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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You are correct, BEWARE of Kia Depot!!! The advertised price comes with two hitches. First you must finance thru them at a higher interest rate, second they add on a "dealer prep" fee that is really is a crock. Ours was $498.
    After disputing these tactics we still bought our Kia Sorento SX knowing that we were getting it for $1,600 under invoice. As for the interest rate, I'll just switch my 4.99 interest rate down to a 3.40 interest rate with my own CU as soon as I get the registration in the mail.
    Our deal included an additional $1,500 rebate on the SX plus a $1,000 competitive rebate for a total sale price of $4,100 under invoice.
    Sure there tactics are BS but you can't beat the deal. Just go in prepared knowing what the invoice price is (KBB or EDMUNDS) as a reference and have your ducks in a row, read the fine print on the ad, then grab your deal!
    I tried getting Glendale Kia to match the deal and they couldn't come close.
    Were happy with the deal, best of all the Sorento SX is great!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am interested in either model, most likely the SX (MSRP $35.8K). It seems like $1600 under invoice is the best I ever seen here. I am qualify for the $1000 cash back, $1500 loyalty for SX model and $1500 competitive bonus for SX model, that's a total of $4000. Is that mean I can probably get one for $5600 off MSRP now? I remember Kia had up to $4000 cash back for end year clearance before. Should I hold on for another year?
  • kiltmankiltman Posts: 65
    How do you think you are going to get both Loyalty and Competitive bonuses?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I own a 03 Sorento and 07 Lexus RX. That is $1500 loyalty toward the SX and another $1500 competitive bonus for SX also plus $1000 cash back for all Sorento models. These savings can be combined.
  • mthrunmthrun Posts: 5
    I'm wondering if anyone know's when the new '12 is coming out. Since the '11 came out so early this year I'm hoping the 12 comes out early next. I'm trying to decide if I should buy now or wait till year end clearances? Any opinions? Also, in regards to pricing, it seems everyone talks about the EX and SX, has anyone got the LX, and more specifically the AWD LX, if so, what kind of deal have people gotten. I'm not concerned with taxes and state specific stuff.

    thanks in advance.
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    edited October 2010
    List price $26,715 (+flaps) What should I pay for this car? Thanks Dorothy

    2011 Sorento LX AWD 4cyl-3rd row-convenience package-mats-mud flaps
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    I am looking at a 2011 Sorento, EX V6 AWD with premium pack #2. Sticker with destination charge is $32,530. Dealer's offer is $28,995 (includes $1500 for competitive rebate) and Kia financing, or $27,995 without Kia financing. Truecar hasn't updated their database with dealer incentives so I don't know dealer cost on vehicle. October 2010 truecar shows no dealer incentive & a holdback of $872 for a total dealer cost of $30812. (Dealer is in Northern California) I would really appreciate a response as soon as possible, I like the car, perfect color and equipment but I don't want to overpay. thx in advance
  • Not sure where your located but check these Sorento prices in So.Cal.
    Google "Orange County Register", newspaper. Go to website and click on "Deals", then click "automotive". Select Garden Grove Hyundai Dealership who also sells Kia.
    The Sorento LX sale price is $16,808, (MSRP=$23,305.
    The Sorento SX sale price is $24,888, (MSRP =$32,990.

