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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm thinking of buy the new 2005 sorento how is yours so fare is it worth the money and is it a good SUV and is the company easy to work with
  • I'm thinking of buy the new 2005 sorento over all is it a good SUV and does it hold up over time. Is it reliable. What should I pay for a fully loaded one and is there room to deal when buying from the dealer
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    Mine has been great so far. I've had it about a year and a half and put over 23,000 miles on it with no problems at all. I've been very happy with the value.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    After 22 months, 23000 miles, few warranty repairs, my 2003 Sorento (EX, 4WD with luxury package) is still running good.

    I only got little discount for my fully loaded Sorento back in 11/02. I am sure people are doing much better these days on all models. I did some research on Edmunds and send emails to several dealers. And I responded to the lowest offer. Good luck.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    muxa, moved your post to a new discussion on Suzuki xl-7.
  • Mate ,I read your post and can relate to it well.I too have seen past the dealers so called good intentions and their anal willingness to help not to mention false promises.Like "yep the car will be in the lot within a week,place your order" 5 weeks later,still waiting.
    In my case, with the trade in price agreed on and all paperwork signed I thought time was against me so I sat down with the dealers loan shark and started to talk turkey.I stipulated the interest rate I wanted and got it.No worries there.The hiden cost and charges is what I could'nt see and without any paperwork, could not compair their loan with others.
    Had I realised the car delivery date was a lie, i then would of had time to shop around.I did in fact do this after week two of waiting and saved no less than $5000 in interest (Over 60 months)with a credit union compaired to their offering.
    As stated, they refused to give me anything on paper at the time, stating that it could be used by third parties to undermine them ??!!
    Anyway to cut a long story short the dealer has had enogh of me calling (after 4 weeks) and cant wait till the deal is done and over with.He is prepaired to terminate the deal at anytime because of me hounding him "Wheres my rig at,is it far away ?" His answer "next week mate,maybe next week" !
    The fact remains that I did call the dealer prior to going in and i did state that unless they could deliver within a week I would continue to search other dealers untill I found one that had a rig available for imediate delivery (and there were a few).This dealer got me in hook,line and sinker with his lies and his true colours are starting to show ie very short with me and nearly hangs up on me on occations when I call.I would go to another dealer but the contract is binding and I doubt he would let me go that quickly.
    Honesty is the best policy i reckon.
  • Question for any experianced buyers out there.
    If a dealer states that a vehicle will be delivered at a certain mutually agreed time at the time of signing/sale and then dose not deliver (in my case the vehicle is overdue by 3 weeks), is this an offence ?
    The dealer makes all sorts of excuses why the car delivery is delayed but Im thinking the car has not even left Korea ?
    I've heard that a verbal agreement is binding ? I went into this deal with my eyes open and am being positive but I have missed out on a few opertunities that have arrisen elsewhere and am becoming angry because there is no trust left.
    With todays technology ie computor databases to track stock and vehicle port numbers ect then the dealer should be able to give an honest answer within reason ?
    When I asked if the dealer could throw in some floor matts as compensation for waiting so long he refuses too ? I know these Sorentos sell themselves but why lie ? Funny thing is that all the other dealers all have at least 10 Sorentos in their respective lots and these are not sold either.
    I hope my kids never have to deal with crooks like this when they are old enough to buy their first new car or they with have an angry dad on there case !!
  • Well because of my price range I was looking at the lx (2 wheel drive) 04 or 05 model. So I called around to the dealers edmunds brought up and was getting some pretty killer quotes. Finally I scored at Huntington Beach Kia (Southern California) I got a pretty decked out EX 2 Wheel drive with everything but the luxury package. I walked out the door after tax and license for 21,000! I couldn't believe it, I had the competitive vehicle promotion(2000) off, then some other 1000 dollar rebate as well. I think I paid around 18,400 for a loaded EX 2005! Couldn't complain, and the car is awesome. I was really blown away by this car, it rides amazing the features are endless, and it looks great on the road. It really looks like a cross between the Lexus RX330 and the Acura SUV with the two tone paint and fenders. Plus I got the new ice blue with the silver two tone (only in the new 05 Sorento's) This color is very nice and looks very classy both at night and in day.
    Now I just want to look at some nice after market options, maybe a new exhaust to help with milage?
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    Friday I took delivery of a white 2005 Sorento LX five speed manual. The only extras were floor mats and the cargo mat. Everything else was bottom line, even the steel wheels. Yet it's a very nice vehicle even in base trim, and I'm quite pleased with all the niceties that were included.

