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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have exactly thesame V8 loaded. I have many problems not w/ the engine (not yet). Name it my SUV had it. May I ask if u' had experience at least a couple. Mine had been in the dealer for 'bout 20x and next wk. I will bring it for thesame prob for the 4th time (w/c I think will lemon in my state CA.) Then I will take it fr. there. Im happy for u' I wish I could say thesame as well.

    Wish me luck when I ask for my money back (I need it!) ">
  • Would you be so kind as to tell me what is the X-plan pricing and how does one become eligible. My husband and I are seriously thinking of leasing the XC90 instead of buying. I'm hesitant in buying after reading CR report about reliability as well as some of the post here on the board.

    I figure if I least for two years minimum, I can walk away from the vehicle if the reliability factor becomes an issue.

    Thank you so much.

  • my layman's definition of x-plan pricing is that it is special pricing for ford "partners"/"suppliers" that is passed on those businesses' employees. It is also my understanding that the x-plan allows for a streamlined purchase process and can cut out "extra" fees that some dealers attach to the vehicle price. I don't know if it applies to leases.

    I don't know what the exact 2007 x-plan pricing is for the xc90, but for the 2006 model it was about 1.5% above invoice, which at times was not as good of a deal as available to the general public because of rebates, excess inventory, et. cetera.

    I am still curious about what kind of pricing folks are seeing on 2007 3.2 models and how that compares to the edmunds TMV price.
  • I just bought a 2007 XC90 3.2, with premium package and metallic paint...for $34,995. That's more than $2,500 below invoice (not MSRP!), and $4,500 below Edmunds TMV price!. And note that I bought in Sept, so there were no listed rebates, incentives, etc. You can get it for a good price, you just have to negotiate. And I also suggest negotiating through the internet sales departments. They are much more likely to cut you a better deal. But go in knowing exactly what you want!!!
  • thanks cecilexum!!

    You have to be an employee for the x-plan. That rules me out.

  • Wow!!!,

    You got a great deal. What part of the country do you live in? Is it the west coast. We have only one Volvo dealership where I live. Did you show the dealership other price quotes and threaten to take your business elsewhere?
  • I actually bought my 2006 XC90 from Winnipeg because that is where I live now and they gave me a way better price. I did email all the dealers in Southern Ontario and only a handful emailed me back. Their pricing was way higher than what I was offered in Winnipeg. We bought the 2.5T with luxury and convenience packages and paid about $53000 +tax.
  • I live in Southern California, and yes, there are numerous dealerships here so it does make it a bit more competitive. I first asked for online quotes based on what I wanted, and it was interesting to see how different all of their first quotes were! Then based on who had EXACTLY what I wanted in stock and who was the most responsive (ie - customer service) I started dealing with them (all online. I didn't speak on the phone until I was satisfied and prepared to pick up my car from the dealership!!!). My only advice is be prepared to walk away! Don't look desperate! When I didn't respond to the dealership after a couple hours (when I told him I would), he automatically reduced the price $1,000. Then I told him another dealership offered the same price and he reduced it another $500.

    It's all about doing your research and knowing your bargaining power!
  • Hello,

    I'm looking to buy an 07 XC90. I was doing my research on the internet/Volvo site and when I try to build a Volvo through the website, it says you have that there are two colors for leather seating: graphite leather and lt taupe. But looking at the section under "design" it shows that there is no lt was replaced by sandstone beige. Sandstone beige looks more brown to me. Does anyone have any insight as to what colors are actually available for the leather seating? Thanks.
  • it's a very light colored leather. I have it, I'd call it a wheat... almost white looking sometimes
  • I have sandstone as well on a 2007 XC90, and it's definitely a light beige...not brown. And the interior is slightly two-toned between light and medium shades. I personally think it looks very elegant. The graphite is a very dark charcoal color, almost black with no two-tone.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Hi,

    I have a quote of $47,520 for 2006 XC90 ocean blue edition. It has the rear seat entertainment, climate package, and convenience Package. The msrp is $54,520. How good is this deal?
  • The $2K cash rebate. Is it applicable until 10/2/2006?
  • i just bought a 2006 xc90 awd with premium, versatility, convenience, and climate for $38,180. the sticker was $46 and change. i bought it from lovering volvo in concord nh. they are great.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    most of the hot lease deals on 06 are gone now.

