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Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Please share you purchase experience here.

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  • boat10boat10 Member Posts: 59
    gave $200 over invoice, no strings attached, great buy for the money!!!!!
  • rpageaurpageau Member Posts: 94
    Dave...It was smart to wait a few months before buying. I got mine back in March when they first showed up. Paid $685 over invoice on a $32035 MSRP truck. I knew I was paying a small "newness" premium for buying early, but I couldn't wait after the test drive (especially since I had been driving a '95 Blazer)! I bet a lot of dealers were actually charging MSRP back in March.

  • boat10boat10 Member Posts: 59
    List price of new TB $32,890.00, I bought for $200.00 over invoice of $30,060.28, making total cost of $30260.28 plus Tennessee sales tax. I think this was a fair price, since dealer didn't have to do anything but get the vehicle. He has his hold back of about $1900.00
  • rpageaurpageau Member Posts: 94
    Dave....At that price it sounds like you must have got the moonroof (or an LTZ). Most people like the moonroof, but I've never been able to warm to them. They just don't seem that practical here in Florida. With the sun beating down on you, it is all the A/C can do to keep you comfortable in the afternoons. And then when it clouds up, you have thunderstorms. Had one on my loaner for 3 weeks during the recall, and never used it.

    Good Luck..you will definitely love your new TB.

  • brettrohringbrettrohring Member Posts: 5
    Finally broke down and did it! Got the LTZ TB for $100 over invoice, but took over 4 hours of negotiating until 11:42 p.m. (the dealer closed at 10:00 p.m.). Also took my '95 Blazer 4WD 4D as trade in for $4,500. Oye, the dealing process is mentally tiring. But I do love the new TB. An upgrade from the old Blazer in every regard.

    Good luck everyone on your purchases.
  • chipperrrrrchipperrrrr Member Posts: 29
    Is it me, or does it just seem that a 95 blazer should have brought more than 4500 on trade. This is my only concern regarding the TB and american vehicles in general. A vehicle that is only really six years old you would think should bring more than what I would approximate as around 25-45% of what it was bought at new. Maybe I am pipedreaming, but I am worried that a TB in five years will only be worth approximately 13,000. What a bummer. Seems like you did well on the price of the new TB though. Enjoy, I will probably be making my decision in the next couple of weeks.
  • chipperrrrrchipperrrrr Member Posts: 29
    How did you arrive at a dealer holdback of 1900 dollars on the 32,890 sticker price. Am I calculating something wrong. I calculate a dealer holdback of approx. 987 dollars on this vehicle. Please advice me so I can be educated regarding the holdback. I thought the holdback would only be 3% of the msrp. Thanks.
  • rpageaurpageau Member Posts: 94
    I was going to be a nice guy, and not say anything about the $4500 for the '95 Blazer, but seeing that chipperrrrr brought it up first.....I bought one of the earliest TB's (3/26), and also traded in a '95 Blazer (2WD LT) that was sound mechanically, but definitely needed some appearance work (i.e. paint). I wanted $8500 for it, but eventually settled for $8000, and then paid $600+ over invoice for a $32035 TB. It was still a "new" truck back then, and there was very little in the way of supply. That was the best I could do on the new one at the time. The lots are full of them now. I could have waited a few months and done better, but I wanted it back then.

    In brettrohring's defense, the used market for Blazers has been obliterated by the fact they are practically giving away the 2001's. They are being sold for at most invoice with a $3000 rebate on top of that! You can buy a very nice '2001 Blazer for less than $20,000 today.

    Edmund's showed a $9700 trade value for my '95 Blazer back in March. I love this site, but they must be smoking some really good stuff to come up with prices like that. Every '95 Blazer traded in is going straight to the auction block for the "Buy Here - Pay Here" guys. Try and find one on a new car dealer's lot. I might believe $9700 when applied to an MSRP price, but not on it's own merits.

    Chipperrrrr....unfortunately, I think your number of $13,000 may be more accurate than any of us would like. The supply of used SUV's is growing exponentially, and that can only mean one thing in the real world. The surge in supply of new SUV's over the last 5 years is just now starting to hit the used car lots.