    The price was $14,988 at Car Pros Kia in Carson, CA.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Sorento EX 2WD with all options from a Central Florida dealer located in Brevard County. My experience was quite pleasant without the normal sales BS you might expect. I did quite a bit of web research using and other resources. I also checked with my credit union's fleet pricing deals. I had a good idea of what dealer cost was and what incentives and holdbacks were on the table. I paid cash for the vehicle so I also had some leverage. I offered my bottom line number, they countered with a slightly higher number and we split the difference. After that we negotiated a trade-in price for my wife's 96 Saturn. Once again, along with KBB were very useful in determining the value of the trade. Negotiations didn't take more than 15 minutes. I drove off happy with a fully loaded EX that cost me thousands less than MSRP and well below invoice. I even picked up the three year standard maintenance coverage for $200. Overall, a very satisfying experience and a great vehicle.
  • My husband and I went into Elkins Kia in Bossier City, Louisiana and it was a huge disappointment. It's a small(ish) dealership and we were willing to meet them half-way for a fair price/deal, however they wouldn't even attempt to work with us. They insisted on a downpayment of $2500, offered only high interest rates and weren't even pleasant. The first and last time we go there. We were negotiating for a 05 LX-sports pkg. The whole "Gulf region" was out of the 04's.
  • what is covered under the standard maintenance for $200? plus what would some examples of what would not be covered under their warranty
  • how did you guys get below invoice. I talked to different dealers who will not go below invoice. They tell me this is what they paid for the car (which i know is not true) and that there is not much mark up in the vehicle. Since they wont budge on invoice then I am trying to have them throw in running boards, tow hitch, cargo mat which they tell me I can have at cost. I want it thrown in! Help! I am trying to purchase within next two days.

  • We purchased a Sorento in November in the Tampa/Clearwater area of Florida. It is a new 05 with 2-tone EX (blue/gold), the normal sunroof, ABS, foglights, and such. The only addon that I remember was the rear splash guards. Anyway we paid 22,800 out the door so the actual price of the vehicle was around 20,700. The window sticker was 25,053.
  • well i just purchased (finally but still not happy with price after reading every ones messages). Purchased 05 Sorento EX Black and Gold. Sticker price was about 26,8 something. Added running boards (at cost to put on ourselves to save $100 bucks), and tow hitch, and cargo mat. Plus they have to go get in in columbus which is 2 hrs from where I live (supposedly at no cost which to me is part of selling a car). Out the door including tax was 25,6 something and I got 3.9% interest. Oh yeah and three oil changes thrown in (oh boyyy). I was trying to get them at least 25K OTD but they stated they would be losing money (which I know they wouldnt) since there is not much mark up in sorrento pricing. Plus taking money out for salesman and sending 2 people up to purchase vehicle. Oh well stress and games are over. My disappointment with soon go away. I hope. I will get the car monday so hopefully it drives well and is the vehicle I hope it should be. Take care everyone and good luck. (I needed you guys in the dealership with me LOL ) :)
  • Just bought one! And so far I love it!

    EX4x4 auto, with the lux package,

    4 wheel anti-lock brakes, rear spoiler for 26.2 K,

    Is this a good price?

