2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njjulianonjjuliano Member Posts: 83
    Got to be the worst experience in a dealership.

    I have been on final stages on decision between the SRT-8 and the Infiniti FX45. At first step to the dealership, I was greeted promptly by someone, who asks how I can be helped. Once I informed him that I was interested in the SRT-8, he promptly referred me to another colleague. This person asks me what I desire, I say SRT-8, and he also refers me to another colleague. This young man proceeds to lead me to the other side of the dealership, and as I mention that I want to see the inside of the vehicle, he stops, turns and hollers, "He just wants to see the inside," and proceeds to keep walking away. I stop, wait for him to return. I look at the other vehicles in the showroom. He returns, and his first words upon return was, "Look, how much are you willing to spend, cause this car is like $45,000." To which I respond, "And?"

    He leaves again.

    He returns to lead me to the vehicle, which was apparently on the other side of the dealership, parked outside. We get to the vehicle and I say, I want to see the inside of the car, he says he doesn't have the key. But if I really want to see it, I will have to wait since its the owner's car. At that point, I said just give me a brochure, and I'm out. On my way to his desk, another sales person asks me why I want to buy that car? That I would be better off buying the Compass, and then proceeds to show me that this is a better fit for me and my wife.

    I said thank you, but I dont think I will be purchasing from this dealership.

    Wrote a letter to the dealership manager stating my experience. I was appalled at the attitude, the rude way I was treated, and the air of judgment that I felt from the sales people. There was a reluctance to help me, and the help that I received was forced and uncomfortable. I stated that I will not consider their dealership for any future purchases, and that my situation has soured me enough to inform others of my experience.

    I received 2 calls, a Monday and a Wednesday from the manager to my home number. A number that I did not leave. Upon my return to the area Wednesday eve, I returned their calls, and they have never returned my call.
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    I have to wean my wife off her Infinity FX45 - which by the way is one of the best cars we have had - except the AWD is crap in snow and ice. Anyway on the the JGC Limited 4.7L, decided not to go Hemi with MDS and Quadra Drive on cost, MPG and problem reports basis.

    Here is where I stand on a lease:

    MSRP $38,210 basic unit inc sirius radio.
    Dealer offer $36,417 with "free" dealer installed U connect.
    Current Jeep incentive 3,500
    Residual $19,105

    For a 39 month lease with $2800 down including first payment its $469 per month in NJ.

    I have yet to get the requested a full breakdown of costs, but its a lot better than the first position of at least one other local dealer.

    My issues are:

    1. Is this a good deal?

    2. Whether to pull the trigger on Jeep deal now (1/02/07) or roll the dice on incentives and a Factory fitted U connect turning up to my spec by end of Feb.

    At risk to me is $1200 in "wasted" payments or +/- on Jeep incentives, my tendency is to wait for Presidents day ....


    Opinions please.
  • dnjdnj Member Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone who posts their experiences..

    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited purchased 12/15/06 in Central New York

    4.7 V8
    Trailer Tow Group IV
    QuadraDrive II
    P245/65R17 OWL Tires

    MSRP: $39,855

    Negotiated Price: $36,538 - $4,500 = 32,038

    Taxes and Tags extra of course (painfully extra)

    (note: the $4,500 comes from $3500 rebate and an extra $1,000 sent as a "private offer" from jeep. I'm guessing the "private" offer goes to anyone on their mailing list...)
  • garsarnogarsarno Member Posts: 72
    Just signed up for the following:

    Grand Cherokee Limited - Trailer Tow IV Group, Navigation Group, Quadra Drive, Hemi, Sirius Radio MSRP $41,850

    Dealer discount of $3650, Jeep rebate of $3,500.

    Net $34,700

    Traded a 2004 Mountaineer Premier with 53,000 miles, worn tires, few dents / scratches - gave me true Kelly Blue Book trade in value of $13,000.

    $21,700 difference plus PA 6% tax, $115 plate / title transfer fee.

    The Lincoln Mercury dealer, where we purchased the 2004 Mountaineer at, had a 2007 Mountaineer Premier, MSRP of $35,869 with V6, Navigation and Sirius radio. Deal was $22,800 difference for a vehicle almost $6,000 less MSRP in comparison to the Grand Cherokee. Rebate of $1,000, $1,200 dealer discount and $12,000 trade in value. Passed on the deal and ran out!
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    Thats a great deal on the purchase, basically $100 over invoice.

    I suspect they thought they could turn your Mountaineer quickly for profit, they have to make their numbers somewhere.

