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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 05duramax05duramax Posts: 10
    Just bought three days ago. Only options on mine were Climate Package and Black Sapphire paint. List was $51,145 and the dealer knocked off only $ 3,500. Gave me a very fair price on my trade-in so I went ahead and did the deal. The Sport is a pretty decent looking SUV. A few initial issues to work out, but first impression is good.
    Will post more as experience gained with this vehicle.
  • jvergarajvergara Posts: 20
    I'd appreciate your feedback about the following price I got to buy a 2007 FWD 3.2 XC90 from Volvo Deel Dealership in Miami:

    $38,900 + tax + tag and title ($1,500 in cash incentives included in price)

    Shadow Blue Metallic
    Premium Package
    Versatility Package
    Convenience Package
    Active Bi-Xenon Headlamps (GDL) with Automatic Level Control
    Wood Steering Wheel

    Thanks a lot!
  • This web site was very helpful for us to determine asking price. So, here I hope this helps others:
    We just bought an XC90 near Boyton Beach area in Florida for 35,900 before taxes and tag. Metalic Color plus 2 pks (Premiuim and Versaltility)...Only problem so far, side mirror motor defected. I hope this helps all of you.
  • 05duramax05duramax Posts: 10
    Looks like you outdid most in getting $ 6,090 off of MSRP.
    Funny how Edmunds shows TMV at about $ 300 off of MSRP but you were able to negotiate the mother of all deals for, I'm assuming, a brand new 2007 XC90 with no miles on it. We all stand in awe of such a wonderful deal.
  • savage29savage29 Posts: 2
    Just purchased an XC90 3.2 FWD last week in the LA area...I know I got a great deal when none of the other 8 dealerships couldn't even come close to matching. It was worth the drive from San Diego.

    MSRP=$46,440 Invoice=$43,309 Price=$39,164 OTD=$42,581

    That's $7,276 (15.68%) below MSRP and $4,145 (9.57%) below invoice!!


    *Ice White w/sandstone interior (wanted black interior)
    *Convenience Package (must have)
    *Premium Package (must have)
    *Versatility Package (must have)
    *Entertainment Package (must have)
    *Wood Wheel (nice to have)
    *18" Wheels (nice to have)

    Using, I built exactly what I wanted and sent it to 9 dealerships in Southern California. I followed up with each internet manager via email & phone. Tips-Do your homework...go into it knowing exactly what you want in the vehicle and let them know the time frame of your purchase. I also used my costco executive membership to line up 5.8% financing.

    The dealership and the people were awesome! In and out of there in about an hour...a big thanks to Ontario Volvo!!

    Great deal on a great car + a very happy wife = PRICELESS...we'll almost....I now have a $820/month car payment. :cry:
  • I'd appreciate your feedback about the following price I got to buy a 2007 AWD 3.2 XC90 from Volvo Dealership in Massachusetts:

    $41,609 out the door, I believe there are incentives involved in the reduced price but dealer was not very forthcoming. MSRP $47,195

    Magic Blue Metallic
    Climate Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Package
    Navigation System

    Thanks for your help, first time looking at Volvo so I am not that knowledgeable "dealing" with the Sales approach
  • savage29savage29 Posts: 2
    Go to and build the car with the options you want. It will then ask if you want to gets bids from a max of 3 local dealers (driven by the ZIP code you entered).

    I built my car 3 times in so that I could send bid requests to 9 dealers in total (6 outside my local zip).

    Once I received responses from the internet managers I began direct email and phone calls with each internet sales manager. The phone helps as it let's the dealership know that you are serious about the purchase and that they are competing for your business. Be nice but let them know that it all comes down to pricing.

    Here is an example of my first email to each internet manager once they responded to my KBB inquiry:


    We're looking to complete the purchase within 3-10 days.

    I spoke with the wife tonight and here is what she is
    looking for:

    *Exterior - Ice White
    *Interior - Off Black (1st) or Sandstone Beige (2)

    Must Have Options:
    *MC177-Premium Package
    *MC178-Versatility Package
    *MC176-Convenience Package
    *800100-DVD Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment

    Nice to Have Options:
    *Wood Steering Wheel

    We're indifferent to the other options so please don't
    let it limit your search by excluding them.

