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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    I see you picked yours up. How do you like the 4.7L engine? I really like mine. Since I don't tow, I have no need for the HEMI.
  • I love it so far, I haven't pushed the engine much since its so new but its really smooth and the few pushed I have given it have gotten a nice response.
    I got the towing package so I can tow almost as much as the HEMI and I get e85 so I am pretty happy.
  • I posted this in lease ?s, but it's not really a question so I will post here for all. Let me know if you think this is pretty good.

    We were going to get a Chrylser 300C loaded, but decided to stick with what we've had for years: a Jeep. People can slam gas mileage and everything else, but when we go "up north" in Michigan the capability is incredible. Anyway, this is our 5th new Jeep (Commanders and GCs) and this has to be by far the best deal we've made.

    2008 GC Overland 4WD, only option white letter tires
    MSRP: $44,325
    Sale Price: $36,903
    Net Cap Cost: $32,342 (liscense, acq, fees, taxes, rebates, 1st payment)

    36 mos, 10,500 miles = 46% residual
    Rebates total: $6,000 (we're eligible for everything including Employee price/bonus)
    Monthly payment: $395 even including 6% tax
    Money factor: .00077 (a little high, but I know why and still 1.8%!)

    $0 due at signing "Sign and Drive"

    I pushed the price down some, but didn't have too much to push. Detroit region by the way. If you can get all the rebates and the EP pricing, this is hard to pass for a $44k SUV.
  • I've got a firm offer on a Used 07 Grand Cherokee where I've been to the dealer. I just got a phone call from another dealer with a New 08 Deal (numbers are more flexible since I haven't talked with him yet). I can't buy both, so I've got to pick one. Here the deals are...I welcome your thoughts...

    Used Deal
    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    3.7L V6
    12.900 miles
    Black (ext) / Grey Cloth (int)
    Several scratches on exterior and one ding.
    Several scuffs and a small stain on interior.
    Clean Carfax report.
    $18,000 (I have my own financing)
    $5,500 for Trade in of 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee in good condition with one ding on exterior.

    New Deal
    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    3.7L V6
    Black (ext) / Grey Cloth (int)
    Haven't negotiated trade in value, but estimated at $6,000+

  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    $4k difference between a used 07 with 130000 miles or a brand new 08? It's a no brainer for me. Get the 08.
  • Thanks, but it's only 13,000 miles. Not sure if yours was a typo or misunderstanding. Thanks for the reply though...
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I agree with verdugo, get the 08. You have the V6 which did not change from 07 (I bought a new 07 vs 08 mainly because a month ago the 08 rebates were less and I actually did not want the re-engineered 4.7L as I am an engineer and know when you change something that's worked for 10 years in the first year something will go wrong!). You also get a Lifetime Powertrain warranty, and get better deals on things like Added Care (I got 7/70 for $600 on my 07 covering all major parts). There are some minor adds in the interior as well for the 08. Good luck!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Yes, it was a typo. 13,000. And even if it was only 1,300 I'd say to get the 08.
  • I mean $22,298 for an 08 GC is a good pricing comparing my deal and I was happy with my deal (well until now, j/k). I bought my 07 GC about couple of months ago just because 07 had a better promotion that time vs 08.The price that we negotiated to for my 07 GC was $22,400. So you are paying less than what i have paid for my 07 2 months ago. Even there are no major changes, your car will be alway one year yonger than mine. Plus your basic CD player will play MP3 formats which does not happen in my 07 model and it is driving my wife crazy already. Don't even think about buying the used 07. The extra 4 grand is well worth for your 3600 miles/3 years factory warranty and a lifetime power train warranty.
  • Thanks for the replies
    I ended up getting the new '08 with several add-ons for $21,500 and still got $6k for my trade in. All I can say is shop the deal around. It worked for me and I ended up getting a better car than before for nearly $1,000 less. Of course it helped that the salesman I originally talked to on the phone tried to pull a bait and switch and I ended up working with the sales manager who was nice enough to work hard to keep a customer. FYI, I wouldn't expect that deal from another dealer, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Thanks again for the advice.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Congrats. There are def. some good deals out there. Let us know how you like it.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I haven't peeked here for a few weeks since my "new" 07 GC is now 6 weeks old @ 1600 miles. I just noticed an add for $3000 dealer cash plus $1000 more on 08s w/no financing requirement, so essentially what was a $2000 08 rebate in October now equals what the incentives 07s were then.
    Makes me think sales are slowed to a crawl, however our MN gas went from $3.05 the day we bought our GC to $2.85, and it's in the $2.75 range in other towns around us (feels good until one realizes a year ago it was $2.15, clearly a deterent to new SUV sales until we get the next snowstorm!). Is ANYONE buying new 07s or 08s?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Well, somebody is buying. Sales increased in November compared to October (8,489 vs 7,449).

