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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kgreen3kgreen3 Posts: 1

    yes, it is possible to get close to 7k off the MSRP off "SOME" of the XC90's. from what i have found, the 7 passenger xc's have more incentive $ off than the 5. there is also more money taken off if you end up leasing the car. the Power Volvos seem to have the most room to negotiate. Power Irvine is where i would say to go. went in to look today, and ended up with what i think is a good lease?

    2007 XC90 with premium package
    3k down
    48 month/12k with 435/month payments(including tax)

  • We were shopping for a 2007 XC90 AWD with convenience, versatility and climate packages in a metallic color. What we stumbled upon was the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program.

    You're going to get a car for a deep discount and a free trip to Europe with Swenden as your starting point. You can visit Volvo's website for more info.

    This deal is smoking hot because it seems that Volvo is making way for the 2008 models so they are trying to clear out the 2007s. For the XC90 AWD, they are including the Climate Package ($675), Premium Package ($2995) and Metallic Paint ($475) AT NO EXTRA COST! That's a total $4145 in savings.

    We've shopped around a ton of dealers in and out of state, via CarsDirect, Costco and the usual suspects. Most places are discounting up to $7600 off MSRP. However, Volve's OSD has to be the best deal so far...

    2007 3.2 AWD + Climate + Premium + Versatility + Metallic Paint.... $37,385 before taxes/fees WITH 2 tickets to Sweden, 1 night stay and Volvo factory visit INCLUDED in the price. I was fortunate enough to get this price discounted even further at a local dealership!!!

    This deal is not for everyone...

    1. You WANT to travel to Europe, with Sweden as your starting point.

    2. You have TIME to travel.

    3. You can WAIT for your car. It will be delivered back to the US to your local dealer, 8 - 12 weeks AFTER your return from Europe.

    4. Free shipping back to US is ONLY from Gothenburg, Sweden. Other ports in Europe will have extra fees - see Volvo's website for more info.

    I've heard that there are people who have either went there for just 1 day or pass the trip completely to someone at the dealership just to get the lowest price!
  • carguy39carguy39 Posts: 9
    I received a copy of my lease agreement today and noticed a a "lease termination fee" charge of $395 which is due when my lease expires. It has nothing to do with early termination - it is a charge at the end of my contract.

    Is this standard in lease agreements as this is my first lease?

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Yes,most lease companies have a disposition fee.
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    Do the the lease companies really collect that fee if there is no excessive wear and tear and the car is in excellent condition?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Yes they do.
    The fee has nothing to do w/ wear and tear.
    It just covers the cost of taking the car to the auction,and giving the lease co. one last bit of profit.
  • jwgmdjwgmd Posts: 6
    also looking for XC90 and found this deal

    XC90 3.2L with premium and versatility package
    monthly 337per month/10500miles/year for 24 month lease, $3500drive off
    invoice 40000

    Is this a good deal? are there better deals out there?
  • I am looking for a XC90 3.2L 6 cyl in the Washington DC area to purchase. I would like to find a price of 11K off the MSRP of 34,002 like you wrote about. Any ideas?
  • davidkochdavidkoch Posts: 1
    I've got a deal in the works with Power Volvo in Irvine based on an amazing price I was given by Shelly Volvo in Buena Park. However, they are making a small issue of my Capital One financing? The MSRP on the vehicle is $42,550 and I am getting it for $35,250. While I realize they'd like to make money off the deal on the financing end, there is no way they will match the 5.6% for 60 months. Any experience with dealers not wanting to work with the Capital One blank check?
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    Anybody knows what is the current lease incentives on XC90 through Volvo Financing?. Thanks.
  • 111nitin111nitin Posts: 1
    Will you be able to tell me who the Salesperson was at Darcars?
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    I just got off the phone with Big Dee Volvo in Elmsford, NY. Salesman said they will have 08's available as of July 5th. Does anyone have any idea if it makes sense to wait for the 08's or jump on available 07' inventory which by now is thin. From what I was told, there's not a huge difference between the 07's/08's except for auto dim rear view mirror (standard of the 3.2 for 08'), and a few of the packages...