    This price is if you qualify for all the rebates including military, college grad, etc. You just can't beat these prices.
    We bought from Kia Depot in Santa Ana but they don't have their ad this week. I'm not from So. Cal but we drove 225 miles to get this deal on our 2011 SX and paid $1,600 under invoice before any rebates. Check it out!
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    I'm in Northern Nevada where dealers think they are giving you a bargain if they don't charge over MSRP so I've been looking at dealers in Northern California- but if I could save that much I would gladly fly to So. Cal and drive the car back- thanks, I will check it out =)
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    I have been in telephone or email contact with at least 20 dealers within 400 miles of my home and none would even get close to the price I quoted above- maybe a supply and demand issue, or perhaps dealer's aren't getting any good incentives. So, we are going to buy the car, got a couple of dealer installed options included and the dealer was great to work with. We are going to pick up the car tomorrow =) I can't wait- I currently have an 11 year old Isuzu Rodeo which has served me well but has definitely seen better days.
  • Garden Grove Kia Kia Sorento LX w/ Convenience PkgMSRP $26,005 Your internet price after rebates is $22,795* + Fee's Exp.11/6/10** We do have a meet or beat offer... * price includes $1000 customer cash-$1000 cometitive bonus- Exp 11/6/10** you may qualify for other rebates
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    edited November 2010
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  • For what it's worth, I ended up paying 20,450 +ttl for the '11 LX with convenience pkg, and got 300 over KBB trade in value for my car. It was a hard faught battle that took several days of negotiation and weeks of preparation but in the end it got 4k under invoice. I should also mention I purchased on the last day of the month. I hope this helps.
  • That is a great deal! What State are you in? It just doesn't get much better then that. What was the OTD?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am in the market for the new Sorento. I wish you guys could give us more details on your purchase such as the MSRP vs. buy price, trim/model (LX, EX or SX), options or add-ons, drivetrain (FWD or AWD), location and perhaps your buying expensive (factory incentives, internet sale).
  • I live in Gilbert, AZ. I believe the MSRP was 24395 plus their b.s. tint and protection pkg and mudflaps which they tried saying cost 1k. I told them to either take it off or dont charge me for it. I was eligible for 2k in kia rebates and negotiated the rest. I dont remember the OTD but it was 20450 plus 8.8% AZ tax on 8k after trade, plus title and license. I really only paid attention to what i could negotiate. I also got them down to 2.9 financing but that all depends on your credit. I should also note the most fun part. I previously talked a different dealer down to the same price but it was 30 miles away, the color i got was the only one in the city, that dealer was going to have to trade the other dealer to get that car but i decided i didnt want to do biz with them so he thought he'd try to get the car anyway and I'd have to buy from him(shady). The dealer i ended up buying from didnt want to give me the car for that price but when the guy came to pick it up, they called me and offered me the same deal so i took it. I'd have loved to see the look on the shady dealers face when they told him no cause i was coming to buy it from them.
  • Lok....i included most of your info on my previous post but it was just an LX FWD 2.4L, white pearl w/ black interior. It did have the convenience pkg which is 1k. It doesnt really matter if you buy from the internet guy or not, anyone working at the dealership can get you the same deal if they want the sale bad enough. It all depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put in. My suggestion is to use my price and if you add extra options, just add the invoice cost to it. Play a couple of dealerships against each other and buy on the very last day of the month.
  • A dealer has already added the below options on a Kia Sorento 2011 XL. He has deducted the full amount of $1838 from my cost. Since these figures are way overpriced just wondered what a realistic value for these would be so I might know if its worth the deal. I live in SC.

    Environmental Package 995
    PIn Stripes 149
    Tinted Windows 399
    Mud Guards 295 Total 1838
  • Went to the Big 3 Kia on Long Island NY. Over two seperate days and a total of 4 hours I thought I had hammered out a decent deal. I wanted the LX with no options, I was flexible on the ext color. MSRP was 23190 which included the 795 destination charge. Invoice price was 22435. I qualified for the 1000 factory rebate and 1000 competitive rebate. My negotiated OTD price was 22700 (20700 after 2000 in rebates). My thinking that it was 265 over invoice and 490 under MSRP so we shook hands and he filled out the sheet calculating taxes, noting rebates and a down payment etc. When I checked it over I found the forms preprinted "administrative fee" of 349 added in. I argued that the 22700 (20700) was an "out the door price" and therefore the 349 was unacceptable and a deal breaker. The big boss came out to discuss with me and they wouldnt budge on the 349 and I walked out. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice based upon their own experience? Either way I know I am in the proper neighborhood and only 349 off a sale. Thanks
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    All dealers have an admin fee that they won't and in many states can't budge on. When you start negotiating that should be the first question out of your mouth...."what admin/docs fees does the dealer charge". Use that amount just like the factory destination charge and treat it as non-negotiable. That way you know what the "real" OTD price is.

