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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    It's not 1200 more. People are so dumb. Do some research!
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    Yes, you are correct. Dealer invoice includes advertising, so it's 3-500 more than what Edmunds says it is. 300 under invoice would even it out BUT there are great rebates. 1000 cash back plus 0% finacing for 36 months or 2.9 for 48, 3.9 - 60.
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    Good post, thanks.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    You're welcome.

    One little nitpick, the 6 cylinder on the '98 GC is an I6 instead of a V6.

    My one driving desire to upgrade to an '05 would be to get the Hemi. But I also tow snowmobiles and live at 6500' elevation so for me the Hemi has some significant benefits over the 4.7L.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, I do a fair amount of fairly serious off roading in the mountains of Colorado so I already want the off road package/skid plates/tow package.

    If you're just looking for the Hemi, it is required that you purchase some packages you might not want.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    How can you sell your vehicles for $1200 below invoice and make any money? Or are you saying that you sell them for $1200 below invoice but the dealer keeps all incentives and rebates?

    Just curious.
  • pjtpjt Member Posts: 36
    To "jeepsales1":

    Thanks for the information, particularly about the availability of the Hemi engine WITHOUT all the options. After "ozonecat" and I were insulted by "bravest086" ("people are so dumb"), you've offered proof that we're not so uninformed. I was already aware of this when I wrote that the Hemi was a $1,200 option (it's actually $1,245), but I didn't want to get into a "p-ing" contest. My interest in the Hemi (vs. the 4.7L V8) is the Dynamic Handling System (DHS). I've read that DHS will be available mid-year (March 2005?). A writer from another auto website who drove two identically equipped Hemi GC's (one with standard suspension and the other with DHS) wrote that "the difference is dramatic". The DHS offers "sport handling benefits" versus the standard suspension. Before being attacked again, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the standard suspension, just that the DHS offers different handling characteristics. My last 2 cars have been sport sedans (BMW 528 & Audi A6 2.7T). An SUV like the GC is certainly not a sport sedan, but if DHS has been designed for sport handling, I see an opportunity to get the best of both worlds with this option. If DHS was available with the 4.7L V8, I'd probably select this engine instead of the HEMI...but it's not. This same writer reviewed the 4.7L engine, and wrote that it was "terrific", and "a paragon of power and smoothness" with "a broad torque band, and a lovely sound". This is a fairly impressive endorsement. In fact, I've done an extensive amount of reading, and haven't seen a negative review about either of these V8's.


    I have a couple of questions for you. Do you know when DHS-equipped vehicles will be available? Also, I'm curious what part of the country you work in? Finally, how typical is a deal of $1,200 below invoice before rebates and incentives? Is your dealership unique among Jeep stores in how it does business? Thanks again.
  • ozonecatozonecat Member Posts: 9
    I was able to find Limited with the 5.7L engine without all the options at my local dealer.. I am also working through a local broker to find the exact model we want when we decide to buy. I am also well aware of the power difference between our Liberty V-6 and the GC My wife also drives our 1993 Rx7 on occassion, and her one gripe with the Liberty is lack of good acceleration. I'm not concerned with the power increase of the GC.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    The posts have been removed as they violate the Membership Agreement for solicitation. Salespeople may NOT use our boards to pick-up customers. Sorry!


  • imacooldadimacooldad Member Posts: 1
    I'm interested in buying An 05 Grand Cheerokee. In most of the articles I've read about negotiating the purchase price of a new car. they state you should be able to buy for 2 to 3 % above invoice. How do available rebates affect this? Should the amount of the rebate be deducted from the invoice price? That would seem to good to be possible
  • depdep Member Posts: 79
    In Chicagoland the going price for an 05 GC (any trim line/options) is between Invoice and Invoice - 1% LESS all rebates which are currently at $2,000 if you use Chrysler credit*.


    I was quoted ~6 weeks for a custom order from the factory at the same pricing (invoice -1%).


    * You don't have to keep the loan and you can write it for any duration. e.g. you want to pay cash but still get the extra $1,000 finance credit so you do a 2 year loan and pay it in full /w the first payment. :)
  • jherbstjherbst Member Posts: 19
    I just ordered my GC today. Seems they're getting a little stingy with the Hemi's. The two local dealers had one hemi each and each had the rear DVD and/or chrome wheels and/or the off-road package. But I do not want either package (no kids and I live in FL) or shiny wheels so I had to order. I ordered everything else including navigation.