    Please let me know the following when you respond:
    1) Vehicle details (color, options, etc.)
    2) MSRP Price
    3) Invoice Price
    4) Your OTD Price (assume 7.75% for taxes)
    3) Do you have it in-stock?
    4) ETA if not in-stock?


    This information is key to make sure you do an apples-to-apples comparison with the vehicle quotes you receive back from the dealerships. I came up with a spreadsheet to help me compare vehicles with different options. Let me know if you'd like to use it for your analysis.

    The internet managers will probably ask you how their bid compares to other. Let them know your best price and ask them to beat or match it.

    They may ask you which dealerships they are competing against but I did not share this information. The reason one dealership asked was because they do not like to compete with a sister dealership (same owner) this case I asked who was the sister dealership and shared that one particular bid.

    Once you make the purchase.....don't let them sell you anything else, extended warranties, gap insurance, etc....fight the temptation.

    I got an extended warranty through my GEICO insurance, it kicks in between 50,000 to 100,000. It's a fraction of the cost and is pay as you go versus everything up front.

    Hope this helps and good luck!! :shades:
  • jco11jco11 Posts: 4
    also has rear seat entertainment in that price.
  • jeugenejeugene Posts: 2
    I read the same technical information about the legroom. The third row is centered over the wheel wells so it means that the 2nd row has to shift forward some to give both areas some decent room. I understand the third row area accommodates people with a maximum height of 5'-6". If you do not need the third row I'd skip it to make sure people riding have the maximum amount of leg room. It isn't really an issue when people are short on leg and heavy on body length and not too thick in the middle area. But when a person has longer leg length than body length and a large belly every bit of space is an issue. Good luck deciding.
  • ericflericfl Posts: 9
    Not sure if you still monitor this site but I was wondering which dealer you used and why. I also live in Boynton.
  • cfkiicfkii Posts: 2
    I'm getting the following quotes from several dealers in Atlanta:
    2007 XC-90 V-8 AWD.
    Packages: Touring, Convenience, Climate
    Loaner Car - 6,000 miles
    MSRP: $50,610
    Invoice: $47,368
    Listing: $40,610

    Is this a good deal and what are the odds of getting them in the $37,000 range?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    $40,610 is well below what the car should be able to be sold for in the first place, unless you are leasing.
    Lease or purchase however, there is no way that a loaner would sell for $37,000
  • ejmcmejmcm Posts: 1

    Would appreciate any input on a lease deal that we have pending:

    2007 Volvo XC90 V8 with Touring Pkg, Climate Pkg, Convenience Pkg, Navigation System, Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment, Bi-Xenon Headlights, Wood Steering Wheel.

    MSRP $49,315
    Internet Sale Price $42,755
    Lease quotes:
    24 mo/12,000 mi - $564 per month with $3,000 down
    36 mo/12,000 mi - $639 per month with $3,000 down

    Also, I have heard from a few dealers that it is hard to get the V8, and one said that you can't custom order them anymore - is this true?

    Thanks for any input you have!
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    FYI - saw an add in the paper yesterday, $7k off ALL '07 XC90s at a dealer in the Boston area
  • buyvolvobuyvolvo Posts: 5
    Do you have any trade in?
  • What paper had the ad? Globe or Herald?
  • wfmdfmwfmdfm Posts: 2
    We found a add in Sundays Globe. South Shore Volvo 7K off. MSRP $42,395 buy for $35,395.
  • maude2maude2 Posts: 6
    Was this a lease deal or to buy the car??? I told my dealer about this as I want a clean deal to purchase an 2007 XC 90 with a Final MSRP of 42,350 and he will sell at 37K. I'm leary about taking the deal as I have realized a few things he has told me are not correct. Any advice on this price? I need some help!!
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    This was $7k off on all new XC90's, S60s & XC70's to buy. The ad states that they have 30 XC90s available. South Shore Volvo in Norwell. In the past 2 Volvo purchases I made I've found that other Volvo dealers in the area will match any competitors prices, but I've always ended up buying one from the one that's closest..
  • maude2maude2 Posts: 6
    What are your thoughts on the deals they are offering? Do you think I can do just as well after April 2. I really wanted to buy at the end of April and am on the fence as to if I should buy now or wait. Any advice???
  • cfkiicfkii Posts: 2
    Just thought I would pass this along. I just purchased a 2006 Volvo XC-90 at an Atlanta dealer for $38,800 (tax, title and fees included). Packages included the premium and versatility. It had 6500 miles on it.
  • wfmdfmwfmdfm Posts: 2
    We purchased the XC 90 2.5l at South Shore Volvo last night for $35,395. It also came with 2 year long ski passes for next year. We pick it up on Monday. :)
  • I just purchased a new 2007 XC90 Sport V8 from Volvo Marin.

