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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Just thought I'd let you all know my experience with Peabody Chrysler Jeep in Peabody, Ma. I just picked up a 2005 Jeep grand cherokee 26F package with optional power sunroof for $26682 after $2500 in rebates. MSRP was $31250. I shopped several dealerships and found I knew more than all of them combined.. pretty sad, but that seemed to be consistant with all dealers, all brands, etc. Except maybe volvo.

    Financed through chrysler finance with the Chrysler Financial Plus. 39 month agreement with 15,000 miles per year. That saved me $50/month which I needed to do as I was taking such a bath/loss ($3000) on my ailing up 1999 Audi A4.

    Residual on the Chrysler Financial Plus with 15k miles is 52% (54% for 12k miles) and interest rate is 7.9% and is NOT negotiable as others may have indicated in this group. I called chrysler financial, etc. Disposition fee is $275. That works for me.

    The dealer was pretty good except they didn't go through the vehicle before I picked it up because...get a load of this..I signed the paperwork, go outside to start it and the "check engine" light came on ...LOL.. so I had to leave it over night for them to fix it. It was a bad O2 sensor (recall from chrysler). Then I get in today and drive to work in a snow storm and there is no washer fluid in the darn thing.. talk about a slopppy dealership.

    Pros...Thing rides awesome, comfortable, smooth, Great styling, fit n finish, etc. It was clearly the best value out there. I previously owned two other jeep GC(1993, 2000).. but I still tested everything out there (mercury mariner, chevy equinox, jeep liberty, Mitsubishi endeavor, Nissan Murano, volvo s40, toyota highlander, honda Pilot, etc.) I even looked at the BMW X3 (piece of junk) and Lexus and Acura and like others said.. I can't afford to be in that club ;-)

    Cons...Visibility.. a little tough to see out front windshield with that low profile view. Some talk folks (6' ish) may bump my head getting into vehicle.

    I write back later as I get more used to it.
  • Hi all,
    following up my post about the 2005 Jeep GC Laredo. I also used Edmunds and consumer reports and even Autos msn dot com to get the dealer cost for the 26X package.

    turns out consumer reports was wrong and edmunds and msn was right. According to edmunds and msn, MSRP on the pack is $3355 and invoice is $2952. Consumer reports had the dealer invoice at $1580... totally wrong. I saw the dealer invoice, etc. and sure enough it was $2952.

    So I went in expecting to be another 1k lower in price but that didn't work.

    Just a heads up that edmunds is probably closer/more reliable than even consumer reports.
  • just taking a poll to see if i got a good deal ...

    jgc 2005 limited 4x4
    28 k package
    side airbags
    tow package
    sirius radio

    msrp 38,000
    invoice 35,256

    my accepted offer $34,200
    plus tax, etc: $36,435
    minus incentives totalling $2750

    for a grand total of $33685.

    does this sound like a good deal? i haven't signed the papers yet (that's tomorrow morning).

  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    That looks like an excellent deal! 3% below invoice is very good from what I've seen.
    To give you an example, if you're eligible for Chrysler's "supplier" discount you only get it for 1% below invoice.
  • What part of the country did you cut this deal in? We are shopping around. Did you get the Hemi in this deal?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
  • kaitlyntkaitlynt Posts: 3
    i'm in west michigan. the dealership was harold zeigler jeep.

    slight update:

    just signed the papers last night. hooray! here's what i ended up with:

    jgc limited 4x4
    k package
    park sense back up system
    tow package
    tire pressure monitor
    sirius radio
    chrome clad wheels
    side curtain airbags

    msrp: 39215
    invoice: 35604
    my price: 34800

    when all was said and done, after taxes, incentives, doc fees blah blah blah, i wrote a check for 34815.67

    not bad, right? (please tell me i'm right)
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Did you finance with Chrysler financial or go with someone else? What's the zip for the town where the dealer is?
    I'm thinking you did fairly well. You mention $34,815 after taxes, etc.
    How much were the taxes and doc fees?
    Let me know and I'll give you my opinion on your deal.
  • Has anyone gotten details on delivery date for the DHS system with the HEMI? I'm trying to decide if I should proceed this Friday or wait for the DHS.
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    So what did you decide? I decided on the JGC strictly on aethetics. I simply liked the interior of the Jeep better than the 4Runner.