    what about buying? could i get a smokin deal to buy one? what is the cheapest one could get an 06 V8 for now?
  • Just paid $36,630 for a 2007 XC90 3.2 w/ premium and versatility package. Was this a good deal? What do you all think?
  • Did the $36K include taxes and tags that is OTD? If not then the MSRP was $42K and change and you got $5,300 off plus taxes and tags.
  • The price did not include tax/tag. However, it did include delivery to my doorstep. I bought from a dealer out of state, and they're tossing it on a truck and bringing it to my house. I felt like it was a pretty decent price, especially with delivery included.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    My deal: 2007 XC90 3.2
    - Metallic paint
    - AWD
    - Premium
    - Versatility
    - Convenience
    - Climate
    - BiXenon headlights
    MSRP: $46,907
    MY PRICE: $43,561

    Added on after deal:
    - Wood dash
    - Front window tint
    - Supplemental Advertising (WTF?)
    FINAL COST: $44,236
  • luoluo Posts: 7
    That is very good deal. Can you let me know the dealer? I am going to buy one like you.
  • luoluo Posts: 7
    Wow, $34,995. That is great deal. PLease let me know your dealer. I will buy one from him.
  • It sounds like you might have some more room. I have seen typically $8K under MSRP. They really want to move the 06. Also, if you get on their email list, a lot of them will send you a $500 coupon the last week of the month.

    Good luck
  • I have been looking for an 07 V8 XC90 with:

    -Rear Ent.

    It does not exist at any dealer. I figured I could scrap the NAV, Premium, and Rear Ent. and go aftermarket, but I can't find those either. You have to order anything except touring, climate. Anyone else having those issues?
  • vsevse Posts: 1
    Need some help on a 2007 xc90 lease in Detroit area. Here's the numbers

    met. paint
    third row
    msrp $45-ish
    15k/24 month
    cap cost $41,845
    $1650 down/ $557/month (with taxes)

    Is there a better deal out there?
  • Bryan G, MD,

    Think about this for a minute. Car dealers are the very epitome of capitalists. They have their own money on the line 24/7 trying to figure out what will sell. Clearly, if you can't find an XC90 configured as you described, it isn't a cabal ("having issues") against you but rather the dealer's recognition that with all these options the car is at a rareified price point. So high, that the car ain't going to sell. This should tell you something.

    At this price point, you should buy a Cayenne S for fun or an Audi Q7 (a stretched Cayenne) to haul a hockey team. You'll get a car worthy of the price point and because of the higher price point a better dealer experience and resale.
  • Volvomax, you're a savvy guy. In my experience there is a wide range of quality with Volvo dealers. Wider than other imported marques. The sales and service departments vary tremendously. Some are good. Some bad. Even worse, some are bad just on a random basis. Even the physical plants vary with no consisent Volvo look. Is Volvo aware of this? Are they working on it? To me this unevenness is an impediment to moving the brand upscale. Why buy an XC90 with an MSRP of 57K when.....
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The problem really is that Volvo built very few V8's for 2007.
    They assumed that higher gas prices would dampen demand.
    Well, it really hasn't.
    Since Volvo got a late start on the 07's not many loaded cars are available.
    There are some out there, maybe your dealer could trade for one.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Volvo dealers are independent entities, therefore Volvo Cars cannot force them to do anything.
    However, Volvo does encourage and entice dealers to perform up to standards.
    For alot of dealers it is a catch-22.
    They can't expand their facilities or offer top quality amenities without spending money, and they can't spend money without selling more cars AND making more profit per copy.
    If you compare the revenue streams of a Lexus, Mercedes and Volvo store its like comparing the Yankees, Red Sox and KC Royals.
    Even though most Volvo stores are at a competitive disadvantage they do provide good service to their customers. Its just that the bad ones get the press. Esp here on the web. Volvo dealers have done well on the JD Power dealer survey over the years.
    Now, the $57k XC90 is the best SUV out there at that price point.
    You can't get an X5 or Q7 or ML500 as nice for the same money.
    Forget about the Cayenne or Range Rover.
  • Volvomax, sorry. I guess I was comparing a Volvo store with the germans who have more cars to sell over a wider price range.