    Very easy deal. They found a Black Sapphire Metallic XC90 Sport for me with the following:

    Convenience Package
    Climate Package
    Technology Package
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Roof rack crossbars

    MSRP $59,787
    Invoice $55,908
    My price $52037 plus tax and license

    It seems as if Volvo has a pretty agressive incentive program right now on the XC90's. Call different dealers since some are quoting MSRP on the XC90's!
  • I didn't lease my V8 Sport but what your dealers are doing is playing the "what car can I sell right now" game. There are lots of V8's in Northern Cal. As for not being able to custom order, well, that's a lot of horse doodoo. Keep calling and you'll find a dealer that either 1) has what you want 2) can trade with another dealer for what you want or 3) order from the factory exactly what you want.

    Don't settle for less. It's your money!
  • tbbtbb Posts: 5
    Dealer offered me an 07' 3.2 xc90 w/ 18 miles, no options for $30,999.00. I know that's a very good deal but it's not exactly what I want. I want the premium and climate packages. MSRP on those packages is 3,670.00 and according to kbb invoice is 3,155.00.
    Any reason I shouldn't be able to get the vehicle for 34,154.00 to 34,699.00?
    As far as I can tell the dealer isn't sitting on a lot of base model cars that he has to move.

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    The problem is finding a 5 seater w/ Prem and Climate pkgs.
    Most XC90's are 7 seaters, so you have to add the Vers pkg.
  • smartbidsmartbid Posts: 4
    Hi wfmdfm, I am at MA too and want a XC90. I want to contact you for more information. Please send me email to [email protected] Thanks.
  • I'm looking at a 2005 XC90 T6 AWD for $26,000. Third seat, 6 CD changer, moonroof, leather seats, etc. 25,000 miles. Wondering if this is a good price and pros/cons of this vehicle compared to a Honda Pilot (that's what I've looked at most). Never really considered Volvo, but this seems like a good deal. Any feedback most appreciated.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    I think that's a very good price - only 2 yrs old for 26k. We really like our XC90. Sure it has some shortcomings (the 6-cyl could use more power) but we really like the smoothness of it as well as the design of the interior & exterior.

    Honda builds one of the most reliable vehicles but for me I also want a little something more. That's why our Honda is our 3rd car (Volvo - her primary, BMW - my primary).
  • We have both, a 2005 Pilot EX-L and a 2007 XC90. Both are fantastic, but for different reasons. The Pilot is a great family hauler, a bit more roomy inside, more pockets and storage for stuff and extremely reliable. The Volvo is comfy and more "fancy", more fun to drive and has a bit more character. Do you have children? Pets? Off-roading? We have 3 kids and I love the integrated booster seat in the Volvo, and I prefer the 3rd row of the Volvo with the headrests already attached. I think it really depends on your needs. We know the Volvo will be more expensive to maintain overtime than the Pilot, but we are OK with that.
  • We got a 2007 Volvo XC90 3.2 this weekend in Washington, DC area. I think we got a good deal: over $7k below the MSRP price and got free 3 yr/30k factory maintenance (worths $800).

