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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 164,439
    does Car max have any new KIA dealerships? Could that be factored into that number?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I did it! Purchased my new 2013 Sorento EX V6 with option pack 2. Was able to use Costco, rebates/incentives & auto show cash back of $3885 below invoice totaled $26,141 + tax & lic.. What a freaking hassle dealing with the dealership, 4 hrs to pay cash for a car. I took it on a 300 mile cruise last night, might not be the smartest idea I’ve had driving through Los Angles during rush hour. What a nice ride & very happy with all the options, glad I dropped the extra $$$ for option Pack 2. Crazy crazy power in the V6 & it looks like I’m getting well over 20mpg.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    That's a great deal Flatontop. Did you get the AWD model? What is the breakdown of the rebates/incentives? I got a V6 AWD EX, no packages and was only able to get $2750 in rebates. Cerainly a lot of bang for the buck with all of the cool features.

    BTW, I don't think 4 hours in the delaership is very long for the car buying process.
  • When I asked dealer about AWD the blood ran out of my wife's face, I thought she was going to pass out for fear of the future to come with me behind the wheel of an AWD vehicle. I settled with the FWD EX V6 option pac2.
    I received $605 discount off invoice through Costco +$1,500 Kia cash back + $1,250 competitive rebate and the Auto show was in town so they offered another $500 off, for a total of $3,855 under invoice.
    The sunroof is nice but the car is still a great setup without the option package. I'll never use the 3rd row seating and more than likely never even use the second row. It all came down to my wife wanted the sunroof so what ever she wants I suffer. I thought the heated seats were a usless feature but they sure feel nice on the lower back when set on low, now they need to put in a lumbar back massaging feature. i set up my phone with the Bluetooth... it's great. Now I'm all paranoid about the crazy drivers around me wrecking my new car.
  • tablefattablefat Posts: 7
    Anybody have any idea what to pay for a 2014 Sorrento that is listed at $37,775? They should be motivated as it is the end of the month. I'm trying to decide between 2013 Santa Fe Sport Turbo AWD that the dealer has for $32,445 ($3,715 off MSRP) and whatever I should pay for the Sorrento.

    I want the Sorrento, but I also don't want to spend much more (if any) than the Santa Fe. Any advice?
  • trav06trav06 Posts: 14
    Can you provide more info on all of the options in the Sorento? And you're talking about the EX? Have you looked it up on TrueCar?
  • tablefattablefat Posts: 7
    It is the EX AWD V6 Sorento with the Touring Option package. I checked TruCar and even got a pricing report.

    I guess I'm just looking for some "Real World" advice :) ">
  • stistiestistie Posts: 3

    I am looking at purchasing a 2012 sorrento sx awd with 13,000 miles on it. It is listed at 31,100. With incentives a new 2014 sorrento sx is $35000. Everything on it exactly the same. Looking at similar cars on craigslist and other website it looks like they are being listed at 28,900 - 31,000 with miles ranging from 13,000 to 29,000 for a 2012 sx awd. My question is, am I being unreasonable thinking I could get a 2012 for 26,000 or 27,000?

  • trav06trav06 Posts: 14
    Based on the very brief research I did here on Edmunds, it looks like $26-27k is where you should be.

    If I were you though, I'd probably see what I could get in a new 2014 Sorento at the $26-$28k price range. Based on TrueCar, it looks like you could get a 2014 Sorento EX V6 AWD for about $28k. But I'll admit, I'm biased against buying used, so obviously take that with a grain of salt.
  • tablefattablefat Posts: 7
    No, not unreasonable.

    If they think you are, go somewhere else. Like trav06 said, check out the new ones. You should be able to get a brand new one for about what they are asking for the used.

    Some dealers will laugh you off the lot (at least they did me). Others will take you seriously and work with you. If Kia gives you a hard time, check out Kias competitors. Somebody will give you what you want for your price.
  • stistiestistie Posts: 3
    Thanks for your feedback. I have now found a new 2013 with less than 3,000 miles on it. They have it listed for $27,640. It's an sx without sunroof or navigation which is not a big deal for me. It was an executive loaner for the dealership. Price seems really good so wondering what you guys thought for a good asking price. I am located in St. Louis.
  • tablefattablefat Posts: 7
    Getting warmer:-)
  • trav06trav06 Posts: 14
    I don't like how they can call something with under 5k miles on it "new". Buy a new car, drive it for 4k miles and see if they'll give you full value back for it.

    Anyway, does the SX in question have AWD? The TrueCar price estimate for the SX AWD without sunroof and nav is $29k. For the 2WD version it's about $27.4k. Would it come with the full 10yr/100k warranty?
  • tablefattablefat Posts: 7

    I had a Dodge dealer with a "New" Demo (oxymoron, right?) with 3K on it that was an Executive Loaner only used by the owners wife (like I believed that). They wouldn't mark down the price, but did add 3K onto the life of the warranty. Nice of them, huh?

    I did a little research on pricing Demos back when I was looking. There is no set standard on pricing it seems. A vehicle with 5K is considered "Used," whether it has been or not. I believe the cutoff is about 5 thousand miles.

    A dealer gets a kickback from the manufacturer when it puts a vehicle into "Demo Status." They are allowed a certain amount of vehicles to use as Demos.

    You are entitled to all incentives and rebates when purchasing a Demo. People disagree about how much should be subtracted from the price of a Demo. Some say it's a per mile charge to the dealer, some say it is a percentage of Retail.

    IMHO: I think its a combination of the two. About a 4 to 6% Flat charge plus .35 cents a mile.
  • Considering a 2012 Sorento EX with approx. 15K miles in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. It has all the bells and whistles -- leather, two sunroofs, running boards, infinity audio, heated seats, 3rd row seating. Dealer has it listed at $25K but I'm thinking that's a bit on the high side. I could probably get into a new Sorento at that price or a little more. Any thoughts on what would be a reasonable offer? Thanks.
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