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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chreestochreesto Posts: 4
    Well we are still debating which Sorento to buy. I have a dealer who is quoting me 23,023 plus TTL on a 2005 EX 4x4 and I am thinking that the extra warranty and fewer miles are probably worth the 2500 over the 2004 model. I am a servicemember in Iraq trying to guide my wife through the buying process back in the states, I will be out of the loop on a mission in a little bit so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    $23K seems like an average price that people are paying for an '05 EX 4WD, non-luxury package. There is a special offer for '04 model with $3000 cash back. According to Kia website, in my area (MA), there is an 0.9% rate or $2000 cash back for '05 EX model, $1400 for LX. So you can get more savings after dealer's discount. You are probably paying a bit more than the used Sorento with full factory warranty coverage, but without having 8500 miles on the clock. And even you are paying $2500 extra for an '05 new, you won't notice it much during the course of 3, 4 or 5 years if you are going to finance it. Good luck!
  • webmillerwebmiller Posts: 1
    Bought an 05 EX on May 28th, 2005 with the following options: Leather, ABS, cargo tray, and rear spoiler. MSRP was $26,440 and I paid $21,440 for it. Deal was real easy as the dealership had a special of $5K off MSRP on any Sorento with no catches; no dealer add-ons or the like. Deal was about $750 less than the best deal I could find anywhere else in the DFW area.

    Dealership was Van Grifith Kia in Granbury, TX. They were GREAT to say the least. I actually made the deal over the phone and then simply showed up with my blank CapitalOne check and filled it out. They had all the paperwork ready so I was in and out in about 30 minutes.

    BTW, be wary of putting any trust in Edmunds True Market Value. The TMV for my Sorento as equipped is $23,967 including all rebates. As you can see I got my Sorento for over $2,500 LESS than the TMV.
  • kellylkellyl Posts: 1
    thanks for the great idea.... I have started the e-mailing processes today in New York and I am looking forward to the benefits... Thanks for posting I am so excited for my new sorrento... :blush:
  • bek1bek1 Posts: 1
    That's a good deal. I paid $23,500 for my loaded EX (includes $500 BS fees).

    I'm looking for a Solara convertible now, but the dealers want too much.
  • gdub2gdub2 Posts: 10
    Can anyone tell me what they paid in the DC area for a 2005 Sorento practically fully loaded? I am going to do the email thing and see what happens. I got one quote from a dealer before reading this message board that says:

    "The list price of this Sorento is $24,440. I CAN OFFER IT TO YOU NOW FOR $19,999 plus ttd.. I hope this is what you are looking for." and "DIFFERENT COLORS ARE AVAILABLE, LIST PRIC EIS $24,440, EX 4WD WITH SUNROOF, POWER SEATS, SIDE AIRS Bags, CD PLAYER, POWER EVERYTHING, KEYLESS ENTRY, ALLOY RIMS AND 100K MILE WARRANTY."

    I may take this $20,000 quote if I don't get anything better.
  • gdub2gdub2 Posts: 10
    A dealer (Tyson's Corner, VA) is offering me a fully loaded demo with auto start, cargo net, tow hitch, side bars (everything) - 2005 EX 4wd Sorento that has 4,300 miles on it. He says the MSRP is $30,845 and offering it to me at $24,900. Do you think I can get a better deal out of him. I am paying cash (well with a check).
  • gdub2gdub2 Posts: 10
    Was that the out the door price or did they add on taxes, tags, processing, freight charges? If so, what was the total?

    Look at the internet quote I got! .. ugh

    MSRP 29,310.00
    Discount/Incentives 4,503.00
    Sales Price 24,807.00
    DC 7%/procesing fee/tags 2,106.95
    Frieght 670.00
    Total out the Door 27,583.95

    I will sell you the Sorento EX 4x4, with the
    Luxury Package, Sunroof, Keyless Entry, Step Bars, Fog Lights,
    Leather , Spoiler, Side Air Bags, C/D player and Cassette, and the
    10year 100k warranty. The MSRP is 29,310 and the price for you is,
    out the door including freight and 7% DC tax for 27,583.95.

    I’m only willing to pay $22,500 at the most .. he must be crazy or maybe I am! But hey it's my money and I want to get what I want if I'm paying cash! :mad:
  • gdub2gdub2 Posts: 10
    RE my $24,900 quote on a '05 EX 4X4 fully loaded:

    Well I checked the blue book retail price and that was $23,370 so if he added discounts to it I should not be paying more than $20,000. I guess I have to negotiate when I get there .. ugh.