    We ended up with $500 over invoice plus rebates out the door excluding tax and tag. Got a written guarantee of keeping the $2k rebates upon delivery as well as a written guarantee of "if it's higher, you get it" as well.

    The dealer in Missouri was wonderful to work with both over the internet and in person. Now it's just the waiting and I have to go get it. It'll be a tough drive home . . .
  • garegare Member Posts: 3
    Hello. I was looking to buy a 2005 JGC for my wife, while at my dealer I noticed they had a new 2004, limited pretty much loaded w/o Navigation or DVD. The sales guy said they could let it go for 29500 (including rebates). I am wondering if this is a good price for a vehicle that is now "old". Should I try to get it down to to the edmunds TMV price 26500 - 27500 range, as if it where a "used" one?

  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    The 2005 JGC handles and rides much better on pavement, while retaining its off-pavement ability. Why on earth would you consider a 2004 now? Think 330 HP Hemi and Quadra-Drive II!
  • max31max31 Member Posts: 3
    I am interested in buying the new 2005 JGC Limited, but with options: Sun-roof, tow, and tire monitoring system. My question is, what should I pay for the vehicle. The initial invoice price of 31,800 or 33,000 invoice price with options. Bottom line, what should the price be for this vehicle?


    Thanks for any advice and info.
  • depdep Member Posts: 79
    Use Edmunds to find out what the Invoice price is including all factory installed options and shipping charge.


    Then subtract 3% from that and use that as a starting point with the dealer. Expect to pay about 1% less than invoice when you are all done.


  • max31max31 Member Posts: 3


    Thanks for the advice


  • bailey152bailey152 Member Posts: 1
    I am curently negotiating a lease for a 2005 JGC 4x4...I'm happy with the price I negotiated plus additional $3000 in lease cash and incentives. The lease is a 39 month/1200 mi. per year(Chrysler Financial Gold Key Plus) and 54%

    residual. I am not happy with the money factor of .00283 (6.8%). Dealership says the rate is based on vehicle and not on credit tiers and that is the best rate. I have an A+ credit rating..should I expect a better rate?
  • jherbstjherbst Member Posts: 19
    As I said in an earlier post, I just ordered a JGC with all options except rear dvd (no kids) and Parksense and paid about $35k after rebates.


    I agree with your other reply -- why mess with an '04 for $30k when the Hemi & Quadra-drive + 5 more inches in the back seat are available for just a bit more?


    But it's just an opinion . . . .
  • jherbstjherbst Member Posts: 19
    The question of the day: How does one REALLY get Quadra-Drive II?


    I just ordered my JGC with a Hemi but I had to add the 4x4 off road package to get Quadra-Drive. But . . .

    During the process I contacted Jeep and I got two different answers. One answer was "yes, you must order the 4x4 off road package to get quadra-drive." Then another call said "nope, you get quadra-drive with the Hemi." A third call got door #1, order the 4x4 package. A fourth call got door #2, it's in the Hemi package. It's worse than the IRS.

    The dealer has been wonderful trying to sort out the confusion but we finally just succumbed and added the 4x4 package.

    Does anyone REALLY know what ordering package gets quadra-drive? The factory reps sure don't.

  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114


    Having previously worked for Chrysler Financial, I can say that it sounds very odd for someone to tell you they are basing your interest rate on the vehicle and not your credit score. I would be curious to know if the dealership is tacking on a few points for themselves. The Gold Key Plus is a retail account, not a lease. It's just structured like a lease because it has a balloon payment on the end (I think they call it a fixed-value payment), and you can walk away after 24-48 months just like in a lease. I can't say for certain that the process is the same, but when I was there, all retail accounts had interest rates that were based mainly on the buyer's credit score. The vehicle price plays into it because you have to consider what kind of risk the finance company is assuming, but it was definitely not the sole or main determining factor. I'm not sure that helps, but you may want to check at other dealers or question the F&I manager a little more closely.
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Bailey152 --


    I stand corrected! I checked with a source and they have changed things on the Gold Key Plus deals since I have been there. The way it is working now is that you get the rate you qualify for, then add 3 points to the rate. Then you would deduct what ever the buy down is (rate reduction) and that depends on the kind of car. The buy downs on the Jeep vary between .50 and 2.00 depending on the car. So chances are your rate will be in the six's if you have good credit.


