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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    That's plenty of info for me...thank you.
  • tcasolotcasolo Posts: 1
    Bought a EX V6 AWD, Limited Package, Premium Package #2, paid $700 below invoice, before any rebates were applied. Qualified for $1500 competitive rebate, $500 Cleveland, OH car show rebate, $500 KMF rebate. Opted to not use the $1000 base rebate and instead used the 1.9% KMF rate for 60 months.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Thanks for the info. I test drove both SX and EX V6 AWD today. I am not ready to buy yet, waiting until April/May, but the dealer was nowhere near what I will pay, even for a lease.
  • ee74ee74 Posts: 13
    I am looking for an LX 2WD 4 Cylinder with the Convenience Package and the 3rd Row seat. I really just want the 3rd row seat, but of course you have to get the convenience package to get it. Anyway, the best quote I have received so far is $21941, which includes the $1000 rebate and a $1000 competitive bonus. Does this sound like a good deal? It seems in the ballpark for what I was expecting, but just wondering if anyone thinks I can do much better. Thanks.
  • I see dealers in Central Ohio offering UP TO $6000 off a Sorento, and the ads say the buyer must qualify for owner loyalty OR (not BOTH) competitor bonus.

    I'm considering a V6 ($1500 competitor bonus), and would use the 1.9%, 48 mos., w/ $500 rebate. That would be $2k off msrp. An additional $4k off the msrp seems unlikely, even for the fully-loaded SX, doesn't it?

    Any thoughts--or better yet, anyone with personal experience--on this $6k discount, and what particular shenanigans are involved to actually get it?

  • rkennrkenn Posts: 9
    CORRECTION-- I got my 2011 Sorento EX 6 cyl, with Convenience package 2 and 3rd row seats. Also got rear cargo net and cargo cover for 24,596 out the door with everything. It is NOT a FWD. Invoice was 32,149. Got a competitors rebate of $1500, another rebate for $1000, 4200.for a trade in, and 1000 for not using Kia financing. With all taxes and fees, I paid $24,596
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Not unlikely since I know Crown Kia in Dublin is advertising $2000 below invoice and a $1500 competitive Rebate. The only thing about Ohio is that we have to pay Sales Tax before Rebate, so it won't be $6000 straight off the advertised MSRP. I had a very pleasant experience buying my Kia Sorento V6 EX at Crown, but at the time the best anyone would do was $1000 below invoice and $1000 competitive rebate. I wish I would have known that the SX was coming out shortly after I bought mine. Not sure if Kia is hurting the vehicle's resale value by marking them down so much? Ford did that to the Explorer and Mountaineer back in 2004 with $3500 rebates and great offers. Our Mountaineer's resale really came back in 2010, but it would have been tough if you were in the market to trade in one or sell them back then and the couple of years following.
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  • Just bought a 2011 Sorento SX Bright Silver FWD from a Chicago dealer. I think the deal was a good one. MSRP for the vehicle was 33,200. We negotiated to 27,800, which I think was a good deal, not the best, but good. Rebate of $2500 was applied. What do you all think, could I have done better?
  • macsensemacsense Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a 2011 Sorento SX FWD in dark cherry with no sun roof. It is still at the dealer but has approx. 900 miles on it. They are asking 27k. Is this worthy of a second look or do you think I can get them lower? Thank you.
  • apsonapson Posts: 4
    Website for my zip (95678) has lease special for a 2011 model #72222 listed with $2999 due at signing and $239/mo. Went to Kia dealer and got a very conspicuous eye-roll from a "manager" and was sent outside to "wait for a salesman" -- waited 10 minutes and left.

    Do these deals actually exist and, if not, why is Kia allowed to advertise them? My credit score is in the upper 700 range. Is there a good way to approach these guys to get this advertised price?
  • csuf1csuf1 Posts: 8
    If you have another Kia dealer nearby, call them & ask them, if they have the advertised deal.

    Here in the O.C. of California, Kia Depot advertised unbelievable purchase deals. So I went in w/cash and they kept giving me the runaround. When I offered the full purchase price advertised, they kept me waiting for ever. So I walked into the managers office & asked what was taking so long. They then jacked up the price & tried to get me to finance. I said absolutely not, went to another dealer and got what I wanted.

    Good luck. I love my Sorento.
  • karey43karey43 Posts: 2
    Having some trouble getting my 2011 sorento. Ideally I want an l4 EX(not V6) with some dealer-installed options, but considering an EX with the premium package if that's too difficult. Went through the listed inventories at the Kia dealers in my area, saw a base EX, requested an internet price, MSRP was 25,553 but with the various rebates I was offered 21,960. I went in for an appointment but I didn't qualify for most of the discounts(not military or previous kia owner) and so they wanted me to buy this thing at practically the full MSRP. Who the hell buys a car at MSRP? Additionally the manager was like, 'an EX for $22k? Where did you hear of such a thing?' Uh, from you, dbag. This wasn't an unsolicited email ad, this was what I was quoted by their store, when I asked about a specific car, it had a VIN# in their inventory. Anyway, The best they would offer me was over $29k out the door on an l4 EX with premium package. MSRP on that combo was 27,100. Is that the best I can hope for? They would not negotiate on the price of the car at all, the only thing they would offer was rebates off the MSRP if I qualified. They weren't dropping the price in order to make the quote match, or anything of the sort. Have my own financing, didn't get any offer of a rebate for that, no competitive bonus because neither of the cars I currently drive qualified either they said. They also offered a crap lease deal, $400 a month, which seems pointless as the monthly payment on the loan I got pre approved is $350 a month.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    I wouldn't even bother talking to them again. I was around $2700 below msrp, less rebates, for a loaded EX V6 AWD.