    Does PA charge you tax on the Jeep rebate? :sick:
  • garsarnogarsarno Member Posts: 72
    According to the contract, tax (6%) was on the difference between the adjusted price and slightly inflated trade in value of my Mountaineer

    MSRP - $41,850
    Net - $35,499 (with discounts and rebate)
    Trade $13,800 (Kelly Blue Book $13,325 but there are some
    scratches in the body so the first
    valuation was $13,000)
    $ Diff $21,699

    Tax on $21,699 = $1,301.94
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    So it seems you were not charged PA tax on the "value" of the rebate. I wonder if this is a real NJ tax or a dealer come on?

    Any other NJ buyers or leasers have experience of this?
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    I researched this item and its a "legal" tax in NJ.

    Welcome to NJ ...... :cry:
  • garsarnogarsarno Member Posts: 72
    Maybe the dealer can put the rebate and discount into the value of your used car, inflating it.....
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    I doubt dealers would /could play that game, anyway I have a current lease - so no trade.
  • klanger83klanger83 Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone know how much you get off in relation to invoice for employee purchase?

    Also how much the military discount is?

    Also whats this I hear about 1000 cupuons that were sent out recently to current chrysler/dodge/jeep lessess? anyone have an extra?!?! :)

  • jerry50jerry50 Member Posts: 6
    I have purchased several new Grand Cherokee's for family members in MD. over last several years, most recently an 04 GC, because of durability and vehicle features. I have paid several hundred dollars below the invoice cost on each by going into dealer hold-back money which is about 3% of MSRP. 3% hold-back of 30 K MSRP is 900 dollars, this you can try to play with, especially if dealer needs to move units. Better in your pocket then his I say.

    End of month is best time from my experiences, your sale may be the one that gets dealer to factory target, so he may be more willing to take less from you knowing that additional factory money will be coming his way and all are happy. He will also make $$ on your trade-in, so he is making money, just not as much from you.

    I also agree on a delivered round figure price to buy, to keep it simple, stressing that we will include rebate/incentives afterwards to arrive at the purchase price. State tax and tags can then be discussed. This way if I said 26,000 K delivered, it includes the several hundred dollar advertising costs which they will add-on when in the business office, eliminate surprises as much as you can to help control the overall experience to your liking. This approach has worked for me and hope this helps you, GOOD LUCK.
  • geevesgeeves Member Posts: 1
    can you tell me more about the $1000 rebate you mentioned? Do you have to be on a mailing list? I currently own a 2001 Jeep and would think that I'd be on the mailing list. I just got quoted the following, from a dealer on Long Island, and I'm looking to see if I can lower my cost a bit and close the deal:

    Lease - 39 months 15K/year

    Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, with Park Sense, Uconnect, Sirius......$527.03 a month

    Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, with Park Sense, Uconnect, Sirius, 17" Chrome Wheels....$538.03 a month

    These lease figures include all taxes and costs with the exception of registration/title fees.


    Purchase Price

    Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, with Park Sense, Uconnect, Sirius......$32,578 (After rebate before tax)

    Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, with Park Sense, Uconnect, Sirius, 17" Chrome Wheels....$33,298 (After rebate before tax)

    I know the $3500 rebate is calculated in these costs, but not so sure on the $1000 rebate you mentioned. If I knew more about it, I may be able to question them on it and possibly save a few bucks.
  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    Your pricing is about the same I am offered in NJ. However I don't think you are quite correct in what you are saying, but maybe you are.

    If the lease is truly $0 down other that first payment and title/reg, the lease numbers are pretty good, but if you are putting anything in to the lease up front beyond title /reg, they look on the high side.

    How much for reg /title fees?

    NY has Sales / Use tax, so you are paying about $1400 somewhere for that alone and that gets rolled into your payments.

    The $1000 doesn't seem to be mailing list or even all previous lessors, the dealer can find out from Chrysler if you are on the list and lost it in the mail - if you trust them.

    There is no current incentive for financing hence the attractive lease, that may swap around in Jan/Feb
  • dnjdnj Member Posts: 2

    The $1,000 rebate, in my case, came in the mail from Jeep. Based on how it was addressed I can tell they used the information I entered into a web form requesting a brochure (this was months ago). The rebate was good until 1/02/07 and was for most vehicles (not the SRT-8 or the Wrangler Unlimited).

    Hope this helps.