    I also saw a used one that was almost fully loaded with 500 more miles (4,816) than this one with a list price of $22,995 in Baltimore, MD - so I know the price they are quoting me is to high.

    Guess I had to do my own research! :D
  • agpagp Posts: 7
    Am shopping for 2005 EX with ABS, leather pkg and cargo tray. I was faxed by the Bloomington dealer their Sorento pricing sheet showing invoice and msrp. They are willing to do invoice on all items as well as base. From that they deduct $2000 factory rebate and an additional $1,000 competive bonus because I currently own a Jeep. Seems simple to me.

    Offer is as follows:

    Base on EX 4x2 = $22335 (MSRP = $24,100)
    ABS = $531 (MSRP = $595)
    Cargo Tray= $57 (MSRP = $75)
    Leather Pkg = $804 (MSRP = $900)

    Total = $23,727 (MSRP = $25,670)
    T, T & L 1,842 (Tax @ 6.5%) ($1,968)
    Minus: 3,500 (3,500)

    Net cost: $22,069 (Invoice) vs ($24,138)

    Seems fair and simple. Would be curious if anyone is getting deals under invoice. Seems like a great car for the money.

    My main conern is how many problems are showing up for this car and that they are major in nature in many cases. Any feedback would be appriciated. Thanks.
  • agpagp Posts: 7
    Just saw I deducted $500 in rebates more than I should. Please make note. Thanks. Also, just to be clear, it is the 2005 EX 4x2 (with noted options) that I am considering.
  • :) I bought an 05 EX, with spoiler and cargo tray, 2wd, first aid kit (not luxury pack.)
    offer was $200.00 over invoice $23,575. ($26,585. sticker price)

    traded 1997 ford explorer with 120,000 mi.
    dealer gave $4000. (about $1000. over edmunds price)

    got the $2000.00 rebate.

    out the door for $17,575. plus a $64.00 processing fee.

    hope that helps
  • Guess I should have told you how things went-oops

    e-mailed the dealer looking for a specific color indigo blue, they contacted me the next day, by phone. Had 2 more phone calls over the next 2 days. Bought the car on the phone, dealer delivered the car, mind you I live 80 miles from the dealer. Had 2 minor problems that required a trip to the dealer. In and out of the service dept in 30 min. Without an appointment. :shades:
  • barndoorbarndoor Posts: 1
    Hi was wondering if your figure included dealer prep fee.
    Here in Fl. it is 699
    Also this dealer has clear coat protection at an extra 999
    Your deal looks pretty good to me even if you have to pay extra for dealer prep.Joe
  • az_itaz_it Posts: 2
    I went to or e-mail most dealers in the Phoenix area before I purchase my Sorento.

    What I purchase was model 72422

    2005 Sorento LX 4X4
    Auto Trans
    Antilock Brakes
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Cargo Tray
    First Aid Kit
    Tinted windows

    MSRP was $25135 price from Kia dealer in Avondale after rebate $19250 plus tax and licen and doc fees.

    I was very happy with the Avondale KIA dealer

    For my loan I used e-loan, before going to the dealer, It was fast and easy.
  • morgartmorgart Posts: 3
    Was this Sorento a 4x2 or a 4x4
  • morgartmorgart Posts: 3
    Was this Sorento a 4x2 or a 4x4?
  • flipper24flipper24 Posts: 2
    I closed a deal over the phone today for pickup MON July 25th. I have three local Kia Dealerships in my area. I worked with one until I felt I had them as low as they "say" they would go ($24,000). I then called the next dealer and they beat them by $1000. I planned on around 22,500, so I am a bit higher but I the third dealer said he could not beat $23,000.

    Here are the specs:
    Brand new, Silver, '05 EX, Luxury Pkg., ABS, Cargo Tray, First Aid Kit, Mudflaps, and they have to tint the front windows to match the back.
    Price = $23,000 CASH does NOT include TTL.
    I may try to get them to add the spoiler just before I sign the papers, just as an added kicker. p.s. This is in Nebraska. Is this a good deal???
  • agpagp Posts: 7
    Joe - There was no dealer prep fee on the Sorento but there was a problem. I decided to lease the vehicle and found that the residual value (48 month lease) used to compute the monthly payment was an abysmal 36%. I had also been looking at a Jeep Grand Cherokee and the residual for a similar term was 47% which brought the payment on the Jeep down significantly. My choice became simple. While I liked the Kia and all that you got for your money, it did not make economic sense. Car for car, I have to say the Jeep feels more secure and solid and clearly the auto community believes it will retain its value more than a Kia Sorento will. I ended up leasing the Jeep Grand Cherokee and am very happy with it.
  • flipper24flipper24 Posts: 2
    I forgot to add to post #125 that it is a 4X4.
  • benhurbenhur Posts: 1
    I just purchased a few days ago from Avondale Kia in the Phoenix area after emailing and calling few dealers.

