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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    OK to you dan and also field1...I have some recent Aug posts in the standard JGC column. I have a 2001 Laredo I6 w/56K miles.
    MILEAGE: It's pushing 4 yrs so I do not recall the exact time our mileage improved but I would give it at least 1000 mis (we got a new 300M a few months ago, I did not get my current 20/27mpg in first 1000 mis either). For years now I get around 15-17mpg in town depending on temps, if selectrac 4WD is off/on, etc. We get 20 @ 75mph and otherwise "ideal conditions" of 70 degrees and no wind. It clearly goes up to low 20s when driving 60mph on a 2 lane highway. I call the mileage "acceptable" but nothing to write home about especially compared to our 250hp 300M. I guess it's the SUV tax with a higher profile large tire vehicle...or something.

    CHROME WHEELS: I don't have them on the Jeep but I got caught with the 300M the same way. Plastic coated, not happy on even a $32K vehicle (we paid $24K closeout but still...). They look gorgeous now but will they in 7years after a couple of high curb scrapes? Must be a new DC thing. At least I have a full size spare if only one gets bunged up.
  • benjaminhaagbenjaminhaag Member Posts: 1

    I bought my 2001 JGC Laredo on 9/30/01 (don't know if that qualifies as "recent"...I bought it off the lot after the 2002's were in. Sticker was about 31K and change; I drove it away for $26,600. I was paying cash, so no financing. Overall it was a decent experience; the people at the dealership were courteous and not pushy, and since then I've had a good experience with the service department when I've needed it (which hasn't been often).

  • rockymtn04rockymtn04 Member Posts: 3
  • rockymtn04rockymtn04 Member Posts: 3

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Netiquette suggests not using all caps! :-)

    tidester, host
  • sambrownsambrown Member Posts: 5
    I Am about to purchase an 04 GC. Smart buy is offered in NY with heavy cash back (7250.00) plus dealer discount of another 1800.00. I am plan to buy the vehicle. This package offered the best deal..
  • sambrownsambrown Member Posts: 5
    if you dont pay it, the ccr will be added in to the cost and it raise your monthly payment by whatever, maybe 20.00. The only way around this is to take that off the selling price, but you may be at the bottom already. The numbers you mention sound good. The dealer may not come down anymore..
  • bzimmerbzimmer Member Posts: 2
    Ok let me get this straight. You want to pay $800.00 below invoice? You expect a dealer to go into holdback a device that is put into place to protect the dealer from someone like you? To top it off you expect a salesman or woman to spend 1-2 hours with you and listen to your kids whine for $75 bucks? I don't thinks so. Dealers will starve rather than deal with people like you. If you want a 04 Grand Cherokee find one at a dealer and tell them you will pay invoice for that Grand Cherokee over there they will be more than happy to help you and sell you one since the 05's are coming out.
  • bzimmerbzimmer Member Posts: 2
    Sam You should get more than $1800.00 discount on the Grand. You are getting all rebates but get more off the MSRP. Go for invoice in NY all dealers are killing themselves up there.
  • bjoyebjoye Member Posts: 35
    Anyone have any thoughts on how much the new '05s should be going for? I see on the Jeep website that they have $1500 cash back already on the new ones. What's a good range relative to invoice on a new '05?
  • skiingjskiingj Member Posts: 19
    I just ordered a 05 GC Ltd for about 4k off msrp
  • rsk551rsk551 Member Posts: 5
    We are going to buy a 05 JGC Limited 4x4. Dealer is saying invoice price is wrong. Edmunds says $31,115, the dealer $31,490.
    Also, did $4k discount include $1,000 Rebate and $1,000 Chrysler finance bonus?
  • rsk551rsk551 Member Posts: 5
    Did the $4k discount off msrp include the $1,000 rebate from Jeep and the $1,000 finance discount from Chrysler finance?
  • naturebuddynaturebuddy Member Posts: 2
    With Jeep's $5500 dealer cash my wife's new grad discount & trading in our 04 Santa Fe
    We were able to purchase a 04 Grand Cherokee 4WD
    Rocky Mtn.edition for $9300 out the door
    the Santa Fe MSRP was $23K compared to $33K on the Jeep. So we're happy with our deal
    now may be the time to purchase an 04 IF YOU COULD FIND 1
  • benny5benny5 Member Posts: 13
    Here's what a So. Cal. dealer is offering:

