100 cash from volvo
    - Minus 1000 cash from costco
    - 500 dollar costco card

    If you elect to not get the rear ent package, your deal is:

    - A plan pricing
    - Minus 2500 cash from volvo
    - Minus 1000 cash from costco
    - 500 dollar costco card

    The second deal is 1000 bucks cheaper - so analyze that over the life of your payments.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Ok the clown i spoke with clarified with carman stated.

    Dude, that was totally uncalled for.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Ok the clown i spoke with clarified with carman stated.

    Well, the person you spoke to was exactly correct, so what's your issue?
  • The original person I spoke to gave me the wrong info - As a followup he told me what carman / volvomax stated previously.

    My wording came out wrong previously - my apologies. I was trying to state that what i posted previously was from a bad source.

    My fault on mixing the communications.
  • Actually the person i spoke with the first time was incorrect - he stated the entire package was free - that there wasnt a cost on the deal to do the install.. He came back later and told me the same info that Volvomax eluded to earlier.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  • rocknroll389,

    how did things pan out for you with the Costco deal? where you able to use your brother's info?
  • What is the A plan pricing? Is it the same as the invoice price?
  • Here is what I was quoted from costco:

    xc90 6cyl, AWD, Prem, Vers, Climate and RES w/ standard paint

    $39.5K + $500 gift card.

    That is with all the discounts and incentives. Although others claim to have gotten free DVD, costco and the dealer say it is not possible with the discount. My main concern is $500 extra which the dealer claims is Volvo advertising fee. When I calculate invoice - $1000 -$3000 I get $39k. Does anyone think this is legit and are others being charged that fee? I am in northern va. Thanks.
  • My dealer said no advertising fees so I would challenge that 500 bucks.

    My dealer did quote 895 for acq fee which i felt was high.
  • New to this forum and happy to find so many volvo owners.

    I am on the market of XC90, and the best offer I got from the dealer so far is:

    Climate, Premium, Versatality Packages
    MSRP $44,725.00
    SELLING PRICE $37,650.48
    Taxes $1887.52
    Tag, Title & Reg. $362.00
    Total OTD $39,900.00

    Is this a good deal? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

    One more question, he did not mention the freight fee in the quote. Does OTD price include that fee?

    Thanks much!
  • Make sure you have included the $2,500 marketing incentive from the factory to the dealer, good through early January 2008. Advertising cost should be around $500, depending on the region you live in. I have owned my new 2008 XC90 for about a month and love it. It is thirsty, even with the 3.2l engine, but the safety is worth it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Ask to see the invoice.
    If the charge is on the invoice,its legit.
    the ad charge for the Southwest market is $250, and its printed on the invoice.
    Costco is aware of these charges. The reason it doesn't appear on their car configurator is that the charge varies from region to region.
  • We're trying to go thru with the costco deal but it has not been as straight forward as I thought. We tried to be very specific in terms of options and accessories and all we got quoted were cars currently on the lot. So it's either missing a package or two or wrong color.

    I understand the incentive for the dealer to get rid of what they currently have. But we tend to keep our cars for as long as they run so we don't want to compromise on the features and color if we have to deal with it for the next few years.

    So my question is, how hard it is to get the dealer to say "ok, we don't have what you want, let's try to find it at others or order it." ? How much impact will that have on the price?

  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Put exactly what you want in writing and go to the Sales or General Manager. Tell him you are only interested in special ordering the car exactly as you've described. If you get a hard time, walk out. Not a "hard" process, just frustrating, and all part of the game.

    Do a search for the Volvo dealers within, say 100 miles depending on your locale, and fax them all the exact specs you want. After some bluster, my local dealer found out I was serious, and magically became all too willing to do a special order.

    Someone will order it for you, and you need a firm order on record by December 31st to qualify for the fixed price Costco Program.

    Good luck!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    The Costco program won't work on dealer trades.
    You either have to take what is in stock, or order a car.
    The Costco incentive will work on an ordered car.
  • We were told by the dealer that we would have to take delivery by Dec 31 for the Costco deal so we could not order one.

  • fantomfantom Posts: 211's what Costco tells you that counts, not the stealership.

    To quote the program "You can order your XC90 from your neighborhood Volvo dealership and enjoy a custom savings package created for members who want to stay closer to home".

