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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Congrats! I'm that glad you enjoy your Sorento. I just curious how much do you cost for a brand new '03 or '04 EX 2WD in your area, after a $1000 Kia owner loyalty bonus. I think the ratings is still 9+ for '03 model. But it is only 7.1 for '04 model.
  • Here in So Cal it seems to be very competitive-the only time I paid any attention to prices was after I found my bargain Sorento and then I saw about 3 "leader" ads for the 2003 LX, kinda plain for around $19,000 to $19,900. Nothing was said about the loyalty $1K. Don't know much about the 2004 except I see sticker prices up to $27K for one fully loaded, 4 WD, leather, sunroof pretty much the works.
  • Just got my Sorento. It is a 2003 LX 2x4 with 16k miles. According to the dealer, it was a Kia corporate vehicle. The interior and exterior are still perfect. They had it listed at $20,050. I had pre-financing and told them the most I could pay was $16,500. Well, it seems like they wanted to move their inventory, so I got it at $16,500!!! By the way, I bought it on a rainy day - I think we were one of the few customers that day. I feel like I got a good deal, what do you guys think?
  • dsm24dsm24 Posts: 1
    This will be my first purchase on my own. My parents own a 2001 Sportage & 2003 Sorento. How do I go about making the best deal out there? I want to do better than my parents!What info should I give out early as far as what I'm willing to pay, my trade in, how much I'm willing to put down. Should I go into a couple of dealerships and discuss what internet dealers are offering? If you can give me genuine info and have the time to help me out please email me at thanks so much
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Edmunds is a community where we share info; we aren't here to act as an email clearinghouse. Plus posting your email is a good way to attract spam.

    Here's a good place to start your car buying saga:

    Buying Tips. Check out the Confessions link there too - it's a real eye-opener.

    Steve, Host
  • Hi all,

    I've been negotiating with a few dealers in the Sacramento area for a 04 EX 4WD with luxury package, ABS, and spoiler. So far the lowest quote I have is $25,515 after rebate.

    How does that sound?
  • Well I went aheah and pulled the trigger on the 04 Sorento EX 4WD with luxury package, ABS, and spoiler for just over $25,500. Approximately $1,229 under Edmund's TMV.

    I actually had Cars Direct searching for one for me, but they couldn't find one in a color I like. My price was $1,000 under theirs.

    I think I got a pretty good deal. I was trying to get the price down to $25,100, but the dealers started dropping like flies at that price.
  • That is a good price for a 4X EX. You will enjoy your new Sorento :)
    So, you purchased your car online?
    I would never buy a car until I have driven it myself. That's just me. I play guitar too, and I will never buy a guitar on ebay or online. I have to play one, like it, before I buy it.
  • sleongsleong Posts: 15
    Hey Steve - I'm interested in the details of the deal you got in Sac. If you email me at the address in my profile I'd like to chat with you more in depth. Thanks Steve SF Bay Area
  • I placed an order through Cars Direct for a EX 4WD with luxury package and ABS. The good thing about Cars Direct is that they lock in a price. They then search for the car in your area from dealers they work with, so it isn't like you buy the car sight unseen. You actually have to go to the dealership to get the car.

    I ended up negotiating a better price myself using information from Cars Direct, Edmunds, and several other car buying websites. One web site in particular has some fantastic information, but I don't want to advertise the web page. If anyone is interested they can email me.

    sleong - it doesn't look like your email address is public in your profile.
  • sleongsleong Posts: 15
    Steve, my email address should be public now - you don't show an email address either.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I also bought mine via internet. I actually send email to several local dealers. I told them what I want and waited for the responds. Then I compared the numbers with the pricing info (invoice & MSRP) from Edmunds. I had a deal when we both agreed the price and fees. I have been using this method when shopping for my '03 Camry and '04 Sienna. I paid no service fee to nobody.