    Plus the Jeep dealers were easier to deal with than Toyota.
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    I think you did well.

    I ordered about the same thing but with a Hemi and Navigation and no chrome wheels.

    Sticker was $40,770 and I ended up paying $35,644 plus tax. That was in Chillicothe, MO (I live in FL). It sounds like I didn't do as well as you.

    And if you're happy with what you bought, then you got a GRAND deal no matter what anyone tells you.

    Best of luck.
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    No-one -- including the factory -- can give that answer. According to the early press releases --,,0-5-7153-1-183121-1-0-0-0-0-0-3882-7145-0-0-0-0-0-- 0-1,00.html -- it was to be included in every Hemi. I was going to wait as well.

    I gave up and ordered anyway.
  • I too gave up today on DHS. It may be more trouble than its worth if they are delayed in delivery and it is so new. I'm not wanting to be a test case.

    I also gave up on the big "chain" dealers. In my case one that starts their name with an "L" and ends in an"a".

    The following dealer put together this deal.

    WOODLAND, CA 95695-3596

    2005 Grand Cherokee Limited
    5.7 V-8
    GPS 6 disk CD
    Supplemental side air bags
    Rear Backup system
    Sirius Satellite radio
    Tire Prssure monitor
    Popular 4X4 group
    Chrome Clad Wheels
    Sticker - $41,845 Price I'm paying - $38,502

    Less rebates of $1000 - going with 0% int / 36 months

    plus tax of 8.25% and lisc of $311 - total $41,047.60

    $10,000 down

    Payments 36 months $862.43 and its paid off in 3 years.

    I think this is a pretty good deal. The fleet manager was very helpful, called back as soon as he located the Jeep, ran our credit check ETC. It was easy.

    Will pickup the Jeep Saturday late or Sunday.

    Has anyone got pricing for the extended warranty to 7X70 bumper to bumper and the maintenance program? Would like to know what folks are paying in California.

    Comments please......
  • FYI
    The color is Light Kakhi
  • Just an update:
    The Jeep drives flawlessly. Reminds us of our Lexus RX300. Its very smooth.

    The buying experience was excellent. The dealer spent an hour on a Sunday night going thru all of the features. They did not rush us.

    WOODLAND, CA 95695-3596

    2005 Grand Cherokee Limited
    5.7 V-8
    GPS 6 disk CD
    Supplemental side air bags
    Rear Backup system
    Sirius Satellite radio
    Tire Prssure monitor
    Popular 4X4 group
    Chrome Clad Wheels

    Sticker - $41,815

    Cost $38,502.00
    fees $45.00
    Fees $8.75
    Sub $38,555.75
    Rebates $3,500.00
    Net $35,055.75
    Sales Tax $3,180.85
    Lisc $311.00
    Total $38,547.60

    I added full maintenance plan for 5 years / 75K service every 6K minles and Max Care extended warranty for 5/85K

    Cost $2160 for both plans.

    $12160 down payment.

    48 months @ 5.99% 670/month
  • pjtpjt Posts: 36
    Hi Bob:
    I've also been waiting for DHS, and have begun to wonder whether the delay is resulting from problems. Either that or they're using up a surplus of non-DHS front-end components. As another poster mentioned or referenced, in their own promotional literature Jeep has written that DHS was to be standard on all Hemi-equipped JGC Limited models. I don't really need the vehicle until July, so I'm inclined to wait. Did your dealer offer any explanation re: the DHS delay? Anyway, congratulations on your purchase! It looks like a great of $6,800 off of MSRP. How difficult was it to come by a deal this good? Thanks for your time. pjt
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    That's great Bob. Good Luck!!!
    Here's my deal (almost the same deal as yours -- no shiny wheels)
    JGC Ltd + freight
    25k package
    4x4 group
    Sirius radio
    Side curtain air bags
    Optional Tire Pressure Monitor
    MSRP $41,070
    Sales Price $37,561
    Fees $75
    Rebates $3,500 (am financing for 3 months)
    Out the Door -- $34,136 (plus ttt)-- 6% in FL

    Not sure how good, but it's done! and the dealership was GREAT to deal with -- even remotely. The dealers here in FL wouldn't even try to come close. I had to order. But it was very, very simple and very pleasurable to come to this deal with Woody's.