    Unfortunately, did not see this forum before...
  • jxdjxd Posts: 10
    Bought a 2005 in November..also loaded EX lux pkg, sticker 29,290, paid 26,890... I could have a better deal at another dealer..but wanted specific colors and the lux pkg.
  • Thanks for your info. I saw some other msgs from guys that did even better, around 25 K few months earlier (mid 2004) for 2004 model. Well, also some scary reports, so now I will just stop looking for them. I do enjoy this car so far a lot, and hope it will last (so far emptied the first tank, 12.5 M/gallon - well, it is a big car). I hope it will last, since I like it a lot, and my main motivation buying it, was the great value - bad record would just screw the fun.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Congratulation! It looks like people are paying what I paid ($26,100) two years ago for my 2003 EX 4WD, luxury package, ABS, self-levelizer, cargo tray and mud guards. I got no cash back or factory incentive at that time.
  • A business partner of mine has access to about 20 2004 EX 4X4's with cloth interiors, moon roof, and I think ABS. All these have between 2 and 10K miles with most around 5K miles. $19.500 for any one of these sounds like a good deal to me for virtually a brand new rig. Really wanted leather but cloth at this price might be worth a look. Sound like a good deal to anyone else??
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
      ..... Nobody is lining up for these dudes ..


               Low mileage EX 4x4 Sorento's are going thru the auctions faster than Ted Kennedy is losing his memory ..... $19,500.? no earthshaker there .. with leather, slider and with the abs, they're only doing the low $17's at the auctions on a reeeeal good day ... $18,5/$18,9 would just about kill em' on the Retail side .....


  • hambyhamby Posts: 17
    I dont know what's up with these great internet prices you can get from edmunds, kelly blue book or cars direct. I researched my vehicle on these sites and they gave me the same TMV price at about 24,600. Dudes, I got mine for 22,300. My point is that one should not reley upon these TMV or blue book prices at the best deal you can get. If I had used one of their buyers I would have had to fork over and extra $2000 bucks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
    TMV isn't intended to represent the best price. It's the average price paid for the same vehicle in your area. If you did better, that's great - congratulations!



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  • very bad experience at cherry hill triplex, cherry hill , nj don't event consider going there!! unless you like PAIN!!

    very good experiance at burlington kia, burlington, nj
    can not say enough good things about these people and i have purchased alot of new vehicles.
    these people took the PAIN out of purchasing a new kia. and the price was GREAT
  • My husband bought me a brand-new 2005 Kia Sorento for Christmas. The price was $22,115 and it had 4 miles on it. I had a Optima before this and loved it but he had an accident in it so I thought I may as well upgrade since I am getting a new car. I love it and can't stay out of it!!!
    The price for these has really dropped here in the time since he bought mine - as I said with mine under $25,00 and it very nice. You see more and more people driving them now.
  • timatima Posts: 3
    I test drove a Sorento 2/26/05. Nice ride. I donot know much about KIA. I am trying to compare it against a Toyota Highlander?
    Is there any give and take on new car purchases and how do you know low they will go?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • timatima Posts: 3
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    it is tough to give advise to other people, it is very subjective.
    there is always give and take on prices and varies form dealer to dealer and time of month and dealer stock.
    and always consider factory rebates.
    then there is the question of your requirements.
    ours were, 3500lb towing capisity, tailgate window opening separately from tailgate door, part time 4 wheel drive, NO full time 4 wheel drive, NO anti lock brakes, minimum of 8 inches of ground clearance and a few others.
    be aware that there are different types of ALL wheel drive systems, some much better than others. then of course there are 2 wd versions also
    what are your requirements?
    we purchased a 05 sorento EX
    a Highlander did not meet our requirements and would have cost around 28-29K
    the sorento was 5K under that.
    and with the 6/60 10/100 warrantee for us was an easy choise
    along with the Highlander and the sorento we researhed many others as well
  • ra_moenra_moen Posts: 2
    We just bought our new 05 LX 4x4 with ABS, floor mats, cargo tray, and first aid kit for $19,680 cash plus trade-in (95 Miata with 205K miles). The first dealership we went to (Ron Tonkin in Gresham, OR) pretty much laughed us out the door when we offered $18,500 and the trade-in; they wouldn't even come close to that number and said it couldn't be done. The closest they came for a vehicle with the same options was $23K, and would only give us $500 for our car. We just went down the road to the next Kia dealership (Weston Kia) and offered them the same deal, and they worked with us. We're happy with the deal we got, and we will do business with Weston dealerships in Oregon again. They were great!