    sonnyrocker - I agree with you. But there is nothing to lose with this approach. You don't order or sign for anything unless you see it. This actually saved me a lot of time if travel to different dealers and negoiate. And it is interesting to see how much you can beat the dealer. Of course, they are always the winners.
  • I live in Augusta, GA and found a 2003 Gold Sorento LX 4X4 in Jersey City, New Jersey with floor mats, luggage rack, stripes, automatic, alloy wheels, and 3200 miles on it .... for 16,900 !!!!!! Needless to say I used my VISA to hold the car and flew up 2 days later to close the deal, and drove it back home. I found it on the internet at Hudson Toyota in Jersey City, NJ. I'm the second owner I love everything about the car except gas mileage. I've had dome folks who own Acura's and Lexus's SUV's do a double-take. I think KIA should sell an EX without the plastic cladding. They look classier... well at least my gold does. Great Car !!!
  • gchuagchua Posts: 14
    5 speed, Sport package, plus mats, cargo tray and tow hitch for 19,600. List was $23k plus. With the owner loyalty rebate, you can take another $1k off.

    Off topic - outrageous deal is on the Optima. They have it for something like $10k (about $7k off)!

    This is at Quirk Kia in MA. They are the largest dealer in the country so get "extra" incentives.
  • valvalvalval Posts: 6
    We bought the ice blue/gray, ABS, lux. package, first aid kit, spoiler, cargo mat and side step bars for $24,330, sticker was $26,775. We gave up the additional $1000. rebate to get 60 months 0% financing. Gap insurance for the life of the loan was an additional $495. I'm confused on the gap insurance though as it only covers amount financed, not the $5000. down payment, so I'll have to call them about that tomorrow.
    We bought at Gettel Kia in Sarasota, Florida. The salesman, sales manager and business manager could not have been any better - it was worth the 1.5 hour drive!
  • I bought my 2004 EX 4x2 last weekend for $3500.00 under invoice. I was at a delaership that wanted to offer me much more for an LX than what I bought my EX for!!! Avondale Kia is the place to go, I used their internet / fleet department, called him up, told him what I had been quoted before, he laughed and said, " how is $3500.00 below invoive?" Needless to say I told the other dealer where they could go....and drove the extra 45 minutes to Avondale. The Internet manager told me that they have people fly in from all over the place to buy these cars.....check them out you won't be sorry!!!!
  • tcsheltcshel Posts: 1
    I live in a smallish sized town and have poor credit. I wasn't able to get approval for a car loan through any local banks or credit unions but Kia has approved me for a Sorento. Since I have to go through them for financing, do I have any bargaining power left in buying my Kia or do they have me by the you know what?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Of course you have bargaining power. Make a good deal with dealer then go for the loan.
  • I am in Denver. I bought an 04 EX auto 4x4 with ABS, running boards, front wind deflector, rear cargo mat for $21,600. The only additional $ was for tax and license fees. Two other dealers would not talk turkey. My price reflected the $1500 regular rebate, plus the $1000 rebate 'cause I owned a competitive SUV. After a week's worth of double checking the numbers, I feel I got a great price. PS, so far the vehicle is fantastic. Suberb workmanship. Tho not broken in yet, I am getting 16-17 mpg in town and 22 on the road.
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    Sounds like you got a good deal. Congats & enjoy.

  • I'm thinking of buy the new 2005 sorento how is yours so fare is it worth the money and is it a good SUV and is the company easy to work with
  • I'm thinking of buy the new 2005 sorento over all is it a good SUV and does it hold up over time. Is it reliable. What should I pay for a fully loaded one and is there room to deal when buying from the dealer
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    Mine has been great so far. I've had it about a year and a half and put over 23,000 miles on it with no problems at all. I've been very happy with the value.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    After 22 months, 23000 miles, few warranty repairs, my 2003 Sorento (EX, 4WD with luxury package) is still running good.