  • 4jeeps4jeeps Member Posts: 6
    I currently have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition with 8 months remaining on the lease. I was offered the following deal by my dealership.
    First, I can walk from my current lease paying only for any excessive damage.
    Second, 2007 GC Laredo with only fog lamps as an upgrade.
    30,450 MSRP - 39 month lease - $417/mo before taxes - no down or security deposit.
    Any thoughts on if this sounds like a good deal or do I have some negotiating to do?
  • bigrunbigrun Member Posts: 2
    I just leased a brand new 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo for 27 months. I put NO money down.I got it out the door for $310.00 per month with 10,500 miles per year.. I feel like I recieved a great deal. Negotiate!
  • jewell06jewell06 Member Posts: 2
    Hi I just signed this lease in No. California:

    2006 Grand Cherokee
    39 months, 15k per year (with 39 mo/50K mile warranty)
    MSRP: $28,235
    GRS CAP: $21,803 (18,235 + 700 acq fee + 390 xtra warranty + 2,475 leather and sunroof added)
    MF: .00313 (7.51%)
    RESIDUAL: 40%
    MO. PAYMENT: $396.98
    No money down, just first payment and reg. fees = $698.73

  • loppyd24loppyd24 Member Posts: 4
    I am in the process of obtaining a new jeep grand cherokee 2007 lease. Currently i have a 2004 Jeep grand cherokee freedom edition.the buyout at the end of the lease is 11982. im paying 325.00 a month and have six payments left.(1950) also i have 10,000 over my miles at .15 so 1500.$ in mile overages. i looking for the best option to get out of this and get into a new GC or refinance at lease end??

    the dealer came back with this.
    MSRP 30,300
    he will pay out the remaining 6 payments and milege and give me a 3500.00 check for it.
    I will only be responsible for damamge.

    my cap cost is 25,599.
    i am giving 1300.00 down
    they are paying all tax title ect.

    bottom line 374 a month 39 months 12,000 a year.

    someone help.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,660
    This is what worries me about your deal...

    The dealer isn't taking your old vehicle in trade... If he is giving you a check for $3500, then that means you could lease the new vehicle for that much less money, if the dealer didn't have to compensate you for your remaining lease costs. In other words, $3500/39mo., means the actual cost to lease that new Jeep is about $285/mo.. The rest of the payment is there to pay for that $3500 check.

    The other part that worries me? Since he isn't taking your vehicle in trade, you'll be returning it to the bank (Chrysler Finance?). Turning a vehicle in early will sometimes generate higher costs than what you will incur at the end of the lease period. You should check with the bank to make sure you won't be on the hook for some open-ended amount. Most lease contracts don't allow for just paying the rest of the costs and turning the vehicle in early.

    If your costs turn out to be exactly what you think, then this may be a decent deal for you... If you think it is, then I would ask the dealer to make the same deal, but take the vehicle in trade, so that you don't have to worry about any end of lease charges..


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  • loppyd24loppyd24 Member Posts: 4
    thank you for that valuable info!!! ok so when i go back to the dealer today, what should be my play. what should i say. what is my buyer beware flag to run out the door??

    so in respect to the last post it is a good deal if chrysler has no early termination charges??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,660
    I don't really follow the prices, specifically... But, considering that they are giving you a check for $3500, then the lease deal looks pretty good.

    Just tell the dealer that you are worried about excess charges because you are turning the vehicle in early, and ask them for the same deal, but with them taking the vehicle in trade. If they aren't willing to do that, call the leasing company, and tell them you want to turn in your vehicle early, and ask them what charges you will be liable for.

    I'm guessing that they will tell you that they will send your vehicle to auction, and that you will be liable for the payoff difference between the amount realized and the amount of your payoff. (The open-ended amount that I referenced earlier). This could even be in addition to mileage charges. You can see how this could quickly get out of hand.

    Your other alternative would be to keep your current vehicle in mothballs for the six months until it is time to turn it in. Of course, you would have to keep it insured.

    You really want the dealer to take it in trade, if you can.. That is the best thing about trading out of a lease early... no extraneous charges.. If the dealer will pay the current payoff minus $3500, then you are home free on the same deal... no extra mileage charges or damages will apply.

    Good luck,

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  • groundhog6groundhog6 Member Posts: 3
    In Northern California

    Grand Cherokee Overland
    MSRP - $44,775.00
    Selling Price - $41,422
    Money Factor - .00186
    Residual - 48%
    10.5k annual miles (my request)

    $532/month + tax

    Is there room to negotiate this selling price lower? I didn't get the rebate coupon and don't qualify for the loyalty cash.