    The dealer is:
    310 S Washington
    Chillicothe, MO 64601
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    Here's my deal (almost the same deal as yours -- no shiny wheels)

    The deal was:
    JGC Ltd + freight
    25k package
    4x4 group
    Sirius radio
    Side curtain air bags
    Optional Tire Pressure Monitor
    MSRP $41,070
    Sales Price $37,561
    Fees $75
    Rebates $3,500 (am financing for 3 months)
    Out the Door -- $34,136 (plus ttt)-- 6% in FL

    Not sure how good, but it's done! and the dealership was GREAT to deal with -- even remotely. The dealers here in FL wouldn't even try to come close. I had to order. But it was very, very simple and very pleasurable to come to this deal.
  • hemiboyhemiboy Posts: 4
    Hmmm I wonder...

    Yonkers , NY central Ave Chrysler/Jeep

    I got this

    5.7 Ltd with Chrome wheels

    Everything except the rear parking assist, Navigation & rear DVD for 36,000....including taxes and shipping.
  • They really tried to find out on the DHS. One dealer called engineering. He said they had the parts and were waiting on final approval. (Legal / engineering?) Sounded to me like potential problems as the JGC will be th first with this type of control system. I can tell you the one I have is very quite and very controlled when cornering. My son, a gear head, really like the way it handles. He has a 1995 Steeda Mustang.

    On the deal, I got so frustrated with Lithia that I started calling and came upon this very old dealer in Woodland CA. So old they use to sell electric cars..... Spoke with the fleet manager, told them I was willing to pay cost less $200 plus the rebates. Took a print out from the WEB onthe extended warranty costs and thus was able to get a discount on that also. They agreed, found the car and we complete the whole thing very quickly.

    Just bought the Sprint PCS LG PM-325 Bluetooth phone, plan to test out this weekend.

    Hope this helps.
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    Well, if I add sales tax of 6%, that makes the deal $36,184 plus tag and title which is about $75 in FL.

    So it sounds about the same.

    Good luck on your JGC
  • gijohngijohn Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying (lease or finance - not sure yet) a 2005 JGC (MSRP of $36,200). One of the cash incentives til the end of the month is $2500. My dealer is telling me that my price for the vehicle is $33,700, that's the best deal he can give me. Should I be able to negotiate a lower price off the MSRP PLUS the $2500 incentive? In other words should I ask for a price of (for example) $35,000 PLUS the $2500 incentive? Net of $32,500. And should I be able to purchase the vehicle for the same price regardless of lease or purchase/finance?

    Thanks for your help.
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    Hello John

    In my humble opinion, you should not walk but run from this dealer.
    One of the things I like about Edmunds' forums is most of the posted experiences posted.
    Most of the deals I've read here (including mine) are running 12% to 15% off MSRP. Of course that includes rebates but rebates affect how much comes out of my pocket.
    Again, use to find out the invoice price and start from there.
    Again and in my opinion, you take this deal you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
  • goh00sgoh00s Posts: 3
    Silver Laredo 4x4 with the F package group, 6 disc/MP3 stereo, adjustable pedals, cargo convenience group. MSRP $30,900. Invoice $28,898. I got it for $28,200, so $700 below invoice. Subtract off the $3,500 rebates and I got the processing fees waived ($200) for another $3,700 off = $24,500. (Plus they gave me more on my trade in than I expected). I think I did good. What do you think?
  • jgco5fljgco5fl Posts: 6
    Today, I'm the proud owner of a 2005 JGC Fully Loaded.

    I never thought I would own a Jeep, because I never really cared for the Grand Cherokee's looks & styling, nor do i do any off-roading. Seriously, I never ever visited a jeep dealership to even try out their vehicles ( even though I liked the the thought of the freedom the wrangler could provide when i lived in the mountains during my high-school & college years )

    However, afer looking at practically every truck, suv & car, i decided to go with the JGC because it met all my needs in the end...