    MSRP = $34,940

    Invoice = $32,604

    $0 out of pocket

    39 months = $449.42 + tax

    Total Cap Cost = $32,229.74

    Residual = 55% - $19,217

    Money Factor = 0.002250

    15k miles a year


    Yes, it's not a good deal given there's $2500 cash back from Jeep and Chrysler Financial. Further, the money factor is huge.

    What is a good deal on this car? Anyone have any good deals in So. Cal.? 4x4 or 4x2. Thanks.
  • russlarussla Member Posts: 74
    The only current december incentive I'm aware of is 5500 dealer cash, so in a perfect world, the cost of the vehicle should be invoice - $5500 as a starting point.

    whether or not you can get into hold back to further drive down the cap cost is something upto that particular dealer and their determination to close you on the lease.
  • golfnut7golfnut7 Member Posts: 34
    Looking for a 05 GC for my daughter. The model we are looking at is a pretty basic 2WD since she is a new driver and I was really expecting to start her out in a used vehicle but..... Current incentives are $2,000 and I figure the worst deal should $2,000 under invoice but should I expect a better deal? I've dealt with several dealers on an '05 Liberty and that is as far as I have gotten them, invoice minus rebates. Should I expect to do better on a '05 Grand Cherokee? Thanks
  • mrrnt2005mrrnt2005 Member Posts: 2
    First of all, I would suggest buying a 4WD (not a 2WD) Jeep if you live in the Midwest/Northeast or any other place that it snows. I would also suggest taking a long hard look at the number of vehicles a car dealership has on the lot. Usually, the more vehicles mean the more incentives or things they are willing to give up in order to make a deal. For example, some dealers are willing to go into there hold-back money to make a deal. If not, see if they will throw in stuff, like the Sirrus radio, Nav. system, free oil changes or gas for a year,etc. Make sure though, if they do give you extras that they don't try to add it back in on the final paper (ex. 500 for etching, ad. fees) Also, they might give you the employee discount. See the following article
  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    I went to the local Jeep dealer in Langhorne, PA for a serious test drive; my other three test drives of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee were at other dealerships and just spins around the block. This time I wanted to test the Jeep on I-95 and Route 1--places where I normally drive; I realize I can't test the Jeep off-road! I said to the salespersons that I wanted to test one with Quadra-Drive II, Wrangler tires, and either the 5.7L Hemi or the 4.7L V-8. They would not let me test the Hemi (they had two on the lot) and none of the 4.7L models had Quadra-Drive II; I knew more than the salespersons about the technical details. So I left in a huff. Jeep, Inc. has produced a beautiful brochure and a beautiful TV commercial (that I see everyday on CNBC) but the dealer won't let a prospect test drive a Hemi that's on the lot? Ridiculous for a 40K vehicle.


    The last time I was at this dealer (in July 2000), they were jerks. They're still jerks now. What's funny, is that they're asking 2K above sticker for the Hemi! This contrasts with another dealer, in Philadelphia, on Route 1, that offers the Jeep with 6K off (but they won't let me test drive a Hemi either!).


    So, I think I'll wait until the Dynamic Handling System becomes available in the Spring or whenever, before another attempt at a test drive. Maybe by then some of the dealers will be more cooperative.


    P.S.: 1) What are the City/Highway EPA figures for the 4.7L with Quadra-Drive; it's not listed on the EPA's Web site--but I suppose it's 15/20.