    MSRP: $44,120, Invoice: $40,964, we paid $36,995 (price includes $695 Destination Charge)

    with the following options:
    Invoice MSRP
    Premium Package $2,575 $2,995
    Convenience Package $1,113 $1,295
    Climate Package $580 $675
    AWD $1,591 $1,850
    Metallic color $408 $475
    Total Selected Options $6,267 $7,290

    XC90 is really a beauty. We enjoy our car a lot! :)
  • murichmurich Posts: 1
    Does your price include tag & tax? I was at Honda dealer to buy Pilot but they are going to change end of this year so I guess this would be worthless to buy it now. Plus XC 90 is really fancy :)

    I am in Philly but travel to D.C often. Is this deal everywhere or just the one you purchased.

  • wingagneswingagnes Posts: 2
    The price does not include tag & tax. We have checked all the dealers around the DC area. This is the best deal we get, which is at least a couple hundreds lower than all other dealers. The dealer is Darcar.

    I don't think the deal is just for the vehicle we purchased. In fact, we were initially looking at Metallic Silver with Premium Package and AWD options. However, they don't have such car in stock. Instead, we picked the Willow Green with more options. Turns out it is a better choice: the Willow Green is great, the Convenience Package is real handy. We couldn't be more happier with the vehicle.

    Hope it help. :)
  • winston03winston03 Posts: 20
    I just purchased the 3.2 xc90 FWD for my wife. I think I got a good deal but would like to know what the rest of you think.

    My price was 37,800 before TT&L. This includes the Premium, convenience, versatility, climate and wood steering wheel.

    Thoughts??? This was in Atlanta. Edmunds shows the invoice price as 41,587

    I love her car. I have a 2006 Escalade which I'm not crazy about and am kind of considering getting a xc-90 for myself. Did any of you all test drive the 2007 MDX? I did and have mixed emotions. I do belive the MDX gives you more options for the money. I could get a loaded one to include navigation and rear DVD for 42700 before TT&L. The mdx is standard AWD with 300 hp with the 3rd row. By the time you add those option on the volvo, I think you are way north of the MDX price. However, something keeps pulling me towards the Volvo
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    My price was 37,800 before TT&L. This includes the Premium, convenience, versatility, climate and wood steering wheel.

    I think that is a very good price. Congratulations.

    Did any of you all test drive the 2007 MDX? I did and have mixed emotions. I do belive the MDX gives you more options for the money.

    Yes, I did, and I totally agree with you. The MDX is a fine vehicle, and you do get a lot for the money. For XC-90, the 3.2L version is underpowered, and the V8, 311HP is more fun to drive. It looks admirable. My comparision:

    Volvo trumps (V8 AWD, Willow green/Beige leather):
    1. Better safety record, steel beams and all
    2. (Perceived) better stability and rollover protection
    3. The manner in which the 3rd rows folds in 2 layers
    4. Split liftgate, provides a bench for sitting
    5. More engine power (311HP vs. 300)
    6. MDX forces me to buy Ent package for power liftgate though I dont want DVD.

    MDX trumps (Tech/Ent, Steel blue/taupe leather):
    1. More gadgetery on console, it also looks better
    2. Rearview camera
    3. Standard Xenon lights ($800 on XC-90)
    4. SH-AWD
    5. Slightly better gas mileage
    6. Better record of reliability
    7. Set up of the navigation system (screen)
    8. Bluetooth connection

    None of them have a remote starter or rain sensing wipers, 2 of the toys I want. MDX looks a little bigger (spacious) from the inside, and is a little shorter, though with bigger wheels (18"). Gives it a more rugged, stable look, but Volvo is more stylish (except that diagonal on the grille).

    I ruled out the Volvo earlier because its MSRP was about $4K above that of MDX. Now some sales guy is talking to me about a price of $11K below MSRP (for Volvo). So the sale prices come within $1K of each other. Now I am torn between the 2 cars. I know, it's a difficult decision. Let us know which car you end up buying, and the decision making factor(s). Best wishes, - MS.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    In terms of safety, MDX and XC90 are tied according to IIHS test, so I am not sure you can say one is better. In fact, Volvo is not the leader in any other category.....
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    In terms of safety, MDX and XC90 are tied according to IIHS test, so I am not sure you can say one is better. In fact, Volvo is not the leader in any other category.....