    I think we disagree on the value of 57K XC90s. I think that the market does also.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    All I know is that I can't keep the loaded XC90 V8's in stock, and neither can anyone else.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    "Now, the $57k XC90 is the best SUV out there at that price point. You can't get an X5 or Q7 or ML500 as nice for the same money."

    With $57k, you can get a nicely equipped Mercedes GL450. XC90 is nice, but $57k for a Volvo is just ridiculous.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You aren't getting it.
    $57k is a fully loaded XC90 V8.
    The equivalent GL450 is $66,000!

    FWIW, you can get a "nicely equipped" XC90 V8 for $50,000
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    I agree with both statements:

    1. You can get a nicely equipped V8 for $50k - it already comes with leather, AWD, & 3rd row as standard.

    2. $57k for Volvo is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay more than $50k for a Volvo. I think the right price point for a fully loaded V8 should be around $48k, and $42-43 for the 3.2L. It just isn't in the same league as the German cars when it comes to the powertrain, etc.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    How so?
    It is as fast or faster than the SUV's near or higher than its price point.
    It rides well without being harsh.
    You can't get a Euro SUV will all the equipment the XC90 has for even a close to similar price.
    How is a $66,000 Mercedes or Audi or Bimmer better than a $57,000 XC90?
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    "It rides well without being harsh."

    Hey, you don't need to sell me on the ride quality - I just bought an '07 XC90 3 weeks ago and am happy with it. But I think the BMW/Audi/Mercedes have an edge in handling and roadfeel over the XC90. Even my wife instantly noted that when test drove them, but she's pleased with the XC90 and didn't want to pay more (she's the primary driver).

    Saying it's as fast or faster doesn't mean better. A Nissan Z might be faster than a Boxster, but in my opinion it isn't in the same league in terms of roadfeel or overall driving satisfaction.
  • I agree with Volvomax.

    I purchased a V* XC90 in April and it has been terrific. I have friends that own BMW X5, MB ML series and 1 Cayenne. They are impressed by the ride and interior of the XC90. I use mine to haul my boat, pull a 12' 2,500 lbs box trailer, as a family vehicle (third row seat for my kids' friends) and as my wife's daily driver. It handles each of the tasks well.

    The XC90 may not have the prestige of the other Euro SUVs but those that spend the time to research the XC90 find it a worthy competitor to BMW, Porsche, Audi, and MB especially when considering price/value.

    With regard to the ride quality, we're discussing SUV's not two-seat roadsters. It rides smooth, handles well and the seats are the best in the industry. The Yamaha V8 delivers plenty of power & torque. It accelerates quickly either from a dead-stop or for passing on the highway. The 22 mpg I'm getting on the highway isn't too shabby either.

    I wanted an SUV to use it as intended ("U" does stand for utility), not be seen in it. The XC90 fulfills the utility requirements while a providing an upscale ride experience as a daily driver. When was the last time you saw an X5 pulling anything? I guess that's why they refer to the X3 and X5 as SAVs (A = "activity").

    If you expect the vehicle to be driven 90-95% of the time as a passenger car, the XC70 or BMW 5-series wagon would be a better choice. They offer roughly the same cargo room as their SUV counterparts, better gas mileage and better ride characteristics.

    One admission, the upgraded radio in the XC90 is not the best.

  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    shoresailing, your post did a better job of breaking down the conversatio and I absolutely agree with everything you wrote. My friends who own X5's, etc are also impressed with the interior & ride of our XC90. And frankly, that's why we bought it - we liked the overall package and we were looking for an SUV ("U" for utility), not an SAV ("A" for activity).

    My input about ride/roadfeel (compared to the German cars) from my previous post does not change - I'm a sportscar/sports sedan type of guy. So I should probably clarify that my viewpoint on those categories are not really critical for SUVs, but if it was my daily driver - and not my wife's - I would probably spend the extra dough for a new X5 w/3rd row. But my personal taste in auto attributes don't really line up with an SUV.

