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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    I think all of the rebates can be combined. I got the $1,000 cash back and $500 competitive bonus. I didn't qualify for the Military Bonus or the New Graduate bonus. There is also a $500 Kia finance bonus, but you cannot combine it with the Special Financing Rates. You either take the cash or get the rate. For me, I opted for the 3.9% financing for 72 months which will save me more than $500 over the life of the loan.

    Advertising is deceptive. I saw a 2012 Sorento advertised for $18,997 recently, but that didn't include $800 freight, a dealer added $495 appearance package, and a dealer added $795 Paint and Fabric protection package that they added to the advertised stock vehicle. It also included every single rebate totaling $3K. In the end, if you back everything out, it came to just over $24K, which was almost the exact MSRP on the window sticker.
  • csuf1csuf1 Posts: 8
    I paid that for my 2011 in June of 2010 and mine has backup camera, heated front seats, white pearl metallic paint, roof rack, fog lamps, mats, cargo tray and cargo net, etc. I love it. 15,000+ miles and no problems. I talked my sister into buying the same one, but hers came w/3rd row seat. She paid more.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
  • surbassurbas Posts: 2
    I was offered $25,585 (not including the $1500 rebate) for a 2012 Sorento FWD 4 Cylinder automatic with an MSRP of $27,340. Seems like a decent price but I want a 36 month lease and the money factor they gave me was 0.00144. Is that a good money factor is it flexible? Also, can I waive or negotiate out the acquisition fee of $595?
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    The money factor and acquisition fee are not negotiable. That's set by Kia Motor Finance when you lease through them. Your only other option would be to lease through a 3rd party and see what their rates and fees are.
  • brianf1997brianf1997 Posts: 25
    Just leased a 2012 SX with Sunroof, got it for $946 down (1st monthly, registration, etc.), $489/month including NJ taxes. MSRP was $37,150, negotiated price was $33,480 minus a $1k rebate ($32,480 total).

    Good deal? I hope so!!
  • apcpaapcpa Posts: 1
    I just bought a Sorento from Murray Kia in Conchohocken, PA and here are the numbers. It is a EX with no extra packages. The sticker price was 27135. My negotiated price without incentives was 25855 - $1280 below sticker. According to edmunds the mark-up from invoice is 1450 so that says I paid $170 over invoice. I also got a further $1000 off from the cash back incentive from Kia. Did not qualify for the other incentives.
    The car is FWD with the new GDI 4 cylinder. Rated at 22/32 mpg. After 100 miles around suburbia stop and go driving I'm getting 21.5. Very happy so far...
  • ace_tace_t Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I am trying to decide whether this is a good deal. Id appreciate your comments.

    I am looking at a 2012 Kia Sorento 2.4l EX AWD with no packages installed.
    The MSRP is 28,835; Invoice is 27,700; Rebates (that i qualify for) are $1000 + $500 - so that makes my price before taxes and tags - 26,200
    My out the door price including 6% sales tax and 228 registration/title fee is 28,000.

    Do you guys think this is a good price or am I being ripped off here? Thanks!
  • Plus a few other minor options like cargo cover and carpet floormats and things like that.

