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Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Trying to reach user "condoriole"! I thought clicking on your username would send me to your
    e-mail but it only told me your name and state where you live. I'm desperately trying to contact you about the V8 TB EXT you bought. I'm looking at the exact same car for the same MSRP but can't figure out how you were able to pay 33,500. You went for the 2k GM rebate instead of the 0%APR, right? Did the dealer offer another 1k off out of their pocket? Even using the invoice price I just don't see the math. Could you please!, please!
    e-mail me at [email protected] and walk me thru the pricing? My fiance is bugging me every day to hurry up and get down there and make the deal! And I'm dying to start enjoying the truck like you seem to be doing. Over here in CA they're giving away season ski passes to Tahoe w/purchase. Please, please! e-mail! Thanks!
  • mayjade, I went into the dealer and let them know what I was looking for and what I was willing to pay right from the start. I asked if they work with Invoice prices and they said yes. I wanted a V8 with a 6000 lb towing capacity, leather and so on. She was pointing me in the direction of the Tahoe but they were too expensive. She then found the only V8 TB they had on the lot and I knew I was leaving with the truck once I saw it. I told her I will buy the truck for 33,000 or 200 above invoice whichever is better for them. She came back with a price of 34,000. I said you are set on 34 and I am set on 33, I'll meet you in the middle at 33,500 and they took it. This particular dealership was offering 3000 cash back this weekend only, or so they said. Actually she didn't even know what I was referring to when I was saying 3000 cash back she only knew of 2000. She did check with upper management and they agreed to 3000 back. I had called my brother-in-law from the dealer to check on the Invoice price of the TB as I was prepared to buy a Tahoe not a TB.
    33,500 doesn't include tax or the extended warranty which I did purchase.
    I hope this helps.
  • dperonedperone Posts: 14
    TO: condoriole
    As I live in Central Jersey, I am curious where you bought your truck (sounds like a great deal!)
    I am flipping between the ENVOY and the TB. (I don't tow - just drive)

  • We bought it at All American Chevrolet in Middletown. Beware, we were there for over 5 hours. It was worth it in the end, the truck has been great. No problems and I've taken it to PA and Vermont for Ski weekends already. Plenty of snow!
  • sinningsinning Posts: 4
    i just got a TB LS 4WD "1SC, BVE " $25100 + FL tax 3000 in rebates.
  • sinningsinning Posts: 4
    Sorry forgot to mention I did it all over the phone scheduled a test drive and over 4 day of back to back calls got my deal. no pressure.
  • I have a firm offer from dealer for EXT LT 4WD with $2300 worth of options (MSRP $36,020) for $33,700. Lease numbers with 2000 down (Plus first payment ($475), Security ($500) and Title/Tags ($100)), so total down will be $3075. For $475/mo for 36 mos, 15,000/yr, 18,370 Residual. Everything else the same 48 mos at $435/mo and a buy with 0% financing for $555 a month. He also tells me that with a lease I will not get any rebates (or did he mean he built them into the lease price and I am really getting car for $33,700 + $2500 = $36,200 ?). He also tells me invoice for this car is around 33,200 ? Something doesn't seem right here. Any comments ?
  • emeroneemerone Posts: 1
    After spending time researching used/new on edmunds and other sites, all the rebates avalible made new a viable option. The vehicle that I bought has LT, Driv conv pkg, on-star, steps, cd/cass, lock diff, 3.73, cargo net, all seasons, summit white, MSRP 32,760. Going through Arizona, Bill Heard Chevy Internet Sales Dept taked down to about 500 below invoice @ 29,066. Got 4K rebate, 500 conquest, 400 col grad, 695 on-star (did not have to sign up for a package) total 5,595. Base price of car was 23,471. Add tax @ 7.7% 1,807, lic 514, doc 300 for out the door 26088. I thought I did well considering used 2003 LTs with less options in the area are listed @ 26K, granted you could talk prive down to 23, but after lic of 500 you only save about 2.5K for 15,000 miles (no private car sales tax in AZ) What do you think? good deal? or should I have waited for one of those end of the year blowout sales???

  • 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ (almost every option)

    MSRP: $36,495
    Invoice: $32,975
    Edmund's TMV: $33,409
    Price I paid:

    GMS price: $31,925
    GMS rebate: $3,750
    On Star rebate: $695
    GM Card: $2,173

    Total before tax: $25,307

    Not too shabby for being fully loaded I can handle $11,200 off MSRP
  • emerone and brunopuntzjone:

    What are the specifics for the On Star rebate? Is this just the cost of a 1 year subscription for service that is "included" on an LTZ? Or is there any info from On Star (I couldn't locate any...I actually stumped Google with "On Star rebate"..LOL)? I am close to purchase on an LTZ and the stealer has yet to mention this possibility. Any info greatly appreciated!
  • I just looked and don't see it on the Chevy homepage of offers.

