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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I totally agree with verdugo. Rebate minus 10% more off list, should get you under invoice. See my earlier postings in November but sales are worse now with $107 oil and $3.10 gas. I see a local deal has a few 07 Commanders on the lot with 5.7L hemi's that are marked down $6500 and that is their asking price, they may go for less.
  • maude2maude2 Posts: 6
    Thank you. I found a Grand Cherokee Laredo V8- Base: 30,490 sun/sound 995, Pkg. 28 E (Sticker states 1,580) but when I look at it on edmunds MSRP states 985 so this has confused 730 destination. Sticker MSRP states 33,795 but with the confusion on edmunds and KBB I think it should really be 33,145. (Has something changed with the pricing on the 28E Pkg???) Invoice based on the 33,145 price is 30,420. I took the 4K off for rebate plus another $500 off of invoice and came up with 25,920. This would be the most I would be willing to pay. I read on an earlier thread some dealers with a window tag at $7700 off MSRP (this would bring it down to 25,445) so I'm thinking I can get this at 25K. Any thoughts or advice?? Thank for your help.
  • sabre364sabre364 Posts: 18
    This seems like an excellent deal. All of the dealers that are willing to deal you a good price are willing around 4k off invoice + a little more.

    A local dealer here (who is known for excellent online prices) has base 08 4wd V6 laredos for 24,500 with MSRP 31,335. I know for a fact that they are willing to sell at 23,999...So I think you are getting a pretty good price. Good luck with your purchase.
  • sabre364sabre364 Posts: 18
    I just put down a deposit on an 07 4wd Laredo with 19k on it. It was a former rental car (so I know what that means and obviously no lifetime warranty) but it had an odd set of options. It has the 26F (fleet) package + essentially every other laredo option besides the sunroof. It is basically like a 26X - the sunroof.

    I got it for 18,3xx + TTL. It is a relatively clean vehicle, the dealer is going to do a few touch ups with the paint and replace front rotors.

    Locally you can get used base 07 4x4s (15-20k miles) for 16,999 and 17,999.
  • rgdawsonrgdawson Posts: 11
    2008 Grand Cherokee Overland. Signed the deal yesterday going to pick up in a few minutes. MSRP = 43,495. My deal was 33,143 (before taxes, etc). I used a Friends and Family coupon from a relative who is a Chrysler retiree (which gets you to around 1% below invoice). They had the 3,500 rebate, plus 500 military rebate, plus some sort of extra 2,000 Bonus rebate, plus they threw in an extra $700 on their own. Lithia Jeep in Colorado Springs, CO. I am trying to contain my excitement, but this seems like an incredible deal. Includes Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, of course. I can get extend to bumber-to-bumber (Maximum Care) lifetime warranty online for about $1700, so I am considering that. :) :) :)
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    wow. That is a good deal. You paid less than I did for my Limited 4.7L w/o Quadra drive II.

    Was there a trade in involved?
  • rgdawsonrgdawson Posts: 11
    No trade. And when I went to pick it up, the dealer offered to match an online deal I showed him for a LIFETIME Chrysler "Maximum Care" warranty for $1,615, so I bought it effectively giving me a lifetime bumber to bumber warranty. I never bought an extended warranty before, but I figured it would be neat to match the lifetime powertrain warranty with similar coverage for the rest of the car...and the price was right. My wife better like this thing, haha.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Awesome deal. Hope you enjoy your Jeep as much as I'm enjoying mine.
  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    Just passing through here... I posted this inquiry in some of the other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep forums, so I thought I'd try here too.

    Wife & I have twins on the way (in addition to our 3-yr old) so we need to bite the bullet and get a minivan. We're going to get a Dodge GC or a Chrysler T&C sometime in June. Money will be real tight since wife will be quitting work to stay home, hence us going down to one income, so if anyone has a friends code for 2008, then I would reeeeeeally appreciate it. .... I'll even put you on my Christmas card list!!

    e-mail me here at carspace and let me know....
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    sorry, but I don't have a friend's code. What is the price? Something like 1 to 3% under invoice?

