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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • :confuse: I am in DFW Texas area and I have been talking to one of the dealerships up here. They are going to give me 2007 Volvo XC90 3.2 with Premium and Versatitly Package for under 39,825.00 but I have to call them to get the exact amount. Which is basically the versatility package for free. What do you think is the lowest price I can get out of them... Help... :confuse: Thanks
  • Hi all,

    I am looking into buying an XC90 but none of the dealers has the 5-seat version in stock. I've only test-driven the 7-seater so far and found legroom in the second row (not the third) tight. I am never going to need to third row anyway and in the Volvo brochure the 2nd row legroom is listed as 36.4 for the 5-seat and 34.6 for the 7-seater. I know the second row slides for and aft in the 7-seater but you still seem to lose 2 inches of legroom. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I am truly confused and the dealer just want to talk you into buying whatever they have on the lot. I don't see myself paying $2k extra AND losing 2 inches of legroom in the second row.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    the second row is fixed in the 5 seaters, the second row seats can be moved back and forth in the 7 seaters.
    W/ the 2 row seats all the way back on the 7 seater the legroom is about the same as on the 5 seater.
    Most people don't have an issue w/ the legroom in either vehicle, unless you have the front seat alllll the way back.
  • geethgeeth Posts: 3
    this is my first SUV purchase. I got 31.2K for T6 base model, 5seater, and 35.5K for LX350. Can you let me know which one will have a better resale value, and overall value, interms of performance and long maintenance. i have been having difficulty to decide between these two.

    thx for your help.
  • that price is high. that is more than I paid 12 months ago for my new 07 8 cyl with most options. sales tax should ONLY be on the payment each month as that is the "use" portion that was sold to you but yes you do have to pay the sales tax - but NOT upfront.

    I sold my 05 to my son which was a T6 with almost every option also for less than that. My 04 I sold for around 38,000 and it had every option they had.

    All 3 were good cars and oviously, I would do it again.
  • I just bought (Dec 22, 2006) a 2007 Volvo XC90 3.2 with:
    - black exterior
    - Premium Package
    - Versatility Package

    For $36,500 in West Palm Beach Florida

    Just wanted people to know
  • Hi:

    Congrats on your purchase.
    I am in Boca Raton. I am looking for an XC 90.
    I see your price was $36,500.
    With your equipment (2 packages) was the MSRP (window sticker) on your car $42,075?
    Just trying to get a feel for what't out there.
    If your MSRP was $42,075 you got $ 5575 off MSRP.
    That sounds good. Did you get the car in WPB?

    Thanks.Merry Christmas

  • Yes to all of your questions...

    Good luck
  • Great deal. Can you tell me the details of your lease? I am trying to bargain in Tampa!
  • Great deal. Can you share the details to your lease? I am working a deal in Tampa.
  • sebissebis Posts: 3
    Hello, a dealer that should remain nameless was asking sticker price (MSRP) for a XC V8 Sport in Houston. This turned me off from XC90 since the Sport has much beeter steering and the ride I was looking for. However, If I was going to pay MSRP I could get a 2007 X5 for almost the same price...

    Anyone else has any experience with the Sport edition?


  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, an X5 4.8 w/ equipment similar to a $58,000 Sport is $68,000!
    Hardly the same.
    You can get the LESSER 3.0, for the same money as a Sport, but it isn't the same car.
    FWIW, we just sold our first Sport to a BMW 3 series owner.
  • sebissebis Posts: 3
    The "lesser" 3.0 has a new engine for 2007 and even thou is not a V8, it holds very well compared to the XC90 in terms of performance, 0-60 is not all that matters nor the benchmark for comparing two cars/trucks. In top of that the BMW has better resale value, included maintenance for 4 years/50K miles plus free cappuccino and pastries at the service center :).

    In addition, the 4.8 V8 from BMW is in a different league then the XC90 Sport.

    Back on the subject, for my needs, the XC90 fits better and I like the Sport version. But not when having to pay MSRP above 50 grand. I can get a regular 2006 V8 demo or loaner for up to 10K less then MSRP.
  • Hi there again:

    I contacted the dealer in WPB today!

    Spoke to a guy named PETER.

    Told him I was looking for an XC90 with Premium, 3rd row seating, in a non-metallic color.

    Basically...same car you bought.

    Told him a friend bought one there earlier this month and got a super deal @ between 36 and 37k.

    His initial reception was "that is kinda light...pricewise"

    Did you buy a loaner with miles on it... or was there a trade involved?????

    I'm just trying to figure out how your deal was SO GOOD !!!! Maybe I need to take a lesson or two from you.