    It was for $695 and on any 2003 Trailblazer that had OnStar. I think they all come with 1 year of "Safe and Sound" or whatever the cheapest one is. It's standard on the LTZ so you basically get it for free.

    Nothing more specific than $695 off any 03 TB with OnStar. Dealer didn't give it a second thought before giving it to me. Said it was likely an On-Star deal though and not really GM.

    May have expired since it's not on the page :(
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I got one, buy one get one free!
  • I bought a two tone (white & Pewter) 03 TrailBlazer LTZ, 4WD, 4.2 L, with a couple of grand in options MSRP = $37,400 for $29,400 after rebates and discounts. I think I could of done better on price without a trade. I traded a 2001 Silverado Z71 and got $18,400 for the trade. I have been to several dealerships and the 2nd best trade offer was $17,300 after tough negotiation. The prevailing trade offer was $16,100. Over all I think I got a fair deal and was treated well in the process. The dealership was Chapman Chevrolet in Chandler Arizona. Hope this helps others. In closing I think the single most important thing in negotiating a fair price is that you are able to walk away from a deal that you feel is unfair. Good luck in shopping...
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Did you get a good deal on your Trailblazer?
    Share your experience here!

    You may include the dealership name and city/state where you purchased, but NO direct links to the dealership site. Also, please do not post salespeople names, phone numbers or email contact information.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    Just thought I would let everyone know how I feel about the 2004 TB.
    I took delivery this past Saturday of my wife's new "BABY". Here's one for you.....Ordered on Saturday, October 25th, build date was November 3rd, shipped on November 5th, dealer received vehicle on November 12th, and paper work done Saturday November 15th. Friend purchased 2002 Trailblazer (I had leased) for his wife....Everybody HAPPY !!!!

    I'll have to say the 2004 drives a lot different than the 2002..stiffer sway bars, etc. Got 4WD, Silverstone with medium gray interior (LOOKS GOOD!), black wall tires, Bright Alum. wheels, leather, sun roof, DIC, running boards, 3.73 rear end, locking diff. ALL the GOODIES, listed for near $38K. With rebates, taxes, I paid $31,450 out
    the door, couldn't be happier. WIFE happy also!!!!!!!
  • Just bought a new TB LS EXT...
    MSRP: $33,330
    GMS Price: $28,345
    Cash Back: $3,500
    Military Discount: $750.00
    GM Employee/Family Member Discount: $750.00
    Price out the door (less tax/tags): $23,345

    Feel like I got the deal of a lifetime on this SUV...First one I have owned and so far am really happy about it. got 5.9% with my credit union so payments are $367.00 a month and even after interest charges I paid less than MSRP on this vehicle. Have seen a few disturbing articles about problems with the 02 and 03 models so hopefully they have worked out some of the bugs in the 04. Test drove an explorer also...didnt even compare in space, comfort or value.
  • I'm torn between a 4runner, and envoy. MSRP on 04 Envoy SLE that Im looking at is $32,825. Dealer is offering $29,440. Im putting down $3000 with 0% for 60 months, comes out to $478 a month. Good deal or not? THX!
  • tommctommc Posts: 68
    Thinking the dealer is about 4000 dollars too high. Very competitive market right now, shop around some more.
  • $4000 too high? thats ridiculous. where can you get a stickered 33k enovy for 25k & 0%? you have to pick the 0% or 4000 cash back, cant take both. I want the 0%. I got them to throw in a no charge tire/rim upgrade (valued at $1200). Inovice for my envoy was 29.6K. I got it for $200 under invoice, or about the same as GM suppliers/employee discount. In texas DFW these things are selling like crazy still. where r u located? maybe thier are better deals where they are not as popular. basically i got 3.5k off plus free wheel combo upgrade & 0%.
  • I'm looking for a TB LS 4WD, with a sunroof, nothing fancy. I went to the dealership today and he qouted me a lease price of $352 which includes my GM discount. Is that too high? My aunt just leased a 4X4 Jeep Cherokee with a sticker price of $30,000 and her car payment is $311! The Edmunds TMV price and the price the dealer showed me is only $100 off. Is that pricing reasonable and if not how do I knock off about $40?
  • theicon29theicon29 Posts: 6
    I have found a dealership willing to take a $35,760 Trailblazer 4WD LT which will basically boil down to $375/month after rebates, discounts, and my down payment and GM card earnings. I am about to jump at the deal, anyone have any suggestions. Also, the car must be ordered and the salesman claimed it would add $200 to the truck b/c of a dealer trade fee where dealerships basically trade vehicles and the $200 covers transportation, etc. Does this sound fishy to anyone else, I hate to haggle over $200 when they are basically giving me $10,000 off sticker price not including taxes and what I can put down...any ideas?
  • 69ponycar69ponycar Posts: 2
    I bought my Envoy SLT 4x4 with just about every option in November 2003. It was a Demo/Mgr unit with 4k miles. I paid $28,500.
  • carm11carm11 Posts: 13
    test drove a 04 sle today, nice truck, was there to test drive only but rep told me 7,000 off msrp automatically thats with the 4,000 rebate.msrp was about 32,500 as i said wasn't there to negotiate, but that would make it 25,500 without tax and tags, whats the bottom on a deal like this. thanks
  • 4by44by4 Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I have been reading the messages around here for a while. I thought I would share my personal experience with my 03 TB EXT...
    First of all, I got it at the end of Aug 03 and paid CDN $7500 less than MSRP...I thought I got a good deal...
    Problems with the vehicle...windshield wiper motor replaced (slow speed died on me in the rain), rear lift gate shocks replaced (lost gas pressure).
    Other than that, so far so good...I like it for it's power and cargo space...looks aren't bad at all...OnStar helped me find my way around in the mountains.
    All I do is change oil every 15000 km and fill the windshield washer :-)