    The only advice I can offer is don't back down! Name the price you want to pay, and if the dealership can't do it, go on to the next one. Someone will work with you; don't let them intimidate you...and have fun car shopping!!
  • sheriff2sheriff2 Posts: 1
    Hi there, would you mind telling me how much you paid for the Sorento EX 2005 FWD (only with leather optional)? I'm about to buy one and your experience might help me know how far down the dealer might go with the price.

    Many thanks!
  • tom36tom36 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2004 EX with LUX package and AWD, side bars, spoiler and tow bar. $23250.00 plus tax & license. Southern California. Too early to tell a lot, but love the car, ride is a little abrupt, but it's an SUV with real off road ability so it should be stiff.
  • speedykiaspeedykia Posts: 20
    List price was $22939 for a Sorento LX cloth seats no ABS with tow package. traded in a nice 89 Nissan Maxima was given $4100 for it bringing my deal to $18839 out the door.
  • hogie1hogie1 Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a 2005 LX, the dealer is offering 22,300 OTD. This doesn't include AB. I am purchasing in the metro atlanta area. Is this a good deal? Possibly wondering if I could get EX model for that price?
  • ra_moenra_moen Posts: 2
    Are you financing? Do you have a trade-in? We just bought an LX with ABS for 19,680, but we paid cash. I would recommend that if you are going to finance anything on the vehicle, do it before you go. That way you will have the same leverage with the dealer you would have if you were paying cash. It's all the same to them. Still, that price doesn't sound outrageous. If you are going to pay that price, I would suggest asking them to throw in some extras (maybe an extended warranty), or see if you can't get an EX like you said. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!!
  • Hello,
    I am looking at buying a 2005 Automatic LX 4x4 w/ Sports package. The Kia website price is $25,170 before any rebates or dealing. It looks like about $1,000 markup over invoice. I would really like to get this for around $22,200 plus tax (I guess)has anyone recently purchased a 2005 LX Automatic recently, I see a lot of prices on this forum for between 19,700 and 22,300 OTD but I don't know if these are automatic or not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  • riobravoriobravo Posts: 1
    On 4/8/05, I purchased a 2005 Sorento EX 2WD w/ leather seats, ABS, cargo tray and 1st aid kit. The list price was $26,460, and I paid $23,000, including the rebate. My local dealer is a Dodge store that only keeps a handful of Kia products in stock, so you may be able to do better at a higher volume dealership. I had a relatively pleasant experience with the saleswoman I dealt with, but then I went there prepared to buy only if they met my price. Don't go car shopping without a clear idea of what you want and how much you're willing to pay. (I learned that the hard way.) I researched this vehicle class fairly thoroughly, and I just kept coming back to the Sorento. I also test drove the Mazda Tribute, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4, and the Kia Sportage. Now I can only hope the research results in a pleasant ownership experience. I did like the Sportage, but it's not as comfortable as the Sorento, although it has some great standard features, especially the stability control system. I love the looks, the ride, the seats, the cargo capacity, the power, well, just about everything my Sorento. Hope this helps.
  • Hello,
    Thanks for the reply. So I guess that you negotiated about $1400 off of sticker after the rebates then. That isn't too bad, I was only shooting for about $1000 or so though. (But that is on an LX ), so I don't think $1000 or so after rebates is too bad. I never overpay for cars, the only reason I am having any debate at all is I usually buy my cars from one salesman at one dealership, but they don't have Kia and the Sorento is the only vehicle I like right now. I don't know where you live, but Pittsburgh is a bad place to buy cars. Especially lower cost 4WD, everyone here needs 4WD for the snow, but since there is prolific unemployment here, no one has any money to spend, so Kia is doing great sales numbers here Thanks again.
  • tjdnaltjdnal Posts: 1
    We just bought a fully loaded 04' EX, sticker $31K, Invoice $27K. Weston Kia was very willing to negotiate. After the $3000 factory rebate now being offered on '04 we paid $23.5K and their financing department gave us 4.4% interest with $0 down. We could not find another dealership willing to go below invoice, even on '04 models. So far we love the car, I don't think we could have found better value for the price.