    I only got little discount for my fully loaded Sorento back in 11/02. I am sure people are doing much better these days on all models. I did some research on Edmunds and send emails to several dealers. And I responded to the lowest offer. Good luck.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    muxa, moved your post to a new discussion on Suzuki xl-7.
  • Mate ,I read your post and can relate to it well.I too have seen past the dealers so called good intentions and their anal willingness to help not to mention false promises.Like "yep the car will be in the lot within a week,place your order" 5 weeks later,still waiting.
    In my case, with the trade in price agreed on and all paperwork signed I thought time was against me so I sat down with the dealers loan shark and started to talk turkey.I stipulated the interest rate I wanted and got it.No worries there.The hiden cost and charges is what I could'nt see and without any paperwork, could not compair their loan with others.
    Had I realised the car delivery date was a lie, i then would of had time to shop around.I did in fact do this after week two of waiting and saved no less than $5000 in interest (Over 60 months)with a credit union compaired to their offering.
    As stated, they refused to give me anything on paper at the time, stating that it could be used by third parties to undermine them ??!!
    Anyway to cut a long story short the dealer has had enogh of me calling (after 4 weeks) and cant wait till the deal is done and over with.He is prepaired to terminate the deal at anytime because of me hounding him "Wheres my rig at,is it far away ?" His answer "next week mate,maybe next week" !
    The fact remains that I did call the dealer prior to going in and i did state that unless they could deliver within a week I would continue to search other dealers untill I found one that had a rig available for imediate delivery (and there were a few).This dealer got me in hook,line and sinker with his lies and his true colours are starting to show ie very short with me and nearly hangs up on me on occations when I call.I would go to another dealer but the contract is binding and I doubt he would let me go that quickly.
    Honesty is the best policy i reckon.
  • Question for any experianced buyers out there.
    If a dealer states that a vehicle will be delivered at a certain mutually agreed time at the time of signing/sale and then dose not deliver (in my case the vehicle is overdue by 3 weeks), is this an offence ?
    The dealer makes all sorts of excuses why the car delivery is delayed but Im thinking the car has not even left Korea ?
    I've heard that a verbal agreement is binding ? I went into this deal with my eyes open and am being positive but I have missed out on a few opertunities that have arrisen elsewhere and am becoming angry because there is no trust left.
    With todays technology ie computor databases to track stock and vehicle port numbers ect then the dealer should be able to give an honest answer within reason ?
    When I asked if the dealer could throw in some floor matts as compensation for waiting so long he refuses too ? I know these Sorentos sell themselves but why lie ? Funny thing is that all the other dealers all have at least 10 Sorentos in their respective lots and these are not sold either.
    I hope my kids never have to deal with crooks like this when they are old enough to buy their first new car or they with have an angry dad on there case !!
  • Well because of my price range I was looking at the lx (2 wheel drive) 04 or 05 model. So I called around to the dealers edmunds brought up and was getting some pretty killer quotes. Finally I scored at Huntington Beach Kia (Southern California) I got a pretty decked out EX 2 Wheel drive with everything but the luxury package. I walked out the door after tax and license for 21,000! I couldn't believe it, I had the competitive vehicle promotion(2000) off, then some other 1000 dollar rebate as well. I think I paid around 18,400 for a loaded EX 2005! Couldn't complain, and the car is awesome. I was really blown away by this car, it rides amazing the features are endless, and it looks great on the road. It really looks like a cross between the Lexus RX330 and the Acura SUV with the two tone paint and fenders. Plus I got the new ice blue with the silver two tone (only in the new 05 Sorento's) This color is very nice and looks very classy both at night and in day.
    Now I just want to look at some nice after market options, maybe a new exhaust to help with milage?
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    Friday I took delivery of a white 2005 Sorento LX five speed manual. The only extras were floor mats and the cargo mat. Everything else was bottom line, even the steel wheels. Yet it's a very nice vehicle even in base trim, and I'm quite pleased with all the niceties that were included.

    The price was $14,988 at Car Pros Kia in Carson, CA.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Sorento EX 2WD with all options from a Central Florida dealer located in Brevard County. My experience was quite pleasant without the normal sales BS you might expect. I did quite a bit of web research using and other resources. I also checked with my credit union's fleet pricing deals. I had a good idea of what dealer cost was and what incentives and holdbacks were on the table. I paid cash for the vehicle so I also had some leverage. I offered my bottom line number, they countered with a slightly higher number and we split the difference. After that we negotiated a trade-in price for my wife's 96 Saturn. Once again, along with KBB were very useful in determining the value of the trade. Negotiations didn't take more than 15 minutes. I drove off happy with a fully loaded EX that cost me thousands less than MSRP and well below invoice. I even picked up the three year standard maintenance coverage for $200. Overall, a very satisfying experience and a great vehicle.
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