    Paid $25,963 out the door. Used all the discounts from the factory, totalling $2,500. Remember that tax is on the negotiated amount before the discounts. Financing was 3.9% Milwaukee area.
  • I think it was a good deal, just purchased a fully loaded 2012 SX AWD, with options 39,700. Price with total discounts $34,000, including a generous allowance for my trade ($2,600 more than what I reasearched it should be worth). Joplin, MO dealership.
  • This forum could be a powerful tool if enough people post to it. I referred to it often during my deal hunt.
    I just bought the same car (2012 LX V6 AWD) in Vermont with 3rd Row Seats and 7-seat carpeted floormats for $24,895 off the lot after $2500 in incentives (so really $27,395), plus $100 "dealer document fee" and the tax and title stuff.
    Drove it right off the lot, through Hurricane Irene damage, on a 300-mile roadtrip. Super smooth!
    Good luck and happy hunting!
  • Just sharing for the benefit of the forum - I just purchased a EX V6 FWD with no additional packages. MSRP was $27,950 + $800 dest = $28,750. I paid $27,313, pretty close to invoice. I did however trade in a 2002 Toyota Rav 4 with 100K miles for $7,500 which was probably worth more.
  • is 27,313 the OTD price which including the TTL but not the $7500 trade in? What the tax rate?
  • $27,313 only includes the destination fee ($800). TTL was added to that amount and then $7500 + $2000 rebates applied as down payment. OTD was about $20,500.
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15
    Is this a good deal? Trying to decide wether or not to buy...

    Sorento EX FWD V6; third row seats; cloth/leatherette; cargo net; cargo cover;ec mirror w/ compass & homelink; wheel locks; roof rack cross bars, tinting...

    25,991 plus TTL (1890 tax is 6.25%). Includes $3000 incentives/rebates.

    MSRP is $28, 525 Dealer Cost is $27,220

    Thanks, Angela
  • Hi Angela,

    I think I just bought a nearly identical car and I paid $25,325 which included $2000 in rebates. I didn't get the cargo net, cargo cover or any of the other extras you have so your deal is $670 higher because of those additional features. Seems like a pretty fair deal to me.
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response. How do they calculate tax?

    25,992 + TTL - Downpayment


    25,992 -downpayment +TTL?

  • You always pay taxes on the negotiated price BEFORE any down payment. So, you pay tax on $25,992. Good luck.
  • Angela,

    Now that I look at the number again, I'm thinking you could do better on this deal. I was comparing your deal to mine and it looked very similar BUT you are getting $3K in rebates. In my region (Southern Cal), Kia is only offering $2K in rebates so you should pay $1K less than me.

    Your price breaks down like this:

    $28,992 negotiated price
    -$3,000 rebates
    $25,992 + TTL (and tax is calculated on $28,992)

    My deal was this:
    $27,380 negotiated price
    -$2,000 rebates
    $25,380 + TTL

    The numbers to compare are what I'm calling "negotiated price". I think you should only be about $600 higher based on the fact that you are getting the cargo net, cover, wheel locks, etc. But you are actually $1,600 higher ($28,992 vs. $27,380). I think you should be able to negotiate another $1K off the price you have been offered. Good Luck!
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15

    You are right, I COULD have haggled another $800 off the price. I shopped his price around several dealers though and even tried the Costco dealer who was a different auto group than the one I purchased with, but I got tired. The Costco dealer would have sold me the car for $800 less IF he could have found the car I wanted, but there weren't any coming in to or close to Texas any time soon.

    Ah well, it is what is. Those sales guys get you all excited and worked up when you get there huh? :) I love the car though. I can't wait to use it on our first trip.

    Thanks for your help! I think next time, I'm just going to go straight through Costco...

  • Hey guys, does the 4 cyl EX (FWD or AWD) does it come with third row?
    Looking at the website, the only way to get third row is to add the leather and navigation package, which makes the car way too expensive. For some reason you can get an LX 4 cyl and get a third row but not for the 4 cyl EX; let me know if I am wrong.
  • I got my 2011 with leather and NO navigation with 3rd row seat. Got the premium package with the sunroof and it came with the third row seat. I didn't really want it, but wanted the sunroof.
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15
    You can definitely get a 4cl. EX with third row and cloth seats, but you cannot get a 3rd row with the AC vents in the third row seat unless you get a V6. The vents in the back was the dealbreaker for me because we'll be using it for trips...and the cloth/leatherette. LOVE.

    Why wouldn't you just get an LX?