    Radiant Red/Grey 2005 Sorento EX 4X2

    Luxury Package
    Auto Trans
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Cargo Tray
    Rear Spoiler
    Tinted windows
    Tow hitch
    Side Step
    Security System

    With the $2000 rebate and dealer savings I was quoted 21,000 (msrp 27,925) not including TTL and so I went with it. The buying experience was good it was the financing part that they tried to make some more on. They added their detailing service and only presented 4 financing options. I told them I wanted the fifth that didn't include their insurance, service, etc. Overall a good buying experience.
  • I am looking to buy a 2005 Kia Sorento EX, with 4wheel drive, and ABS, with Luxury package, side bars, and tow hitch.
    MSRP after options & dest. charge is $30,045.
    Invoice (after options) I believe is $$27,793.

    I know there is a cashback of 2500 on the 4wd OR 2.9% (APR)for 60 months. (although I read somewhere this may be 1.9% now... not sure...

    what can I realistically expext to pay? (excluding cash back & special aprs) THANKS!!!
  • I wanted to follow up on my last post.
    I have found a 2005 4wd Kia Sorento EX.
    has ABS, Luxury package, load leveling, rear spoiler, first aid kit... the price I have been offered (after $2500 man. rebate and $170 doc fee) is $25,900. does this sound like good deal? also I live in AR and I am buying in OK... how does sales tax work in that case? which state would I pay in?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I think the price is good. I paid $26000 (out the door price) for my full loaded 2003 Sorento (same equipments like yours) three years ago. I didn't want self-levelizer but dealer had only one fully loaded in the lot. The price was just dealer discount, no rebate and incentive back then.

    You pay the AR sales tax once you register it in your state where you live now. The DMV will figure out the market value to determine the sales tax you need to pay. So is this cheaper if you buy in OK than AR after tax?
  • I just closed a deal (in CT) on a Black 2005 EX, Luxury Pkg, ABS, Cargo Tray, First aid kit, Spoiler, Tow Hitch (I had them add in, TTL--> out the door at $23,550.

    They tried to nail me on financing thru their bank. I walked out, they called me back; told me they'd sell it at that price if I got my own financing which I did. After reading a ton on the internet these past few days, the lesson learned is NEVER finance thru the dealer. They're moaning that they're losing money on the deal, but I believe Kia is giving the dealers large incentives to get rid of 2005 stock.
  • cwpostcwpost Posts: 11
    I just paid $21,386 for a 05 green and beige Sorento EX 4x4 auto, with ABS, sunroof, cd and cassette, and cruise control. There are a number of these at Kia Dealers in New York. I traded in an 02 Sportage. I have to say the ride is so much smoother than I expected. Acceleration is great as are the brakes.
  • Today was the first time I went to look at this vehicle. I'm in S.CAL. I really respect all of your posts as this is also my first time at this site. I'm glad I found it. :) The numbers are I got are up around $28K+ T T L. Of course I want all the features 4X4,luxury package,towing. My question is, should I wait longer into the year to see the $22/24000 figures? I also have a 2003 volvo S60T. Should I sell that on my own or trade it in. I owe about $7500 on it. I appreciate any input as I'm not savvy on buying new autos. Only did it once before. Thanks a bunch and happy motoring!
  • I worked out a deal yesterday for a TOP-o-the line EX Sorento with 4K miles on it.(dealer car) Sticker was 30,493, and we got down to $23.8 with rebates et al. But i still didn't buy it...I think you can get a fully pimped out EX for under 23K....just my opinion.
  • jimc7jimc7 Posts: 1
    So you all have more info.

    In Nov. 2004 I bought a new Sorento EX, 4WD, luxury pkg., Load Leveling, step bars, spoiler, tow pkg., ABS, tray for $24,087.

  • nvestg8rnvestg8r Posts: 20
    Summer is the best time to by foregin as new models start as well as rebates are offered. Yes, sell your own. I have used and had excellent results on two vehicles.