    2) Will the Dynamic Handling System be available for the 4.7L, or just for the 5.7L?
  • donf1donf1 Member Posts: 4
    I bought our 2005 JGC at Yark Auto in toledo oh nice sales guy .We paid E-price son inlaw works at DC. We have the 28x package plus trailer tow,4.7,tracll heated seats,sirius radio,&power pedals MSRP $34,485 MPG 15/20. WE get 13.5/19,we also have a 2001 J-C the old box style love em both.
  • darknight1darknight1 Member Posts: 13


    I recently test drove a limited w/ hemi and the truck had a distinct whistle that changed with speed. Has anyone else noticed this (presumably wind) related issue?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,114
    Since this is the pricing discussion, you'll want to speak to those who have ownership experience with this vehicle. Try Jeep Grand Cherokee problems instead.



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  • mcs19mcs19 Member Posts: 14
    I'm looking to lease a 2005 Grand Cherokee V6 for 24 months. I understand there are a lot of incentives etc. out there. I need leather, but I understand you can't get it without the extras under the x package. Can anyone shed their experiences in negotiating a really good lease on this vehicle. I'm really looking to keep the numbers to around $275/mo. (I'm willing to put down up to $2500). Is this possible? Does it pay for may to try and do this before the new year or wait till after? Any comments and guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • hemiwayhemiway Member Posts: 3
    Just bought my 3rd Jeep GC but this time with the 5.7L Hemi. Traded in my 2001 Acura MDX for KBB trade-in value in good condition which was $3K more than their initial offer. My Jeep includes Navi/6 CD Changer, Sirius Radio, Tire Pressure Monitor, Quadra Trak II, Chrome Wheels, Entertainment Package, Adjustable pedals, Towing package, OWL tires, Back Up Monitor, UConnect Cellphone kit, and cargo tray for $39.2K which was $3K under a sticker of $42.2K. This included the $1K incentive plus another $1K incentive to finance through Chrysler. I was going to pay cash plus my trade but for the $1,000 extra off all I have to do is make 3 payments and then pay the balance off. The interest rate was 6.69% for 60 months which is why Chrysler offered the incentive. The Hemi is incredible and the new suspension and drive train for 2005 make a huge improvement in handling and ride over my two previous GCs.
  • denverdirtdenverdirt Member Posts: 1
    Just bought with a family member a JGC from Phil Long Denver Chrysler/Jeep in Littleton, Colorado. After a very long buying process on New Years eve. a rush through the finance department, I have found charges for 2 products that were not even discussed.


    The finance guy resembled a con man from the get go. Trying to explain to my 75 year old mother how lousy Jeep reliability was in order to get her to go on a extended warranty. I guess I should have been more alert after that observation but in my previous car buying experience I had yet to encounter a dishonest dealer. Now I have.


    I've contacted the dealer but have yet to hear back.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    On Thursday, December 30, 2004, I was quoted a selling price of $23,500 after $2000 in rebates for a 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 2 wheel drive. I know 2 wheel drive is blasphemy in Jeep land, but that's not the point. Anyway, I go in there today to buy it, and the sales manager flat out tells me he will not sell it for that price. I could not believe it. I not only walked out, but I'm now trying to figure out which state agency I need to report them to. The local Chevy dealership (I will not use their name, but they are the largest Chevy retailer in the US with stores in several states) was just fined over $180,000 by the state of Georgia for fraudulent business dealings. Maybe Carl Gregory Jeep can get some of that action.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    I'm guessing the quote was just verbal and nothing in writing?
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    No, I have nothing in writing. I went out there after work on Thursday, picked one out and drove it. I told the salesman what my trade would be, but I did not have it with me as my wife had it. After driving it, I said I liked it and told the salesman to get me a selling price on it and give me a call. In their ad, they said they had 5 2005 Grand Cherokees for $22,923--that's why I went out there. The one I drove was a base 2WD Laredo with only 1 option on it--adding about $125 to the sticker. He called me at home a couple of hours later at told me they would do $23,500 after rebates. I was busy Friday and Saturday, but I called the salesman Saturday afternoon and told him we would be there Sunday. My wife and I show up--with our trade--test drive it one more time, then go inside to sign the papers. The finance guy has these figures that are way off. Finally, when I brake it down starting with the sales price of $23,500, he says "I'm not selling it for $23,500." I said I was quoted that and he said he did not know I had a trade and would not sell for $23,500. I explained that I told the salesman exactly what I was trading and that he wrote my info down; and, that it makes no difference if I'm trading or not--the sales price is the sales price regardless. He said again he would not honor my price quote from Thursday so I left. There has to be some fraud in there somewhere. I will follow up.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    Gotta love the finance department. That's where these guys pick up the profit on the back end.