    Having said all that, I have no idea what I am talking about, but it all sounds good when you say it fast.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Member Posts: 35
    I'm in New Mexico and paid $27260 for it. They had to go get it a a dealer 150 mlies away. They only ones that were local had leather , were white or pewter, or LTZ's. One thing to watch for is that I don't think they check tire pressure during the PDI. This is the second care that I bought that had 40psi in the tire and this made the ride harsh. Must be related to New Mexico altitude. Other than that is seems like a great vehicle and boy does it bring looks.
  • chipperrrrrchipperrrrr Member Posts: 29
    thanks for the information, insight, and candidness. I believe that there is an unfortunate truth to what you stated, especially regarding the trade-in values. Its unfortunate that to drive one of these beasts, Detroit, Japan, and whoever else wants to get involved seems to want to drain our pockets to the max. Although I read an article that stated that vehicles today consume less of ones yearly salary than they did 10 years ago, it still makes you cringe when you plunk down 25-35k of your hard earned cash only to see it depreciate faster than the titanic on its maiden voyage. I have even noticed one of the local dealers attaching a $595 window sticker
    for scotch guarding and paint sealant. The old tradional "crock". Sometimes I feel that the price of these vehicles is the public*s fault and not the manufacturers. We continue to pay the inflated prices and they continue to sell them and smile. Maybe the best way to fight them is to buy their "company stock". Ford seems to be a good buy lately after their latest debacle. Maybe Greenspan was correct when he killed the golden goose due to "irrational exuberance". He was probably watching the sales figures on over-priced SUV*s and cringing in his wing-tips. Have a good week.
  • friendinthebizfriendinthebiz Member Posts: 31
    #8 chipperrrr is right regarding #3 and the 3%
    Hold back on a 32.8K truck is $890.
  • boat10boat10 Member Posts: 59
    My mistake, should have been $901.80. I'm sure you have heard of "FAT FINGER COMPLEX", and too boot, I should be reading what I'm typing. Anyway, I love the new TB.

    Russ... here is the option list an the TB-- 1SD pkg, 3.73 rear end, locking diff., underbody guard shields, AM/FM disc and cassite, driver convience pkg. med/dark grey interior, and running boards for a total list of $32,890.00, dealer cost of $30,060.28.

  • brettrohringbrettrohring Member Posts: 5
    I know what you're saying about the trade in value on the older Blazers....wish it was higher too! In my case, when I traded it in on the 2002 TB deal, the Blazer was at 126,000 miles and I'm sure that didn't help me. Of course, they mentioned that several times as well. I did print out the edmunds trade in value as well as the Kelley Blue Book trade in estimate I got to directly from GM's own Chevrolet web site!!! It too had a high trade in value for the '95 Blazer ($6-8K). I had a friend offer me about $6K to sell him my Blazer, but I ended up trading it in for $4,500 just to get rid of it. I knew the dealer would give me less, but figured it was less hastle than going back and trying to do a deal on it after doing the TB deal.

    Anyway, I think the 126,000 miles dropped me down quite a bit, so $4,500 probably wasn't too far off.
  • tbone106tbone106 Member Posts: 2
    I paid Invoice.

    2002 TB LT

    MSRP Around 34,500.00

    Purchase $31,600?????
  • dmrockdmrock Member Posts: 1
    $4500 PLUS $2000 IS $6500.$6500 IS YOUR TRADE IN VALUE.
  • sbwilliams1sbwilliams1 Member Posts: 2
    I am considering purchasing a Trailblazer. This will be my first SUV purchase. I am moving from a '95 Chevy Camaro. I need any input, good or bad. I have been testing driving mid-side SUV's and so far this is the smoothest. Need to know any mechanical problems. I am wary about getting back in to another GM. Just a note GM gave me a $1000.00 buyer loyalty certifitate just to purchase GM again. I'm sure that lets you know how the Camaro performed.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Member Posts: 35
    If you don't need to Tow or a fairly large vehicle and can afford it get a 4Runner. Somedays I wish I had.
  • ees1996ees1996 Member Posts: 31
    Got a LS 2wd with package 3(keyless entry, speed control, etc.) for 24,435 Sticker was over 27,000. I feel it was a good deal. Not bad for a first time buyer!!!
  • autobytelrepautobytelrep Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am an Autobytel? Internet Sales Manager for a very well established and very reputab;le Chevrolet dealer in WNY. I have been selling my TrailBlazers for about 1% over invoice which is pretty fair. Everyone alway's talk's about Hold Back, but that goes only to the dealer and it also help's pay the monthly interest on these vehicles as they sit on the lot - typically 1%. On this type of 1% over deal, most salespeople make a flat or are paid a Mini - usually about $100. A Trailblazer LS with the Group 3 package and Locking Differential list's here for $29,430 and the Invoice is $27,058.35 - figure paying $200-$300 which is fair. i quote these prices upfront yet people still want to spend day's on end fighting with a dealer. It's your choice, but going online is a great deal fro the consumer. If you want to know what a dealer really pay's you, is the price he can buy the exact same vehicle for at auction! Why if YOU were a dealer would you pay morethan what you can buy it for at the auction? Think about it! Good Luck.
  • anthonyf2anthonyf2 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the posts, it really helped with my deal. The details: I also had a 95 LS Blazer w/ 75K miles. Good condition but needed new brakes, possibly a muffler and new tires soon. I shopped it at 3 dealers and best one gave me $6,000. Others would give $5500, all were immediately wholesaling. I bought the new TB LT model for $500 over invoice ($28,900 vs. $31,340 msrp) and $6,000 for my 95. I also received quotes from gmbuypower site from 2 local dealers. Both offered aprox $700 over invoice as their "best offer". These quotes came in handy at negotiating time. I tried Autobytel, but feel it's basically a referal service. The guy I talked to was a novice salesperson didn't really know the difference between an autobytel request and a random inquiry. The internet prices are really helpful, but do these guys sell any cars? I can't imagine buying a $30K+ car over the net!
  • mcgyver75mcgyver75 Member Posts: 8