    Height : i'm tall & so are friends.
    driver and passenger seats have lots of room.
    2nd role has no room for tall people if front seats
    are all the way back
    Unfortunately, everything else was too good
    to pass up so those friends who aren't fortunate
    enough to sit in front will have to either endure
    sitting in back or ride in their own vehicles...
    ( sad, but what's a guy to do... )

    5.7 HEMI : wanted something fast
    Jeep : wanted something 4 occasional off-road
    if i'm stuck in traffic, i can make my
    own detour, cross divide, rail-road
    tracks, etc
    Size : something that fit in my garage
    didn't want 40-50K vehicle sitting in
    sun, rain, etc
    FUN : Extremely fun to drive, agile, nimble,
    quick, secure, & did i say fun !!!!
    Share : my wife can drive this too, suburbans,
    tahoe's, yukons, durango's, tundras,
    explorers, etc.. she didn't like, too
    Styling : the car actually looks very good
    Cost : sticker much less than other items
    i looked at, final deal even sweeter

    BODY & Description
    WKJP74.Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4
    PSB.......Bright Silver Metallic C/C Paint
    PLD5......Leather-Trimmed Bucket Seats
    AEK.......Electronic Information System Group
    AJY........4x4 Popular Group
    CGS.......Supplemental Side Air Bagss
    DGQ.......5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    EZB.......5.7L HEMI(R) MDS V8 Engine
    ..........Electronic Limited Slip Differential rear Axle
    .............Electronic Limited Slip front Axle
    ..............5.7L Badge
    ................Quadra-Drive(R) II 4WD System
    REC..........Navigation System w/6-CD/MP3 Player
    RSA SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    WGX 17x7.5" Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels
    XAA ParkSense(TM) Rear Back-up Sysem
    XGM Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
    YDH Daimler Chrysler Owner Loyalty Mail
    YG1 7.5 Additional Gallons of Gas
    2TK K Package
    25K....Customer Preferred Package 25K
    4HW....Pre-Spec Vehicle Order Tracking
  • jgco5fljgco5fl Posts: 6
    Sorry for double post, same guy as message 190 re-edit text to make it more readable

    BODY & Description
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4
    Bright Silver Metallic C/C Paint
    Leather-Trimmed Bucket Seats
    Electronic Information System Group
    4x4 Popular Group
    Supplemental Side Air Bagss
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    5.7L HEMI(R) MDS V8 Engine
    Electronic Limited Slip Differential rear Axle
    Electronic Limited Slip front Axle
    5.7L Badge
    Quadra-Drive(R) II 4WD System
    Navigation System w/6-CD/MP3 Player
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    17x7.5" Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels
    ParkSense(TM) Rear Back-up Sysem
    Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
    Daimler Chrysler Owner Loyalty Mail
    7.5 Additional Gallons of Gas
    K Package
    Customer Preferred Package 25K
    Pre-Spec Vehicle Order Tracking
    $43,045 : sticker price
    $34,527 : price after rebates / negotiations
    didn't plan, strategize or intend following, it was all spontaneous, unplanned, unscripted...
    had appointment to test drive on saturday morning, 10:00 am
    decided to go friday evening, unannoucned, to save saturday for something else
    arrived at dealship around 8:30 pm friday evening
    dealership closes at 9:00 pm friday evening
    i test drived JGC 4x4 Limited 5.7L HEMI Fully Loaded for 20 minutes
    couldn't afford navigation, dvd & a few other items
    no point in dealing on extra items, wanted vehicle with less features
    they had only one 5.7L HEMI on lot and i waned HEMI
    they wanted to make a deal that night
    although dealship closes at 9:00 pm, i was there until 12:30 pm
    their system shutdown for backups so couldn't complete finance ( god send )
    they let me take car home for evening and all day next day ( saturday )
    AMAZING !!! as i had not put anything down or even purchased vehicle
    AMAZING !!! all i did was sign paper, took car home for evening !!!! WOW !!!!
    deliberated ( stayed up all night )
    used google to search web sites, read tons of articles, postings, etc
    checked blue book values for 2004, couldn't find values for 2005
    couldn't find ratings for 2005, too new
    drove car around some more
    found this site, people seem happy
    convinced it's a good vehicle, drove it around some more, showed friends, took friends for ride
    finalized deal, purchased car next day ( saturday ) @ 9:30 pm ( again after closing )
    really happy, love this vehicle, it's sitting in my garage all happy
    purchased 7yr/100k : 5yr paint/fabric : 4yr/60K free maintenance : 2 extra keys
    did i say i really love this vehicle
    I've never been treated better
    I've never been treated with such respect & consideration
    They never rushed me
    They were all so professional
    The whole time it was all about me and how could they get me into this vehicle I knew I could not afford and was willing to accept less. but they had only one HEMI with all features and nothing less to offer
    Best car buying experience I've ever had...
    And to think I wasn't even considering buying a jeep.
  • I would try the method I used.