    My guess is they decided they were giving you too much for your trade and that's why they pulled the original offer.


    My only suggestion is to bump it up to the sales manager and spell it out for them. Generally dealers will offer these specials to get you in the door because they think no one really wants the base vehicle so they can do whatever they want with a higher optioned vehicle.


    You could always call the BBB and report them. I doubt you would get any satisfaction however.


    Invoice on that car is $24,880 including destination so they would be losing money if they sold it to you for $23,500.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    "Invoice on that car is $24,880 including destination so they would be losing money if they sold it to you for $23,500."


    That was $23,500 AFTER $2000 total in rebates. So, they were selling it for $25,500--which is above invoice.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    You must be correct on that. Both Edmunds and kbb are not clear on how the incentives impact the invoice price.


    kbb subtracts it from MSRP but not from invoice. I don't know why that is unless they view it as strictly cash back to the customer and not a subtraction off of the invoice cost. Edmunds is unclear.


    So if that is the case, they wouldn't be doing all that bad selling it to you for $23,500 considering they're also getting a holdback which is either 3% or 5%. I don't remember which.


    Edit: Jeep holdback is 3% of MSRP.
  • pjtpjt Member Posts: 36
    I've read that the optional Dynamic Handling System (DHS) will become available on GC Limited models w/Hemi in "mid-2005". Is anyone aware of whether this option is in production yet? I'm wondering when to expect DHS-equipped vehicles to begin arriving at the dealers. Thanks for any information.
  • buyernycbuyernyc Member Posts: 1


    I want to buy JGC Limited 5.7 Hemi fully loaded.

    I checked Edmund and didn't notice any rebates or incentives specified for January.

    Do they have it and I missed it or no luck this month? Also, what would be the good price

    for JGC Limited, 5.7, with Navigation, DVD, Sunroof, Leather, BlooTooth? Dialer mentioned something

    in the lower 40s, I'd like to check before commiting. Also, I was going to pay cash, so no financing

    is nessasary. Thanks in advance,

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,114
    In my area, there's a $500 cash incentive on 2004 models, but rebates & incentives can vary from region to region. Make sure to look at our Rebates & Incentives page for your ZIP code.


    Also, paying cash won't likely get you a lower price - dealerships make money off the financing, so they actually prefer that you finance. However, having cash gives you the ability to "buy this car today," and the salesperson knows there won't be any surprises in the finance office, such as finding out that you don't qualify for a good enough interest rate. So, mention that you're a buyer ready to pay cash today, make an offer, and you'll at least be seen as a buyer to be taken seriously.



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  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    You can SAVE some money by financing through Chrysler Financial most of the time. They run rebates (the latest one was $1000) for using Chrysler Financial. So, finance through Chrysler Financial, get the $1000 rebate deducted from your total, then when the first payment notice arrives in the mail, pay the whole balance.
  • booperbooper Member Posts: 1
    On Tuesday, I emailed Jeep with that exact question to get some details and this is the reply I received:


    Thank you for your recent email regarding information on the Dynamic Handling System (DHS) for the 2005 Grand Cherokee.


    The DHS will be a late availability offering on the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. At this time, pricing and an exact release date are not




    Looks like we aren't getting any 'official' information any time soon.
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Member Posts: 123
    buyernyc: A good price to pay on the Grand Cherokee you described would be invoice price, minus any rebates. You did not mention if the model you seek is 4WD or 2WD, but in any case, just find out what the invoice price is at the configuration you want. You can do that here on Edmunds, or other sites.


    paule: Rebates or cash back have no impact on the MSRP or invoice prices. They impact the ~actual~ price you pay, but the MSRP and invoice figures do not change. They are what they are.
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    I just bought a Jeep GC 4WD Limited 2005 4.7V8 for 700 under invoice. On top of that...I received 1500 in rebates and 2.9% financing for 4 years. I could have taken 0% finacning for 3 years or 3.9 for 5
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    Has anyone tried removing those airbag stickers on the visor? I tried taking them off (big pain), and was told by Jeep that the law says they must remain. So the manufacturer seals them real tight into the fabric of the visor. Anyone get these dam stickers off?