    Hope this helps and sorry if I was misinformed previously.
  • tannytanny Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am thinking about buying an alarm for the car, but I am not sure if I need one. The new Jeeps have the key with the computer chip that is needed to start the car. How effective is this system? Is it only a starter kill that a theif can bypass or is it a complete electronic shut down?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  • ksdksd Member Posts: 5
    I am interested in leasing a 2005 JGC. One dealership in my area is advertising a 39 month lease with $2000.00 down for $329.00/mo on their BASE vehicle with an MSRP $28500.00. My questions are...1.Is there a way to figure out what the money factor is on their advertised lease? 2. About how much more would my payment be if I didn't put anything down? 3. I checked a pricing calculator for leases and the 39 month lease was more expensive than a 36 month lease. shouldn't it be the other way around?


  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Tanny --


    This discussion is mainly about pricing and the buying experience itself. For your particular question, you would be better off asking other owners in this discussion:


    ed96, "Jeep Cherokee" #1358, 10 Feb 2005 4:29 pm
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,114
    1. Yes. However, we'd really need to know the residual value of the vehicle.

    2. Depends on the money factor. We recommend NOT putting money down on a lease.

    3. Could be, depending on what special deals they're running. Depends on the residual value of this vehicle at the 39-month point vs the 36-month point.



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  • snowmancomicsnowmancomic Member Posts: 6
    Anyone have an update on the date the Dynamic Handling System will be available on the '05 Grand Cherokee (last I've seen is March 2005). Also, any idea on the cost for this option?
  • 05jeepowner05jeepowner Member Posts: 5
    I just picked up a Jeep GC Laredo, 4X4, Quadra-trac I, w/26X package, elect stab program, uconnect, Nav system, heated seats, Sirrius Sat, power adj pedals, etc. for $31K before rebates and $28.5 after rebates. It worked out to be about $1K below Edmunds invoice price so I feel I got a great deal but the dealer got the $1100 holdback which jeep gives the dealer of course. I turned in a leased '02 GC last fall and decided to buy this one. Love it so far, Nav, Uconnect and Sirrius are real nice, the wheel mounted stereo controls are nice also. I opted for the 6 cyl like my last jeep as it was plenty for me but some people might want the 8 if you do alot of towing, if not it's a waste of $1K imho. I also ordered slush mats, running boards, and splash guards after I got the vehicle and got 20% off all three accessories from the dealer which I was happy with. I suggest ordering the vehicle if you can wait as I couldn't find a Laredo with all of the options I wanted on any lots within 75 miles of the Philadelphia tri-state area. I hope these numbers give an idea of what someone can get.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    On saturday I sent a request to Lafayette, Louisiana dealership for a Jeep GC limited. They immediately replied and quoted a price of $29,990. The MSRP is $33,600. I think that I can do better than this. One of my concerns about purchasing a Jeep GC is how reliable the automobile will be. I am currently in a Chevy Trailblazer and I don't want to make the same mistake again. Any ideas?
  • 05jeepowner05jeepowner Member Posts: 5
    I can say that my 02 GC never gave me any problems. I took it in once when the check engine light came on which had something to do with emissions. They reset it I guess, but it didn't cost me a thing and it never happened again. That's why I bought the '05, I guess I was spoiled with the '02 going so well. I love this new Jeep, with that said however, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few small glitches with it since it's a new model with a bunch of new systems. That's what the warranty is for. It seems to be a good mid-size SUV imho and definately more comfortable than the previous models. The brakes on the previous models were horrible imo but the '05 got new, larger brakes which should improve brake life. That was my only knock on my '02 that wasn't covered by the warranty. Ask again in 6 months though, hopefully I'll feel the same way. Good Luck.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for the information. I think that I will have a better idea of the reliability when I make my purchase in the late spring. I have driven almost every SUV over the last two months and so far the Jeep GC is the best ride for the price.
  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    "Anyone have an update on the date the Dynamic Handling System will be available on the '05 Grand Cherokee (last I've seen is March 2005). Also, any idea on the cost for this option?"