    Invoice less $200 plus you want the rebates:
    $2500 to $1000 if you finance thru Chrysler Credit. On our deal we financed 48 months at 5.99%

    We will pay off early.

    Hope this helps.
  • I think you did the deal of the month. Also you got the Hemi, its great, took mine out today, it drives like a sports sedan.

    Any deal on a hemi is good as it seems they are drying up. I real an article in US News that the Hemi is "designer" and Chrysler under estimated the demand. Many orders are delayed for the 300C Dodge Ram ETC. The article said that Daimler Chrysler needs a hit with the Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Charger, same as the 300 so I suspect they are dealing.
  • jgco5fljgco5fl Posts: 6

    Took back contract and removed 5y paint protection after talking with friends, detail shops, and dealer's own detail shop...

    Found a detail shop that works on bentleys, ferraris, high end mercedes, etc... and they didn't recommend the paint protection programs offered by the dealer and their prices were a fraction of the price for a much better offering...

    As for rebates per one person's post earlier, I got following:
    $43,045 original price
    $ 5,018 dealer reduced price without my asking
    $ 3,500 rebate
    $34,527 final price

    i consider myself fortunate as i went in for a test drive with a maximum budget of 39,000 out the door...

    i told them that although the extras were very nice i simply could not afford them and asked if they had a jgc with less features.

    they didn't, they had only one jgc hemi on the lot and it had all the features: 4x4 limited, plus extra add-ons ( fully loaded )

    it was 12:30pm at night, everyone was tired, ( i was there from 8:30 to 12:30 pm on a friday night ) so i guess they figured they simply wanted to close the deal...

    so it was incorrect to say in an earlier post that i negotiated the price, i was very blessed / fortunate the dealership made the concessions they did, but as a result, i've got several co-workers that are also considering purchasing the vehicle...

    yesterday, i went by the dealership, ordered items from parts, talked with dealership detail shop, mechanics, etc... i had such a good experience with everyone, including many of the sales persons, so much so that i shared with the owner how impressed i was with the team he put together...

    so far i'm a very / extremely satisfied customer.
    i sincerely hope the remainder of my experience with the jgc will be the same.

    it truly is amazing how fast this vehicle is and how quickly it can accelarate from 0 to 60 or from 80 to 100; not to mention: sound system is superb ( sounds great, list of mp3's by name, graphic equalizer & graphic fade / balance ), extremely quiet, climate control is nice, handles pretty good too...
  • pjtpjt Posts: 36
    I have a question concerning the $3,500 in rebates. I haven't visited the dealer yet, so maybe you can enlighten me beforehand.

    What were your cash rebate and financing options when you bought the car, and are they any different than the March incentives? I'm just trying to determine whether to expect $3,500 in rebates PLUS 0% financing for 36 months, or whether the 0% financing is in lieu of part of the $3,500 in rebates. In other words, are the rebates and financing offers mutually exclusive?

    Thaks for your help.


  • Hello, if you take the low / 0 interest than you will receive a $1000 rebate from DC.

    I took the $2500 plus the $1000 since I financed 48 months thru DC at 5.99%.

    I did the numbers and this option if I were to go to term was $1400 better than the 0% for 36M or 2.9% for 48M.

    There was a misprint on their web site for a couple od day that indicated you got the $3500 plus the 0%, it was a mis-print.

    Check your mail, they just mailed out an additional $500 coupon if you were a previous good customer. We got one since we have several Dodge's and another Jeep.

    Hopes this helps. One word for everyone, they are running of Hemi's and are starting to push 4.7 Limited's. This may be why the DHS has not showed up. The dealer in town told me they are down to 1 Hemi left and none coming.
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