    My ordered XC90 is scheduled to arrive the second week of January, and I got the Costco deal. Many dealerships don't understand the Costco program, and try very hard to discourage special orders.

    Caveat emptor.
  • We've had similar issues as "pharmaz" above, with no car in the area having all the options we want. We were about to settle on a vehicle without some items we wanted, in our 2nd choice color, but the numbers don't seem quite right (compared to what I am seeing on this board). Can someone tell me what the monthly payment should be on this deal:

    MSRP: 47,525
    Cap Cost: 39,188
    Residual: 63%
    MF: .0010
    Sales tax: 6.25%
    24-month lease

    I was quoted $585 as the monthly payment with $767 down (1st month payment plus fees). I was told that this MSRP included the Rear Entertainment System but they would be "giving that money back on the end side" since it is part of the promotion this month. I don't know where that money is coming back because everything listed here is what I was quoted---no refund at signing or anything else mentioned about the entertainment system "refund."

    I was also told that the Costco program is costing this dealer losses of over $2000 on these cars, etc. The ranting against Costco rubbed me wrong and along with other red flags, I opted to "think it over."

    Using calculators online, I am coming up---using these figures---that the monthly payment should be closer to $500. When I originally mentioned this to the salesman, I was told that he didn't know why their figures are higher but that it is a "great deal that you shouldn't pass up."

    I am waiting for my Costco rep to call me back to discuss other possible dealers in the area. Meanwhile, any help will be appreciated. I would like to know if the monthly payment quoted adds up.

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but we are really in no rush and have no problem waiting for an ordered XC90 exactly how we want it. Our question is how long does it typically take to arrive? We've heard two this about right?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Depends on where you are.
    # months for the West Coast, closer to 2 months for the East.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238's what Costco tells you that counts, not the stealership.

    Personally, I would throw you out of the building for that remark.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    If the numbers you provided are correct,than the payment is off.
    Costco is auditing these deals very closely,your dealer may not be aware of that.
    The car must be sold on the A plan program, so no rate or price bumps are allowed.
  • Hmm....according to the Costco Auto site's FAQ on the XC90 page, "All manufacturer rebates and incentives are applicable at time of delivery". My interpretation would be all bets are off and since the xc90 special ends on 12/31, that leaves room for discrepancy on the incentives and rebates if delivery is beyond 12/31. What kind of agreement do you have with the dealership, such as contract, deposits and such?

    One of the frustrations is that I get quotes on sticky notes and verbal assurance of what's included. They want me to "pick the car" before they "might" let me see the breakdown.
  • How is the Costco audit done? If the numbers are off then what's gonna happen? I don't get the feeling that Costco needs to "approve" the deal before we make it happen.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Costco faxes us a quote sheet,which we have to fill out and return to them.
    After the deal is done we have to send them the invoice, buyers order, lease agreement if it is a lease and lease numbers screen.
    All numbers must be at A plan.
    If they don't like what they see,they can forgo giving us the $1000 Costco incentive.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    In order to get an accurate quote,you do have to pick out a car.
  • I'm a newbbie to this list but have been reading many posting. Just signed a 2 year lease on an 08 XC90 2WD V6 with the following packages: Premium, Versatility, Convenience, Climate,Xenon Headlamps, Metallic paint. MSRP 45,182 Invoice 42,142 Cap cost 38,534 Adjusted Residual 28,465 LESS Costco 1,000 and Volvo"s dealer discount 2,500 no down payment, no security deposit 443.68 + 6.1% tax=470.74
    a month. Paid destination charge as a cap reduction. total to dealer when picking up is 2,000 which includes; destination charge, first month payment, license fee, etc.
    You can get any costco deal delivered after the 1st of the year BUT they cannot lock in money factor.. Mine is 0.000360
  • First thank you for all the prompt responses.

    To be fair, the quotes I got seemed ok for what were installed. Thing is, the wife also wants some accessories (park assist CAMERA, bluetooth and mats). Are they part of the A Plan Costco deal or separate? I have feeling that they are separate (hence might get killed on price) but Costco rep told me I should get a discount.

    Also FWIW, we are looking to purchase.
  • That is not true. You just have to order by the end of the year. You can take delivery as late as May 08. However, finance charges will change after the 1st of the year.

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