    Those figures are still below last year's numbers though.

  • hey all,

    I am looking at getting a new 07 with no options but metallic paint, mats, and fog lamps. The MSRP is 31,080, and probably can get zero % financing. I will be goign to the dealer on Wed, Dec 26. The price quoted as of now is 21,999. I have no trade in and will be looking to get soem sort of extended warranty.

    Now they also have 08s, which the only thing I care about is that they do have heated mirrors standard. The 0% for them is not compatible with the 3000 rebate. So those will probably be quite a bit more expensive because the 0% is what I would want to get. I see that swede405 got a good deal (22k!) on an 08 WK. That is the same as I would be paying for the 07, but with 0%.

    Is the deal I posted a good price? I think it is, but with edmunds TMV only around 1000 more, maybe the dealer can give a little bit more off? They have 4 07s and 4 08s on the lot. The 07s are equipped same as the one i'm looking at but they have the sun and sound package which I dont want.

    I should add that I don't need to buy NOW, but can wait a few months. The 0% deal + 21,999 for the 07 is whats pressing me right now.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I assume you are looking at the V6 in which case nothing much did change between 07 and 08. Do you plan to trade in 5 years or less? If so, the 08 resale may benefit you enough to push for that. Otherwise I would get it in the $21k range if the 07 is a better deal for you (I am happy with mine but in the past 2 months there are still a bunch of 07s on the lots costing dealers a bunch in inventory interest and getting less attractive by the week ... I needed mine and could not wait 2 more months but if you can wait it out and dont care if that particular one sells, see what they drop down on 12/31 if they have end of month/year quotas, may be worth a gamble). GL!
  • I got my 08 not too long ago (about 1500 miles on it so far) and while I was getting it there were a few things the dealer wanted to add like sound proofing, rust protection, etc. We said no to all of them. Of course now that the excitement of getting a new car is gone and we can make more calm decisions we are wondering if we should have gotten the extended warranty from Chrysler and if we still can get it? is it worth the money? how does it differ from the power train warranty?
    Thanks for any info!
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Chrysler will be happy to sell you an extended warranty anytime before the factory warranty runs out. Remember that you can negotiate on the cost of that warranty and the longer you wait the more it will likely cost to purchase.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    It's good that you didn't get any sound proofing or rust protection. It is a rip off.

    You can get a warranty from Chrysler at any time up until the 3 year/36k miles warranty is up. Google around for Chrysler Warranty. You'll get tons of hits.
  • Thats correct, I am looking at the V6. It is completely adequate for my uses, unfortunately 07 V6s with the QTII package are few and far between, but honestly I do not need it though it would have been nice to have. The 08 V6s never had that option anyway.

    The biggest difference between 08s and 07s that affects me is the now standard heated side mirrors.

    I will try to drop the dealer down a little bit more, but gettign an 07 with 0% for around 21k would be great. And I plan on keeping the car at least 6 years so resale is not an issue for me.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    The others are correct, anytime w/i the 3/36 is valid to buy the initial or even upgrade the warranty. This time we got ours on the day of purchase since they had "a deal" on the 7/70 Added Care (800+ major components like AC, steering, electronics, etc but not smaller parts like the 500 relays on the list for Max Care which was $300 more ... Added care was $600 that day and if we bought it 30 days later went up $100 supposedly). Now if we end up driving our Jeep more than I predict, eg right before the 3/36, I can pay up to get a 7 year but 85,000 mile Added care coverage -or- if it's more of a lemon I can get the Max care.

    I had the Max care on my 01 Jeep when it was a more reasonable $500 (and there was no power train automatically priced into the vehicle either, go figure!) however that was for 5 yr 70,000 at the price. It barely paid for itself since that vehicle has been pretty reliable: 2 of the 3 drivers seat heaters got replaced in that time. I bought a 7/70 Max care at 3/36 last Spring for my 04 Chrysler 300M which has been very reliable w/only one warranty repair in the 3 years - even with 7/70 powertrain they wanted $900 but in that case they'd wanted $1100 on day of purchase and it went DOWN (we got a $100 coupon from Chrysler that helped, interested the price to buy it from Chrysler via mail was higher than the dealer). We did have the instrument panel go out this summer which cost $700 so we have almost paid for it in the first 6 months. Dealers want you to buy these warranties or service contracts which is what they are officially called since they know you'll come back for more routine service like brakes & fluid changes as well, and most like our dealer do a good job but at 2-3x higher price than the corner garage. One of my thoughts however is with these extended or lifetime power train warranties any battles you may have w/Chrysler will go smoother with dealer records and the dealer on your side.