    Anyone here bought/buying a Trailblazer using the GM employee discounts? ...GMS/GMO price?

    Here is one package I'm considering (on the dealer lot):
    2002 Trailblazer LT 4WD
    w/ running boards, locking diff, wol tires,
    cd player + cassette, driver convenience pkg

    Total MSRP is $32760. Invoice is $29721. GMS (GM in-stock) price is $28,676. The GMO (built-to-order) price for identical package is about $450 less (because of no dealer advertising costs, etc).

    Here's my question:
    If I'm not mistaken, a distant Chevrolet dealer told me over the phone that a dealer can lose its "license" if doesn't sell the vehicle for exactly that price--the GMS/GMO price.

    Is that true?

    Or can I negotiate some more taking into account the dealer holdback (about $1000 or so for this model)?

    The reason is that according to those numbers above, the dealer "should" still be losing money because $28676 (GMO price) + $1000 (holdback) = $29676... which is still under the dealer's invoice price of $29721. So what other EXTRAS is the dealer getting from GM???????


    P.S. Somebody please inform me what the "wholesale financial reserve/floorplan fee" is... and what the average amount for a $30,000 vehicle that amounts to for the dealer.
  • mcgyver75mcgyver75 Member Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    Today I just ordered a 2WD LT Trailblazer from Campbell Chevrolet of Bowling Green, KY. I used by dad's GM discount and ordered the following:

    2002 2WD LT Trailblazer
    1SD package + locking diff, traction assist, white-letter tires, metallic red paint, cd + cassette (no changer), Bose sound system :), sunroof, and running boards.

    The base MSRP price was $28,665. A week ago, their computers said the base MSRP was $28,515. I thought it was going to go to the $29,265! that is listed on the Trailblazer home page at GM, but it's good that their computers didn't have time to "catch up".... :) Anyway, my total options brought the total up to $27,343.51 by using my dad's GM discount.

    I will let you guys know how the Bose system compares to the base radio system. The dealer didn't have a Bose system for me to listen to, but I went ahead and ordered it anyway. I'll give you my opinion once I get my new ride! I'm sure getting tired of driving an '88 Ford Aerostar and refilling the transmission fluid more often than the gas tank. ;)

  • jedurocherjedurocher Member Posts: 16
    I got a LS group 3 package for $24,880, $100 above invoice. That was a pretty good deal, the problem stemmed from the fact that I got raped on my trade-in, 1999 Silvarado LS with 29K miles b/c it was a V6. Either way living in Houston, 29K for 2 years is awasome. They did not see that.

    Loved the test drive...Love all the features....Love the look. It is really nice!
  • cindyl1cindyl1 Member Posts: 2
    2 weeks ago I bought a 2002 LS 2WD with Group 3 Equipment package and paid $25,125. MSRP was $27,085. Edmunds.com said the TMV was $25,228 so I felt I got a great deal. There are few Trailblazer's on the lots in Nashville, only one or so on each lot is an LS and absolutely none are LS with Group 3 package. I had to have the remote entry and side body moldings so I had to have group 3. I had a local dealer find me one in Georgia that was indigo blue with pewter cloth interior and I'm as happy as can be. I haven't had it long enough to truly judge it, but the ride is very nice, the engine is extremely quiet and the power is amazing. I went from a 1993 Explorer to my TB and couldn't be happier.
  • thedadthedad Member Posts: 2
    On October 17th 2001 I bought a 2002 Trailblazer, LS, option level 1 Base model, at Gunn Chevy in San Antonio TX. I paid $23,305 + TT&L with 4.9% GMAC 5yrs. No Money down, no trade in. According to what I,ve seen on web sites like Edmunds, this is $100+ below invoice price. How does this compare with deals in other states? Anyone?
  • bettingerbettinger Member Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone

    I just got my new TB for Christmas! I picked it up the day after and the experience couldn't be more painless. I paid exactly $25K but can't remember the sticker price. I thought I got a good deal also because the dealership was so nice. I didn't trade-in my 95 Nissan Sentra but did leave a $3K down payment. I also got the 0% intrest for 36 mo. so I think we did ok.