    I, too, am waiting for DHS. And I, too, last heard that it would be available in March. Presumably, the Jeeps at the New York Auto Show will have it. I still don't have any idea of what the price will be.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    It looks to me from another website that if you order the Hemi, you get Quadra Drive automatically without having to order the off-road package.


    Of course the off road package is really cool so I personally would order it anyway.
  • tvcoccotvcocco Member Posts: 2
    Just leased an '05 GC Laredo E package for $299/month with only tax and tags down, 39mos/36k. I think I got a good deal. Right?
  • 05jeepowner05jeepowner Member Posts: 5
    You get the Quadra-Drive on every 4X4, Laredo and Limited, V-6 and V-8 Hemi. The difference is whether it's Q-Drive I or II. The V-6 is Q-Drive I and V-8 Hemi is Q-Drive II. At least that's what I get from the website. I know my Laredo has Q-Drive I.
  • jdoddsjdodds Member Posts: 2
    Had a 92 wrangler sport /black 4.0

    traded it in for a 2000Ltd 4.7 with Quadradrive / Black

    traded that one in for a 5.7Ltd / Black

    Got very lucky. My dealership in Larchmont, NY had a 2002 with only 14K miles. My payments would go up 100$ to 500/month.Only one problem - it was grey. The DAY BEFORE I was suppose to get it - I decided to just go take a look at another place. That day I got the 2005 one - black with chrome 17x7.5s. I still cannot believe Its only 59$ more a month - thank god ofr this because I wouldve lost it if I went the other way.

    This truck has some minor stuff going on that are small concerns. Overall - I am blown away by the suspension combined with the linebacker engine. Iam also blwon away by the MDS system. I just but it on cruise and coast away on 4 cylinders - most excellent. The BA sound system is very very very nice - no more Infinity...

    I am not thrilled with the plastic but I can live with it. Much more of a grown up vehicle - I am 37 so I think this fits me just fine. I certainly love the stares at the lights and I also love dealing with irritants. I have blown out an jealous FX35 or two ( Ok Ok - they were sixes but hey - I will see a 45 soon enough - esp in Manhattan ) I have also had a run with a kid in an MDX that was fun - but the jeep had its plate full with an X5 4.8i - I can deal with up to the 4.4s but thats about it. But - of course with the fun comes the price you pay at the tank but hey - I am so happy these days I can live with it. The only reason I really got the 5.7L is the MDS - it seems to really work when you chill out on the pedal very nice work Jeep. Well gotta run but I highly recommend this 4x4 - Its more powerfull than most other trucks out there and I am takking it up to Vermont next month to an off road facility and will test her out in the mud - cannot wait.....
  • kaitlyntkaitlynt Member Posts: 3
    hi all,

    i'm looking to buy a car for the first time, all by my very lonesome. i'm totally loving the 2005 GC 4x4 limited. this would actually be my fourth jeep, so i guess i'm pretty loyal to the brand.

    anyway, i used the internet option through to get quotes from local dealers. 2 of them have quoted back invoice to me ($35246 with my options). my dad (ever the extra-special bargain hunter) wants me to throw back $33200 at them.

    my question is, i know it can't hurt ... but are they going to laugh in my face? if they came at me with invoice, what should i have in mind as an absolute highest i will go?

    thanks in advance to you all.
  • russlarussla Member Posts: 74
    Hey, the last of the loaded '04 overlands can be found and bought for about 30K, and they have the HO 4.7 motor, I know it's not a hemi, but it is a $42k Jeep for $30k, it may be worth looking for one.

