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Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mitchinpamitchinpa Posts: 40
    Has anyone recently tried using the GM Supplier Discount? If so, what kind of savings did you see, and did your trade-in value suffer because of using this program?? Thanks in advance!
  • paladin7paladin7 Posts: 8
    Just bought new TB on GM Supplier discount. LS with package 3, and 4wd. Extras are locking diff, wol tires, am/fm stereo w/tape and CD, and engine block heater. Supplier discount is 4% over a GM Employee price. These prices are on the invoice and are not negotiable. There was also a $1750 rebate taken off the GM Supplier Price. MSRP was 30,510. Supplier price was 27762. Full purchase price was 26012. Add sales tax and license and other fees, total was 28,083 out the door. I hope this helps.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Posts: 40
    Thanks paladin7! I'm waiting on my 1753 form from GM right now. Did you have a trade in? If so, did they try to give you less for it because you used the supplier discount? Also, if you know, when does the additional rebate end? I appreciate the info!!!!
  • paladin7paladin7 Posts: 8
    I did not trade a car in on the new trailblazer. I have a '95 blazer that has been a real good car for me. The Trailblazer is for my wife. Now, I inherit her Blazer. I also have a '89 Mercury Cougar that I bought new 13 years ago. I use that for my work commute. I found that the lots are loaded with used cars, thus, they will not offer much on trade-ins. The dealer told me that the supplier discount is the cheapest way to go. The new rebates are better now. I believe it is $2500. I found that the rebates seemed to change around the beginning of the month. Check on the Edmunds Rebate page. This website has been very helpful. Also, check the Townhall and read up on what all the triplet owners think of their new vehicles. Good luck.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Posts: 40
    Congrats on your new purchase, or should I be saying that to your wife! Does she like the vehicle so far? I have taken a test drive in one and was very impressed with the power. I have a 97 Blazer, which has had it's problems, but most of them were covered by the extended warranty I picked up. I just had the power booster replaced last weekend. Did you take the rebate in lieu of the 0% financing on the new Blazer?
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    Sticker: $32,500.00

    Total paid: $29,500.00

    The one I bought is a 2WD LTZ--and I've had LOTS of problems out of it after only 12,000 miles of operation.
  • paladin7paladin7 Posts: 8
    I took the rebate. The 0% financing was not available when I made the purchase. We just went on about a 250 mile drive this past week-end. The Trailblazer has good power for passing, and the ride and handling was very good. We only have about 1100 miles on it, but, so far, everything is fine. What is a power booster in a blazer? I wonder if my '95 has one. I am still trying to decide if I should spend the extra thousand for an extended warranty on the Trailblazer. Do we need it?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    Just wondering what you were paying I have the LT with the factory installed running boards and the DVD player. I really don't know what package I have but this seems to have all the bells and whistles that the LTZ has except for the digital stuff and the lights outside on the side mirror. I live in NY so I pay the highest I think at $420 a month .
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Posts: 40
    From what the service manager told me, the power booster controls the pressure within the ABS. The symptoms I was having were a little nerve racking. I would try to apply the brakes, and the brake pedal would not move at all. Then about 2 to 3 seconds of constant pressure from my foot (and a few hail mary's) the pedal would give and would stop me. If I was at a stop, the constant pressure on the brake pedal would cause the blazer to stall. Good thing I still have my extended warranty (runs out this coming May). The power booster was $329, plus 5.3 hours of labor to replace it. Total bill would have been nearly $700, it cost me my $50 deductible. btw, I'm still waiting on my form from gm to take advantage of the supp. discount. Been about a week so far. Maybe it will be in the mail today.... Thanks again for the info!!!
  • mjdartmjdart Posts: 11
    I bought a Pewter LS with Pewter interior. This 2wd with Option 3 and also limited slip differential. Total MSRP was $27,960 for a 6-19-02 build date. I used my Dad's GMS discount for a cost of $24,477.63. The 0% or $2500 discount was also available. I used the 0% even though the dealer offered me 4.54 financing with interest adding up to $2500 - a wash. Good if you're going to pay it off early. I am very happy with this vehicle, it handles and drives way beyond what I expected. I added several accesssories like pewter colored cargo tray and splash guards. I will also be getting fog lights when available and maybe running boards in the future.
  • donjoydonjoy Posts: 3
    we bought the ltz with bose 6disc cd changer,leather heated seats, locking differential rough trail tires, sunroof paid 30865 including 2500.00 rebate i believe we paid about 186.00 under invioce am i correct
  • I'm curious can anyone tell me what's a GM Supplier Discount and how can I sign up?
  • I'm interesting in purchasing a TB LTZ soon. I have a choose bt. the '02 & '03, anyone can share with the pros and cons?
  • '03, trust me... =o) I personally have had no major problems with my '02, but it seems about 50/50 with the '02s for pretty major problems... I've heard nothing but good things about the '03s though.. just my opinion
  • tblazer503, thanks for your honest opinion. I'm contemplating the 2003 but I'm just debating the price and options. The best price I got so far is $32226.00. The have any references or site I could visit for a competitive price?
  • the main one I used was this gave me a general idea as to how much someone was willing to sell the truck without any negotiations... good baseline information. IMO, you probably should get the 3.73 as it is a more "responsive" gearing than the 3.42.. many other owners have said that the 3.42 gearing standard option lacks any feel of power... Another thing I have heard decent results from is to fax dealers within a 25-50mi radius and ask them for what you want and how much they are willing to offer. They know they are competing, and probably will give ya a decent offer from the start... 32k is a decent price, though but if you custom order, they may be able to get it cheaper, since they won't have it on the lot very long... my aunt got her P/U for invoice minus rebate (LTZ base-32361-1000=31161) when she custom ordered... they make full holdback, and are guaranteed the sale... Personally, figure out how much it is worth to you, though... as far as I know, there isn't much difference between the LTZ and the LT with the option package except two tone leather, etc... I would figure out what you want then look into they have all the options, and what each trim/package comes with... rd
  • I just ordered a 2003 LT equipped with the preferred equipment group 1, trailer wiring harness, all season WOL tires, homestar, running boards, and temp/direction rear view mirror display for $28,157.68 not counting rebates, taxes or tags. And don't let them tell you that you have to order onstar to get the temp/direction mirror display.
  • ktliu2ktliu2 Posts: 3
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in Northern Ca that would be interested in custom ordering a TB ? I have the impression that I can come pretty close to invoice by doing that, but their sales folks don't really want to talk about it.
  • Got a question... If you buy out of state, do you have to pay taxes on it? If not, why not buy in OR? No sales tax. That outta save ya at least a grand or two alone... they also may be more friendly... one long distance call couldn't hurt...
  • Has anyone leased this vehicle and with what options. I am looking at either a 36 or 48 month lease with no money down.
  • As a tax manager, it doesn't matter where you purchase the vehicle, it depends on where you register/license it. If I were to buy my TB in OR and bring it back to Nebraska, I pay the license and sales tax when I get it back to NE. I can't put plates on it in my home state until I pay the NE sales tax in the state I reside. Each state is a little different as to when or who collects the sales tax.