    I was just a bit surprised at the increase in my insurance premium.

    I love my new car!
  • leihua5264leihua5264 Member Posts: 11
    I got a great price on mine, take in to consideration of the Lemon Law I fought with on my 2000 Chevy Venture, we bought 4 other vehicles from our Chevy Dealer in less then 5 years, same sales person, the MSR on my venture was $35,750.
    they gave me a deal of $28,000. Couldn't go wrong.
  • baltychenbaltychen Member Posts: 50
    2002, TB, 4X4 + 1SB, + locking Differential + Underbody Shield + 3.73 Axle Ratio + Tax + License + Title = 2,8000.00
  • baltim0rebaltim0re Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2002 LS 4WD with Group 3 Equipment package and paid $27,600. MSRP was $30,100. I paid $100 dollars over the Invoice price. The only options I got were a locking differential and white raised letter tires. We could have gotten $2,500 off, but decided to go with the 0% deal from GMAC for 5 years. I haven't had it long enough to truly judge it, but the ride is very nice, the engine is extremely quiet and powerful. I just had to post this message because two weeks ago when I was looking for this SUV I found this message board very helpful. I hope others can use this info when they decide to buy.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Member Posts: 40
    Has anyone recently tried using the GM Supplier Discount? If so, what kind of savings did you see, and did your trade-in value suffer because of using this program?? Thanks in advance!
  • paladin7paladin7 Member Posts: 8
    Just bought new TB on GM Supplier discount. LS with package 3, and 4wd. Extras are locking diff, wol tires, am/fm stereo w/tape and CD, and engine block heater. Supplier discount is 4% over a GM Employee price. These prices are on the invoice and are not negotiable. There was also a $1750 rebate taken off the GM Supplier Price. MSRP was 30,510. Supplier price was 27762. Full purchase price was 26012. Add sales tax and license and other fees, total was 28,083 out the door. I hope this helps.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Member Posts: 40
    Thanks paladin7! I'm waiting on my 1753 form from GM right now. Did you have a trade in? If so, did they try to give you less for it because you used the supplier discount? Also, if you know, when does the additional rebate end? I appreciate the info!!!!
  • paladin7paladin7 Member Posts: 8
    I did not trade a car in on the new trailblazer. I have a '95 blazer that has been a real good car for me. The Trailblazer is for my wife. Now, I inherit her Blazer. I also have a '89 Mercury Cougar that I bought new 13 years ago. I use that for my work commute. I found that the lots are loaded with used cars, thus, they will not offer much on trade-ins. The dealer told me that the supplier discount is the cheapest way to go. The new rebates are better now. I believe it is $2500. I found that the rebates seemed to change around the beginning of the month. Check on the Edmunds Rebate page. This website has been very helpful. Also, check the Townhall and read up on what all the triplet owners think of their new vehicles. Good luck.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Member Posts: 40
    Congrats on your new purchase, or should I be saying that to your wife! Does she like the vehicle so far? I have taken a test drive in one and was very impressed with the power. I have a 97 Blazer, which has had it's problems, but most of them were covered by the extended warranty I picked up. I just had the power booster replaced last weekend. Did you take the rebate in lieu of the 0% financing on the new Blazer?
  • ron_mron_m Member Posts: 186
    Sticker: $32,500.00