  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I know how you feel I am now working on buying a car for the first time also. Do you know if this price is before or after rebates?. The last quote that I was given was about 1.5 percent below invoice. They then took off the current national rebates. The final price was about $5100 below MSRP. This was in Hammond Louisiana.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    His question was how do you get Quadra Drive II hence my response answered that particular question.
    Sorry for any confusion.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    If invoice is $35,246, there is no way they're going to sell it to you at $33,300 UNLESS the rebates are not included in the invoice price you're quoting.
    If you are a Chrysler employee, the deal they give you is 1% below invoice minus any applicable rebates. I'd shoot for invoice - any rebate - 1-2% of the invoice cost.
    Offer them a little bit lower and work up to your target price.
  • davidb1davidb1 Member Posts: 2
    Just about made the decision to buy a new loaded (everything but block heater and chrome wheels) GC Limited 4x4. Dealer appears ready to give me $6000 off Msrp of $42,375 or $655 (1.7%) below dealer invoice of $38,965 including dealer incentives of $2000. Not sure what the dealer holdback is but this seems like I cannot be leaving too much on the table. Anybody do much better?

    Compared extensively against the Toyota 4 Runner (more expensive for comparable equipment and little wow) and Nissan Pathfinder (nice ergonomics but relatively boring performance). Jeep definitely seems to offer the best bang for the buck, especially when I consider I am looking for a comfortable daily commuter that will really take me just about anywhere when I get the chance to play. Really liked the new Land Rover LR3 or Lexus GX470 but could not justify the extra $15,000 to join that club.

    My remaining concern is Jeep's spotty reliability rep compared to Toyota. I don't really expect Jeep to match my current 2000 Toyota Tundra that with 116K that aside from oil changes and one brake job does not know what the inside of a repair shop looks like. My dad traded at a significant loss a 60K 2000 GC in 2003 because of a oil leak the dealer could not manage to locate and fix. Anybody have any luck negotiating a reasonable discount to a Chrslyer extended warranty? Getting one may be worth the piece of mind for a 1st year model.

    Toyota 4 Runner gets one more test drive tommorrow and then it will be a done deal one way or the other.
  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    I think that $6000 off MSRP is about as good as anyone has a right to expect.
  • bballmom3bballmom3 Member Posts: 1
    I too am looking very seriously at a loaded 04 JGC Limited with the 4.7 V8 and lots of nice extras. It is listed at the dealership for $34k and I am able to get them down to $27k. I thinking that this is a good deal. It has 460 miles on it and is a cool red color. I owned a Pathfinder for 14 years and actually think I might like this Jeep better. My only concern is trying to find anyone who will finance it for less than 4%.
  • marshycocomarshycoco Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know what the money factor should be for a lease for the grand cherokee laredo 2005 from chrysler financial new jersey
  • hemiboyhemiboy Member Posts: 4
    They wanted 42,999 for my 5.7 Hemi. Its got everything except the navigation & DVD player. I talked them down to 38,000 aand ran away as quickly as possible.
  • russlarussla Member Posts: 74
    I know in my area, the discount is about 11k to 12 from list, but that was on models in the high thirties and 40s, I would think that since it has that many miles, you might get more than 7k off MSRP, none the less, you're still getting it for 7K off if you do buy it.
  • gordongordogordongordo Member Posts: 28
    I just purchased a 2005 Cherokee Laredo, the basic model at a very good price here in Santa Barbara. Only afterwards did I learn that the DHS system will be available soon, probably next month.

    My question: will existing Cherokee 2005 owners like myself be able to add that suspension system to the existing models we have --- in my case, the basic Laredo?

    Michael (gordongordo)
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    I don't know this for a fact but my guess is no.

    I'm sure there is some form of electronic box associated with it and even if you could it would probably be very expensive.

    Needless to say I'm just guessing here and your dealer would probably be a better source of information although you are reading this on the internet so it must be true!
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Since this discussion is about Prices Paid & Buying Experiences only, you should re-post your question about add-ons in the main Jeep Cherokee discussion.

  • skoorkaskoorka Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I posted this somewhere else on here (I think) and got a response,but I'm semi-incompetent when it comes to forums). I'm thinking of buying a pretty much loaded 2000 Chrokee Sport 4x4 with 38,000 miles (it was a lease car bought at auction) for $10,500. Has anyone had one? Is it pretty reliable? I've also contemplated a new Liberty, but since we're buying a new vehicle to transport a Newfoundland, and I just LOVE the look of the old Cherokee Sports, I'm leaning that way... any thoughts?
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