    This late in the model year, I think you should be able to do get nearly that price w. just a bit of research. Good luck, and congrats on the twins.
  • xray1ftlxray1ftl Posts: 1
    I just purchased a ONE-OWNER '99 Cherokee Sport with what appears to be the "Limited" package - It's 2WD, 4DR, 4.0 6 cyl, Automatic, A/C, fog lights, pwr windows, locks, ABS, Roof rack, 6way pwr drivers seat, Chrysler/Infinity AM/FM/Tape/CD (the "premium" head unit with the stupid joystick bal/fade control and EQ), overhead console w/trip computer, and (probably a prior-owner modification) what looks late-model like Grand Cherokee Limited alloy wheels. The Jeep has absolutely no weird engine noises, shifts like new, suspension is perfect. Issues: A/C is a little weak but cold, fog light switch is bad, volume control on stereo doesnt work (!!!) - (it's "stuck" on a fairly LOUD setting), and only the fwd-bck function on the drivers seat works (height and tilt don't). Beyond those few issues, the vehicle acts and looks almost new. Bought for $2,300 in South FLA">
  • Chrysler has announced they are putting this awful SUV out of its misery after the 2009 model year. My 1999 was the worst vehicle ever owned. No quality control. Over 30 significant problems over a seven year period. Garbage!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Must not feed the troll, must not feed the troll. :P
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I think you mean the Jeep Commander derivative is going away. The 2010 Gr Cherokee is being featured in Chrylser future vehicle releases with a new hi tech variable valve system V6.
    Sorry to hear you had a bad JGC, there seem to be many problems during that 99 model change year: I have had both a 01 I sold to my son and now a 07 JGC Laredo with minimal issues, none major.
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    if you feed them,they keep coming back for more..

    the four wheel drive market is so "going around the bowl,and down the hole" it's not funny..
    one story was someone had 19 month old -top shelf g.m.c,with all the bells and whistles(two sunroofs,d.v.d,ect..)was going out of the country,ended up with$18000..
    dealers are drowning in them.
    so-yea!..go in and ask what ones they want to give away today!?!..and shop them to death!!usually the ones with the worst traffic stay in business is by best prices..and usually great service too..they earn your business..
  • planplan Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a Grand Cherokee Laredo with 26X installed. MSRP is $36,005, dealer ask for $27900 on the road. Any suggestions for negotiation? I'm a first time buyer here and have no idea what price (OTD) I should look for. Thanks for all suggestions.

    There is a $4500 + $2000 rebate going on, and $27900 is after all these discounts. So the deal is not that hot.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I don't think it's that hot either. I bought a 07 last October (loaded Laredo 4wd 4.7L with X pkg) so that year end closeout is about the same situation you are facing now -except- gas has gone from $2.80 to 3.90 down to 3.50 here in MN cratering the SUV market. A big deal. The MSRP of my 07 w/goodies was $37k because I got a $4k rebate even then plus an automatic ~$4k Affiliates discount since my employer is a Chrysler supplier, taking my pre-tax/fee price to $29K. When my Chrysler retiree father was alive I'd purchased a few new cars using his "green sheet" employee discount which I no longer can get, but the dealership said this was only around $500 more so I did not feel too bad on this no negotiation deal. Anyway, you are getting the same $8000 off 10 months later with the full & midsize SUV business in the tank worse than last Fall - you should be able to get more off shopping around at other dealerships or the internet. Even looking at the up to 28% off Chrysler ads that would be $26k or guessing if my dealer was right looking at a probable Chrysler employee price (copying the current GM blitz) I am guessing you can get off at least $500 more.

    BTW, we have been very happy with our 07 Laredo 10,000 miles later. The 4.7L is a fantastic boat puller (I would have never got a small V8 but needed a torquey engine and living in the N woods need 4WD weekly all winter). We get 20mpg@70mph and better on slow back roads, 15mpg pulling the boat so while that is about my only "complaint" I don't think I could do much better in anything else ... and the lifetime warranty is piece of mind. We also were happy with our 2001 Laredo which was sold to our son. Good luck!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    I agree with naatz1. You can do much better.

    Just as a reference, in September 07 I placed an order for a 2008 Limited. I was able to get invoice pricing without any problems at all. That was before the SUV market really tanked.

    You have to consider two things:
    * SUV market is not in good shape. Dealers can't give them away.
    * You're buying an 08 at the end of the model year. In a few months, your brand new GC will be a year old. You should pay a bit less because of it.

    You are in control. I love my GC. Best of luck and def. tell us what you ended up paying.

    Oh, one last thing. If you have a trade in, make sure you don't get screwed in it. And be very careful in the F&I office. Don't buy any extras.

    Keep in mind that you don't have to buy a Jeep extended warranty at the dealer. You can buy it at any time before your warranty expires. Just google for "Jeep warranty." Don't buy a third party warranty. If your dealer matches the internet price for the warranty you want (onlne is about half of what the dealer wants), then go for it.
  • planplan Posts: 3
    Thanks! You guys just cleared my mind a lot. I'll keep pushing those dealers to give up more profits.
  • frugal8frugal8 Posts: 1
    You can still buy the warranty online. Google for Jeep waranty. You will find numerous Jeep dealers willing to sell the factory warranty with fairly large discounts.
    I have been the owner of several Jeep Grand Cherokees. I would not own one without the factory warranty. Every jeep I have owned I have saved far more than the cost of the warranty. Waranty will definitely help resale value if you sell while warranty still in effect. Whatever you do BUY WARRANTY.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Has anyone bought an '09 yet? I know the deals on the '08s are pretty hard to overlook right now but I'm wondering if the '09s are out and how much they're coming off MSRP on them.
    I'm not looking for another 6 months; just wondering what the initial discount people are getting on them.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Can't help you with the 09s, but here's my story from last year.