    I would strongly recommend the Weston dealerships in the Portland, OR area based on our experience.
  • fergyfergy Posts: 9
    I've done this on the last two new vehicles we've purchased and it takes a few weeks but the results have been nearly unbelievable. We start by going to the local dealership (in Austin--60 miles away) to do some test driving. My wife was wanting a small SUV, something with enough room to haul our grandbaby with baby seat, and our dog around, with all the stuff that goes with hauling around a 2 year old baby! Her back was getting strained getting the child in and out of her grand am so she wanted something higher off the ground. We drove jeep libertys, hyundai santa fe's, and kia sorento's. We ended up between the kia and hyundai because of the outstanding warranty and prices. She finally (with some effort on my part--I just think the Kia looks so much better, and the suspension is no comparison) chose the sorento because of it's size and feel on the road. She chose a 5 sp and liked the sport package with the roof rack, nice rims, spoiler and side bars, and blacked out headlights, leather steering wheel and shifter, and the metal highlights in the interior. The two dealerships in Austin of course tried to sell us one, but we were just figuring out what we wanted and had a plan. (one of the dealerships had an advertisement on tv that said they would beat any price on a new kia in the state of Texas, so you'll see how that played out)
    I got on the computer at home and searched for every kia dealership I could find in Texas, and sent an email to every one of them. We've used Capitol One auto finance on several vehicles, and had gone online and gotten a loan ahead of time. They send you a blank check for the max amount you applied for (in this case $25,000) and you fill in the final amount, as long as it is for the maximum amount or less, and give it to the dealership when finalizing the purchase. My email to the dealerships said something to the effect of "We are looking for a Kia Sorento, sport package, silver, green or gold, 5 speed, and will drive to any dealership in the state of Texas to buy this car. We have cash in hand and are ready to make a deal. Please let us know if you have this vehicle and what the drive out price after tax title and license is. Thank you."
    Then we waited. In a few days replies started to come in, from Dallas, Houston, Granbury, San Antonio, etc. Once I got a price, I would forward it to everyone else and the bidding began. I believe the list on this vehicle was $21,400 or there abouts, plus TTL. As I would get a better bid, I'd forward it to everyone, including the Austin dealership that said they would beat any price, and they would always respond that they would beat it. In about a weeks time, the price was as low as anyone said they could go and even had several dealerships say they couldn't possibly sell us one at that price or they'd be losing money! We took the last quote printed off of email and bought the kia at the Austin dealership for $16,500 drive out! Zero hassle! You could tell they were eating their words as the pale expressions were everywhere, but they stood behind their word. So I filled out my Capitol One check for $16,500 and handed it to them and they gave us the keys. She got the SUV she wanted and we didn't have to drive back and fourth and play games with salespeople and feel uncomfortable--which I hate! Luckily, we didn't have to drive too far to finalize the deal this time, although last time we bought the new vehicle in Dallas.
    I highly recommend dealing this way, if at all possible!