    They want you to finance through them, so don't tell them you will finance elsewhere until the end.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • prasadpprasadp Posts: 14
    Did you try call the dealer before you go there. good luck.
  • csuf1csuf1 Posts: 8
    Hopefully, this dealer was not Kia Depot because they are SCAM artists. Check w/other dealers fleet managers only, if you want the lowest price.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Yes, Kia Depot was not very impressive out here, to say the least.
  • karey43karey43 Posts: 2
    Alright, combination of truecar and talking to other nearby dealers worked out, got an even more loaded car for less out the door than the last dealer wanted. Very happy now with my new Sorento.
  • boomer28boomer28 Posts: 2
    Hello - new to this forum. There is some very useful information in here - thanks to all for sharing your experiences. I am in the market for a new SUV, and like many others, Kia was not on the original list of cars to consider. After seeing a few out on the road as well as doing quite a bit of research, it is now on a very short list of cars that I am considering purchasing.

    I stopped by my local Kia dealer today to test drive an EX V6 FWD and was really impressed. Options included on it were premium 2 package (sunroof, roof rails, backup camera, leather seats) plus a few other add ons including side rails, cargo cover, cargo net, and wheel locks. Sticker price on it was about $32k, I was offered $27.5 which included $2500 in rebates. I said I would think about it, and left thinking it was a pretty good deal until I came on here and saw some more expensive EX and SX versions being sold at similar rates.

    Do you think this is a fair price? I am under the impression that I can do better here.
  • rkennrkenn Posts: 9
    It sounds fair to me based on sticker. Go on and price it out for comparison.
  • i got my sorento with convenience package,rear bumper portector,1st/2nd row carpeted floor mats,and cargo tray for 24,851 which included the $1000 dollar rebate and all doc fees.dealers cost on the car was 23,882 which included the 245 regional ad fee and the 795 dollar destination fee.they made a profit of $969
  • boomer28boomer28 Posts: 2
    That is a good deal. I'm currently at $28,000 for the exact same model and options and trying to haggle my way down to that somewhere in that range. Or put another way, I am at $1,000 below invoice, before rebates and incentives ($1,000 customer cash and $1,500 competitor discount), zero down and no trade. Looking forward to driving my new Kia!
  • i don't think we are talking about the same model.the MSRP for my sorento was 26,345 before any rebates.28,000. sounds like your looking at a v6 or EX what i do.take the total invoice and multiply by .03.this is the holdback.subtract the holdback and add the destination fee and advertising fee for your final price..(total invoice x .03=holdback,total invoice - holdback=dealers cost,dealers cost x .03=dealer profit...add dealers cost + dealer profit+ destination fee + advertising fee= customers this xl sheet for free to see your true cost
  • antons911antons911 Posts: 61
    I was offered 21500 with Costco membership discount.
    But decided to wait for summer til the 2012 come out, 2011 will have larger discounts then.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    I gave up on Kia, and just got a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Good luck to all.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • andy2812andy2812 Posts: 68
    Hi Car Man,

    Can you please let me know what the residual and money factor is on the Sorento LX V6 w AWD for a 36 month lease and 12k miles per year?

  • gopoohgogopoohgo Posts: 1
    Hi there long time lurker of this thread.

    Finally pulled the trigger on a 2011 EX V6 AWD with Premium 2, sidesteps, rear bumper cover.

    MSRP $33.5K, price before sales tax, title, etc. was $28.1K. Qualified for the $1500 competitive bonus, $1000 rebate, and $500 with 0.9% 3 year Kia Finance.

    Thanks for everyone's experiences!
  • We are interested in buying a 2012 Kia Sorento LX with convenience package or a base EX. How do I find out the inventory price? The MSRP is listed on the KIA website at $25,600 which inlcudes the package and destination fee. I have no idea how low I can negotiate the price.
  • surbassurbas Posts: 2
    If I finance through Kia Motors, looks like I can get $1000 cash back and $1000 bonus cash back for all Sorento models. There's also a $500 competive bonus cash available. I see a lot of dealers trying to claim you get up to $3000 in rebates. I don't qualify for the Military or Owner Loyalty. How many rebates will they let you use? Any tips on how to get the most bonus money I can? Do these rebates apply to Lease and Buy or only Buy?

  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Pulled the trigger on a 2012 Sorento 2WD LX with floor mats and cargo tray. MSRP was $24,255. Was able to negotiate $1,555 off MSRP. Then the rebates: $1,000 customer cash and $500 competitive rebate. Negotiated price was $21,200 + Tax and Tags. Also got special Kia financing rate of 3.9% for 72 months. Highly recommend Parsons Kia in Winchester Virginia. Beat the prices of any of the D.C. area dealers.
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