    Are you suggesting we go out and buy the MDX? May be I'll just do that, been car shopping for almost 4 months now. There are too many choices out there! Regards, - MS.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I am merely pointing out an incorrect statement, no need to act on impulse ;)
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Posts: 858
    In terms of safety, MDX and XC90 are tied according to IIHS test, so I am not sure you can say one is better. In fact, Volvo is not the leader in any other category.....
    I do not think that your statement is factually correct. There is more in safety than just the IIHS test. You should say - "MDX and XC90 got equal (similar) ratings in IIHS test". That would be factually correct.

    Otherwise, it is just your opinion, and I beg to differ. Decades of safety leadership for Volvo still counts...
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I am all for learning, please do list some evidence to support your opinion.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 180,787
    This discussion isn't to compare the Volvo with the Acura..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Posts: 858
    And I do not have to repeat myself over many times. Please search the forum for my past postings. I have said enough on a subject.
  • pluto168pluto168 Posts: 44
    Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. But I have a 2006 XC90 and I like to find out what would be a reasonable price for an extended warantee with 100K miles. What are the options out there? and what pricing are you seeing. thanks.
  • lkarlkar Posts: 2
    2007 V8 with no options other than metallic paint. MSRP of $47,595. Invoice $44,777.

    Price not including TTL: $40,600 or about $40,980 with “doc fee.”

    I got the sense that I could have worked a bit more and maybe gotten to about $40,500, give or take, including the doc fee. But I didn't want to pay for convenience, touring, climate or wood, and it was very tough to find a V8 without most of these options. I just wanted a stripped down V8 and it was the only one I could find in about a 1,000 mile radius, so I wasn’t too picky on getting that last $500 or so. Plus, it was midnight blue, which was my top choice.
  • berny1berny1 Posts: 9
    I would appreciate if someone can share a good buying experience in the Dallas area, we are considering the Pilot, MDX, XC90, etc (so many options). I talked to Volvo of Richardson and the most they are willing to reduce the MSRP is 5K, do you guys suggest getting the extended warranty?, I heard the are not very reliable.
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Hi berny1,
    I am in the same boat, sailing around in the pool of all those choices. Can't comment on the Ext Warranty (I dont own one yet), but try talking to the Auto-flex leasing guys.

    Per forum rules, I cannot give you a name, but here's a number - extension 1002 (in their Richardson office). That guy claims to get some mfr discount of $8000, and offered me $11K off MSRP for any XC-90. Just like you, I am worried about the reliability issues, and am thinking about the MDX. What did you think about the Pilot? For me,

    +: shift lever on steering column, more space, 8-seater, less $$$
    -: Small (16") wheels, no Xenon HID lights, boxy looks, not so good handling

    Good luck with your purchase, and let us know how it goes - MS.
  • Hello Winston03:

    Looks like you got a very good price. Was the car you purchased a demo or loaner? Which dealership sold you the car?
  • yuan2yuan2 Posts: 2
    I am looking for XC90 around Los Angeles area right now. Could someone give me an idea how much would be a good price to buy a new XC90 in Los Angeles? I read several posts in this forum, and found that they can get $7k off MSRP for a new car(in other areas). I wonder whether there is anyone in Los Angeles who get a similar price.

  • yuan2yuan2 Posts: 2
    Did anyone have experience to buy a car through internet? How is it compared to buying a car directly in dealer's store? Is the price good?
  • jtlajtla Posts: 381
    Internet shopping works exceptionally well in competitive markets such as Southern California. I got my last 2 vehicles through Internet. On both occasions, the first times I stepped into those dealership showrooms were when I picked up the cars. Everything was set through emails or phone calls in advance, and I drove off in the new car within an hour. The prices were among the best in town.

    It sounds easy enough, but you have to do your homework first and really know what you want. Then, you request quotes from a few local dealerships. This can be easily done through sites like, etc. All Internet Managers are not the same. Some will start out with a high quote and up to you to negotiate it down, while others may just offer you his/her best price right off the bat. If you have done your homework, you know a good price when you see one.

    I got my XC90 from Power Volvo in Irvine, which I highly recommend. I can not post the salesperson name here per Edmunds forum rule. If you need a referral, make your email address public and I will email you.
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