    Side note: We just got back from a 1500 mile road trip to the Ozarks in Missouri and I have to say, I was very impressed with the performance of the Sorento. I was amazed that in 5th gear, with cruise set at 65 or 70, going up those long mountain climbs, the Sorento stayed right at 65 or 70, which ever I had it set at, never lugged, and I could tell that other vehicles were struggling up those hills, as we would pass them up the hills and they would pass us going down the other side. (how this thing maintains it's speed going down such a long hill without speeding up to 80 is beyond me!) Plus, 20 mpg average on this trip was quite pleasant for a vehicle of this size with that kind of power. It made for a super comfortable trip! Plus, there's lots of power left when you need to pass someone on one of the 2 lane highways! We couldn't be happier!
  • michaels2michaels2 Posts: 17
    Can you give us detail as to what tax, title & Lic, etc cost? What was the actual "selling" price befor ad ons, if $16,500 was the "out-the-door" price?
  • fergyfergy Posts: 9
    I'll have to look at the paperwork I have filed at home and get back to you. I don't think I even knew when we bought it. I just made sure we were writing the check for 16.5k and was ready to leave! I'll let you know.
  • fergyfergy Posts: 9
    Good Lord! I forgot all weekend. I even went home for lunch and forgot again. I'll get it out tonight and report back tomorrow! Sorry!
  • fergyfergy Posts: 9
    OK, here's how it breaks out: $15,330.09 was the price of the 05 Sorento. $958.13 Tax, $60.80 License, $50.00 documentation fee, $46.23 Inventory tax.
    I believe it is a base model with the sport package, V6 standard 5sp. The sport package included all the add on's we wanted (nice cd cassette radio with bunch of speakers, metal trim interior, padded steering wheel and shift knob, alloy wheels, side step bars, roof rack, fog lights, and blacked out headlights)
  • jbalchjbalch Posts: 3
    Bought a 05 EX this weekend, drive out price was $23,900. EX with cloth interior, towing, remote start, anti-lock brakes, first aid kit and cargo tray. It took about 4 hours to get everything done, pretty good experience overall.
  • mindy1mindy1 Posts: 1
    I was at the dealer today and was offered a LX 2WD w/ traction control including rebate for 23500 ish, now heres the thing I am trading in a '04 grand prix GT1 (26000 miles) which I owe 15500 and they offer to give me 13000 for it (only worth 11-12ish). Should I shop around or does this sound like a fair deal? :confuse: by the way I live in colorado.
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    I was at the dealer today and was offered a LX 2WD w/ traction control including rebate for 23500 ish, now heres the thing I am trading in a '04 grand prix GT1 (26000 miles) which I owe 15500 and they offer to give me 13000 for it (only worth 11-12ish). Should I shop around or does this sound like a fair deal? by the way I live in colorado.

    sounds around 2000.00 too high too me or as much as 2500.00 too high
    just my opinion keep saying no, no ,no
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    According to Edmunds, it is $22270 (MSRP) for 2005 LX 2WD (auto) with dest. charge. Or $20155 after $1400 rebate for Edmunds' TMV. I don't think traction control is an option on Sorento. For LX 2WD manual transmission, it is like $18251 TMV. Are you looking at same car that I am? I would say you can get a EX 4WD in around $23K after rebate and dealer discount. Shop around.
  • fermionicfermionic Posts: 2
    Hello everyone:
    I have been lurking on this forum for a quite a while, and have finally decided to buy an 05 Sorento. I am using fergy's method (message #96) for price shopping: email all the dealers and pit their quote against one another. In any case, I see that some of you have the invoice price listed and I am wondering where you have obtained such information (it is not listed at I did search for the info on this forum, but I am afraid I did not find it. Thanks in advance!
  • chreestochreesto Posts: 4
    My wife was offered a 2004 Sorento EX 4x4 for 20500. It was a program car so the Warranty is reduced to 5/60000 for everything including powertrain. It has 8500 miles on it and is perfect other than that.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Do you mind to telling us the price you paid? What is the dealer's quote for '04 or '05 new? I mean, factory powertrain warranty is 10 years/100,000 miles. And this car is just over 8.5K miles. Can they just give you the remaining factory warranty?
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