    Good luck....right coast, nc :)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I got a Sorrento LX from Enterprise this evening and it's a real blast to drive. It's a bit to big and tall for me with my bad back and all, but I now know that a small sport ute might just be the ticket for me. I'll still enjoy the ride for the 3 or 4 days that I'll have it though. Doesn't Kia make a smaller sport ute now?

    The Sandman
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The Kia Sportage.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Turned the Sorrento in earlier this evening to Enterprise. Totally unimpressed with the car. With only 7230 on the odo, the car shuddered from a stop when I started to accelerate. Very disconcerting. It sure moved once it got going and the brakes worked o k, don't know if it had ABS. The plastics were not up to Japanese standards and it wouldn't fit in the garage. The mileage was worse than I expected also. I did love the high seating position though...a nice commanding view of the road ahead.
    I wonder if the Sportage would be a better fit for me when the time comes. Still unsure about the long term reliability & quality of the interior parts though. Think I'd rather pony up a little more for the Rav4 or the CRV and get the Toyota/Honda quality. I know one pays a premium for them, but they do set the benchmark in the small ute class...hands down!
    Just my $.02 here after having driven the Sorrento about 100 miles.

    The Sandman :(
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I bought a 2002 CRV when they came out.When the warranty
    was up the steering wheel and drivers seat were trashed.
    I traded it for a Highlander hopeing for longterm durability. So far so good.As to Sorentos I now have an 03
    Sorento EX 4wd which had 38000 on it and it was and is like brand new.It is much higher quality than any American
    car I have owned.It absorbs bumps better than the Toyota
    and it's quick/light steering make it a breeze to park.
    I have two very good SUVs now but gas prices make me wish
    I had an economy car.I like sitting up high and all the bells and whistles that comes with the Luxury Package but
    poor gas mileage is the price you pay.The Toyota with 3.3
    ltr averages 20 and the Sorento with 3.5 ltr averages 15.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    My 2003 Sorento EX (4WD with Luxury Package) has 44500 miles now. I bought a Camry the same year, wife's car. Can't compare two cars, but Kia has more goodies for less. Such as auto dimming rearview, heated mirrors, Home Link, sunroof (EX), full spare, foglights (EX or Sport), auto headlights (part if luxury package), etc. It's so far so good. There were some repairs but they were covered under warranty. I am consider the '07 model.
  • jmorgartjmorgart Posts: 4
    What do you think now? With cash back of $4,500.00 until May 31,06 on all 2005's could you get the EX 4X4 with ABS etc. for under $19,000 not including trade. With gas milage not great, one guy said they were selling at auction for $17,000 on a good day.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I think the number is $5000 cash back for any 2005 models and $500 for current Kia owner plus dealer's discount.
  • tonnestonnes Posts: 2
    The '06 Sorento can be had pretty cheap right now, especially if you don't get one without options. Here's a dealer advertising one for under $15K:

    I'm curious about the '07 however. New engine, interior/exterior styling changes, more safety, etc. However, I see it won't be available with a manual transmission - bummer. My guess is that we won't find prices near as good for the '07's.
  • Like to know what a 2006 Sorento EX Loaded is selling for at this time. Since gas at $3.00 per gal, and the Sorento POOR gas milage. What 17 to 21. I would consider buying at around $18,000. What does everyone else think?? Also, the 2007 when are they out? I heard they get better milage, and have a more powerful engine. Has anyone hear this??
  • I was thumbing through this sight and stumbled upon these entries. I have a 1999 plymouth voyager 142k on it that I'm trading in next year. I am interested in the kia sorrento, can you share your experience with your car? Is it giving you good bang for your buck? I'm so disgusted with chrysler and their poorly made cars. I'm looking to switch to the SUV and I'm pretty excited about this model.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 164,513
    Hi, stashshel..

    We have some other Kia Sorento discussions that encompass much more than just Prices Paid..