    I was told any incentives on the 07's run through July 2.

    Anyone care to comment or have more information?

  • cgood15cgood15 Posts: 1
    Offer from Volvo dealer in NJ

    XC90 V6 - premium / climate package

    3 years, 12k miles per year

    $4k down and 500 per month based on 500 below invoice - 3rd party bank

    good deal?
  • epineyepiney Posts: 462
    That guy claims to get some mfr discount of $8000, and offered me $11K off MSRP for any XC-90.

    Are these things really going for $11K of list? Or is this just a one time outlier?
  • mroctobermroctober Posts: 21
    What's the official key chain for XC90? The dealer tried to give me their dealership keychain, but I refused. Also, is it customery that the official keychain is included in the sales transaction?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Umm, there is no official keychain.

    There is however, a Royal keychain.
    But,you have to be a member of the Bernadotte family. :D
  • jhblum1jhblum1 Posts: 2
    i just leased a xc90 3.2 sticker 46k i am paying 500 a month for a 2 yr lease 12k miles. 1750 out of pocket including first months payment. it is loaded.. did i over pay? gross cap cost is 41109 adj cap cost is 37939, cant quite figure it out. i did it through volvo credit.
  • joeunjoeun Posts: 1
    Recently saw a XC90 Sport that I liked at a local dealership here in Houston. MSRP price is $52,460 and Invoice price is $48,781. What would be a good driveout price including ttl? I was thinking of asking for around $49,000 driveout? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!!
  • cunedcuned Posts: 1
    Would you please tell us which local dealer that you bought your XC90? Thank you in advance.
  • Dear all,
    just leased the following at Dyer Volvo, Atlanta GA:
    08 XC90, premium, versatility and convenience package, Wood wheel. Black with Black/grey interior. 24 months 10500 miles/yr. 1000 down (incl 1 st payment and all lic, reg, and dealer fees), 23 payments remaining at 479+tax. 395 lease term fee, however no sec deposit, no lease aquis fee,
    (so vehicle price on the papers = 38223 vs MSRP 43820 and TMV 40721) good luck
  • >Would you please tell us which local dealer that you bought your XC90? Thank you in advance.

    We purchased our XC90 @ Smythe Volvo in San Jose, CA.

    Our trip to Europe was great! We stopped over in Paris before heading out to pick up our car in Sweden. It was coincidence that it was Bastille Day when were in France and the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg - so it was happening!
  • raz227raz227 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to get in to the 24 mo lease deal going on here in the PHX area. Just wanting to know any great deals and dealers out here that you would recommend.

    Thanks in advance

  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    Try the Internet Dept. for Powell Volvo in Scottsdale. I was happy with the outcome of our transaction and had shopped around at a few places.
  • Does anyone know if what the most you could negotiate off an XC90 3.2 MSRP- $49652. Employee pricing is $6K off but is there anyway you could knock off at least $8K. Thanks!
  • Hi, I am new to carspace and have never owned or driven a volvo before. I am going to test drive a used '07 XC90 V8 with 12,000 miles. I have 3 kids and drive a 2001 Honda Odyssey now. The Odyssey worked well for me but it is getting old. The XC90 owner is asking for $39,000. Looks OK on the web and is loaded with many options:

    DVD System with dual screens
    3rd Row Seating
    Touring Package
    18" alloy wheels
    Active Bi-Xenon Headlamps
    Climate Package
    Convience Package
    Premium Sound System w/12 speakers
    Aluminum Crossbars
    Remaining of 5 year warranty with road side assistance

    Does it look like a good deal? I checked kelly blue book, edmunds, autotrader etc. Looks like a good deal to me. My wife is worry about reliability of Volvo. She heard too many horror stores from friends and mechanics. XC90 has been around for a while and I haven't seen a recall for the 2007 yet. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    That is a steal.
    XC90 V8 is a very good car.
  • I just got quoted $625 for a 24 with 15K miles a year. NJ tax built in and only inception fees out of pocket. The car had the following:

    Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment
    Metallic Paint

    What do you think?? All of the '07 S&D deals are gone.
  • Are u serious? If that kind of XC90 was sold here in Colorado, it would pust at least $43K. Go for it.
  • Just picked up 2008 XC90 3.2 AWD with premium, climate, versatility - 2 year lease program with 12,000/year - $499/mo before tax. Sales price was ~ $40,335. Edmund's dealer cost is coming in at $41,908.