    Many states limit the amount of doc fee. They can charge less or have the option not to charge it at all. However, states have also ruled that if they charge it to one customer they have to charge the same thing to all customers or they can be charged with discrimination because it is a fee. They can adjust the actual price of the car all they want so it really is a game at the end of the day.
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    No matter if the fee is 'required' or not, they could drop the price of the car by the same amount..I think you can find another dealer to beat that deal anyway. If you use truecar data and add in the additional $1000 incentive (truecar only shows one rebate for $1,000) a dealer 51 miles will sell you the same car for $19,451 + tax and license. truecar It's usually pretty easy to figure out what dealer truecar is using by going here and searching for new Kia Sorento's within 75 miles of 11101 (zipcode I used in truecar) kia sorento inventory
  • Thanks for the replys on my Big 3 Kia experience. Not 3 hours after I posted it, the saleman called me back and said he went over everyones head and the boss approved the removal of the 349 "admin fee" because they want to meet sales quotas. Since I was happy with my original agreed upon 20700 price before the 349 fee we now have a deal. Next time I will ask about this fee or ask to see the sheet they do the final writeup on and cross out the admin fee amount before spending hours negotiating. I always mention a negotiated OTD price because they never want to call you a liar if you when you need to play the OTD card. Its like a retailer selling you a 5000 flat screen and tacking on an admin fee to pay their overhead. It shouldnt be allowed. Most people probably just fold on the issue.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Don't know what state you're in but after you do the final paperwork at the dealership let us know how they "removed" the admin fee. I'd be interested as to whether the fee was still on the paperwork but they just reduced the sale price of the car to make the difference or if it was, in fact, removed completely.
  • Considering an AWD I4EX since 3rd. row seats a n/a for us and do not care for the full panoramic roof Kia option on V6 model. Dealer said they can have installer add a functional moon roof for frt. seat roof area and get it covered under 5yr. warranty if done at purchase time. Has anyone had any experiences adding a moon roof other than from factory, and if so any issues developed over time? Looking in MA.Thks.
  • I'm in New York State, specifically on Long Island. I pick up the car tonight and will update you soon. If my memory serves me correctly (I dealt with this issue on my 2003 Altima purchase), this hand written sheet "disappears" and is replaced with a "typed" sheet (sorry I dont know what the correct term is for the sheets)which starts with the final total purchase price before taxes, title fees, rebates and down payments. This is why its so sneaky, if you dont realize it when it written up and signed, you will never see it on the typed sheet. (BTW, this is the sheet my insurance agent needs a copy of along with the window sticker to ensure proper coverage). Then it get confusing with the addition of the rest of the info adding and subtracting amounts to get to the bottom line which is what is owed by bank check when picking up the car. I have an accounting background which helps immensely. Ill update on Monday.
  • As I thought, the revised bill of sale shows only "price of car" which would have been my negotitated price and the 349 :administrative fee". So basically, you have one chance to catch the addition of this "admin fee" as the form which had the preprinted 349 "admin fee" on it (which the salesman then completed by hand with the taxes, rebates and down payment) becomes the final "typed" bill of sale which combines my negotiated price with the admin fee onto one line, "price of car". Then unless your good at numbers and know what the tax is supposed to be calculated on you might never notice. Next time I buy new, I will cut to the chase and state that any admin fee will be part of my negotiated price. I may even ask to see the form in advance to establish what Im talking about. Thanks.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Thanks for the follow up. Don't know why you would want the $349 admin fee rolled into the "price of car" because that is usually the amount you pay sales tax on. If it is a "fee" on the bill of sale it shouldn't be taxed, at least in most states.

    In fact, getting a lower sales price and a higher admin fee can actually save one a few bucks. I see people on here getting all upset because the dealer charges a $500 admin fee. It makes little difference if you negotiate into the final price and will usually save a few dollars in tax.
  • I agree with you. But most of the time people negotiated a price without knowledge of this fee and therefore it is truly an add-on which is (or isnt) discovered when they put together that intial sales invoice. By then most people are worn out, have no fight left or simply dont want to challenge the salesperson on his assertion that this is a "standard" fee charged on all sales.
  • One other point, in NY at least, the fee would be taxable based upon the way they handle it. That means either they are doing something wrong in regards to the sales tax laws OR it is indeed a bogus fee meant to increase profits which is why its taxable and made part of the price of the auto. Either way its shady the way its handled. It appears and then disappears.
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