    The only other option for extended warranties is buying one from an independent outfit as I did some research on these (Warranty Gold, Warranty Direct, but one of these is out of business already...there are forums discussing these). Their price on my 300M turned out to be higher than the $900 I got from the dealer and I did not consider mixing that with a Chrysler lifetime warranty this Fall on our new Jeep. Also you get free towing/jump start etc, free rentals if > a day service or if problems away from home with Chrysler's service contracts. I did ask the ominous question what if Chrysler sells Jeep but the dealership said the warranties go to the new buyer, just like they did from Daimler to Cerebus ... well you never know.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Excellent post. I've had my 08 Limited for 3 months now and I will probably buy a Maximum Care warranty. I have the lifetime powertrain warranty, but I'm concerned about all the electronics in the car.

    I got a quote from a dealer's website (found him via google, heard about him in other forums) for $750 for a 5 years/60k miles with $100 deductible warranty. Not bad. That's hundreds less than what my dealer wanted.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    $750 seems fair for 5/60 Maxcare, my only comparison is the $900 they quoted me for 7/70 Maxcare (and that's what it cost for my 300M as well). My SE MN dealer tends to be a better deal than others dealers or Chrysler, as mentioned the sales manager wants us coming back to -their- service dept ... and the one you found on the internet must have some similar rationale despite making it available to others who did not buy the car from them (I am sure they still make something, $100 or whatever, on each svc contract sale just like cars we buy at 1% under dealer invoice plus $4k rebates ... they don't sell 'em to lose money).

    BTW, I should have mentioned in my post above, for anyone reading this, all my service contracts were with a $100 DEDUCTIBLE. It's worked fairly well to lump 1-2 things together at a time (now that I think of it, when I had them change my instrument cluster last summer they checked a tranny thing which was a fluke and replaced a door speaker that had a slight rattle too, all for a single $100 payment).
    It's a great debate if they are worth it but with all the expensive parts (that even the corner mechanic has to buy from Chrysler or even NAPA is not always that cheap), new US vehicles are a pricey maintenace proposition despite being usually less expensive than overseas brands.
  • May I ask what website you got that quote?

    I have heard of on a couple of jeep forums.
  • Just lease an 08 GC Limited. 4.7 V8 with NAV and back up camera, Chrome rims, Chrome rear tail light gards, chrome gas tank cover. nothing down only first payment. 512.00 per month. 12,000 miles, 36 months

    Do you think I got a good deal?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    I found it on They are not a 3rd party company, they are a real dealership in MA.
  • I understand presidents day is coming, and sometimes there are added incentives. Does anyone know what the cash back incentive is right now? I'm looking at an 08 Gr. Chek Laredo 4X4 26Xpkg w/Nav the price I got was $29700. Is this a good deal or should I wait until there is a better incentive?
  • I think recently the rebates were cut to 2k cash...but I'm guessing there will be more soon enough.

    Whats the MSRP on your 08 WK? A local dealer has an X pack laredo (i dont know if it has nav) with MSRP 35,600 for a no haggle price of 27,900.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Not in my zipcode (95827). They have gotten a bit better actually.
  • maude2maude2 Posts: 6
    Have been in the market looking to replace my 2002 Limited Grand Cherokee (191K miles and still going....) . Was going to act on the incentives a few months ago, but the 0% for 36 months along with the rebates, still put my monthly payments too high. Thought that if I could hold out a few months perhaps 0% would be increased to 48 months with additional incentives. I was getting greedy....My local Jeep dealers are LOADED on their lots. Anyone have any idea what April might bring from an incentive perspective? What sort of discount off MSRP should I currenlty be looking at? thanks-
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    I don't have any info on the rebates. As for price, don't pay a cent more than invoice. And if you really want to negotiate, you should be able to get $500 below invoice. And *then* subtract all the rebates.

    This is assuming you want an 08 in a common configuration and there are several Jeep dealers near you.

    Let us know how you make out. Not sure if you're considering the HID lights, but they are well worth it.
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