    Other than standard fees, etc, nothing down.
  • Here's what I was offered from a dealer in NY:

    2008 XC90 3.2
    Versatility, Premium, Climate packages
    Navigation system
    24 month lease
    Cap cost $45577
    Money factor .00061
    12000 miles/year

    $0 down
    $642 per month

    Good deal? or better out there?

  • Based on my numbers, I'd say not that good...check another dealership. Monthly number before tax? If so, I think you should be able to be closer to a $600/month payment.
  • its actually inclusive of taxes.
  • I'd try to call another dealer or two and ask them for bottom line price. It can't hurt... Good luck...
  • Hi all: Anyone have any info on September 2007 residual and money factor for 2008 XC90 V-8 for 36 mos, 12k per year? Trying to crunch some numbers. Thanks !!!
  • Hello all! I got my local dealer to agree on a 24 month lease (15k) on a 2008 XC90 Sport with Convenience, Technology, Climate, Navigation, and BLIS. MSRP is $57,432 and the negotiated price is $53,599. Additionally, the residual is 64% while the money factor is .00044.

    The last thing I would like to know before proceeding though is whether or not there are any lease incentives from Volvo this month. I've heard from another dealer that there is $7,000 in lease incentives available for the XC90 this month. Can anyone confirm this? If it is true, I would like to lower the selling price some more. Thanks in advance.
  • In the process of dealing for a 2008 XC90 AWD 3.2, with all the packages you have outlined. Not getting quoted the type of deal you received. Who did you buy from? I have been quoted a MSRP of $44,750. Lease rate is $525 per month for 24 months, plus tax and 10,500 miles per year. What am I doing wrong? Would love to call your dealer.
  • 2008 XC90 3.2
    Ruby Red with Sandstone Leather
    Premium Package
    Convenience Package
    Versatility Package
    Wood Steering Wheel
    did not have climate package but they are installing heated seats for free.
    Volvo South, Atlanta

    MSRP 44295

  • MSRP: $40,425
    Premium Package
    Metallic paint (Silver and Titanium is the only choices out there right now)
    24 month Lease
    10,500 miles per year
    $980 Drive off = 1st payment and 1 year DMV
    $2,000 Bonus cash included in lease
    $489 + tax on above average approved credit through VCFNA. Expires tomorrow,
    Can I do better than this?
  • I am interested in purchasing an XC90 sport. I have negotiated the following offer:

    2007 XC90 sport DEMO (with 1100 miles, looks absolutely new)
    Titanium Grey Metallic

    Dealer add-ons:
    Hitch (without wiring), just used for bike rack
    All weather mats

    We have negotiated $48,900 before taxes & registration.

    The sticker price on this is $56,592 with climate, convenience, tech and NAV.
    The additional dealer add-ons that we want are $517 for hitch, and $345 for bluetooth above the sticker.

    Is the price we have negotiated reasonable, good, bad...?
    How much of a discount have people been paying for the 2008 V8 Sport's which have begun to arrive in showrooms? Or the non-sport V8?

    And, what have people negotiated for adding on the Volvo dealer installed rear entertainment system (sticker is $1800)?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jginnycjginnyc Posts: 20
    Here's my deal struck today:

    2008 XC90 3.2 (black clearcoat)
    Premium package
    versatility package
    convenience package
    climate package
    navigation system
    Sticker price: $48410
    "dealer invoice cost": $44435
    Cap Cost: $43000

    Payments come out to $513 per month plus tax, MV fees.