    Please e-mail me with whatever details you care to share, includ. your salespersons name.

    My e-mail is: [email protected]

    Have a very happy New Year...and thanks !!

  • well, sold myself on the 4.4, actually we are looking at a lease. The car in question is at MSRP-$50,935 its listed in the paper as 7000 off MSP.
    -V8 4.4
    -Magic blue with sandstone interior
    -metallic paint
    -convenience packages

    so without running the numbers, we meet nextweek..
    I was quoted 3500 down, 10,500mpy and a monthly payment of 560

    its not exactly what we want (wrong color and I'd prefer one with very little options w/ entertainment). Seems like a great deal on the V8, we are in no hurry so should we what for a better deal?

    Thanks for the help
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Bottom line is, the 3.0 is not a competitor for the V8.
    If the Sport is out of your price range, go w/ the regular V8.
  • I bought a 2007 XC90 3.2 AWD on Nov. 30 in New Jersey:

    Mettalic Paint

  • pglinpglin Posts: 10
    Did you get it with AWD? I've been told that its hard to find one without AWD in the Northeast.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Read his post, he does say AWD.
  • pglinpglin Posts: 10
    Sorry. Losing my eyesight.

    That looks like a very good price. I live in NY and wouldn't mind going to NJ if the price is better.

    Can you tell me which dealer you got it from?

  • I'm looking at an 07 xc90 in NC with AWD, premium, climate and versatility packages. MSRP is $45,075. Cap cost is $38,575, which sounds like a good deal??? I want to lease 36 mos with 15k miles per year. Money factor seems really high - .004275. Makes payment $725/mo with $1000 down. Any help with current lease rates???

  • Sebis, the dealer is full of it. I just picked up my XC90 Sport (Passion Red) in NJ for almost $8K below sticker. The dealer was more than happy to help. It is an awesome drive. If you can't get it in TX buy it from here and get it shipped for $800.

    I've driven the BMW X5 4.4 (2004) as well as the 4.8, and although it is not like the 4.8 it is definately worth the price... Besides you don't get the electrical problems of BMW's and the overpriced stickers.
  • gmayergmayer Posts: 1
    New Volvo owner. Just purchased (12/28/06):

    07 XC90 3.2 FWD
    Metallic Paint
    Wood Steering Wheel

    MSRP: $41,300
    Price: $36,400

    So far, love the vehicle, esp. ride. :)
  • Just bought a 2006 Ocean Race V8
    06 Holdover with 251 miles

    Rear Seat DVD
    Tow Package

    MSRP - 56,200
    Paid - $46,000 :)
  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if you or anyone else has recently bought a 2007 XC90 in the Boston area. If so, which dealership did you use (any reason). Also, can you share the details? I'm considering buying a 2007 v8 XC90 for my wife. Anyone with recent experiences in the Boston or larger New England area - I'd be most interested in your experience.

  • Hello-

    I noticed that you purchased your XC90 at what looks to be below invoice. Are there incentives available these days that make this possible? Also, what part of the country was this in? I'm considering an XC90 for my wife (Boston area) and we've decided upon the 3.2 since there seems to be more available. I'm wondering what I should consider a good price for this vehicle. Are there incentives? How did you get below invoice?

  • pglinpglin Posts: 10
    I have received quotes from dealers in NY and NJ that are around $5K off of MSRP (which is definitely below invoice). It depends on your package, but I think that number should still be the deal you should be finding out there.
  • pglinpglin Posts: 10
    Actually one dealer quoted over $6K off MSRP for 3.2 with AWD, Premium, Versatility, Climate, Metallic paint. Hope that helps.
  • That does help thanks. Best quote I had up here in the Boston area was $5.5k below MSRP (or $~1.8k below invoice) for a 3.2 with AWD, Premium, Versatility and Climate (no metallic paint.)

    In the end we ended up with an M class instead for other reasons - however, I figured I'd share the number in case it helps someone else.
  • I am in the market for a 2007 XC90 AWD fully loaded. has the MSRP @ $51,205, Invoice @ $47,456, and Target Price @ $44,456 (must be mucho incentives out there). I have spoke to 1 local dealer so far who has quoted me 1% over invoice ($44,456 x 1.01%) or around $444 over invoice. What kind of pricing is everyone seeing out there? The CarsDirect price is almost $7,000 below MSRP. Any better deals to be had out there? Email me @ [email protected] if you like. I am in Tampa, FL area. Glenn
  • jco11jco11 Posts: 4
    CarMan, I need your advice:
    I was recently quoted the following lease:

    2007 XC90 3.2L FWD w/
    Convenience Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Package
    18" Camulus Wheels
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Wood Steering Wheel

    MSRP $46,440
    Capitalized Cost: $41,020
    48 mos lease
    $0 Capitalized Cost Reduction
    $615/mo + tax

    Does this sound like a good deal???
  • I'm in MD. The quote given by local dealer includes "processing fee" $99, anybody know what's that? TIA
  • I just leased a 2007 XC90 FWD with the following options:

    Premium package
    Versatility Package
    Climate Package
    18" Wheels
    MSRP: 43975
    Cap Cost: 34250 (Might be wrong...I'll confirm)
    Residual: 17800
    Money factor: .0022
    Total initial out of pocket: 1700
    48 month/12k miles per year cost: $505 per month

    Fair deal?

    Also, I had a question about the headlights.
    What is the difference between the o and the headlight symbol? They both seem to do the same thing.

    BTW, I love the XC90. Previous vehicle was an MDX and I think this blows it away.
  • Did you have a trade in, and did you get this deal at a volvo dealership? I'm looking at leasing one with similar options.
    Thank you!
  • one of them is daytime running lights but automatically turns to headlights at night, and one of them is headlights always on... problem is, if you are on the daytime running lamps with auto lights on at night, your brights won't work... sad to say but my POS chevy s10 from 98 has a more well designed light sensor system. Also, what if you want to turn your headlights off at night? Any ideas? for police chases and what not...
  • Thanks for the answer zkaudio.

    Yes, I traded in a 2001 Acura MDX. I was even (had no equity in it), so the only savings included in the numbers above was less taxes.

    BTW, I checked my contract, Cap Cost was 34,930. A little off from what I posted earlier. Also, money factor might be .00022, whichever makes more sense.
  • We just purchased a 2005 XC90 T6 with all options - factory navigation, rear seat headrest DVD - literally every option that was available when it was new. Bought it from of all places a Lamborghini dealer in Marysville, Ohio. Here's the amazing thing: 6,400 miles!! We paid $34K even. I felt this was a steal, given the car wasn't even due for its first scheduled service at 7,500 miles and MSRP new was close to $52K, but I wonder now whether the T6 engine/transmission and 05 model year made this less of a steal than I thought. In any event, we love the car.
  • Don't even think about it.
    Buy VIP policy from the closest Volvo dealer and forget about all your troubles for many-many miles to come.
    It still will be a steal.

    Enjoy the ride.

    I have 04 and have no problems. The late production T6 is just as reliable as any other trims, a bit outdated, maybe, but reliable.
  • I can't seem to find a dynaudio system in a car in Northeast.

    Black, titanium or blue color
    V8 (obviously)

    maybe a sport if the price is right
    and need climate

    anyone have ideas?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Not a very common option.
    It used to be part of the Touring Pkg, now it is a stand alone option.
    Also, the Surround no longer works with the FM radio.
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    Just checked my email and quoted off the bat w/out any negotiation on my part the following;

    '07 XC90 3.2
    -Prem, Clim & Vers Pkgs
    -Rear Seat Ent
    MSRP 46,595
    Discount 5,495
    Purchase Price $41,100

    This seems like a good deal, no? I'm wondering if people are getting much lower than this.
  • Did you pay fees on top of the 36,400? what fees?
  • What is the right price before tax and after all fees are in for XC90 with Prem, Versatility, metalic and wood steering wheel? Please help. I am in South Florida and not really looking forward to the negotiation circus. Thanks.
  • jco11jco11 Posts: 4
    Recently quoted a price of $40,700 on the '07XC90 FWD with Premium, Versatility, Convenience, 18" Camulus and wood steering wheel. Does this sound like a fair deal to other? The invoice for this appears to be $42,959 and MSRP is $46,440 (before incentives) This is in SoCal.

    Appreciate any advice.
  • adnanadnan Posts: 1
    We are thinking about buying '04 XC90 from an indiviual. It has 33,207 mileage. Asking for $8,500. Is it reasonable for a volvo? how is the car it self? we are a first time volvo buyer. is it high maintenice? anything else we should know? thanks for your help!
  • Give us more details - is it T6 or 2.5T? AWD or FWD?

    In any case the price seems to be incredibly low. Remember that the original price for a new vehicle was anywhere from 35K to almost 50K, based on the options.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,930

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Rather $8500???!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,930
    Yeah.. that's what I meant.. ;)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274

    Car must have a salvage title or something.
    04 XC90 should still sell for low to mid $20's.
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