  • Just wanted to get the half leather half cloth seats, push start button and a couple extras.
    its funny that you can get an LX with third row and camera and fog lights, but the EX to get the camera and fog lights you got to get leather package.
    With the leather package, the car comes out just a thousand cheaper than Honda Pilot, which I rather get unless the price diff is worth getting a Kia.
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15
    I looked at the highlander and the pilot. For the price and the warranty on the powertrain alone, you cannot get all the features that come standard on the kia on a base model of a toyota or honda. Plus, it is SO much easier to get to the third row in the kia. I didn't get navi on mine, but got the backup feature, the push button start and the cloth/leather seats, cargo cover, net, crossbars on the roof rack, and I love it all! :D Plus you get the bluetooth, car tint, and floor mats. My car is a week old today, I have no buyer's remorse and can't wait to test it out on our first road trip. Plus it's so stylish looking.

    Good luck!
  • Soon as I pulled out the car lot in this one Kia this truck driver tried to run me off the road, someone gave me the bird. I think it was because people do not like this foriegn car thing in Michigan. I did not like the look of that thing in the middle of the sterring wheel that read, Kia. You know, I suppose they run ok if you ask me but maybe I better buy american. Thas just me though I gotta look at myself in the mirror and like who I am.
  • apnepapnep Posts: 15
    edited September 2011
    Well rav4man, I've never bought an American brand because quite frankly the quality just hasn't ever been there. I suppose now American auto makers are doing better at building something competitive to the asian builders, but if I want something I KNOW is going to last, I'm not buying American. But for what it's worth, Kia, Toyota, and Honda all have plants here in the states where the cars are built. I can look at myself in the mirror just fine knowing my money was spent on something that is going to last. It's called competition. If businesses want to stay in business then their product better be worth the money they expect consumers to pay for it and not expect a friggin' bailout when their crap isn't bought. Are you kidding me with that post? Give me a break.
  • I am looking at the same vehicle - 2012 V6 AWD SX with sunroof or a 2012 V6 AWD EX with premium and limited packages. I really like the look of the SX with the body color bumpers, but have never been crazy about a black interior.

    Did your price of $34,000 include any rebates, or was this after rebates were subtracted? Just checking...

    The Costco dealer in this area is willing to sell either vehicle for $700 below invoice before any rebates. Their doc fee is close to $600 - then again most in this area have a similar doc fee.

    Any thoughts?
  • Greetings!

    I've started pricing around for a 2012 KIA Sorento LX/auto with the convenience pkg. in the NYC/NH/Conn. area and wanted to see if anyone has purchased this model with these trimmings as well as the final number you ended paying before TTL.

    Also, I met with a KIA dealer in NJ where there doc fees for this vehicle was a total of $389. Below is the breakdown of doc fees:

    $229 is documentary clerical expense.
    $79 is for the document delivery service.
    $81 is for the administrative fee.

    Does anyone know if all of these fees legit? Are they negotiable? I read somewhere in Edmunds that the average doc fees in NJ is approximately $100 and anything above that is considered very high. Any thoughts?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • Like the poster before me, all options SX ... out the door price (ttt): 36k which included 10yr/100k BUMPER-BUMPER (not just drivetrain). Seriously, we did 4 months of research. All things being equal, all other CUV manufacturers were well into the 40k+ range with the same options as the SX has.
  • What area of the country are you in, what is your tax rate, and which rebates did your OTD price include? Is the 100K bumper-to bumper thing something offered by your particular dealer (and if so, which dealer)? I like the idea of the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty.

    Still waffling between the SX and loaded up EX. Unfortunately nobody has them (both V6 AWD) that I can drive back-to-back. If they offered the SX with a tan interior it would be a no-brainer! I even looked at the black/dove interior, but that is VERY scarce - I think the closest one is 500 miles from here.

    Can anyone tell me if they can really tell the difference between the way the SX and EX drive/handle? I know they are supposed to have different suspensions, but the salespeople are telling me they can't tell the difference. Hard to know for sure myself if I can never drive them back to back.

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