    Thanks much.
  • loppyd24loppyd24 Member Posts: 4
    well i committed to this

    i got a new grand cherokee $30,404 with 1300 down
    39 months 389. a month.

    they took my old jeep off me in trade 13825$ to terminate my lease early actually 8 months early. plus i had 12,000 in miles over. so i got out of the old one , dont have to pay for milege, damages ect.

    new lease , money factor of .00191, net cap cost 26080.
    they gave me 5000. in rebates. 39 month 389.00 month.

    i guess i did alright no? :surprise:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,660
    It sounds like you did okay.. If you kept driving the old Jeep, you would have been even farther over on mileage by the end of the lease...

    Since they were willing to cut you a check for the $3500 before, you can bet that they had to take at least that big of a hit to take it on trade... Given that, your lease deal is pretty good.

    Will you be able to stay under the miles on this one?


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  • jerrymcshane1jerrymcshane1 Member Posts: 195
    $40K Limited's are going for about $33K+. I just priced one.
  • loppyd24loppyd24 Member Posts: 4
    just wondering, i got my jeep a new 2007 GC "E" package and it did not come with roof racks. i know the crossbars are an additional item but alls i have on the roof are two black runners no rail bars or anything. I though at least the rail bars came standard on this one... any suggestions?
  • scorpio1947scorpio1947 Member Posts: 7
    Can someone please tell me what interior color is interior code PLD5.
    Thanks in advance.
  • jerrymcshane1jerrymcshane1 Member Posts: 195
    Make that $32K. Just got a new and better price on a $40,340 Limited.
  • frueanfruean Member Posts: 2
    does anyone know the average life (mileage) of a jeep grand cherokee limited
  • frueanfruean Member Posts: 2
    is 6,000 dollars too much for a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited with 130,000 miles on it.
  • xscoutxscout Member Posts: 141
    The edmunds.com site is a real good resource to check out. I took a quick look assuming 2wd and average condition and it said $3,600 to $4,600 was about right.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    bough my 2001 Cherokee Limited 4WD last month, had 96K on it, IMPECCABLE inside and out paid 7400$...all options but the leather
    according to edmunds, I paid too much but according to KKB and the NADA, it was right on the money.
  • pikalapikala Member Posts: 2
    In Jan. 07 I purchased a used 03 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 63k miles, I paid $12,350
  • broadway1broadway1 Member Posts: 9
    Hi, great site
    I have a couple of questions.
    Been pricing several different cars.

    1. Equiped a 2007 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 which has a $42,720 MSRP, what is the going rate for the final sale price including rebates?
    2. What is the MF for this car with a 36k, 3 yr lease?
    3. What is the residual value?
    4. Can multiple SD's be included and how many?
    Thanks for your time on this matter.
  • thesuperbrandothesuperbrando Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I are considering buying a used Grand Cherokee. Should we wait until the Fall when the new models come out? Would that lower the prices of the used GC's that are out now? We are trying to get the best deal.
  • coolridercoolrider Member Posts: 84
    I would say it depends on what you are looking for. Rock bottom price can be had anytime because of depreciation and the market over time. If you are looking for a certified Jeep the model year comes into play because of the criteria used. The oil prices have sent many V8 SUV owners to smaller vehicles thereby flooding and depressing prices in the market. If fuel economy is of no concern there are a lot of good deals to be had now. I guess the question is how used of a Jeep you want. The diesel Jeeps new and used are going for a premium as diesels normally will hold their value better. Hope that helps
  • thesuperbrandothesuperbrando Member Posts: 2
    Thank you tons, that does help a lot.
  • coolridercoolrider Member Posts: 84
    Your quite welcome, good luck on your search :shades:
  • orionesque1orionesque1 Member Posts: 1
    Question about upcoming Lease....

    How much lower can i get??

    2007 Laredo V6, with Leather, Moonroof, etc - MSRP $32,785
    Dealer Incentives $4000

    39 Mo, 12K year, $389 plus tax per mo, $1000 drive off

    Trading In Audi A4, 2 months left on 48 month lease. Relatively good condition. Couple dings in back fender. Under miles.