    Your theory may work on small purchases (if you don't get caught by your home state's auditors for not paying the use tax) but this does not work on big ticket items especially if you have to get it registered and licensed.

    I was also a former state tax auditor. And to bore you even more..., the states without a sales tax are NH, OR, MT, AK, DE (or as I call them, the NOMAD states). Ain't taxes fun?
  • saleegsaleeg Posts: 2
    On 9/16/02, I placed a factory order for a 2003
    TB EXT with the following options: Leather Plus
    Package, Rear Seat Entertainment DVD Package, 6cd
    changer, Bose Premium Sound System, Side Running
    Boards, Locking Rear Differential,Heated Front
    Seats, Traction Assist(its a rear wheel drive vehicle) Third Row Floor Mat. I took delivery on 10/23/02 for a price of $33,643.45 plus tax. The window sticker was $37,355.00. I also got 0% financing for 60 months. Not bad!
  • Hey tblazer503, Thx. for the advice about the website for prices and buying alternative. Also appreciate the suggestion that I can custom order the vehicle to save on the price. I've negiotating with the and a local dealer for also a month now. But either one suggest that I custom order to save on the price. Therefore, I will running it by the dealer. Oh, thought I should let you know that I change mind from the Trailblazer to Envoy. And thanks to sites like these I'm more informed. Thanks a million.
  • vjovjo Posts: 10
    Hi, Picked up my new TB last night. I bought TB 4WD/4 door LS with group 3 package, CD/Cassette, and all season tires. MSRP $30635.00, purchase price $27178.00 (TMV $28533.00), minus $2000.00 rebate, minus(old GM card)of $3127.33= out of pocket price of $22050.67!!!! I thought I did well. Thanks for all the help available on this board!!!!!!!
  • kruskrus Posts: 1
    I am looking at purchasing a 2003 LT Trailblazer and very dealer (Massachusetts)that I have gone to is giving me the MSRP minus the $2000 rebate to get my price. Are other people running into this and shouldn't I be getting my discount off the MSRP and THEN then the $2000 rebate. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • gamdgamd Posts: 2
    The best deals I can find in the Wash DC area are 1.5% over invoice less the $2000 rebate.
  • jed76jed76 Posts: 1
    I am just starting to look at buying a TB. Just wanted to get an idea from anyone who may know as to what the average dealer floorplan fee that you have come across when looking into establishing a quote to give to a dealer. This is a price that can be removed when figuring out a good preliminary quote. Any ideas?
  • We just purchased an 03 TB LT/EXT V8 loaded. I used this site prior to purchasing the truck and hopefully can provide some additional information. The dealers are offering $2000 cash back but we found one in Central NJ offering $3000. The sticker was 40,600 and we ended up paying 33,500! Leather, heated seats, on star, sun roof, power heated mirrors, dual zone digital auto climate control, Bose 6 disk in dash changer... etc. You name it we've got it!

    We were thinking about a Tahoe but they were too pricey, very nice but too much for me. The same dealer that was offering 3000 back happened to have a V8 on the lot. I've just finished the 500 mile break in period and while babying the truck(not going over 3000 RPM's or 55 MPH) I was getting 15.4 miles to the gallon.

    Any questions? I love talking about my new truck!
  • I'm in the market for a new SUV and have narrowed down the search to the TB or 4Runner. Prior to making a purchase decision, has anyone compared both vehicles extensively?

    I currently drive a Blazer which I bought new along with a Buick that was also purchased new. Although I'd like to support GM again, I can't say I'm thrilled with American auto makers and trade in values as a result of the glut of used cars in part caused by 0% financing. Don't get me money is great until you pay for it with your trade in.

    Anyways....what were the main factors that swung you to the TB and away from the 4Runner. I'm truly on the fence.
  • Towing capacity would be one thing. Even though the 4Runner is offered with an 8 these days it still won't stack up in towing capacity.
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