    You can find a list of them here: Kia Sorento

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I got our 05 Sorento last Oct for about 20k fully loaded with all the bells and whistles at that time. Then I got about 3K knocked off for all the dealer incentives so I paid 17k plus trade-in so My Kia cost me out the door about 9K :D But man getting there was a nightmare, they tried to pull the "bait and switch" technique on me and a few other fast moves to give us less extras but pay the same price.....I won't even go into how little they wanted to give me for my trade-in.
    Bottom-line is that I paid attention to all the little fancy foot work the car sales man did and the Finance guy tried to do. The finance guy at one point yelled at my wife and I calling us idiots for calling his bluff. :mad: Well push came to shove and the stores general manger was there and he had to smooth things over with 2 very pissed customers and realized that the money making tactics would not work in this situation, so he offered us every deal, incentive, full trade-in value on my car and made sure we had a fully loaded car the color we wanted to ensure he kept us as a customer. I never had such a bad experience with a car dealership before, it really made my doubt the quality of a KIA vehicle.
    So the day we take delivery of our brand new 05 Kia Sorento that is supposed to be “Fully Loaded”…….it was missing all kinds of things, such as the rear spoiler, floor mats, step bar, mud flaps, cargo net, and a few more things. I am not sure if they really did not know that all these things were missing or maybe we would not notice until it was too late, but regardless I noticed right away and the car salesman (same guy who sold us the car) tried to tell me that the Sorento we agreed to purchase for the money we paid was the one right in front of us and it does not included all those extras. I then pulled all my paperwork and looked and saw that everything I mentioned above was typed into the contract and once again the dealership tried to pull a fast one on us. At this point I just wanted my old car back and told the general manager that I was going to make a formal complaint against his employees to the state and City for dealership fraud. At that point he was begging to make this all right, I just wanted what we agreed upon and wanted it all done right away. He tried to get me to agree that I would not make a formal complaint against his dealership, I refused but they did rectify everything in the end and it only took 1 extra day and a big headache. Oh yeah they never removed the plastic that covers all the floors in the SUV, to this day I still have some plastic covering the floorboard..
    I will never go to the KIA of Glendale, CA. Dealership again and would recommend that everyone to go elsewhere. :mad:
    I would recommend a Kia to people the Sorento has been great, every time I have driven it it has been a fun SUV, it is mainly my wife’s car and she loves it, as long as she is happy with the SUV then so am I. ;)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Has anyone bought a Sorento recently?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bobstlbobstl Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2006 kia sorento in January of 2007. I have had some problems already, that the dealship caused. They had to repair some scratches on the roof of the car that they did, they burned up the rear defrost by placing the temporary tag over the led for the rear defrost, they changed my oil and did not replace all the bolts in the engine protection cover, and I have been complaining to them about poor gas mileage. I have been getting 12-14 mpg since Feburary, they kept telling me that it is common. I took it in last week and to date of April 16th, 2007, I have 5100 miles on it. They just found that the number 4 cylinder head is misfiring and had to replace the spark plugs with Platnium GCK plugs??. So far no improvement. I think I will be calling KIA Customer service about this one. The vehicle drives great, however I have been at the dealership over stupid stuff since the 2nd week of ownership. I do not belive if this keeps up I will ever buy another foreign car. Gas mileage is horrible. Consider a honda crv if you need an suv.
  • I just bought a 2006 Sorento EX demo for $20,800 w/o TTL. It had 5430 miles on it,it was never titled so it is basically new. It is an EX with the luxury package, anti-lock brakes, rear spoiler, cargo tray, remote start and side step bars. MSRP was $31355.

    Is this a good deal? I believe that the rebate is $4500 now although I don't see that posted anywhere. The rebate was not part of the deal; I'm assuming that the dealer took it direct.
  • gerald_bosgerald_bos Posts: 2
    Not sure if you are looking at a new or used Sorento, But I just bought an '06 EX 4WD for $13100 (at 2020 in Phoenix AZ.). When you negotiate, start low, slightly lower than you think they will go. Don't be afraid to make them laugh at your offer. It is just a starting point. Don't be afraid to put up a fight and never accept if you are not 100% happy with what you agree on. If you can reach an agreement then walk. If they stop you than they can still do something, if they let you walk than they were telling the truth, they had nothing left to give.
  • gerald_bosgerald_bos Posts: 2
    I know they have the diesel over seas, and I have heard some speculations on why it is not here in the US like to few horses under the hood, price... But look at VW, they have sold 800,000 diesel powered vehicles in the US. Anyone have any thoughts or have you heard of anything about Hyundai/Kia bringing over there diesel?
  • ahoehnahoehn Posts: 1
    6/07 purchased a mono silver EX with luxury and spoiler for $24,665 minus $2500 rebate......$22,165 for a loaded SUV is sweet.
  • britt22britt22 Posts: 17
    ahoehn -
    We are seriously considering purchasing an '07 Sorento EX or '07 Sportage EX and thus, I am VERY interested in your purchase price. Could you please tell me if your new Sorento is 4x4? Do you know how much below invoice Kia quoted you? Also, was the $2,500.00 rebate a "graduate" or military rebate in addition to base manufacturer rebate?

    Any info. on final Kia Sporento purchase price from you or others would be GREATLY appreciated right now ASAP. Thanks!!
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