    Could I get down to $389 including tax per mo?
  • tdwrigtdwrig Member Posts: 3
    I'm looking at buying a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited (4wd) from an individual seller for $4,950 for my 17 year old son to drive. The Jeep has 79035 mi. Overall it is pretty clean. Only issues are: (1) dent in fender due to mishap with parking lot light pole; (2)passenger side power window does not work (3)Will need new tires. Seller will not go any lower. I always loved the durability of the Cherokees Is this too much to pay?
  • xscoutxscout Member Posts: 141
    Brake rotors and power window operators were two of the weak spots. To fix the power windows usually requires the entire assembly to be replaced and it is common for all of them to be replaced over a shorter than usual period of time. The brake rotor problem is fixed by putting some thing other than factory rotors on the vehicle. I would see if the owner can give you a service history so you can see what has been done already and also go by the dealer with the vin number (as well as do a carfax)to see the Jeep's service and warranty history. I just put four tires on my jeep the other day and it ran $331 out the door for P225/75 Uniroyal Liberators at Wal-Mart. They are great vehicles to drive and easier than average to work on so if you can check it out good go for it. Check the price on edmunds.com and the kbb.com site to see if the price sounds decent. Good luck!
  • tdwrigtdwrig Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice!
  • kokkonyckokkonyc Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 26X package, and a few other options. MSRP was $35,660. I ended up paying $29,660 which included the $4000 factory rebate. On top, they also ended up paying my last 6 lease payments which equaled $1500. How did I do?
  • realtorken1realtorken1 Member Posts: 14
    Hi all, just got back from 1 dealership and I need help.

    What I am looking at:

    2007 Laredo with the 26X package and the Navigation/Rear Camera

    I am supposed to be getting my affiliate 1% under invoice plus incentives.

    MSRP sticker price is $38,500
    They are offering me the vehicle for $30,900 which supposedly is 1% under invoice and includes the $4,000 factory cash.

    At first he was offering me $469 for 39 months with 10.5k miles and $2500 down which I thought was extremely absurd.

    Then they offered me $469 for 39 months with 12.5k miles and $3500 down

    As I was walking out he asked if he "could do $450" would I be interested

    What should I be paying a month? He said residual on the GC was 44% on the 36 month

    If thats a good deal I might be out of my comfort zone. :confuse:

    They said
  • realtorken1realtorken1 Member Posts: 14
    Ok, so here are the details...

    2007 Grand Cherokee Limited
    5.7 HEMI
    Fully Loaded with Navigation/Leather/Tow/Everything except DVD Entertainment (no kids)

    12,000 Miles Per Year

    Sticker Price $43,460
    Cash Down $2,000
    27 Month Lease $467 per month
    End of Term Buy Out $20,780

    I had a 2005 Ford Taurus I needed to trade in that I owed $10,700 on and it had 37,500 miles on it. They took that and paid off the negative equity on it (which I figure was at least $2,000.

    Can someone please tell me if I did good (I think I did but need someone to level with me).
  • dirtboy_cadirtboy_ca Member Posts: 2
    I'm also looking at an Overland, but hoping the rebates will renew next month when my Crossfire lease is up. I'd say you did extremely well.

    Now if I could only get "affiliate 1% under invoice" which I don't have, it would save me the trouble of negotiating.
  • mf15mf15 Member Posts: 158
    Well I can tell you this on a 4x4 GC with 26x and sat radio.
    MSRP 34.995, using affiliate program and lease loyality for a total of 6000 in rebates, on a 27 month 10500 mile per year lease the payment is 356.65 plus tax with 535.75 drive out. This is not as good as a lease deal I got on my 04, at the time there were 7250 in rebates, I am only paying
    281 plus tax a month right now on a base 4x4 GC.
    Also just yesterday Chrysler came out with lifetime powertrain warranty, it is there hope that they will not need so much incentives to sell their Jeeps and cars.
    While this is nice for buyers, I really do not care about it would rather have lower payments. It will be interesting to see if rebates increase in August but this now makes it less likely. Old Mike
  • realtorken1realtorken1 Member Posts: 14
    It actually looks like they put a hold on Production in order to sell out current inventory.

    Actually just by my looking around it would appear there is less inventory than last year at this time.

    Who knows though...I am a Realtor not a car salesman
  • nlp311nlp311 Member Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase a Laredo with the new body style, in the MD/DC/VA metro area. I have found a 06' that I really like from a well respected dealer. The specifics are as follows:

    06' Laredo
    38,000 miles
    Has Warranty

    This price is a bit much for me and wanted to know how much room I have to neotiate..I am trying to stay as close to $15,000 (without oin over as possible) is this a long shot, especially for this vehicle? I know KBB and Edmunds pricing but still think this may be a bit high...
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