    Hope you all have a good experience with yours...

    by4 now
  • After months of researching what were some of the higher recommended SUV's versus what my budget would allow me to buy, I went with what I felt was the most SUV I could get at a fairly livable price.

    Just purchased a medium red '04 Trailblazer LS with a preferred equipment group 2. Sticker was $31,730 with painted pinstripes, with the $5000 owner loyalty rebate I paid $24,400. After much negotiation on both the price of the vehicle and on my trade, sales manager acted like I was pulling his teeth and taking his first-born, but sent the paper back with a big "YOU WIN" written on it. LOL Yeah...whatever. I still owed money over and above what they gave me for my trade, so the above price does not include anything off for the trade-in, it was the final negotiated price for the car itself. They tried to sneak in the extra $159 for the painted pinstripes after I thought we were all settled, but I wouldn't go for it and made them take that off as well. Gotta watch these guys. Overall, it wasn't as bad an experience as what I've had in the past. I was better informed this time around thanks to Edmunds here. :-)
  • joefoxjoefox Posts: 5
    Its pretty basic but has XM radio, Power driver's seat, cruise control, dark tint, and running boards. We paid $23,140 plus ttl.
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    I got what I thought was a great deal on my new SUV, so I figured I'd share. I hope others can get the same deal.

    MSRP $32800
    Invoice $30200 (I bought at invoice)
    Rebate $4500
    Loyalty Rebate $500
    GM Card $1367.50

    Total financed before TT&L. $23,832.50

    I love Chevrolet's, and as long as they keep giving great discounts, I will keep buying their cars and trucks.

    I have had the SUV for one month and love every thing about it. I am leary of the A/C issues every one has posted about, but I am thankful to know what to look out for.
  • sihansihan Posts: 5
    My coworker just bought a 2004 XUV V8. I think it was SLT - fully loaded minus 4x4, navigation, & XM radio. She said paid $28K after $5K rebate. It looked nice and got me interested. If you are trying to buy this in So Cal, try GMC in Tustin Auto Center where she bought.. If you buy V6, you may subtract ~$1800 from 28K.
  • 2004 2wd LS stickered for $29,640
    found a dealer out of our area offering $8000 off sticker, called St Johns in Palatka FL asked if he could match the offer, at first no way, then yes. Went in made the deal and added my $1000 certificate for GM for a pickup we own (exploding fuel tanks). Got it for $20,640. $9000 below sticker. Got Sandstone. Only options were power driver seat, LS package 2. We love it so far.
  • eruss44eruss44 Posts: 13
    I am currently looking at the opportunity to smartbuy a 2004 TB LT 4WD from a dealer in central NY state...The MSRP on the truck is $34,525.00.The dealer's latest offer to me is a bottom line monthly payment(including all taxes,etc...)of between $325.00 and $330.00...I'm putting $2,600.00 down at the signing...I had a an offer from another dealer nearby to smartbuy a 2004 TB LS with power drivers seat,etc.list MSRP at $32,000.00 for $289.00 bottom line payment book price(inludes all other taxes,fees,etc.)and the same $2600.00 down at signing...I REALLY like the LT,as it has many more likeable features that I want...I need lots of input on this subject SOON as both of these dealers are extending these terms to me until August 2nd....HELP!!! Thanx...
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