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply you might want to browse this archived discussion:


    It contains some good tips!


    tidester, host
  • pjtpjt Member Posts: 36

    This seems like an excellent deal; what part of the country do you live in? Also, for clarification, was the purchase price at $700 off Invoice or off MSRP? Can you tell us what the MSRP/Invoice/Purchase Price of your vehicle was? Finally, do you know if similar deals were available for GC Limiteds with the Hemi engine, or whether dealers are more reluctant to discount Hemi-equipped vehicles? Thanks. pjt
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    I can get the exact details later, but it was 700 off invoice. Good deal definitely. Not sure about the Hemi, but nearly all Hemi's come fully loaded. If you're not towing or doing serious off-roading, why bother with the Hemi? The 4.7L V8 has plenty of power
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    NYC/LI area
  • pjtpjt Member Posts: 36

    Thanks for the info. Did you buy before 12/31; is that why you got such a good deal? I agree that the 4.7L V8 is probably enough engine for regular driving, but the Dynamic Handling System will only be available with the Hemi. Also, the extra $1,200 for the Hemi doesn't seem like a lot to buy best-in-class power. I guess the advertising has gotten to me. Also, the V6 in my wife's '98 GC Limited is so sluggish that I'm willing to go overboard on the new Jeep. pjt
  • ozonecatozonecat Member Posts: 9
    We are looking to get a 2005 GC Limited when the lease on our 2002 Jeep Liberty expires. I test drove both V8s yesterday. The 4.7 Liter is very smooth and has a nice constant powerband. The 5.7 liter engine is really something, however. After driving both, I am sold on the HEMI engine. As the poster above me stated, $1200 more for the upgrade isn't a whole lot to pay.
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Member Posts: 123
    I think invoice is realistic for a Grand Cherokee, and you can do even better like bravest086 reports. Keep in mind that this is ~before~ you apply any available rebates.


    I know that the fleet guys at Scottsdale Airpark Chrysler Jeep (in the Phoenix, AZ area) offer flat pricing of $300 under invoice on most or all Jeep models. But keep in mind that the invoice these guys work off has a bunch of small charges for advertising, customer mailings, 8 gallons of gas, etc. These fees add about $300 to the invoice, so it evens out. I expect other Phoenix-area dealers will offer similar pricing ($300 under invoice) if you deal with the fleet or internet departments.
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    The airbag stickers on your visors are required by law to be there.


    NHTSA (government transportation unit) has very specific language in regards to where they are placed and exactly what they look like. There is also some form of wording about them being "permanently" attached to the visors.


    Everything about them including the wording and color is specified. I could post all of the gory details on Monday if you were that interested.


    They are usually heat molded into the visor fabric and I would be highly surprised if anyone could tell you how to remove them.


    I think the only thing you could do would be to have the visors recovered over the stickers.
  • foresterguy1foresterguy1 Member Posts: 5
    I got 05 GC V8 4x4 moon roof, X package, white letter tires, tow package, sticker 34K for 28.8K.

    Mckinney Jeep Easley, SC. There doing rebate, discount, invoice, even minus holdback., Red Tag, you can see bottom price on every vehicle.
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    the Hemi costs much more than that. Understand that the Hemi comes fully loaded with the towing and off road packages. Winds up costing much more than the price I paid. I bought Jan 4. Deals are better now than before Jan 3rd
  • bravest086bravest086 Member Posts: 14
    If you're not towing or doing serious off-roading, you're wasting money with Hem i. Do you just want to say.."I have a Hemi"??

    Your wife's V6 has nowhere near the power of the 4.7 V8. Do some research and educate yourself
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