    Total paid: $29,500.00

    The one I bought is a 2WD LTZ--and I've had LOTS of problems out of it after only 12,000 miles of operation.
  • paladin7paladin7 Member Posts: 8
    I took the rebate. The 0% financing was not available when I made the purchase. We just went on about a 250 mile drive this past week-end. The Trailblazer has good power for passing, and the ride and handling was very good. We only have about 1100 miles on it, but, so far, everything is fine. What is a power booster in a blazer? I wonder if my '95 has one. I am still trying to decide if I should spend the extra thousand for an extended warranty on the Trailblazer. Do we need it?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Member Posts: 206
    Just wondering what you were paying I have the LT with the factory installed running boards and the DVD player. I really don't know what package I have but this seems to have all the bells and whistles that the LTZ has except for the digital stuff and the lights outside on the side mirror. I live in NY so I pay the highest I think at $420 a month .
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Member Posts: 40
    From what the service manager told me, the power booster controls the pressure within the ABS. The symptoms I was having were a little nerve racking. I would try to apply the brakes, and the brake pedal would not move at all. Then about 2 to 3 seconds of constant pressure from my foot (and a few hail mary's) the pedal would give and would stop me. If I was at a stop, the constant pressure on the brake pedal would cause the blazer to stall. Good thing I still have my extended warranty (runs out this coming May). The power booster was $329, plus 5.3 hours of labor to replace it. Total bill would have been nearly $700, it cost me my $50 deductible. btw, I'm still waiting on my form from gm to take advantage of the supp. discount. Been about a week so far. Maybe it will be in the mail today.... Thanks again for the info!!!
  • mjdartmjdart Member Posts: 11
    I bought a Pewter LS with Pewter interior. This 2wd with Option 3 and also limited slip differential. Total MSRP was $27,960 for a 6-19-02 build date. I used my Dad's GMS discount for a cost of $24,477.63. The 0% or $2500 discount was also available. I used the 0% even though the dealer offered me 4.54 financing with interest adding up to $2500 - a wash. Good if you're going to pay it off early. I am very happy with this vehicle, it handles and drives way beyond what I expected. I added several accesssories like pewter colored cargo tray and splash guards. I will also be getting fog lights when available and maybe running boards in the future.
  • donjoydonjoy Member Posts: 3
    we bought the ltz with bose 6disc cd changer,leather heated seats, locking differential rough trail tires, sunroof paid 30865 including 2500.00 rebate i believe we paid about 186.00 under invioce am i correct
  • vijayfvijayf Member Posts: 5
    I'm curious can anyone tell me what's a GM Supplier Discount and how can I sign up?
  • vijayfvijayf Member Posts: 5
    I'm interesting in purchasing a TB LTZ soon. I have a choose bt. the '02 & '03, anyone can share with the pros and cons?
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Member Posts: 620
    '03, trust me... =o) I personally have had no major problems with my '02, but it seems about 50/50 with the '02s for pretty major problems... I've heard nothing but good things about the '03s though.. just my opinion
  • vijayfvijayf Member Posts: 5
    tblazer503, thanks for your honest opinion. I'm contemplating the 2003 but I'm just debating the price and options. The best price I got so far is $32226.00. The have any references or site I could visit for a competitive price?
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Member Posts: 620
    the main one I used was carsdirect.com... this gave me a general idea as to how much someone was willing to sell the truck without any negotiations... good baseline information. IMO, you probably should get the 3.73 as it is a more "responsive" gearing than the 3.42.. many other owners have said that the 3.42 gearing standard option lacks any feel of power... Another thing I have heard decent results from is to fax dealers within a 25-50mi radius and ask them for what you want and how much they are willing to offer. They know they are competing, and probably will give ya a decent offer from the start... 32k is a decent price, though but if you custom order, they may be able to get it cheaper, since they won't have it on the lot very long... my aunt got her P/U for invoice minus rebate (LTZ base-32361-1000=31161) when she custom ordered... they make full holdback, and are guaranteed the sale... Personally, figure out how much it is worth to you, though... as far as I know, there isn't much difference between the LTZ and the LT with the option package except two tone leather, etc... I would figure out what you want then look into chevy.com... they have all the options, and what each trim/package comes with... rd
  • genemo3genemo3 Member Posts: 11
    I just ordered a 2003 LT equipped with the preferred equipment group 1, trailer wiring harness, all season WOL tires, homestar, running boards, and temp/direction rear view mirror display for $28,157.68 not counting rebates, taxes or tags. And don't let them tell you that you have to order onstar to get the temp/direction mirror display.
  • ktliu2ktliu2 Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in Northern Ca that would be interested in custom ordering a TB ? I have the impression that I can come pretty close to invoice by doing that, but their sales folks don't really want to talk about it.
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Member Posts: 620
    Got a question... If you buy out of state, do you have to pay taxes on it? If not, why not buy in OR? No sales tax. That outta save ya at least a grand or two alone... they also may be more friendly... one long distance call couldn't hurt...
  • zachary2zachary2 Member Posts: 14
    Has anyone leased this vehicle and with what options. I am looking at either a 36 or 48 month lease with no money down.
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