    I started looking at an 08 last year in early September. My deal was invoice minus all rebates (I didn't have a trade in). At the time the rebates were $3000. They ended up going to $3500 plus free MyGig later.

    Keep in mind this was BEFORE the SUV market tanking, which will work in your favor. FYI, Jeep delayed production of the 09s by a couple of weeks.

    In 6 months, you should be able to get a sweet deal. The changes for 09 are minor (push button ignition, availability of internet, and some other minor things). So if you can live without those, you'll be able to get a great deal on a left over 08. This is specially true for the 5.7 HEMI as it got redisigned for 09 (1 better MPG).

    Make sure you get the HID lighs. They are worth it!

    Come back and let us know how you made out.

  • I am looking to buy a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4wd, 6cyl. MSRP is $31,390
    I have the incentives plan through work but don't yet know how much under invoice it truely is. The dealer just gave me a price of $20,500.00. How does this sound?
    From my research, I think the invoice is $28,797.00. The dealer told me today In October Jeep is giving 5500 customer cash + 500 cash.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    You can always check the rebates by going to and looking them up in Edmunds. For my zipcode (95827), the jeep website only shows $5500. According to Edmunds, the extra $500 is only for military personnel (not sure if that's you). There's also a $400 dealer cash, which for your purposes it should be treated as a rebate.

    You can also look up the invoice price here at Edmunds. Don't forget to add the regional advertising fee (I think it was around $350/$400) to get an accurate invoice price.

    So lets assume that your $28,797 invoice price is correct. We have the following:

    28797 invoice
    - 5500 rebate
    - 500 military rebate
    - 400 dealer cash

    He's offering you a price of $20,500, which is $1897 under invoice. You can do better, I think. As I mentioned in a previous post, last september I got invoice price for a brand new 08. Now the 08 is a year old since the 09's are coming out, and the SUV market is really bad. I think you can do a bit better.

    If you do have a trade in, make sure they don't screw you over on it.

    Best of luck, and let us know how you do. We love ours, and I hope you like yours too.
  • Trying to figure out if I am getting a good deal: $19,500 for an 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Rocky Mountain package (MSRP: $33K+). I'm getting a good trade price on my car.

    Decent deal? Any tips on potential other items to consider (extended warranty price, etc.)?

  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    If you look up the last 10 or so previous posts including one I made at 459; it would appear you are getting a good deal especially if you know the trade deal is good as well. Even though our gas in Minnesota has dropped to between $2.10-2.40 a gal and E85 close to $1.50 (I saw on TV some spots in OK are now under $2 gas, who would have thought we'd ever see that!) most of us know that is only temporary. Car dealers all over are hurting for financing and of course there are the risks/rumours of a Chrysler (Jeep) buyout by GM or foreign companies. However the Jeep brand is the most valuable they have and my dealer assured me months ago the warranties always go with the new purchaser. Note I bought the basic 70K mile added care extended warranty at purchase and got it down a few hundred doing it that day; I may have second thoughts on that now just to wait and see how all this financial stuff is handled since you can add it until 36K miles.

    So it's nice to see people are still buying, go get a good deal! But maybe you can squeak out a few hundred more? Sheeze, last year I almost bought a Saturn Outlook and they who never drop prices found a way to get me $1500 more opening a free GM credit card and some other stuff. However we bought the Jeep and have been very happy with it after 12K miles, we just had our first minor warranty problem needing a new ignition lock cylinder but otherwise it's solid and helps me get through our yucky cold snowy winters.
  • Trying to figure out if I am getting a good deal: $19,500 for an 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Rocky Mountain package (MSRP: $33K+). I'm getting a good trade price on my car.

    I think that's a pretty decent price! I've only seen one lower price and that was one of those doorbuster/loss leader ads for a one-off model @18,995. Never seen a price like that since.

    I've been a Jeep fan for the last 12 years - specifically the Wranglers, but family needs lead me towards another product. IMO, and as another poster mentioned, the Jeep name/product definitely has more brand value than any Dodge/Chrysler.

    Good Luck! and enjoy it if you've already pulled the trigger!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • I am going to purchase a 2008 Jeep(GC). The dealer is offering me a 7 year/70K extended warrenty for $2000. Is this a good deal? Is it worth it? If not, should I just wait during the 36,000 mile period to but the extended warrenty?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    No way. Don't take that warranty. Five seconds on google ("jeep extended warranty") led me to a 7/70k Maxium Care (i.e., it covers everything) by Jeep (stay away from 3rd party wararnties) for $1,090 with $100 deductible

    And $1495 with $0 deductible.

    And I know there are cheaper websites out there. So do your homework and save yourself some money.

    One more thing, you DON'T have to buy a warranty at the dealer. You can get the warranty at any time before your 36 months/48k warranty expires. So you have time to decide and find the best deal.
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