    I'm very satisified with adding the XC90 to our garage and would do it again. The #1 change (addition) I would make is an integrated iPod interface. I don't like changing CDs.
  • Fluid15, my wife upgraded from a minivan so almost anything would have made her happy but she is quite happy with the XC90 (the Caddy SRX was second choice but hauling ability was minor league).

    I also prefer sportscar/sedan. Drive 90 miles on daily commute. I am currently in the market and M35 is leading the pack.

    Good point about the ipod/m3 connection. I would much rather have the connection and leave the CD's at home.
  • dlkri1dlkri1 Posts: 4
    I am ready to settle tonight on a 2007 XC90 with AWD, premium, climate, wood steering wheel, convenience, and rear entertainment -- MSRP = 48,215. The offer right now is 42,219 + a free cargo cover.

    Please let me know what you think of the offer. THANKS.
  • Negotiate and extended warranty if you plan to keep the car longer than the original warranty. You'll need it.
  • Volvomax, I still trying to get used to the idea of a 57K Volvo. (Especially when a loaded V70R has a TMV of around 44K.)

    I know at one point that the XC90 had fantastic resale. How is it now? How does it now compare to the germans?

    Speaking of the R Series, Edmunds used to have a board just devoted to the R Series which I can no longer find. How do you like the idea of a new V70R vs. a new XC70?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, since the V70R is essentially discontinued there are incentives on it. Even so, a loaded V70R will sticker @ $48000.
    Also, the V70R isn't an SUV.
    The XC90 is going to have better resale than the V70R, or even the XC70.
    Between the V70R and the XC70, it will come down to what you want out of the car.
    The XC70 is a better foul weather vehicle.
    The V70R is quicker and more fun to drive.
  • "I still trying to get used to the idea of a 57K Volvo." Me too! I paid hundreds under that for the fully loaded limited Edition Ocean Race XC90. First time I feel maybe I got a great deal! hee hee - - otherwise, I paid a whole lot of money for a whole lot of battery failures...
  • You proably got a great deal like many others, but you also got a great piece of junk. Anyone interested in buying a Volvo XC90 should read the "Problem & Solution" section.
  • I bought an S60 last year and am enjoying it.

    Now we're considering an XC90. Aside from resell value, I don't care if I get an 06 or 07. We'll get the AWD V8 with climate package, no other options needed, no color pref. The Edmunds calculator says the "TMV" is $45.5. We are in Ohio.

    Will I get this cheaper at this time of year? Could I find it for $37k?

    If I do find it for $37k, is there a good reason to pass it by for an 07 instead?

    Thanks for your help,
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You won't find a new 06 V8 for $37k.
    Heck we sold a USED 06 V8 for $45k.

    Only minor changes on the 07, but some new toys.
    Ipod interface, sat radio, active xenons, backup camera etc.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A national newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have recently (within the past three months) purchased an SUV and crossover because of its optional or standard third-row seating. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Friday, November 10, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information.


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  • I just purchased a new V8 XC90 on Monday.

    -V8 4.4
    -Black Sapphire Metallic/black interior
    -Climate Package
    -Convenience Package
    -Active Bi-xenon
    -Premium Sound
    -Touring Package- Atlantis


    It was listed with a wood steering wheel and the buy order I was faxed had it listed. I arrived to pick up only to learn it had wood inlays and no wood steering. (I negotiated on line out of state.)

    It does not seem to have rain sensor wipers on it after reading the manual and looking at the steering column I can't figure out what option would have came ensured I get the rain sensor.

    I passed on the NAV because I of the limited availability and some disappointing user reviews. I am disappointed in the audio system and the lack of Ipod integration. I was told by the dealer that Ipod integration was only a fad, unnecessary, and wouldn't work well. I reminded him it was important to me so it isn't a "fad" and my Mercedes CLK has it and it works great.

    I am having an aftermarket NAV and rear entertainment installed. The Alpine I am looking at has NAV, Sirius, Blue tooth, DVD, Ipod connector, HD radio, and reverse camera. Seems that it all should come in under the price of Volvo options.
  • Has anyone have good experience in 2007 XC90 price? in boston area? I am interested to buy on 2007 XC90. Please help me. How much? What are the packages included? thanks
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