    I'm happy with this.
  • mark_smark_s Posts: 7
    Thanks CarMan and everyone else for sharing your info.

    Here is the deal I negotiated and signed on 9/30/2007:

    08 XC90 3.2AWD

    MSRP 47320 (Climate, Premium No. 1, Versatility, Navigation)

    Agreed price 42000 (price paid)
    Plus acquisition fee 595

    Total capitalized cost = 42595

    Due at signing: 1213 (NYS title and tire fee=261 and taxes=952.19)
    1st payment = 537.96 (PAID BY DEALER)

    23 additional payments of 537.96
    12k per year / 24 mos.
    $1000 excess wear and tear allowance

    The foregoing assumes a residual value of 30,758 (which is 65% of MSRP).
  • lizslizs Posts: 1
    Phoenix area

    This is my first time leasing a car and need all the help I can get. Please someone tell me if I can get a better deal. The residual value I was quoted seems very low 47% compared to what I have been reading.

    Here's the info: 2008 5 pass, AWD, premium,climate, 12k miles

    MSRP $42,550
    Residual $20,424
    Total cap $34,844.32
    Money factor .0023

    Inception fees $1422.81

    Payment $527.68+7.95%=$569.63

    Can someone please help me make sense of this? I've done a lot of reading on this site an many others and I thought I had it down. Then the dealer gave me the lease sheet and now I'm little lost.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi
    I'm new to the boards here as well. I've been looking for a SUV/crossover to replace my aging 2003 highlander for a little while now. I'm considering the new 08 highlander, mdx, xc90, and even maybe the nissan pathfinder (love the exterior styling). Anyway i was offered a 2007 xc90 AWD with 9000 miles on it for 35000 in excellent condition- Magic Blue, premium, versatility, and climate packages.
    How much do you think would be a good price? does 31000 sound reasonable? Thanks
  • jginnycjginnyc Posts: 20
    Lizs -

    the residual value seems very low. how long is the lease term? 2 year leases supported by Volvo finance have a residual rate of about .65 for 12000 miles. With a higher residual rate, your lease payment should be less.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    $31,000 isn't going to get it done.
    sounds like a $45,000 car, so $35,000 isn't bad at all.
  • About a month I bought '07 Sport -

    Titanium Gray Metallic
    2600 miles (Demo)
    Sticker of ~$54,500

    $45,000 before tax & registration. Traded an S80 w/ $11k allowance. My car may been worth $12k, but it had some cosmetic damage they didn't notice. There may have been some padding in the trade-in value, so I would say the actual price on the XC was $45k to $46k.

    I searched quite abit (Dallas, TX) and this price was pretty good. It was very difficult to find an '07 Sport (there was $4,000 marketing support plus another $500 if financed through Volvo). They took off $1/mile for demo miles. And then we negotiated some more. I probably could have pushed further on price, but we still had the loan to work through and I got the interest rate I wanted.

    Hope that helps.
  • Just picked up 2008 XC 90 w/Premium, and Versatility. $36,500.00
  • Towncar1: Would you please share the name and location of the dealership with whom you worked?
  • letchletch Posts: 8
    CarMan, please clarify the total current incentives on the '08 XC90 3.2. I see that Volvo is offering $3400 in marketing support. I've also seen you post that there is lease cash of $2000. I am looking at the 24 mo lease so I'm trying to figure how much total incentive is available to the dealers. Is it truly $5400 if you lease thru Volvo? Thanks so much.
  • I'm replacing my 2004 XC90 T6 with the 2008 3.2 XC90 and below is the deal currently offered at by dealer in Minneapolis/St Paul (MN) metro area. Can I do better? Where?

    - 2008 XC90 3.2 includes:
    Premium package
    Versatility package
    Climate package
    Dual DVD in headrest
    10.5K miles per year
    24 month lease

    $2460 at signing for tax, lisc
    $510 monthly payment (includes tax)

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